This episode contains the Chapter 15 of 2nd PUC Kannada language textbook published in 2015.
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00:00:00numbers gonna do another poster couple but grandmother both cost send to get Ethan to get your lead VT AD and you'll see economic like careful stuck out that tiny baby lord actually if you look at how the ninety than a tally of one on the Seattle Tabitha the
00:00:15ID namely that kept them with that will deter an unsteady CC del parties a lot equal cost certainty gate when the gate that was stuck out that mood on how the non cutting down what I but more reporter got guide the EC one I wouldn't be they send
00:00:29to get me to read it the non caught not him but more Savita that are the needle Bob have you ever won the stuck a daily guide each month to bring a lot of the early guide economical stuck up doc pull on the Haiti needed at the IRS
00:00:43and elite Pago will he see that's why am Siva cuddled her leash and you'll be contacted your rank as a brown one young lover Nick have bite marks a hobby into gold bond sea mock pride to log that you almost get like a scene to Colin school machine
00:00:57because I don markets and you'll get SSI in time and that you had the idea bottom part will come over to the knowledge I you do not believe it or not it's not gonna be any phone lines at the lead more they mean that part of what I
00:01:10would be kind of a need to get the client would be a lot of them yet told an aide to conduct that they but a lot out from a one not only with the pay and now I got to go with a lot of ideas from other late
00:01:21on my mother couldn't look at peak or Lou but it is not a full sheet that sloppy Monica tucked kit Bandai got Heygate with it all the time via the log with the the Louis out there yeah Leon are right and I'm going to be the model shown
00:01:34on Bob and I got to hold a cool you want the whole day of October methodically Iraqis on the diet got all ready to go to the heart of what I might do cool I'll let us a hike at the model posh yet so was modeled nobody got
00:01:47the on the cool guy when I see that you want the they are not out there yet more KLX analog Annika fica fiat who he said I'm going to get mad again on the date got Ollie yet but looking at view that I bought on the key at
00:02:00the end of my life you need to be thought likely they aren't mine I gave the whole like and if you were ready a lot that would not seek a and what do you think that it won the RD out but you got a gig at the fact
00:02:11that in the pool with it tomato out seven do not get burned Iraqi and give it to get in the door to let the other will do dasa yet not meant by like getting National Front cut him but they got sick of being garland local to how to
00:02:24use the leaked about the car leaped up when John eighteen nam and then then they hold a as he entered the league mostly they ought to go to Masashi occupant to block other legal with the up get a day you'll need to seek on the whole idea of
00:02:37going on while it's anarchy door to get there the whole you little any of my you get holiday yeah but you got out of the loop did than other than other lead me into Madhi mean over a lot of Bosnia Dawson cackle leading member of the meeting to
00:02:49really got a lot Arcadia by you got up on time again to Beethoven meant they settled on the idea that I get any hardy hole with them are wholly eighteen week will be taken the eighteen nam my microphone but on the hop a lot of that with me
00:03:03a little time to hockey the other schools in nominal some sign of that would be ideal if the lot subtly acknowledges on will come but be lucky let the dead leaf are holding yok I guess in nam gun belt will do but not gonna that's why you get
00:03:17on the house forty one my laid out of the loop dean and one that will mean a lot of them say look you said being equal Highgate on Heidi little but a lot of a lot and I said I've gotten to know a little while daughter guiding that
00:03:28god gave you split and the mac are you so eager to get government and local do but not the big one a lot the use of the levee RD or not because I love that my late all of the land can do with the beta I lied he
00:03:40leaned up on a dirty so they kept the game or would he be any one of the you might cost what I'm not hooked on the scene now I'm at the point that Marley gets what he will do mom all ten on my mobile phone but I doubt
00:03:51they eat like a normal right by the need to form the word or not that'll Monet of shravana mas that I'm not good under the age old hockey upon by the navy door dug up a lot of that one then the Holy CD octagon but that'll graphical pasta
00:04:05honey get buddy I've got to be a guy you to moderate the stake out of the following a monster that not only did not see in nam America you could make a good bit RD at least only how do you get it done Shawn levy holy above the
00:04:18legal do I need money and mostly they ought to go to the movies dosh are cut flower not deterred by the loss of the leader of the of what island they didn't cut out of the gate with the Haitian day and they were legal got what we had
00:04:31to cut their a button that what I'm Cokie what zero cool to work hard at the league our holiday of the home or you can run a sutra collection on that need a minute while I get that target but it will die the anal sort of put the
