A no B.S. attitude towards making the world healthier, delving into the minds of world-class scientists, performers and researchers, busting nutritional myths and simplifying your life in a sea of information overload. We produce premium quality food products and distill science to provide you with information that actually works. Visit us at
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since April 22, 2017
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This podcast is a great gateway and resource to understand the importance of nutrients and troubleshooting nutrient deficiencies and as a bonus, you learn about Chris's transformative journey into health and nutrition as well! If you're ready to take nutrition and health up a notch, this is where you begin! Chris is truly an information powerhouse. BIO: Chris Masterjohn earned my PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Connecticut in the summer of 2012. From September 2012 to August 2014, He served as a postdoctoral research associate in the Comparative Biosciences department of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. From August 2014 to December 2016, he served as Assistant Professor of Health and Nutrition Sciences at Brooklyn College, part of the City University of New York. In the fall of 2016, Chris made the decision to leave academia and pursue entrepreneurship a transition he completed on January 1, 2017. If you would like the full story of how he came to this decision, you can join his email newsletter, and the first welcome email tells the story and provides you with my vision going forward. He is currently conducting independent research, consulting, working on information products, collaborating on information and technology products, and producing tons of free content to help people gain better health. TIME STAMPS: 0:15 – Energy Pods update & usage 6:40 – Importance of Valuing good expertise 11:45 – Story and journey of Chris into health and nutrition 18:28 – “The Displacing foods of modern commerce” and Weston Price 23:08 – Changing from vegan to omnivore 28:10 – Vegan meats and discussion about protein on vegan diet 34:44 – Is the rate of nutrient delivery of relevance? 40:32 – How did you get a “Master” in your last name? 42:30 – How do you manage and tweak your nutrient intake based on your needs and deficiencies? 56:27 – The importance of deferring to expertise on a topic 1:01:27 – Final Plugs GUEST LINKS: Website & Newsletter: Vitamins & Minerals Class: Testing Nutritional Status: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet(Affiliate Link): Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: KETOGEEK LINKS: Shop Energy Pods Amazon: Ketogeek Ghee on Amazon: Ketogeek Merchandise, Ghee & Energy Pods: Ketogeek Newsletter: Shop Energy Pods: Wholesale:    
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