In this episode we discuss issues of Property Rights and
Equality Under the Law within the context of recent policy proposals from the
Poway City Council. 

In the aftermath of the
Poway Chabad Shooting, Mayor Steve Vaus has proposed a revision to the city
code to give Places of Worship a waiver so they do not have to come before the
City Council to ask for a variance to build a wall or a fence above the 6 ft
limit.  This ultimately will give people
greater security so they can pray without fear. 
But is this a case of expanding property rights for some and not for
others?  Should all property owners be
treated equally under the law?  How is
this consistent with Mayor Vaus’ desire to “Get Government Out of the Way”?

In the other issue we
revisit the topic of Granny Flats in Poway to partly help relieve pressure in
our current housing crisis.  We learn the
city is still exploring the idea, but they are considering proposals that set
up a business partnership between the city and the property owner including the
city extending loans to property owners and participating in a revenue share
agreement on rental income.  How is this
consistent with Mayor Vaus’ desire to “Get Government Out of the Way”?  Are there better ways to embrace the idea of
Granny Flats while respecting property rights and individual liberty?

We also discuss various other issues and people including
the Burlingame Little League, Poway National Little League, Jon Canavan,
Ancestry.com, University of New Mexico, California Missions, Electric Vehicles,
Charging Stations, Hyundai, San Jose, El Super Burrito, Millbrae, San Rafael,
Ross, San Buenaventura Mission, Mission San Rafael Arcangel.


“Ultimately property rights and human rights are the same

― President Calvin Coolidge



City of Poway proposes changes to enhance security at places of worship


maintaining interest in granny flat proposal


Survey: Poway among safest small cities in U.S.


Canavan appointed Poway fire chief


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