00:04:44car left and got my car detailed high so the in the hot doted little Lagat Dadi yeah lead only to you but I mean you could get a lot more like a northern or look like a body calmed saga but I've ache a love eating the hot chip
00:04:57that mama has to the bodies to the lease option on the vehicle to get a beat god that eighteen nam my mother into what should that would definitely got a lot more sedate lot today at least Mahdi mean over and he locked up the model dynamite the little
00:05:11guy that levy hobbies of the art we do through the media cool tiny wake up by young No Way Out mocking and they hear over the other day glued on today we just didn't do the holiday as he entered the league levy a lot that we just didn't
00:05:24do the link up by young I went out and you know daughter though I'm keen to leave my late ala the league are holding RD aka we did a poll done my late on Monday sake beacon Aussie Hollywood lead on us yet again Hansi beat it yesterday Lassie
00:05:40had a policy that will be nice to do what I get asa beacon but certainly the key in the tiny governed outlook to hold again with a list with a day either hold a group body in other but what do you think that a label will look mom
00:05:52I'm upping got forty us with that I'm not a legal what job I mean channel pool good grinding and now that we got at the end of nine Senate party they listen up a little and another lady that it can you look my day in the model that
00:06:04I called it the annals by you let the day in and day my lego island bundled on it but he could be a late on on the out the town nobody hot on them with the new clean dirty get monolithic eight might be obligated to Katie Basil what
00:06:18they're legally anal can they be a lot older will put a lot of a lot of the media what little you lecture will collect what I will call on it given a meal still lie to get a little of the Sierra and wonder log it do when they
00:06:31are they political lean up acting ID buttons on the hockey season and the FCC that you'll take one every week that NBC yet that is with the V. shot hole a a million that'll work out of them not going to get that easy that eight Monday night was
00:06:45shot either do you get that he can either be it'll be so gaily need that are not state the illegal while holding him to open up new show the state the only clinic are armed with steel and look and look on other than they do a good day
00:06:57a league with unknown model of the name may be the the yellow light model I got in the car any of what I do another but do you wanna say late night with Tom Petty and look at I would lose him to hop will deal with that they
00:07:09are not the call I let them that I let you live a whole and I gave the lady levy you what he got more harshly on us yet again what that is on the door dot Mahdi done a in the left side down to my legs are not
00:07:20gonna lead lardy didn't get on our local charity money order that a sock and then you go look at the night that it bordered in the late liability act anytime any of what out toward the door okay give other needy are you gonna Mahdi Siegel the sick or
00:07:33that they know what I do not own he gave kind ha who pulled a of everybody knowing someone on a you did the art from around the masa when Johnny Monica who built to order them and legal to boldly in that it gives a lot that I got
00:07:47a whole array of nearly dialogues with the holiday of needle plotted it daily late mean to clean or not to order them to go to la Holocene and they met that guy give them with Arnold by like any get Heygate delete the Indiana do not route the mood
00:08:01of the room with the day of one of the leading idea that Heidi got hot gonna like sheep by the league Heidi Dawson hero out will but that they got and then it is a cool name I would stop on being a good deed done by looking to
00:08:13get quality on Monday to see if the whole day no one dollar nana we lock already on Monday me lucky because he the holy gave Dadi to kind of monster that Likud government at the time he got money up on today so bleak or leveled up on a
00:08:28girl a little need to bother will enable Saddam on yet double what any easy gave me nobody and I like to be cool easy maybe one that one needed harvested them up Bach would open up that training are not told that they leave the ending up with a
00:08:42big piece of work I have got the lead mode not get stuck with them by maybe a month and that model can you give the budget talks of Doug warned and value to bundle in order Donnie normal so they ought to get a little holiday up on not
00:08:54giving anybody get another eats with the adobe that a holiday in a public key of a little hold upon novel with a kindly thought in the hollow TV that many act any money yet but they've got a gun and a lot dicey days he had to hold my
00:09:08on that then I'd be holding a lead movie no luck I do a lot ought to go to guide the dialogue at the dock we see that one ninety at least take what's the pot that I got to see the nation who fought that I got to see
00:09:19go be equaled by media and ID love mostly they ought to take a lot more a young mother and I'm Kelly that a little better than by your like easy corned almost a year later Donnie able to do what they need I get a month to meet on
00:09:33each will be the whole of your leave ya que each a bottom up finally get a little bit a little ambiguous in a at least that would be a lot more because you know how to be a stay not on me I would die the movie did not
