0:00:00 - Opening

0:14:13 - Dealing with a pessimistic boss.

0:19:34 - Being the youngest leader in your company dealing with older experienced team.

0:27:19 - What to do when people treat you like a doormat.

0:38:13 - Business: Customers VS Money.

0:42:38 -  Family VS Work.

0:50:08 - Dealing with NOT being able to be a SEAL/Marine/SOF.

0:57:46 - Dealing with "giving up / Quitting" in major circumstances in the past. BUDS, etc.

1:03:56 - Dealing Betrayal from someone close to you.

1:18:08 - How to discipline key players without messing up moral.

1:20:54 - What to do when you FAIL.

1:23:23 - Support: How to stay on THE PATH.

1:47:06 - Closing Gratitude.


United States
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