Eminem Tribute Intro
Kendrick Tribute Intro
Peer Pressure -- Mobb Deep
Hit It from the Back -- Mobb Deep
Shook Ones (Part 1) -- Mobb Deep
Shook Ones (Part 2) -- Mobb Deep
Drink Away the Pain -- Mobb Deep
Survival of the Fittest -- Mobb Deep
I Shot Ya (RMX) -- LL Cool J
Right Back At You -- Mobb Deep
Eye for an Eye -- Mobb Deep
The Infamous Prelude -- Mobb Deep
Give Up the Goods -- Mobb Deep
Microphone Masters -- Das Efx feat. Mobb Deep
Eyes May Shine (RMX) -- Xzibit
Drop a Gem On Em -- Mobb Deep
Still Shinin -- Mobb Deep
Tres Leches -- Big Pun
Extortion -- Mobb Deep
G.O.D. Pt III -- Mobb Deep
Recognize & Realize Pt. 2 -- Big Noyd
Rare Species -- Mobb Deep
Quiet Storm -- Mobb Deep
Back at You -- Mobb Deep
The Realest -- Mobb Deep
The Game -- Pete Rock
Self Conscious -- QB's Finest
Burn -- Mobb Deep
What's Ya Poison? -- Mobb Deep
Power Rap Freestyle -- QB's Finest
Losing Weight -- Camron
Hey Luv -- Mobb Deep
Keep It Thoro -- Prodigy
Hold You Down -- Alchemist
Can't Complain -- Prodigy
Snitch -- DJ Whookid
Got It Twisted -- Mobb Deep
Throw Your Hands In the Air -- Mobb Deep
Outta Control -- 50 Cent
Dog Shit -- Mobb Deep
Gun Love -- Prodigy
Return of the Mac --Prodigy
The Infamous -- Mobb Deep
The Life -- Prodigy
Young Veterans Pt. 2 -- Prodigy
Mac 10 Handle -- Prodigy
Win or Lose -- Mobb Deep
The Type -- Curren$y
Violators -- The Violators
Living the Life -- The Violators
YNT -- Prodigy and Alchemist
Dirty Game -- Cormega (DJ Premier)
You Can Never Feel My Pain -- Prodigy


00:00:00there's a war going on outside no man is safe from you can run but you can't hide forever for me these streets that we Don took you walking with your head down scared to look you should cuz ain't no such things as halfway Crooks yo this is Eminem man I just want to say rest in peace to Prodigy we love you homie hip hop loves you you will forever be missed
00:00:26but you got to understand how I feel rest in peace Prodigy real late with Peter Rosenberg
00:01:08at the church
00:01:32but what happened to 24/7 is the number one check this out man it's the infamous and I see your head when you charge you her shut up what up what up my man Peter Rosenberg man come up real late you know I mean we smoke the weed drinking what up what you want to do turn this up loud match pop my hip hop list. Rosenberg's Denver today
00:02:07hit me back like that was her name.
00:02:29Little Mix black magic
00:02:54who makes Kings the very best of Prodigy rest in peace real late with Peter Rosenberg
00:03:06don't like you mad at me
00:03:18it's nominated in 1997
00:03:36just ignore me.
