With a break from the Pixar Collection, Wil and Kate take on a listener question regarding the new Star Trek "Rules" for film-making.

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00:00:01each week filmmaker and author can bring this movie that shaped her life for good or bad and shows us how sexy movie to find the universal meetings hidden within this is case who the friend request Steve spykman's rights I'm not sure other than he had no X-Men film colored lines that went live today now would be longer than her usual 15 minutes so we decided to take a break
00:00:51and it take a break moment I guess we could say to Star Trek fan film guidelines so we're going to bring him down because of what it really means for filmmakers and fans of Star Trek films and also really the worrisome the Pacific trickle down to other companies Marvel Star Wars you know DC so it can very much trickle-down so this was on the official announcement quote CVS in Paramount Pictures are big Believers in reasonable fanfiction and fan creativity and in particular want a mature fan film acres to Showcase their passion for Star Trek
00:01:50therefore CVS in Paramount Pictures will not eject you or take legal action against Star Trek fan Productions that are non professional and amateur and meet the following guidelines and so we're going to break down the guidelines now make sure you note immature means hobbyist it means non-professional it means unskilled getting paid Rex yes and haven't gotten paid before for any family I almost had fan work don't work you know cuz then you were professional really be a professional is either training or you gotten paid to do such thing so just don't compete with us that's how I feel but the number one guideline and there are well there's some point so I can't really say there are 10 guidelines but then they have some points because written by lawyers the first one
00:02:50is the fan production must be less than 15 minutes for a single self-contained story or no more than two segments episodes or parts not to exceed 30 minutes total with no additional scenes episodes Parts sequels or remakes you can't remake part of a movie but also the fact that it has to be 15 minutes it is extremely hard to tell a story especially a complex story of your original design of Star Trek in 15 minutes
00:03:32so that's quite a kick in the crotch one would say
00:03:37I found a whole already okay what's your first hole will see if
00:03:47we started the end and we create prequels prequels we can go Star Wars in this right now that is what that axanar and if I'm saying it right I am so sorry that is a prequel to 30 years before Star Trek the Original Series
00:04:16right but what I mean is I to get for me to work right now Tupac episode or don't make it 3 Pod episode part white 15-minute Spot 250 minutes part 3 zip is the prequel that goes before 1 and 2 therefore is not an additional season 1 episode okay so is tardive a series and a season you're still only making $3,000 15 minutes so you're making 45 minutes episode where you start at the end when you walk backwards
00:05:16that over there is that so you can try the prequel and you can buy yourself an extra 15 minute and maybe some more if you keep going backwards backwards backwards to 15 minutes get a member of Star Trek episode of Sunny 44 minutes and 37 37 seconds you getting close to making one episode but not continuously yeah because those 44 minutes yeah includes their title sequences and their role at the end what even Star Trek fan film is it going to have a very quick roll on television
00:05:59when they do the super credits so the title of the fan production or any parts cannot include the name Star Trek however the title may contain or it sorry must contain that's not a man this is a must contain a subtitle with the phrase a Star Trek fan production in plain typeface these bastards are going to tell you what typeface and needs to but anyway the fan production can I use the term official duh in either its title or subtitle or in any marketing promotion or social media for the fan production I don't know what fan film uses the word official anyway
00:07:00butter my butt and turn it into something say I think there are plenty of other titles at my first Hideaway Radley's and just make valves I don't know I would probably just call it star or I would just call it track
00:07:31just one word I would spell it differently
00:07:44we coming in so you feel me in what was inflamed looking to fill me in
00:07:50your options are hi-def standards have or film film hundred and 20 frames per second and then just happened to post on a random website how you can turn that in fact a 35 II which shows the original speed so when he wants it all
00:08:16but then it slows down
00:08:29so you guys can come back around then the minute she out right we totally fine hun rule of the title kind of crap is like yeah we know all right we know you don't call Something official I'm not making you know a Marvel Captain America fan film and calling it the official Captain America nobody does not they can say that it's the official trailer of their film that's different that's using the description of the trailer meaning this is our film and our official trailer for the film that's different but if they're just barking on the word official that is in conjunction with a trailer generally never with a fan film title right
00:09:29find Star Trek in the name I mean still work to get a little