00:09:46rush thinking my god you with any corporation that color Linda who grew Benny green yellow thought they could and then at the gate but looked a lot Mahmoud lagi the name will be the one to help you get a little time to you know horrible yet are looking
00:09:59thought if game day it's hard to keep that in order to get our little melodic motor though so that is so hard to find Xena but that Logan thought it out a window Bonaly leaving my job with the goddess of the lot more gotten good been able to
00:10:14really utilize up by any rule I fell on my gun on the gaudy that'll baited by like a good Benny Goodman thirty saluki V. body in a little to the left any of what I heard at the demand will hold on I guess what do you want most
00:10:26today ought to go to the mall hooked on the other end we do will dash out the not a lesson on ya would do you know that the I can spoon in the V. tadi see that a tiny but you get my do you cut it you will
00:10:37cut a goal a late Alexi leave the bottle up on that are legal naval you'll to see you'll to see her not them group Benny get decked out in that if we gave one to do are Bailey Laura when Johnny ray to get Haiti's washed the body tiny
00:10:51but media what we eat Bailey Laura dialogue that they modify and then my mother the other leading them up but could be developed a yacht would love that I thought I'd be the illegal one I seem hot toddy yeah Lee Mahdi do I that I might meet enough
00:11:03lately and don't eat a lot of the legality I tidy dining Marty on in the eighty eight miles with a hot today on that they gave them CDC done good belly decline then of course you're gonna will come over a high the nearly are we are done and
00:11:17it is one of the one who took part of the body wholly or like a movie made it very easy little Tylenol cold Dylan to Bailey Laura holiday of what I mean the whole art but ID lapan McGahee blue eyed guy on a league when Dustin armaments that
00:11:33they see eighty soccer spoke I need on the holiday of needing a CDC they're holding back bundle that I won the Brady law order him but they told me Akasha one vocal and they might they might if Daddy had argued dog who don't buy us a hike on
00:11:47IV I'm gonna cave bundle Bailey lord other we shall be saved on my labor but rather that they thought he had a part of what you are but I don't think it will do but I would love it barely looked up on the left like I used to
00:12:00do and buy up a lot of BC bundled up by tiny got off a econ Haiti today that may just take the view that he see that lovable little idea what we in the other broke a lot much garland ma'am the doomed yep you the life cycle model
00:12:14I got with someone who's rooting out the bigger than the norm holy with them up on Monday the of the court Bailey little Tylenol and get them out in the autumn money at dawn on the keepod to mean to me but media one TD Doggett would look when
00:12:27I buy the whole get two tiny go to group down my body art then I might maybe not chatter months will deal with on the bike younger the home got a modern art on them begin on Monday yeah late and you know what delegate lead buddy Dave body
00:12:42that unseen non money given that oracle DRT Iraq at nine o'clock on order log a lot decked out in a month would affordable they even find any that you know and then my mother and I made a guy you might be the lead in the us a hike
00:12:54up diamond in the heated to stop planning on calling got done we do Donna Bailey lord other island what Sean would like to leave IT love it in my leg will be the thing is we have in the batey called and our little tiny Garlock eighteen that looked
00:13:08like it got a good lead to one the not mortal basic it what it gets in nam ability to keep IT a lot and what I do not only a good bit buttons how well I'm not going to be a little problem in the holding room get Dylan
00:13:21the name that's in nam and cut off with like a diary archive donated in the in the Belmont said would leave it being give you a lot lately Shahkot Maaseik only in those ways come masa that morning it did not when Johnny in nam and then then they
00:13:36hold on to the legal too on today with the holiday of money hard we didn't mean these Didache bed a little and you go to school department at the movie button to deny that al Asadi again I buy V. amat they die they will do box one by
00:13:51the lead I got a daughter gate Lumina that to Midland then let's see you can see by level and yet it will stop beagle Dante legally and I'll do what Montel Gordon Hickey corm rot fungi are leaning to Donnie called but the locally in back more like the
00:14:05understand you're not old ticket Huckabee can do funny guy who don't buy me a switch and Amy looked at the tiny cot modesty and I'm gonna keep people that'll put the the other day at the time I got a lot on TV enough or will be gave them
00:14:18but they are maintaining a lot money on mostly on the eighties with the whole a a buggy Alicante sequel to the dungeon I'm unable so they can also win a lot more easy fun novelty leave the leave my Nina talked me a lead on garland like window button
00:14:32to pull away and other than the door like a corner lot so to what school you had no more to get through died on it got a little while ago daughter that needed a legally any of what we call the west which I think are in the US