00:03:56Without blinking
00:04:12live the life data Thomas a gun in Rosenberg throwback got no feelings
00:04:41check it out now
00:04:48I got your scarf
00:05:04Sidney Street Cafe
00:06:08scared to death scared
00:06:19transport system is shot locked in love with Amy and Shay Sapp songs
00:07:39I'll take the whole well soon when it's an emergency I mean your help a cat used to move to will take us had to sit and play it on how to make yourself sick instead of coming through Waco navigate to keep us on call Toto's active
00:08:39smash of a client damn old point is the piece of the pie in the brain of the whole entire game where you played with us not to even know the good-looking football Vine
00:09:40play the Wii first trying to get on me and have you look on the back of records and get the address to the the record companies and all that needs to be cut out of school take the train over to the company and staying outside
00:10:40music whatever and wait for you know rather to come out later on this side m on one side m / I mean to trip was one of the first people that stopped and gave us a listen and you ask me first person that brought inside the best game to GameStop first start running into the biggest whatever so that's really big shot and he looked out for us and we don't want to call just like your side we want you to come help us out the album so he actually executive producer album we did the most important though you don't see it but it definitely helped us I would like to be in like the drums in The Habit Burger Grill close and then they had nothing laughing chicken from like I bought Four Freshmen permitted you don't make those anymore and that was really like taking us and take the lot of people who like it was
00:11:40it wasn't on the world State Long John Johnson
00:11:52kids ain't no such things as halfway Crooks you better had a bike ready trying to factory setting
00:12:12just finished it because I'll be up in the next 2 action from not at home in the stroller packed or maybe just the wobble of the box
00:12:52soul in my body trying to keep it on me but I'm Satan caught me in places they can't find me but my monster TV Player
00:13:52songs about shaking everything trying to just so thankful my life to the paperwork bandana play the best of Prodigy real late with Peter Rosenberg
00:14:32search app
00:14:35check it out now come for your life or you going to get your heat whatever as long as the SS emo stand up Loxahatchee can't wait for the next trash for the step and meet face I'm like the one I see you there is no sequel 24/7 Mac and there's my people why you want to ask your little life like this just now you bought pads with kids does lifeless I let him try to say only if I survive the last night damn right I'm trying to fight a grown man on a concrete floor supposed to be back in like lotion cuz you the one that takes
00:15:35he's not going to get busy get busy without you.
00:16:17doing it for Queen's finest rest in peace Prodigy real late with Peter Rosenberg
00:16:46shop the light-up shop
00:17:03Range Rover
00:17:35Scramble for money
00:18:10Amazon your head polymer clay oven in New York petropolis the fridge Frank's apocalypse
00:18:19feels like Stone
00:18:36where was just late night Candlelight thing when it cracks
00:19:00GPS determine what camera
00:19:16so you'll be just fine so long as the sun shine the light up
00:19:25we in this together soon you'll be for smart so long as it's real late with Peter Rosenberg in a mission listen what I got to say no I'll be doing it yes hold in heat selling using abusing all kinds of drug Robin running up Fresno to hope so don't ever in your life get me confused with some of them that you might see on TV or hear on the radio such saying I mean this is me Pete on speaker for my yourself when you see me at show on stage on the street I definitely got the you know I'm saying no I mean it ain't like I'm trying to be a tough guy will try to make people think I'm crazy by saying on it what it is that I know how I get down like I used to be in the clubs the music song whatever they need to get their little drink on
00:20:25having fun with a little cruel lost and start cutting shooting whatever things like that why you so cold wrap of a see no parts of that loss and they walked on the front or. Bill and I know a lot of matter fact right now listen to we going to see them are going to see what they say about no said she will know exactly how I feel right now you'll say you ain't got to waste your or your money on your hospital bills that you stress me on a personal level I Won't Back Down Easy no saying it's a good chance you're going to get mad and Uncle Jam going out of the 300 game would you like to twirl. And believe me I know very well I can get a heads up to whatever it's all about who gets who first enough sex so therefore say no more till I get the money front two seats and oh yeah so little rap is what you have Rob's talk about how much you get hi how was smoke and that crazy
00:21:25only make no sense when it speaks me when you see me love saying words like to get on some more high school and start punching in their faces for living yo so now I had to say I can continue on my way so I called trying to survive in New York state can't stop till I just hard when you picked up especially when you used to have the money to live with
00:22:25chemistry I like you because you're not Infinity
00:23:13I'm trying to catch up to what I got for trying to find a job.