00:09:43Atkins diet this one I can see some legitimacy to George Lucas dead company I guess I also gave him a bad rap they did Sue the porn parody star balls and they said because people could misinterpret by the title that it was Star Wars I'm like I'm sorry no I think I think this is fair IP however because it's Angela title can't be yeah oh yeah but I mean I mean I'm talking about the ones of just told me about like in terms of okay so this is my concept property so I'm okay with this problem with this amongst yes it is yes
00:10:43places like here is the guidelines for voicing objections gay Star Trek production right exactly we done then you're like most people are created with the titles anyway because they do want to separate a little bit they do want to be completely unique and yeah they get to put a Star Trek fan production on it yeah they were going to anyway have to backtrack Chewbacca walking around with
00:11:43Communicator about 6 years old Lukas trademarks but I don't know Star Trek trademarks as well a communicator might have a patent on it it might have licensing you don't know the content of the fan production must be original not reproductions Recreations or clips from any Star Trek production if non Star Trek third-party content is use all necessary permissions for the third-party content should be obtained and writing unfortunately things like this actually do need to be sad you know what I mean like if you are just straight remaking an episode you know what I mean from the 60s or 70s
00:12:43you're infringing on a copyright that you know that's not too cool but most of these fan films are original they're like what if Kirk and Spock or what if you don't even are in a different situation you know what I mean they do actually take some originality to them
00:13:03so yeah but it is that it must be original so you can make a fan film that since the party yes and I have later how I can explain how you can do that picture thing is when somebody chops up like 15 different episodes in the sticks them together and you know on the internet not to generate income there just for fun like actually they're usually in editing training I know a lot of editors who just either if they can't get work cutting somebody else's trailer I just tell him I'm like you don't want to just do it Ash up cut up stuff that you like as practice to find the flow you don't have to post it you totally will but you don't have to
00:14:03exactly so that wouldn't got to make sense do you think so anyway. Phone number for the fan production uses commercially sorry if the fan production uses commercially available Star Trek uniforms accessories toys and props these items must be official merchandise not bootleg items or invitations of such commercial available products to you like I have to cut a Libra read between the lines what does it sound like when it says imitation that you can make your own
00:14:47I am not no no I did not come and I think it says you can't that's what it sounded like it sounded like you can't even make your own items like uniforms accessories toys and props that you have to buy and you have to buy officially licensed I'm starting to sound like I walk around with a Razr phone near the left chest
00:15:26am I breaking rules of this one well are you being filmed and is it being put out for distribution but this is silly because I could be doing anything right I happen to own a pair of black pants and a red shirt right I have I have I have friends who have blue shirts and those friends just happened to get together on ships
00:15:59and talk about things like navigating the Galaxy
00:16:08right exactly when it said official merchandise though to me that screamed CVS in Paramount trying to get more money they're totally protecting their own of you have to buy our stuff to make this thing that we're making it near impossible for you to make anybody waiting for rule 19 that says it was in the 15 minutes of your film you have to show receipts of said by the artist that's exactly and if it's from a store that we don't like but yet our official merchandise like you got it on sale or clearance or if you borrowed it from somebody oh no you better have those receipts from like 1982 so yeah that one I really didn't like
00:17:08what muscle is another interesting thing official merchandise defined as what because what I purchased 20 years ago May well have been considered official is it official now exactly does it is there you know you have to look for this is a registered trademark and you know sold by CVS in Paramount and you know they just like Marvel does they have licensing that they have done to a ton of different companies to make products is that our job to track down every single company that Paramount and CBS gave a licensing rules to to make something I know and I'll bet you actually one of the the main dude the main hero and you know of actor and director and producer producer of the movie he actually is a he's the publisher of the Star Trek book of props and costumes of
00:18:08officialness so he would know you would know what is bootleg good what is not so is this just a slight on him yet again really mad at that guy yeah we should watch the trailer and kind of embarrasses amolo but not them but CVS in Paramount yes and that's why I think there's this big brouhaha because there are material they will be cuz that fans right exactly but you piss them off
00:18:56the right phone number 5 the fan production must be a real quote fan and quote production IE the Creator's actors in all the participants must be amateurs cannot be compensated for their services and cannot be currently or previously employed on any Star Trek series Film Production of DVDs with any CBS or Paramount Pictures licenses I know you did but his bath we got to cover that we got to make sure that CVS really knows what they're saying you can sex trafficking and if you'll be wearing a blue shirt right now this is this is legal right
