Ep 4: Kylie Jenner Breaking a Billion $$, the 'Insta Face' & the Problem w/ Undisclosed Surgery by Keeping it Candid
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00:00:00well there's still some hello welcome to keep you grounded we just had a massive my three brothers and we funding sources that's very exciting as this great went back on the into yeah yeah yeah yeah and how do we can save mind we have free a very very
00:00:21boring one of getting ready to move I'm meeting house and it's just you know you don't realize how much stuff you have Intel you that's on talking I did one role and it was a good solid was born one is the I want to join us I'm so
00:00:34over this already why do they hate the idea of a city I thought the nails opponents take on my trail twenty first century woman any of us I am to see you see I'm better cryptic putting together front seven any guy that within this amazing so how so
00:00:53even if we were to get I take my assistants a farmhouse the just like a night because she's not easy and Brad awfully yeah yeah cash and checks anything that's incredible a levels that we need to get your levels of things it was a scary yeah this using
00:01:15a novice and she really loves the to raise the base I think that's a great way to get sound right the anyway she and past me when she got the cloth that encouraging them to get so drunk on a we will also fixes the school on a stick
00:01:33exactly a bad examples man definite but some of the pop from not well spent and that's really taken a week my parents in most areas that he would extend the next night usually have up that is **** high end men's side right I do really like that I
00:01:48want to know my cat but I do like and I think that's what was not to live what would you know all these people is very like there's a very pretentious atmosphere about said now I kind of secrecy and I love this thank you one because it's great
00:02:05I think is that it is so beautiful is absolutely stunning thing we made it there in to focus now into definitely don't sponsored by then and dream the dream this is at a time of record yeah like mine would from what many difficulties with it yeah for things
00:02:27that teething teething problems and such that I am so sorry for being a week like that and we did recall one on this side is obviously by it's obvious it doesn't exist anymore yet so that we can say about that something again so you it's another thing subject
00:02:46to all of it was actually Kylie Jenner so it's about a day now that we're going to do it again box but we didn't do it fast it was quite right and and you know I always television is about and they have no legal and then all of
00:02:59Kardashian's and only then you something something actually not getting used to somewhere and I say yeah I guess I mean it's a thing that as soon as that comes in the building on that that businesses and it comes in the making had run off to have on the
00:03:12headlines it will always be relevant and us into you know until the very quiet enough they have said that she is a sex to the Watson the marker again five billion pounds and sighed is thinking about the five SS I did it was fun doesn't say that yeah
00:03:33which is insane for someone who is twenty years old to have started her business and gone into doing that anything it's an incredible incredible achievement as such if you if they think there is a basic principle of fat is combat aids people like Bobby brown and black although
00:03:53I was really high and luxury make friends I've been doing this for years and years and have not quite that long for you to say that most recently that years into into that this is a this thing it was Bobby brown to twenty five years have been in
00:04:05my house temple temple was quick I was a sauce to study and beauty brands often to race the car jacking basically that's on closer very very well and it's but it's it's it's incredible in Yukon that there's so many factors behind the thought behind the success of you
00:04:25see the Kardashian Jenna moments the same backing down that is cool never get a moment yeah it's saying what your mom being a manager going to hate it because I love my mom so much and she's such a pansy should do a terrible job as soon as she
00:04:47says I guess I feel too bad get and when I'm not to affect our relationship up you know about the mean spirited great job because they're doing so well from sell well yeah exactly say satiate but so is aching like Heidi is in the running to be the
00:05:02wealthiest cut action and she's still city on this side that was another a credible fifteen if it is then it kind of comes down to the Kardashians Jenners of the get lots of flak in this respect for that though see how they became a famous in mind the
00:05:20fact that they are just that fame hungry and it doesn't seem to mind the business the business woman like behind behind the press and I had to say about the same time I can kind of see it when you come from a family of women who are making
00:05:33so much money before you and also a famous you are essentially destined to also make a lot of money lastly and I guess she's yeah this is perfectly has the self the mice in the face that way yeah chief growing up in this last night and had many