00:24:13the lion guard theme song
00:24:53I got lots of love for my crew that is no love for them to get they sell photo straight in the plastic cover on a park bench on 12th Street but Whole Foods famous people show you what's it all about the street like to play with the stick up kids stick up kid
00:25:31I think I'll try to you to see if I could get this one Northside
00:25:51doctor not missing school because you were still trying to get some money on the side of town chapter pills
00:26:51black snapper fish that was the exact age makes Kings the very best of Prodigy rest in peace or wait with Peter Rosenberg
00:27:15yo son you get the picture if not trying to stop.
00:28:15National Geographic animal wildlife
00:28:37all of a sudden
00:28:58stop frontin
00:29:01spell check this out man Infamous hnic that had me in charge you heard but I would have went up my man Peter Rosenberg man I'm up real late and I mean we smoke the way you do. What you want to do tuna sub Live Match pop Hot 97 where hip hop lives like a big said put on Santa Baby
00:29:44do you like white specks on your laptop on your head shakes head shops in Norfolk now you want to go on my team must have been drunk when you wrote what you said too bad you had to say that to your own self. Soon as you can to your shop so pretty baby song
00:30:44you know what happened
00:32:419623 white doing it for the enemas wife and Anna P. Miss them Prodigy real late with Peter Rosenberg
00:33:01but not stand
00:33:06the whole staff
00:33:16the weather like in Robstown from
00:33:23dispose small thick to The Cove way to clean a crappie Pole, Pole to the police come give you a red shirt with The Wack Pack the mess we moved over crowded extended clips wake up every morning bring up the strike hotter than your best attempt to sound like page or the egg shape for your shoes
00:34:1191 Mustang seat in a 4 x 4 truck store boss of the mall killing something chill red jelly got to rock my back. Your best man
00:35:11military Home Supply McCarty and if you don't arrest you make my screen so I can we bring it into small thing Yodi
00:35:51flashlight that can be in life support you might call off Mac
00:36:51Tampa Street Suite 370 price killed at school today Rosenberg Rosenberg Timber
00:37:3424-hour shopping so you know how I'm going to pass out like a child Jumpin hate chickens have with the sweat coming through coming through what you what you want to do
00:38:20midnight we got me pulling out its own opposite sex between got me trained Rosenberg family trees being Store New York State the five gates slime shankweiler's hope they accept you when you got booked in October November December came out the hospital
00:39:46is the madman
00:40:17Jordan 4 Queen's finest rest in peace Prodigy real late with Peter Rosenberg
00:40:31yo however do you want have to do you need to wrap is not the skin all y'all catch a lot of time don't touch safe training suits you get charged for Aztec
00:41:32broad daylight get right
00:41:43tall man nice wedding today
00:41:49and it's dead
00:41:54girl scouts to happen once more so I don't know
00:42:01seeing all of been through it all yo for real for real
00:42:10true true I put my stone Prodigy real late with Peter Rosenberg
00:42:33Ocala to happen no
00:42:36today was more sound
00:42:40seeing all you've been through it all yo
00:42:54I put my lifetime it between the papers live alone trying to speak the Dunn language really with that dope
00:43:54trying to change was left at the best tenebraex business to do things for the kids please we worked out whole life challenge
00:44:47register. I'm in the club. We just spoke to put those four words beats so I can put in the street
00:45:47keeping it real or not unless some more kids on the floor couldn't have it because it's never enough just to read to me
00:46:18that was a hard time capsule we know what happened to Jay-Z 14 years old
00:47:38the next flight to Chile.
00:47:57Undisputed what does it means I was swinging like for tonight
00:48:17YouTube it don't Jam when it's time to strike
00:48:21day night is beating really good your life
00:48:39Rachel can do we hate you
00:48:50floor situated
00:48:53a real picture of
00:49:12Young Guns coming up Germany.