00:14:44in nam unless it can really get what the school bus duty than thou I've looked at don't deny masa honey in the rock on the loose conduct immediately being give you a little duffel coat nor would I have not taken up to get a new titanium mill shop
00:14:57is with the whole of the their local don't but don't be fooled Dustin I'm either no hooked within the band you're not bored I get these huge did they look more to get to work at a saga yet moon do what he did two more days movie the
00:15:10whole one top Ellis Island would look back to start out when that Egyptian I late needle like it was the movie that made a let down anybody get sick they need not be thirty eighty the untitled they're a lot more gonna sing then what about a you log
00:15:24on what the army Mahdi that extra money if the yen or needle in the seat of get out of the number line the gun to RT you let them eat we thought that might be in the lead and the house a lot of time and be there when
00:15:35they got a lot done of the awful lot that month on their data cannot shine with the hoodie that won't be a what a group like the pilot of the Latino I'm not on the bottom of the water line going needles you know you see it going to
00:15:45make the world a sequel and our local don't buy any of what I see local by eagerly gave better that he get me into what they tell us that the lead mode not gun bill Hendy the **** like a B. what in I might actually see that will
00:15:57be open to all be it'll be silly not tie like cake we'll see you want the other art there who claimed he got a lot higher than that we'll see about that they had that more lame when they got in that one the dock at the mill sources
00:16:08and what they would be get tune but the lady that booked the room but I get the needle don't get that book be in North Vietnam when I lady so big and the one that I leave in order dining room that was moved to you no one thought
00:16:21that in the Belmont say going up follow up with that at least I get done tiny babies the lord of that money would be on the set the date on it done but they got an awful lot of them will make a your legacy to KC ninety up
00:16:32with that of the league and I love him but I stocked up with a little more con modicum article in the the and all of them but they get settled I'll get the haiku sequin beat Bailey looked up on local don't buy me a comic book became the
00:16:46whole regular them enormous will look back on a at the husky mogu when mommies who won that anytime a whole day of the Brady law went out of them today at the right Eagleton dog on a leash although mine either Montel and lady but me of what I
00:17:00or local body and that can be big data in the cool don't buy honey going ninety eight model adopted at the holiday of like you have you done not by not gone PDF got a look on Bundy done very little what I gave you the clue plan and
00:17:12doggy diva button them die ordered them to you know they need legally broke are not much going to be a wet hot alienate the dot tiny got on Bailey laudable got many see tiny government mocked up on a lot of them got many so when they get a
00:17:27lot of adults and I'm afraid that when combined on the gate like a you could that be what in about a young man going to their local don't but don't be that will be in that these hidden armament are legally so they need or get me into court
00:17:40to allow you a name or muscle out to night as a vehicle with a knock on the tiny government they see other art that would be the normal course of my fellow to get a beacon to cardinal ET the holy see are done at the lady get nectar
00:17:53local don't buy new with the old one to collect a lot of them don't need or like it did they get the one I got the legal later done again at once that either leave or he can not mine okay you get cold over the northern you go
00:18:04to a mall or a monarchy DC that'll mon I get to eat with to hold a job with all my late on the the Leda Jada dole money cop movie sequel to attend a lot older needle in the fuel to do that are ruled by the object of
00:18:18the late movie hold the gun bill Hendy that's a lot of what I'm about Mickey the look on mean that much dash Google money so the rugged that'll make contact with the leading the get deal button that will come with a hot number two Highgate said they like
00:18:30the one that I need a bit of a late meeting to find the ones that are you dummy up auto and legal gun meeting not government is done a lot of yeah they like each other light up but don't I get a lot of war unless unless we
00:18:42have a hundred and one that anybody gets top dog warned them die and I'm not I'm not a year late doubled up the little gets done a letter in the arcade deal gets you down title kind of a lead brick that operating order any of what he gave
00:18:56me conduct on nobody to your mind is I thought I get to hold the Brady law or other kind units there look at that door back home you know and detaining early get older that ID to Yahoo where nobody to spend that kind of them I love it
00:19:09wasn't the girl in the Brady law about time he got a lot of work done on the lead a lot of the time he got knocked on but the even though the yeah left on the on the going to lose one because sock she I get a lot
00:19:21of the money goes aren't Bailey looked up at me they see that it's in now I'm a little bit of them Highgate these movies even order believe either buddy to ya Mahdi corner I could you be a little tough on the body motor calling that means you see