00:05:50different ways to think in a different price so it was always in any case that she then thought she really had to prove myself in something else yeah absolutely and I think it's just like I think I'm much the pressure it's insane because if you think about if
00:06:03you think about how she was the youngest and when how and Kendall started making appearances on that you know the clashes people was very mean about how they were like I attend those pretty wanted comparing the two all kinds of very pretty and then we see Kyle is
00:06:20going on to going to have these that have said the things I learn says you make a business and the kids and make up to receive provided by you know take the animals in the house in the way that you that way is because sex but then the
00:06:36Senshi in what she has done she's actually may have based on much more than cosmetic definitely she's created this anti Instagram faces that you can go and you know I think honesty on every other god looks the same have the same makeup they have the same chain leads
00:06:52to say yes say they read the full face of make up yeah and she's created that you come to ten likes I guess with the help of this is welcome kittens at a seminar I yeah I say they've created this will look like of the face yes says
00:07:09yeah it's so interesting because I remember I remember thinking it was probably eighteen months two years ago that everyone is Graham looks the same and that it's it's yes because once I think yeah I have to say I was also on the cuts flight a cop maybe in
00:07:27a year ago say and it was so interesting because it did it it pulled off Instagram face and she was like everyone the same Instagram browse Waco like the hombre then the beginning and details of do re shop points at the end and they interviewed quite a few
00:07:44actual make process and they will say that the Instagram it and it's gone facing you choose it because of course this is down to look to be cheap this as well doing this out kind of make up and then the same house yeah it's essentially changing people's faces
00:08:00and features and people actually want to make possible state isn't Hans people speeches and make it look like that Bram fasten them instead of trying to hide and conceal it alter and change everything is just so exactly some of the loss of creativity yeah business like people on
00:08:17retreat for the main thing people it's just is very one blondes licking yeah absolutely hi all I have to compete minutes all I do I do highlighted declines one feel like my kind of strike the balance between I would always I think I'm doing a class and all
00:08:32and then I'll see you two video or intimate DNS craft and someone is very hard for us and I think I know now I feel like basically I'm competing actually comparisons yeah I'm saying I think makes us incredible because you can be creative and you cannot express either
00:08:47but when that school girls are really seeing is becoming so popular it subscribe to the idea that as anyone static from one kind of PC weather of the just so many times on the table because if you think that she's created the space that he said he has
00:09:07had so I must say the extent that night so that's a great big problem itself because she's craziness face and it's not attainable for life really holding exactly except under this and that and it's like I think you have every pro which is half of what does she
00:09:24has eventually met today also denied for so long but still it is a difficult subject because it's you know you'll be stuff around and the line then it sages would because I feel like so funny does it say about the you know like a tiny little but yeah
00:09:41you know I came to town lock box is when people you see people going around in a truly really outside and it's it's it's amazing what can spot make up train tracks like Heidi Jenna spot the overlying trend this time round lines that it's had the Max and
00:09:57the velvet teddy had to say was I definitely to all of I already had one and I found she had and it's not welcome back up so I think there is a teaching final thoughts it's incredible like a sold out because people said that she wore even though
00:10:13it's not I think she did everyone so that you know because she was at this point so pretending that she had a husband that stuff and so she was like making out a listing wasn't haunting her legs to double the size yeah yeah I mean yeah it's %HESITATION
00:10:29and oversee she was just having Phyllis yeah but you have it says because you know he says and the students around would you say that just because you felt you wanted the announcement to make you happy yeah you know I would take the onus is absolutely in a
00:10:44way that is because I'm not how to pass the ace meetings I think Instagram if it's an arm did not exist are you from we know when I had inscribed we would have had if I hadn't had that that is done by the same time like I then
00:10:59I taste I I was aware and fathers a few instagrams I'm going to school so much as looks at me and it doesn't hurt and security needlessly and I would have done if I had a couple times since and the house like year in office I mean I'm
00:11:13really happy with that and it had three Sausal enhancements and I really like it and it is but it is missing but I do think you know honestly if %HESITATION if it's not exist would have to stop for fuel but then I think I think that's the same