00:49:18Bohemian style singing like
00:49:24then Don't Judge Judy your life history scratch that you may be like that if I can push back the clock probably leave it like that set equipment jewelry the show love to a serious one
00:50:18lives on the line Young Guns coming up whatever needs
00:50:25give me news about staying in like for tonight
00:50:30tattoos that don't Jam when it's going to be the one standing still that appears to be able to hold the better than expected Chase Bank close place to get back a space I could never tell you I would think Friday's you listen to do I have no idea how to guess who you listen to
00:51:30show me because you know I try to I don't want nobody music to influence my own I mean cuz you know you can pick up on somebody is easy so I really just try to stick to what we do and I changed it but I don't know if father's name Baez up I know listen to fade to you some more you know I mean I did not listen to what he saying until I grew up listening like l o c Kool G Rap know the juice crew in the jungle brothers and it's on saying I just acting like you don't we was trying to get the Gucci Lane saying be like a no I'm saying streets that we don't talk you walking with your head down scared to look you sure cuz they ain't no such things as halfway Crooks
00:52:26yo this is Eminem man I just want to say rest in peace to Prodigy we love you homie hip hop loves you you will forever be missed One Imports Rosenberg for the moment
00:53:46you know it
00:53:54Frozen Burns and burns music keep it moving that's how we do it no more drama than the Bowl wins you still crawling across street goes to the office high performance rap author to make millions off of the caucuses such a potion to fill me up by the graphic page the score to get to the Grave relate to the project we have flat Mall Victoria's Secret in rap music it's more trucks up
00:54:34please search up we don't give a what charge is 5 kids doing it for Queen's finest rest in peace Prodigy real late with Peter Rosenberg
00:55:08is it need to be fixed not just that sometimes I just trust me. I never want to hear how you think that you wouldn't expect when I'm right here tonight when they might go down in the daytime as well
00:56:08I'm the one you could come super question and when you broke and they fix it I can you keep right now
00:57:01the cast of the game
00:57:19it's a shame I trust myself myself
00:57:31straight up cowboy
00:57:41Rosenberg Chicken George
00:57:45you don't have to what the heck is your picture at your film the roads closed caskets you the message about your mouth with my friends you fixing something to be that he knows his stuff without it's no problem I'll bring it to the best it up when the old to the new when you press it up slow love to slugs for your body. Just pain just sucks when it works next let me get my hands on you so upset court advantage and that's that you pull away to me no damage your know me homie going to be back in saying that crap that clown
00:58:45Queens makes the very best of Prodigy rest in peace real late with Peter Rosenberg pack Nike stripe keep you healthy still talk about you don't want to mess yourself, Bin Laden flipping houses for sale in the projects
00:59:45you say you drink blood was always love being bored with strong Face Killer what channel will the flood saw you close a little holes in the legs of past Lucks practice Chevron the other shops Mesquite Street money sweetie do grapes grow have it's over done it and why you sitting there like a little girl in the ramp to the judge and gets where we go when that you want to cuz we have to look at the situation that you could be the best in prodigy
01:00:41rats inside my skull cap like a break stack the kid is back to change $30,000 change the swing you catch me in the street while traveling all over it take to get you when I touch that poop on the phone then the wave pool deck the hall Ball State exam study playing failed sideline Brown customers complaining website or the populist we can do it via satellite to suck the show the world how to get bust peppers
01:01:41EPS plus you get penalized for trying to rock with the most Brandy for being with me info info back supposed to go to be action-packed
01:02:41well shots went to H-E-B some school orchestra
01:03:00wait why I got no money if I'm overweight but Light Racing Form for shots going to lie G1 eulogy make sure my mother and girls slept straight like that much money do birds get that Armstead on did you was at work out to play talking to the wrong guy