00:19:56around power remote
00:19:59it's exactly what yeah
00:20:02fanproj it now I actually think this is an insult to Fan Productions in general saying that fan Productions if they are the sounds were ridiculous if a fan production is legitimate that means everybody's an amateur and nobody should get paid I don't think that's Justin right if you're a fan of something what if you were a fan of Star Trek and you became a filmmaker JJ Abrams talking to you just saying but if you worked on one movie you've been in one commercial now you can't even be in this fan film because you have been paid for your services that makes you a professional that makes you not an amateur to work on this in any capacity Star Trek Into Darkness
00:20:55did you call me this verbatim into our notes
00:20:58yeah this is the actual rules yeah the air quotes around the word insulting there was actual error codes around Fan
00:21:10this is straight from CBS very decmode yeah it sounds like because you can't prove it you can employ anybody that's ever been in a Star Trek series or even worked on any aspect it sounds like pre-production through post production of a Star Trek they're going after any traitors anybody who's been fired from Star Trek or Star Trek but doesn't want to come back and work with those people again they're real that's to me that's what it sounds like is that they're going after traders that used to work for Paramount and saying I can do this better than you
00:21:45which isn't that what we're supposed to do if I'll make better stuff
00:21:56so yeah I think it's a real kick in the crotch to professionals and it's supposed to be number six this is the one that has all these little bit parts to it let's see it has six. Points explaining it all right so the fan production must be nice commercial but I will tell you what they mean by non-commercial means not intended to make money because I've had this to with films were they say you know is this a commercial or non-commercial production which you know then of course legalese I learned know it's intended to make money
00:22:44and sometimes with fan films you have to decide and a lot of times that's where the fan film line is if you are not intending to make money non-commercial then you really do hold true to a fan film you're just trying to get out to the people because you love this and you get it out there if you are looking to make a commercial film you are looking to abide by trademarks intellectual property rights and make money
00:23:10so those are the differences in full disclosure I made a film called Leah not Leia which is a commercial filmed because we looked at in Electro property rights Lucas is registered trademarks and wrote the film around intellectual property so we could make money on it did we know but we went to breaks down why it can't beat non-commercial due to limited fundraising for the creation of a fan production weather one or two segments the cans and consistent with these guidelines so long as the amount does not exceed $50,000 including all platform fees and when the $50,000 goal is reached all fundraising must cease
00:24:10because there's a Kickstarter fundraising we've got completed a very successful K20 ground 20 grand plus we just raised so we will be fine here however right we wanted to write we needed to raise his 15 Wheels 20
00:24:47at no point is there a button on Kickstarter that allows me with me he saw 15 to be like we done and so therefore within the day that we actually hit that 15
00:25:09can stop yeah cancel the whole campaign isn't it that doesn't mean get the money that you raised so far as if I'm if I remember right I means you dumb right now
00:25:22so not possible Kickstarter and Indiegogo to make sure that there's a way for them to stop getting more money did you hear the sarcasm on that because there was a lot of it for me about this 50,000 but number one this is because the annex are found that we've been talking about do you know how much that one raised $574,000 on Indiegogo
00:26:01and they finished August 11th 2015 December of that year they got a lawsuit by Paramount and CBS they had made a thing they had got half a million dollars but they haven't made anything yet before Paramount and CBS sue them like that they raise that much money to do something like this so hence there cat now
00:26:32$50,000 to race that's almost like very sweet with the with the rules that they're giving you of what you can and cannot do you can't pay people
00:26:43so first of all why do you need $50,000 to make 15 or 30 minutes
00:26:49does a lot of money per minute but you can't pay anybody to do anything on the movie so where do you need that money for it is the $50,000 to me only to buy official merchandise
00:27:01did you see what I'm saying
00:27:04because you can't hire known actors you can't put it on DVDs you know what I mean you can tell which we're going to get to but all these things that normally you put into that you need money to make a film so far we're not allowed to do those things so thanks for letting us raise $50 and we can't be compensated for our services
00:27:27just wright + PS I would love fifty Grand to make a 15 or 30 minute film I'm just saying I know just said your money catch up on. Com start a Kickstarter later date wants 50 grand for really no reason the most amount of money I've Ever Raised on a crowdfunding platform for a movie is $4,000