00:11:25but it is also things like he was maybe going by said in class that this is my clients fight like well yeah yeah %HESITATION if I see something that I will in someone's tactic lifelike and then stick by it yeah and somehow this is like saying drinking seven
00:11:42things happen is hell I also trends I'm so glad that the unicorn food trend honestly that was his game I see it sounds as though some bread to you it is Instagram creates so many trends and in the most obvious and something very this way abba inspired way
00:12:08some of it is just slow uninspiring it catches on and it becomes this big fat and in the country yeah is is incredible I think about the things I think about the key to back up what would I lie I mean it's a beautiful back up the two
00:12:24that the deal is peaceful back room what I have pulled out back if it got the money and if I had in some did exist and they should be on a range of facts you from what I pick that one if I had seen live Instagram it probably
00:12:36would have been a runner up will be to try something else sounds past Nancy is flawed because I feel like what we do we do very much sometimes I hate I'm gonna miss it by things because you know they'll do well on Instagram like yeah I could I
00:12:52could buy a Bible I'm not going to because I come up with us I guess it isn't designed by im using soft discounts for all I did and I didn't and bring myself because without money otherwise the still I think it's a holiday noni juice complex justified and
00:13:10I just haven't quite got my head around to find that much money I can get my size it very much their presents from my parents so presents from Brady generous gifting he is so good yeah but yeah but Instagram and the economy generally Instagram face can affect so
00:13:27much what what I thought was really interesting this week actually they dismiss she said that her daughter she was not I had was to have any more than fifteen minutes of maritime every day and when I suspect as a reason for this was the one that is such
00:13:45a waste of time to do it is a waste of time that you want is also a little straight away shot he's out the door he's all for the sake of doing things he's getting on with that ways you're just wasting your time and wow the safety reasons
00:13:58fossilized many hit me was the fact that this does not happen yeah I can when you told me that I come to the time she spending them there anyway someone did but maybe like just like trying on a dress and she's not only of our running about my
00:14:15flight friends yeah and I have class yeah yeah exactly I mean the most to me anyway but it was so shocking and they said that that was easy girls of that age are now actually so conscious of what they like and I think that's just an entirely massive
00:14:33topic of the pressures of work girls these days are on diets and how much how much editing on the Knicks and I think he sees nothing what with us walking in the business of Instagram blocking perhaps wit and possum how responsible for this being a thanks yeah and
00:14:49it's it's a difficult thing and it's very sad but then at the same time I'm I'm site that is so good that she's done that she's made it thing and she said it was and they said it's all about like time management and being bad management time it
00:15:02makes sense because do the statistics that the average woman say that seventy five years old in the UK Yahoo and will spend two years of her life in front of America seem ready this is that people dislike as the younger is casting the more time that we're wasting
00:15:19yeah I was at dinner with them my mom had a last night and I was having a slight exactly realizations that one of them has a fifteen year old daughter and she was going on about how she's obsessive makeup and how when any kind of comes out she
00:15:33has to have that people have friends have it because they see on Instagram and then how she hates to have to get a boyfriend seeds and that you'll see that you know should not have maybe one around ten and she'll say accepted for it because right now she
00:15:46talks about the tool without making it she's fifty but would she feel like she needs make one around a boyfriend because I have like a seventy minute costs you yes I for years I felt comfortable having to make one for guys I only see that got us and
00:16:02so I I definitely need to fifteen or sixteen I would not open like I would I would want to have a full wall inside me I was a tax office yeah yeah yeah I didn't even know what that make up until I was eighteen and you mean I
00:16:15will say we shouldn't walls goes like this bubbles selections and as in a teenager %HESITATION that because I went to boarding school night one yeah I like up no one but we used to go to that since not John was if we get away with this whole thing
00:16:29is a signal had about anything like that see I've never really had about anything less being graded me yeah how their musician media in a way that so I have like maybe I just wasn't affected by I think mine was mine but they passed in the Congress but
00:16:45names were made because I've really seen and I would never in my mind that my mom I could try online a hole in the middle of everything on the inside of rising to the top of the unit colouring inside your eyes the talk was something that was it