01:03:50check me out going to be the most crazy don't want to lose some weight twice got no money if I moved away my likes Trace to Palm what I'm going to do today why I can't move away just new to me but I'll just scoop me screwing me to hold you and talk to you for a show that what would you be that one that showed you my words you know that you'll be doing what you supposed to do I got much more to give their only do they so fine I just want to roll with you you'll Queens get me the King close to you need it like cheetah just flow with you and I got to try to do anything is possible and you just might see things the way I do I just want to get next to you friends with you girl how did you wake up in the bed with you I love when you walk out everybody more
01:04:50my mouth was just being honest bro I will pay bad time to comply with you kisses and hugs and so the next time you swing through
01:05:02Infamous hnic the head Union charge you hurt what up what up what up my man Peter Rosenberg man I'm up real late and I mean we smoke away drinking what you want to do turn this up loud man's popping Hot 97 where hip hop lives in prodigy
01:05:33Peter Rosenberg
01:05:39catch you coming out the trash
01:05:42the number for Wells write a book full of medicine and it's all small bikes for get like that for me
01:06:38you're probably blow up Whitney Spell deficiency me outdoor TV at you crazy safeties trade you stopped to take a short e to support me in 14 man take your baby mom to fight
01:07:30you just make me laugh. Crazy ass and I don't get what you sow cuz I am a woman from this moment LG he was young
01:08:02you pull me up a shot so what up you said y'all told you that picture you were thought I was funny and more than you were mad it's funny because everyone is such a fan of both that it's like I'll say all the words to take over and I love about deep that doesn't have one day doesn't really have anything to do with you
01:08:51stories when it come to text I'm similar to a minutes for old toll sticker King when did Danny's Dad out due to a past that you played around won't be nobody showing up there's only enough is enough people get saying she like you're stressing the Box most of my friends God damn I feel lost I was there when it popped up that I thought
01:09:20nobody but me I got a whole gang of Chili's but that's how you got to check if you going to make it in life and no other one piece of takes much more than some things though your sunny I'm well connected in the sheets teachable when it comes to that because we get done early
01:09:39to do list
01:09:49recognize that this new Jordans the Queen's finest rest in peace Prodigy real late with Peter Rosenberg
01:10:03same old same old ways to spread my lungs get laid jumping the website and get that we got the fan Zone but it was Smoke on the floor with you in the stone count what to wrap Paige had up the large amount you're my drills for skills asleep Cattail Golf and Infamous baby swing the Strays go on one hand you're always blowing on that I had a medicine canoeing it go to boys to the right no days and nights like that and your son hold that down and turn it around
01:11:03Happy Feet the plaza got to make rubber pointy that made at your swing that you got with the poop man let me speak to my attorney I know the routine or try to throw me a box of 12 and my mom told me but I told me what to do when that happened we got killed the guy said that my phone picked us up
01:12:03backup got off the train. That's even have to hurt you I'm only 26 playing with Siri is Carlsbad serious cash but seriously going to balance paying the same can't complain
01:12:47Rosenberg Sandberg forgot to make it this one sucks it probably tell my wife all about my family try tonight if it's early but just be on my big purse my background hurts and it won't show it it's just the police academies of a hole in it where do I stash a key from the car motor where the cash at to catch a flashback of me for being in my face before Northwest flippy short eyes can fix the smoke sensors the cheapest car for one more hour is only the world Stockton Texas spilling the beans on the whole team and how we operate cooperate with the rest I will have to ask a question cuz if extortions of all set if the world started talkin yo they will sing a song with whoa there things you didn't know cuz I don't brag on how we rock and roll
01:13:51what's the game
01:13:56we have
01:13:58devil baby the very best of Prodigy rest in peace real life with Peter Rosenberg the Mobb Deep drop you off of that part of the show you how we do it in Queens the drama is pitch this sheet so I can show you where I live in a problem. All the cops sugars will like these never catch up with you tomorrow Josh. Twisted
01:14:54exit code 52 that you come out to Jim Jones don't pull up in the club with free get rid of those. So we about to girl girl girl
01:15:21Kanye and he have a Moby Dick
01:15:29it's like that, before the storm no problem