00:19:35love hockey needs a lot of a lot of that on my you made a big data one by Leah on the whim of the body tightly but media what I look older a lot how are they going to cut a long body agenda that will put us in
00:19:48non money go on a lot of them are the more solid to plead guilty get on when they get that easy Haiti to nobody in order either local do panel on the look out of the name government is with the the Arthur any gun to on a little
00:20:01bit of that should allow the running BC lead me not even allowed to go on bended Ducky how much does school plus update than the other one that I get to elect immediately busy little coddle the loss would be enough to be a kid that a Connerly embattled
00:20:15ball for you art and I leave might that led to button them to do art that's in nam and a year later Bailey looked out of a mummy any of what I what do you think it will be sent to contour and I keep on little does he
00:20:26know money not unlike a you get stomped out of a reflection I gotta get guy you did the hockey guy you look at the trend of war on Attorney got the deal could wipe the fighting on the cell door like a cannot connect who are not set up
00:20:38what he can he look dumb obvious in non money good luck she of the level of what other option the limb arcade might they might take the legacy in order to get done hockey award a little at the school part of it I got to be either forty
00:20:51at argued that will be the older one levee and not be what an appellate court I that do a lot of time on the feet of one more time I'm little guy who is a lot of any gate door to see the tool badia died at eighty and
00:21:03then they would the money game that little we're not so more gonna sing to do part of that meeting about the guitar does a little while and I made a deal get in the rules a lot jollity hobby guy can't get a hold of them guess that'll get
00:21:16either tell us how he Bailey lord Hutton doggie done by the well at all will not know about monarch but apparently he thought but they lost in the moment that the in the the you know they get too many they get the bundle ikea you which and I
00:21:29thought the V. eight option at the end Nikon I've gone a lot because he took on the war lobby that when that it cannot get only them die off and got a loan that diva key an uneasy told option option I'm attracted a lot of people call lucky
00:21:42today that are holding a live shot to Hey did hockey unknown than he did he mean that were left the daughter of the late the holiday are a Marvel at Bailey looked up and leaves here they'd be kind of the lead but usually what the art Brady law
00:21:55order to order them to you than any other leading to find the name of the doctor any of what Mulder Yassin kepada garland will do Darla that model will lead me contacted movie holy to deny my holiday of needed a little made some people who were not movie
00:22:10might they need that little bit of a let down idea what don or Dick on the one lead in the cut get godi BC convertible top normal right but to leave cut that already today at least cut down on politics and all that it's not gonna be a
00:22:24needs and I'm I'm not him but I've bought them but to win the Savita that owned by you know what I thought I was odd to me because I never saw he'd give them a hug well that Leica gear literally it's not gonna be a needle but would
00:22:35not give any of what Munger who would be enough and I cooked a am but leaves and you see that a mile heat the week nine of the leaf not that old died of what they reported to go look at the other lost three of gun Thalia that
00:22:46game the other hall water than to get a lease see AV say listen you got home be a number of V. V. at least more Kaplan top Ali Agha died it was like a time of shady an old PC computer what not gonna be any of what we
00:22:59got Ollie yet what is that I won a mock up tonight and I look up the luggage it does he died a gun he Bhandarkar them but not to any need to meet you what are you going to cut costs and color was from thirty uptown problem that
00:23:12got some color not schooled in England via young guy not but a high enough and at a high level data that they got it they go what a month I can get some but I'm not a lot of salt and stuff delude you will go to even I
00:23:23need data from will come up with the even gone he burned out on them but are you writing up at the ivy room font that I've done a pretty easy going to sit there and I saw he the academic pressures the terrible rundown assist the S. S. who's
00:23:37done without my conscious TV dot the is how you dress as the Norman Dada crosscut I believe lady gets on the tiny baby legal order out there yeah Lee holding won the pot that I like it when the they would've done months font by me shaky part of
00:23:51what I'm not on a lucky to be sick or what do you do not mind if I want to show she that'll come on the Iraq gate deve and I'm only a gate Pungo Bandai got Heygate cruel cycle and with that he got the lead Mattamy go on
00:24:04like you to get that I'm going to be the top top top bodyguard like the mob of me in that age group but to see a headline to get attacked and you know people are gonna be one though by you got to the other guard on duty you
00:24:16local Claudia Hashanah shravana loss artists who are my father and I cost money and make a child when he gave up what motor that Saddam would be guarded noncanonical and pay no Cordy told not to be a whole lot who don't do their part to be come I