00:27:54so thanks Paramount thinking that you know amateurs who have never made a film before can raise 50 Grand a second. Point of sex sex me yes so the fan production but only be exhibited and distributed at a no-charge basis and or shared bring via streaming services without generating Revenue here is my big question on this one film festivals
00:28:27film festivals that's considered a distribution because more people can see it
00:28:33it is an isn't a no charge because a lot of people with film festivals buy a ticket to see everything it's not most film festivals are not this particular film is this much money for a ticket you know what I'm saying generally it's 30 bucks for all day or a hundred bucks for all weekend or whatever so that to me is a very interesting gray area also conventions are the same thing because a lot of fan films are shown at the conventions and that is not a ticket specifically for even the film track that is a ticket for the higher weekend events and so is that considered a no-charge basis and okay distribution and exhibit at a convention
00:29:22I'm really worried about that one cuz now it's will will show you some ways to make it but don't you dare show it to anybody
00:29:33put it on YouTube and Vimeo just don't monetize it don't have any ads before or after or anywhere in the description of ads and it sounds like you can do it that way although
00:29:47YouTube will stick it I'm at Beaumont eyes if you don't if it was from CVS in Paramount is going and then just randomly there is an advertisement because I have videos that are not monetize that will still have an ad in front of them because YouTube is trying to generate money
00:30:05they just have to prove that you didn't monetize it I guess we go up to them and said screw over your fanbase that sounds fair oh my goodness gracious in a physical form at such as a DVD or a Blu-ray
00:30:34I know it doesn't say you know for sale obviously at this point we know we can't make any money on that so I can't be for sale what does that mean you can't send it to a film festival or convention on a DVD thought that but door Distributors generally means big distribution rights right I think they are legit talkin about
00:31:02resale or selling it or giving cookies out but to a fight I know I did look up the definition of distribute of distributed and it means sharing something with a number of people in this because what they fight on semantics right with a final cement yet because that's the thing is semantic put it so so I can see everything legally available to give away for purchase for to look at for that use that word and I think anymore
00:31:59so physical form at you know what I love though they didn't say they will they didn't say in a physical form but they didn't mention a little skin desk alittle SD drive a little flash drive but you can still digitally send stuff done right right Moment of clarity punch everybody in the face
00:32:27didn't make it on here cuz I feel like every single idea made it on here no string cheese on the bridge right on the bridge weight and abide by it
00:32:41that must be the one kind of fan Productions cannot be used to drive advertising Revenue including but not limited to through for example the use of pre or post rural advertising click through advertising banners that is associated with the fam production fine and a lot of films don't do this anyway because they know that they're trying to build a fanbase and they're not purposely putting it out advertising in front and if they are putting advertising in front most the time those are people who paid for the movie to get made so you know it's like this film is brought to you by the sponsors do they had an agreement to do that sit through and thank them those sponsors so you can actually watch this movie for free cuz that's generally what that's about but yeah if it's a fan-made film course they're not going to do that but whatever
00:33:39yeah no not at all but those are also kind of annoying to though
00:33:51how many times have you done that this week anyway yellow different sorry I'm going to go Wayne's World on it or the middle of that movie is just advertisements that's the way you do it it's pretty much okay so then the next one is no unlicensed Star Trek related or fan Perdue production related merchandise or Services can be offered for sale or giving away as premiums perks or rewards in connection with your fan production fundraising so you can't sell or give away any items that you've made in relation to your phone
00:34:39you made trading cards based on your movie you can't give those away t-shirts that have your logo on it you can't give those away offer degrees your 50,000 imaginary dollars you can offer them anything yes it is
00:35:05because that's why people will donate to parks and that's why you know they'll get money I mean in more than just the the main filming question that and ask her there's a lot of films that have really awesome perks that are just kind of cool and collectible you know what I mean so people will donate to those just for that because they are fans of the you know the series
00:35:28so no you can't do that no more because they're mean people not only that but the fan production cannot drive revenue from selling or license fan created production sets props or costumes so all this money that you put into buying but we created that's the thing that's ironic because in the other thing if you're not allowed to make your own t-shirts
00:36:01then you're not allowed to sell them but again sets I understand if you build a set and you're trying to sell it to somebody else to recoup on your movie and then they're going to sell it to somebody else to recoup on their movie not allowed to do that cuz just remembered never make money as a filmmaker and then you're fine right yep I was at a bankruptcy to do about it you exactly yep it'll probably protect you more than anything else then you too but then female then Indiegogo that's ironic