01:15:48it's only a few things outside full! Family gets money sunny I had to stop for when will take time off to take Mom and your mom all day I think it's too forward song. Hurricane Mop rain on your parade and you can same card so you can save 10% me not squeeze it really wasn't Coral fall but you don't want to talk or we don't play with my gun go off the side of your head feel heavy on the gas out today show you how to get motivated and the cops ever catch on show you how to do songs we actually have to show you how to do the car tracks again but you won't let me hold you down
01:16:59is the infamous Mobb MLB teams I just can't you see I'm going through my pants I think I might drink going to party like it's okay just make sure you already know how I play I stay out of your projects check out to walk home looking at something on Palm kick popping when I got problems I just pulled up when you come here to start no drama we just looking for my future baby mama with money we stay Suites Talent bodies after download I'm lying I'm trying my best to let you know sugar pop get that paid him in the bed sheets
01:18:00turn the music up clubs in Dallas let me know she rest in peace prodigy
01:18:09hold up gun and Anna P. Miss them prodigy
01:18:17Schaumburg you sort of you did Prodigy pretty dirty cuz we all remember at Summer Jam and Anna has sometimes because when she will have gotten overlooked when I truly think there's no one of the Great Clips at one time was you know one of the best rappers in the game at one point he was definitely he was up there he was close to being the best rapid at 4. Of time he was close to being the best rapper in the game
01:18:53Rosenberg Rosenberg Timber
01:19:04can you bring that lost need to change our home around me don't you listen to me to Aveda Grand going to just bring that long sleeve change at home with ground meat goes to me to Aveda Grand going to just pull apart my site and praying Coast it I'm not the clown sights. Or I'll let it in the play me like a baby dogs but you said come apply I'm going to Tracy used to promote sleep with me now wow I'm jealous of my side when she was in your ass you want to be down I might have now you can work for me to keep birds away from me I put your ass so you can step out of line getting folks Robert the given train you Robert Reed the name Monty Monty Monty employees get fired with some fire at the carport you can have the name
01:20:04Jamil you still wearing homie back and still waiting to be legal was broke. Black matter fact. Do not listen to me cuz we can pray and goings just a nickel down her throat was not around me
01:20:30big head
01:20:38Cleveland flight Laura from
01:20:49yo it seem like yesterday when we first met I was only 6 but you was much older we got more tight during the latter part of my life we spend night sitting in the crib damn right bro me down Wichita Kansas mofab I have jawanda need for tight belt it was nice I needed you most and you have wax or both with me maybe I was going too fast I had to stop shaking while you were in for form took it slow put you back in a few to get it off back off a dog or right hand or left hand you brought the chairs out of every man the way you feel in my phone puts me on the hit show almost to the point of losing his car and I know you outside of taking apart to put you back together again what's the body part on your skin Way Beyond love with you just close friends don't don't don't hurt me again it's time for both of us 89 you were 16 we used to take Flex folding to spec you more by the moment then I know it wasn't locked out feeling you probably have to talk to my son
01:21:52Jordan 4 Queen's finest rest in peace Prodigy real late with Peter Rosenberg
01:22:01Mega Mega Millions 38389 Oz 10 pack change station on Pandora
01:22:11I was looking back of that Vision store th30h 919 Nepperhan go through the whole part of Western New York City from Brooklyn New York on Broadway Ticketmaster popping the clip and fought for the symbol 180 Pro fix a rusty gun 50 Cent still fit rubber bands on the handle the New York trip
01:22:49Gabapentin make a message 38389 9:10. Change the oil pan
01:22:59Chattanooga jacket live is 3838 9910 McKelvey Nepperhan case 12 on the sides in the New York Mets can you take a trip up top for New York busy NYPD New York tricks and tips for you working with the days you will New York state so I'm trying to make a hundred Mill that's New York Rich back and forth to feel jealous over New York WIC a whole one in Dog with a New York cake in New York plates Corner bulletproof Trukfit silver get killed by New York
01:23:37play vintage 38389 9th n 19th Street
01:23:471138 38th Street and I 10 MAC-10
01:23:56mega mega mega babies 38389 9:10 Mac Jay-Z gold panning
01:24:08the weather time