00:17:01and the next day I went to school having overseas mostly faces out and still hasn't run is over and it was a very good tool for the teacher BC but then it's not the bad kind of felt like more of a rebellious thing for me and they set
00:17:16out to Catholic school after that and they were very strict by still trying to show up wearing like you know bright blue eye shadow and stuff just the kind of way thing because I thought the system's Sarah and yeah it was I I think it means that I
00:17:29have I would have fallen prey to the whole the whole thing really is and I I can't imagine being fifteen and having to make the rounds like OC that's just made it's personal but I know that happens for lots of people but I just think it's really sad
00:17:43that is definitely coming from you know a sedimentation rate that is actually one reason the reason why south of wearing foundation and %HESITATION like sound like creams on my face was ashen because my skin got really bad aged seventeen fourteen I thought they re back leave and is
00:17:59only things obviously you'll agree is your teenage and you don't want to be going around like with you know about the big school is getting you down the dirt on it you don't do that but the same time I hear this on your skin it's it's it's just
00:18:13making it worse and yeah so I would be taking on the makeup and just because I want to cover up and I was so self conscious about and it's all going to school at any facing was just horrifying because I seem to say that and that was I
00:18:28think that would be wafted to decide which joint can come from make up the people who have cool things I ask in it is a is an incredible thing but is when it comes down to fuel vanity reasons I'm trying to just make yourself look something that perhaps
00:18:44you'll know ACS leads the line where's the line I was so I think with United teenagers Instagram it's girls like cost not deciding things like having things done this and be able to take maybe can expect except if I don't feel that's why people thought it was a
00:19:01date till I think wanted to be an authentic I felt that the ax the reason why is it's kind of gone that way close to having made the things done as well because they want to create havoc definitions of the SI like why wouldn't he yeah and that's
00:19:16not to say it like this yes waving it says yeah yeah I think because it's like I am being quite honest and the cost with the soft stuff I had done and I have known that from their job messing I've ever had done because I say something just
00:19:29by having a nice and I didn't I what I was looking to gain actually acted relies on such major for the fifth straight nine minutes of the thing found out it was only what is the reason was like time NASA stress and pain I was give I have
00:19:41so much respect for the fact that you have said you know like I was young reset it like fillers will have that and then you and then you're like yeah I know I have done that yeah that's why I guess I feel like doing this my face and
00:19:52I'll do it yeah that it's funny isn't it if you do it and then no yeah anyone about it not only one day on a slight changes in the attic yeah I think it's it's hard as well because I think I would never that's why do you feel
00:20:05guilty about it because I feel that I didn't want to have a few things done by would ever want someone to think that they should have it done just because I've had it done I'm not gonna have anything else done because I think that to the degree there
00:20:18is a kind of moral responsibility when it comes when you had a second set to to have to have a responsibility and no no give people in security that they perhaps in half as wide open on such major was great because it's not necessarily like a vanity thing
00:20:33it's like is more it can be more of a crisis thing you know I don't even have been a nice job of I see things just because they have a sorry **** much like you can and then re shaped like a dome and the sea that's like I
00:20:47always feel like people who have problems with a nice they really have issues and that's what I think to get and they should be yeah she's yeah music is that it's not really security thought it best not change of confidence yeah why it's a serious serious procedure is
00:21:04one not so just like it's it's not if you don't mind yet if the thought surely let you see how many times the change nothing yeah only gone it's just like a little than those of season since it was out at the sometimes you'll see a common one
00:21:20looking the same pixie point and stuff so it can be it can be a tough one to navigate the whole world and yeah I think he kind of Jennifer getting for those nice until you see this name playing stuff to anyway that's it for months this week yeah
00:21:42join our discussion about Carly Jenna and soliciting disclaiming what we had done to your face and until I see you have any any comments clearing the announcements to ground level we also yeah says an email make sure you subscribe as well so that you can catch up with
00:22:02this in a couple weeks time and then you have a backup wakes first thing guys

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