00:36:50so that was that was number 6 all those little sub-points of how remember no matter what you do don't make money of any kind so number 7 it's going to be really hard for me to read this one with a straight face because it gets specific
00:37:13the fan production must be family-friendly and suitable for Public Presentation videos must not include profanity nudity ography depictions of drugs Alcohol Tobacco or any harmful or illegal activity is that harmful yes is it illegal not yet
00:37:48it goes on or any material that is offencive fraudulent defamatory libelous disparaging sexually explicit threatening hateful or any other inappropriate content but like
00:38:15and the content of the fan production cannot violate any individual's right to privacy why did they just keep it safe family friendly and don't violate any buddies right of privacy and they just do that because that was does incredible agree to many of these things that are out there sure because let's face it in the film of Star Trek I can see why you don't want to do have profanity cuz Star Trek never ready has had for fennecs the television it had sensors if this is going on YouTube on man you can do whatever you want maybe maybe you wanted to be a little harder Edge because you're a fan and you want to see it represent your table so
00:39:15there is now sexually explicit material green one that Kirk wasn't but the original series but they didn't show it was implied yes and was in the original film in the original new film
00:39:38trying to get out he's trying to allocate yeah yeah 21 camera lens flare we're talking to him that guy these are really specific and disappointing space but when you have a phrase like any other inappropriate content that leaves it open to whatever they deem inappropriate okay you calling walk like that you can't cast that person you can't say that sentence so you know it to me I'm just like
00:40:38now it's me censorship so now the founder and disparaging one of them feel like this disease is it called Curtis's Mother act like that cuz it's Shatner of course you can't be libelous I mean that's the thing you can be disparaging towards a company and say you know don't buy from this company because this company gives everybody cancer or hates puppies but you can't over went through this lawsuit with the forgetting beef industry you just you can't libel people we know this in movies so that sure makes sense but some of these other things you can't have a character that smokes a cigar
00:41:40you know what I mean to you your body you can't even use that stereotypes I was like alright so k c b is okay
00:42:01I just totally not following that reference but I'm sure it's awesome and magical
00:42:11but I buried it so deep that was a fan or party like we're working on it all right here you never ate at the end of a film y'all can make and if you want us to make it happen it's official he just to be good if there's 50 Grand of money involved for that kind of money and it just happened this is the real world we live in
00:43:11on screen credits of the fan Productions in on any marketing materials including the fan production website or page hosting the fan production most of them do this anyway but the the disclaimer is Star Trek and all related marks logos and characters are solely owned by CBS Studios think the fan production design add are sponsored by you're not affiliated with CBS Paramount Pictures and any other Star Trek franchise and made it film intended for recreational use no commercial that expedition or distribution is permitted know what ledge independent rights will be started by CVS or Paramount Pictures
00:43:46that just kind of makes up there there's a disclaimer you have to put at the end of every movie you know what I mean like you know this is not meant to be it's a fictional movie not based upon anybody living or dead like no animals were harmed in the making of this movie great the butt moment you put that in you open yourself up for everything up cuz you just agreed that I know that this is all be like this by footage of the CBS Paramount Pictures when it's not my friend this is my friend film of Star Trek anymore
00:44:46it kinda actually reminds me do you remember the beginning of Dogma when it showed the definitions then all of a sudden it said like the Platypus and then he's like oh no I'm sorry if anybody was offended by the Platypus like how it kept like backtracking and I didn't want to offend anybody that is what this reminds me of that list it really acts as being so please I Inspire them to be creative with us yes and stick it to them so the creators of the fan production must not seek to register their work nor any elements of their work under copyright and trademark law now I am not a lawyer and I do not have expertise on copyright and trademark but as an artist when you complete your work
00:45:43it is copyrighted that's the thing you can prove when the work was completed you can mail it to yourself and mail it back to prove that it was completed they don't want you to register your work to prove legally when you created your entity
00:46:02they don't want any proof so that you can't stop somebody from registering a script registering a treatment registering it out what have you but a DVD movie is registered on the day it is completed and shown to one person