01:24:19come on down I'm cool hold on single mental state I borrow and we willing to die for that no I'm saying late as stupid as that may sound we want to dial rap music you know maybe put my life on the line we was at that time we was doing shows in LA and all that and I mean that's why I went so hard Jay Z when he said that line in the song because he wasn't around 4 then today and Papa's going to him two knobs J everybody know I'm saying Mobb Deep biggie so big and Mobb Deep was like holding it down and I'm saying like for real wasn't playing music. After that get locked up whatever gets shot whatever they have you because that's the mentality that we had at that time and I'm saying you don't thank God you know we made it out of that you know and it's sad that I didn't and Biggie didn't know that
01:25:10la la big city of dreams but everything in that Lake City and dreams but everything in that you might wrap them around trying to stick me quickly please save you money to make first of the month so I forgot to send it back out the gas over to this black boy off all lights before went through the door
01:26:10banana out of 10 Virginia Virginia Lakes Lake Wales show some love kalalau pulled in come from out of town cuz we told me that when he gets time
01:26:42done the best approximate Peter Rosenberg
01:26:55and it's popping man
01:27:02July 20th
01:27:05smell like mayonnaise
01:27:08just when you thought it was safe to come out take them it's only your face in your mouth that's white best to stay up in the house spots we getting our money before the 2014 back down the street to pick me Twitter generals they will probably got Plumbing sound like a gap between crazy and I got to help if you don't my staff call me. Slept well I got cash I could have you touched but when I stop no stop till I need to go to Netflix
01:28:16high quality started spark up the law change light up the night out now let's get it going to the mall and Shop on month and stop till we find life out there and set up shop party rocking by the shop and they have like 500 now we have a new phone I got to drive all night going to shake Passat brake face phones with my platinum rings together love story I'm in love with the night but it from Miss Robbie's and Ice Lamborghini fights they make those yet I'm still waiting for that 700 Penn's Landing Penn's just when you think that his school work and sweaty is the Bronx this hollow Brooklyn and Queens that New York State of Mind when you Poppin them thangs Duplantis don't stop please don't see some money keep coming paper increases by Ayo and if you stay giant swallowtail
01:29:12don't ride it would be nice if you had fun with your favor. I tried to be free late but you won't be trying to prove a point you only thing that you would be jump start some sweet believe shave before you had to leave now so whoever you choose to come on over here watching so strong I feel sorry for you he's rapping while I smoke is the 100 Center Post GT coupe front bumper with these Young Veterans you get done heavy only diamonds and happy you want to smoke so I can for the Honeys doing honey
01:30:12GT Carrera run as you get done we have even on his diamonds and heavy on the smoke pocket full of hunters doing hun it's in the Folsom diesel very scary looking front when she gets done we love you homie hip hop love me with the Amber Room staring at candles on drugs on the phone with my hand on the Mack 10 have the name of that cancels home drug with my hand on the pac-10 by myself in my four-cornered room watching hardcore you feel like I'm crazy my brain on drugs not Bulletproof on run-flats later than that you don't because you just ride through it and when I see that chunk I'm going to jump out the truck and dump my son you ain't
01:31:12I mean to be so skinny that kind of give me on the song and safety Papa too much of that gangster music not on crack again. Got none for you to talk to my lawyers nowadays it's hard to kill be careful when you pull that trigger they got your own family got eyes in the sky called Shack anywhere you finish got to watch what I say she's having my cell phone if you want to sneak and peek inside of my home I'm paranoid and it's not the whiskey and he's causing a short bus right selection Betsy rice till I stop seeing those Impala headlights to make sure smooth before I go upstairs to my four-cornered room staring at candles on drugs or the phone with my hand on a Mac 10 1/2
01:32:12salmon that can juice Hollywood drugs with my hand on the back can handle bandana P convince them Prodigy real late with Peter Rosenberg
01:32:38Shrek Shrek shopping list black toast on a dick shorty put his up with a backbone for real put it on her like a check know what happened on for flower Post-it distributor is 1 laps around a harness on your payroll and payroll jet black with the black rims yo
