California state government has radically changed the rules of the gig
economy.  Definitions of contractors and
employees have changed, supposedly to offer benefits to the worker.  But really, who wins?  We follow the money and look at the entities
that financially win with this legislation. 
But more importantly, we explore the idea of entrepreneurism and discuss
all of the benefits of self-employment. 
We get into the business model of Uber, Lyft and other ride sharing and
transportation innovators.

Then we
celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of the John Riley Project.  We talk about our previous guests including
politicians, entrepreneurs, authors, athletes, coaches and community activists.  I also share the many benefits we are working
to offer our audience and the incredible fulfillment I am getting myself.

We also touched on
so many topics and people including 9/11 stories, Costa Rica, Mexico City,
Tijuana, JFK, Bodie, Ghost Town, Reno, National Car Museum, Harrah’s, Gavin
Newsom, Butte, New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Hwy 395, Lawn Love, GoShare,
Veyo, HireAHelper, Ancestry, Dave Rubin, Poway, PUSD, Poway Unified School
District, Gene Simmons, KISS, Ginger Couvrette, Kim Garnier, Teresa Norwood, Charles Sellers, Brian
Edmonston, Emily Johnson, Yuri Bohlen, Steve Vaus, Dave Grosch, Jon Ryan, Pete
Neild, John Carson, John Mullin, Caylin Frank, Tony Russo, Steve Dow, Jessica
Johnson, Mike Ryan, Michael Gaulden, Caleb Allen, Rory Herrmann, David Leland,
John Maffei, Stephen Albert, Abigail Albert, Mathew B. Mitchell, Gaby Dow,
Chris Olps, Bob Pasela, Sabuku Sushi, Creating First Impressions, DoorDash

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Tech Companies Impacted by New Law

Opinions of
Self Employed – Why Is Gig Economy Portrayed So Badly?

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