00:24:31see that mom that actual controlled the drowning and get on with the higher costs on a pole got us a high account would allow him to sit on that a week that it be made easy to setting might yet be that they would leave on my left David
00:24:43idea of Ali up a lot of us want to see in a window jockey somebody unless we lost so far back to Mike Doubleday muga Monica aluminum Gorky old be enough room one B. gave don and that by getting ready to keep Tonya look with the legal what
00:24:57the end of the week what the lake it and you're not moderate up the needle I love hot and I guess that we will be a video leaked he's a lot of hot or not I will highlight the of salt tolerant on conflict the would be demoted only
00:25:09Katie can do motor calling Delilah guy economists who hold on a hot day here to get them yet showed on others and they get that mold and caught one league with WWE motor copy them on today double black day in neutral he could decide who are put on
00:25:23a suit to go is a little bar us with on a Monday night in the league and a lot of guys in the got a good diet will come with it but the one club house up hog on the pop up windows on the peak of the validity
00:25:34and don't buy a slot blot get a good one to other schools in nominal some sign of that would be ideal eating lots of Leon yet or look on a vehicle to Hayne day on the water even got what we have got to have more good day a
00:25:48league with animal model of the name may be the the yellow light modify at nine o'clock and he gave me nobody and I like to be cool I either turn into what we in the other will go to my garden gnome I'm be doomed Jada mortal basic a
00:26:02leading it's in nam ability to keep IT a lot year long like M. me Mahdi that extra money if the yen or needle into eating what I wanna levied on not be what enough Alec I that do we pop up window on go that rush Nagel one block
00:26:16at the legal dirty seat one to obtaining a lot money aka the league how do you do the whole job will do get a good battle a young Lee Yaba arc on the moral training are not a city in one article Bailey lord on a plaque on easy
00:26:30the help a lot of that with me the whole is tonight I either tiny in the yard and look number with a lot of time to go to a whole day of mourning jadi gets to look to see that you believe the lord on Yemen look I look
00:26:42on the into tiny guy locked arm but it gave ya will do more because Archie I get to leave high got more room to get her to go to a lot of things yet a little while get color legal dirty seat window when John eighteen nam job look
00:26:55at other than the door like a better idea of what a legal dialogue dialogue either that they moved on eagle hold again okay game with a lease with the devil forgotten what I but get a really non commercial day ought to take a lot more alien and do
00:27:09you want to see them I either need Bailey looked up and all Heygate buddy daisy died a lot of pain in your body that in the group button tumble down either Heygate year local don't buy maybe a honey gotten I've got Megan Connor maybe and we've got non
00:27:23canonical and go to a lot of things that you don who blocked kick other legal Daddy seat one billion non momentum by holiday of a V. asa honey on that water than the late cookie bias to with the AKB lady Seattle tiny habu palladium active enough someone I
00:27:37won the seat mortal mostly not that I don't need to find out Heygate I will go in and made it Mahdi that late night early and not very long ago and I got up and got gone but the heightened dog eagle Connerly beaten by either in nam little
00:27:53Dublin more easily and caught on IV and weeks later she see Pasha palace up window Lee Blackie I get a workout already much to my late night in which she shot but they don't see at a party told will put a lot of that cost would hardly be
00:28:09known get down on the table delegate cool when I need you who got out who will make a massive one leave the eighty eight the name of the show the heart to produce you go by the government by the Mahdi yet a little dasa yet none led by
00:28:22like getting National Front cut in the Louisiana you'll get get some body Augie Gorman when they see the bodies he then gala you'll go will eat it in my pocket and the other one eat buggy at the ACLU over there on the group to see but I needed
00:28:35more go today good they could defeat the posse cut by then I went on the the other than going to see an article mostly they ought to go to the moon with the old lady with them up on Monday the yearly court Bailey little Tylenol known get done
00:28:48on each month in a little while being given no group DC I either gonna garland Ivel and they may look odd I will not go without a hat and a gun but a lot of fun gonna I will I will I see possible to hook into high need
00:29:02that I'm not glad that got on but I eat it will come or right but moving correctly can meet you what I'd done let cut out that it's not gonna be a need for a college and a little here gossamer biologic eighteen over the window moderately money get
00:29:16all that she wrote I am a calling none left and I got to see dialing they yet mortal thought he had a son deal not I and I got the order Trini loss that also out of the oven more so you will see the art of letting you
00:29:28lucky Roger at the IBM will die yeah

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