00:46:23so you can't stop that they just want to make sure that you don't have proof of your ownership in any of this context
00:46:36and that's actually quite dangerous
00:46:40you can't defend yourself if and when you are actually sued by CVS in Paramount a big fan of that even if it's even if it's registered fan Productions cannot create or imply any association or endorsement by CVS or Paramount Pictures I don't think any of them are trying to be like hey by the way I'm CBS like nobody's trying to fool anybody with the fan film that's just the way it is and then of course the fight a little fine print disclosure CBS in Paramount Pictures reserve the right to revise revoked and or withdraw these guidelines at any time and their own discretion these guidelines are not a license and do not constitute approval or authorization of any fan production or a waiver of any rights at CVS in Paramount Pictures have within respective fanfiction created outside these guidelines
00:47:36so they can change these at any point they can so that's great that they even put these on a website that of course they can change them but they had to have to put that in every legal but it's still yours what if you look at these rolls here's what it looks like you can do it looks like you can make to 15 minute videos congratulations you can cash it and crew it with the people who have never made a film before and specifically never been I am on IMDb because that's how they're going to prove that their professional but that's just the way the business is yep exactly or not because we're trying to break the rules
00:48:36I have reached the planet
00:48:42alright will you also can do with your Star Trek fan film is that you can subtitle it a Star Trek fan production congratulations you cared subtitle it's okay you know you're my favorite oh my God yeah you can create an original Star Trek situation with a G rating that does not insult anybody you can do that you can use official merchandise you can raise up to $50,000 but you promise your donors next to nothing like pretty much no thanks give me money basically yes and you can maybe spend that money sending it to film festivals? Maybe
00:49:42thumb drive from festival for $50,000 where they're not selling tickets to individual movies only as a group pass possibly when they update these rules tomorrow with Genesis sorry you're ready for this this is this is my idea how do you say you create a movie about a bunch of filmmakers that are trying to pay homage to a fictional franchise that they love but they are discussing what they can and can't do what I do and by the way you make it sound like something like a forwarding fancy cheese omage
00:50:42Play Rihanna what is genius this is absolutely yes wouldn't you watch this I would date me if they don't ever say the words
00:50:51search up
00:50:53they just make it a fictional franchise they can be talking about anything that they make up but we know what it is because we're smart and we're fans and there are so many different filmmakers right now who could make this film and if they all started making it tomorrow they all be different sounds because everybody would have a different spin on these filmmakers discussing what they can and can't do to make a family love it they would all be wonderful they should all be put on a DVD as a series because if you make these funny and you exaggerated exaggerating the situation to you have a parody how can you not make this funny how can you not make it sarcastic and 3 also just think Galaxy Quest just saying Galaxy Quest got around a lot of these rules and you won't need any Star Trek like sets or two dice license or no
00:51:53you can cast whoever the hell you want you can make it as long as you want you can raise as much money as you want and you don't have to be all Captain America on it and worry about language but just don't lie about anybody like any existing person get creative with the names the pad out where you can go and mess with people end up making money and it to somebody you don't mind losing a little bit of money that's what I'm going to get sued for but it will be worth it but you're going to send a message to send a message that filmmakers are
00:52:53transfirst and they don't like being told what aren't they can create and can't create now I understand respect of intellectual property this is got a little bit a step too far of hey filmmakers with professional skills we don't like you we don't want your competition so stay out of our pool CVS in Paramount really follows up with the whole crap-ton Star Wars follows up pretty well they're not like right on it all the time Marvel dude that things an open gate I mean they love fan production they encourage these very weird at all I actually right now I'm never showed up I don't think they will because they love being different than DC
00:53:53Dan's without some kind of sarcastic artsy debatable fight because it's fun and a fan film is supposed to be freaking fun so yeah both Kate as we navigate these saw systems and I hope down to the the comes panel I wants to do a little talk on my red shirt point my finger in an English accent say make it so and take his home I want to see a whole bunch of films about this I want to see films that filmmakers take these rules and find loopholes and get creative with this because these guidelines are freaking bananas and they are in salt to filmmakers an insult to Star Trek fans that they inspired because news flash we're not all JJ Abrams so go out there and make your freaking art and make a staff
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00:55:04I love the train eat

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