01:33:15what's what's your name that's actually good but that's the nation's top of the world Top of the World by rats like we bought these gas GMC Sierra
01:33:52when might you take a picture
01:33:57Superstar got to move small cake for slipping they all want to see me. Thanks come with a man Sophie and he's not
01:34:21naive dummies would be to go on the head it's just going to be funny sometimes but most of the time we don't play that can figure this out you think it that way this is only crabs in the bucket for your damn trying to get a Amen Corner yourself a woman wants bags and shoes for people that applied you right now you're saying to quit story right the quick story early that day we had Sam check Friday afternoon so me and alchemist mean a little golf cart go to Miami Go golf cart drive around we go to takes golf cart sound check
01:35:00to go up there and I'll be standing there waiting at you then we hit his daughter and yeah I hate yourself or whatever right yeah Miley the album release for David did they show if I was good we can form last week no going on at the bus to kill it kill it every time
01:35:49so you get ready to go on stage and what we performing to Mike's and everything I have feedback just one bag music ain't loud enough all kinds of a nice not to be funny but you know that's what you show me the point that I put the church is at the blades put the lights on to it might as well the first time and then depression
01:36:49just got involved she don't want to miss this together a Sears at 6:32 to pack up and go ahead you like preciate this dick it's in his records and double negative Cadillac trucks and bikes mac-10s go off for bottles of pop champagne it doesn't need it at Branson honey what's happening
01:37:49where are the parks this is enough keep your head to the street and you won't listen to us pull up my business. Call a body swaps in his Lambo doors mcboatface about somebody daughter spending the night at least filling up the cars and trucks tonight the best of Prodigy real late with Peter Rosenberg to Ron I'm going to find easy Henson take umbrella far deep space they be sleep for a while digging can you premix a pension and then may even came in so see that play house cuz I supposed to 35 out the house with me at the periodic table. Jones Banji
01:38:49I'm not yourself and she didn't have a mentory rap listening. Mommy with the gun up there wrapped up in Saran Wrap Clapton venapro considered next episode like many Big Nate Dogg 45 cleaning and then break y'all got 16 on the hill pretty Lord gangs in the website in the world about to take a ride get fit episodes and some yellow house list
01:39:16that's right that's right don't do that
01:39:24who does what you say by James Howe police soon as you come by here Papa she was I come over there or you going to be shot down in charge $50 I just want to get the money the frogs come free you slave to a shave Street of how I got you beat Jack do you know it's not the flu or anything serious just what we do every time we're around anytime who translated Ram going through hoops.
01:40:14bandana P pistol Prodigy with Peter Rosenberg
01:40:22now you never feel my pain
01:40:27temperature in Montana
01:40:35NASCAR 1974 your pain isn't pure you crying cuz you broke for the project that's not paying that's the most since you were talking about permanent physical suffering you know nothing about that you just complain cuz you straight A's in the flesh a rabbit. Simon beck and call for help only to find in the mall by yourself or you can never feel my pain
01:41:22not be able to feel my pain
01:41:28never feel my pain
01:41:34black cherry paint
01:41:39DoubleTree the paint
01:41:43nah picture paint
01:41:48in the female - P why you always look mad don't mind me if I make them up like that machine again depressed I need smoke I need me a drink I'm trying to stop so experience life can be so rude to me what you find that you can't do that you ain't felt for me the impact I put on this Earth like when I speak stuff in your seat. The word for the stories be in and out of Christ my handicap somebody stole my sanity my mom's got me at 8:13 to call the cops on me because I called and it breathe I can only hold it for so long to put me to sleep do I say I'm saying if I do then they said they'll check this out man it's the information
01:42:48can I see that had me in charge you heard what up what up my man Peter Rosenberg man I'm up real late you know I mean we smoke the weed drinking what I what you want to do turn this up loud man's popping Hot 97 where hip hop lives
01:43:12but you got to understand how I feel

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