(queue the Mighty 1090 Hacksaw voice) Take a walk down memory lane….
We start off discussing the early days of the Mighty
690 as they transitioned from a news station to 2nd all sports radio
format in America.  Everything must start
with Lee Hacksaw Hamilton and the Best 15 Minutes in Radio.  The Mighty 690 and Lee Hamilton were a huge
part of my life in the 1990s as I transitioned from a San Francisco sports fan
to fully embracing San Diego sports.  We
get into all of Hacksaw’s memorable catch phrases, the ego and the voice.  We talk about his visit to Mama Cella’s in
Rancho Bernardo and the great interview Scott Kaplan had with him earlier this
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We discuss the growth of the Mighty 690 starting with Jim Rome and his Scrub Saturday Show.  Then we watch his meteoric rise to national super stardom.  We discuss the Boom Town Rats, The Clones, Block Heads, The Gloss, Jim Everett, national syndication, his great interview style and a great interview he had with the Mighty 1090’s Darren Smith about his early days in San Diego.
We get into so many others in the early days of San
Diego Sports Radio including Steve Hartman,
Loose Cannons, Chet Forte, Philly Billy Werndl, Jeanne
Zelasko, Steve Mason, John Ireland, Craig Elston, Chris Ello and the Bulldog
Joe Tutino.
Who can
forget the days when the Mighty 690 was the home of the San Diego
Chargers?  The games called by Hacksaw,
Jim Laslavic and Philly Billy.  The huge
pre and post-game shows.  “Everybody into
the pattern” and the great 1994 season and 1995 Super Bowl.
Then we get into the Mighty 1090 era.  We discuss lovable Coach John Kentera, including the amazing impersonation by Jeff Dotseth.  We discuss the Great Friends, Scott Kaplan, Billy Ray Smith, Torrey Pines Baseball, Darren Smith, Marti Caswell, High IQ sports radio, Ben Higgins, Steven Woods, Dan Sileo, Low IQ sports radio and Hacksaw’s time in television.
I talk
about the conditions that led me to drift away from AM radio and then wonder
about the future of these great personalities. 
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