Triple board-certified Nutrition Expert, Fitness Hall of Famer, and 4-time New York Times bestseller JJ Virgin answers all your questions about diet, fitness, and how to feel better than ever at age 40 and beyond. Her interviews feature the top voices in health and wellness, bringing you practical, science-based hacks you can use to change how you think, eat, and exercise. Get ready to bust common weight loss myths and get real about what it takes to get healthy!
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Chiropractor and pain expert Dr. Todd Sinett joins JJ in today's podcast episode to explain how eating the wrong foods could be the culprit behind your back pain! Listen as Dr. Sinett shares the three underlying causes of back pain, as well as how his father reversed debilitating back pain by changing his diet. Dr. Sinett also explains how to figure out if your back pain is caused by the foods you're eating and why lowering inflammation is key to healing, as well as the three types of eating plans that can help you feel better again. Back pain is a growing epidemic and Dr. Sinett has the solution to back pain relief!    Freebies From Today’s Episode Get Dr. Todd Sinett’s free Digestive Inflammation Quiz by going to jjvirgin.com/betterback.   Main Points From Today’s Episode When Dr. Sinett was a child, his father became bedridden for 9 months due to severe back pain. After his father changed his diet, his back pain completely went away. Dr. Sinett’s free Digestive Inflammation Quiz can help you determine if your back pain is caused by your diet. There are three different eating plans to help reduce back pain in Dr. Sinett’s book, The Back Pain Relief Diet. Foods that trigger inflammation or digestive upset can lead to back pain. Lowering inflammation is key to back pain relief.   Episode Play-By-Play [0:54] The connection between back pain and diet  [1:55] Dr. Todd Sinett’s career briefing [3:10] Listener shout-out [4:14] Starting your day off with the right breakfast sets your metabolic tone for the day. The perfect and easiest way to do this is with JJ’s All-In-One Protein Shakes!  [5:12] JJ noticed that folks following The Virgin Diet had a reduction in arthritis symptoms.  [5:59] How Dr. Sinett became a pain expert  [7:43] After Dr. Sinett’s father changed his diet, the severe back pain he had been struggling with completely went away. [8:20] The three underlying causes of back pain  [9:30] Why isn’t the connection between back pain and diet more widely addressed by the medical community? [11:01] The Digestive Inflammation Quiz can help determine if your back pain is caused by your diet. [12:15] The different types of eating plans in Dr. Sinett’s book, The Back Pain Relief Diet [13:05] How to figure out which diet is right for you [13:30] Why lowering inflammation is key to relieving back pain [16:12] The two types of back pain and how to jumpstart healing [17:56] Diet, emotions, and structural issues can all play a role in back pain.  [20:00] What happens to your body when you’re stressed while eating? [21:22] Inflammation can cause pain in other areas of your body, in addition to your back. [22:48] Common foods that trigger back pain  [24:31] JJ’s story of a man with chronic knee pain who was able to avoid a knee replacement by dropping gluten, dairy, and sugar from his diet.  [25:44] Listener’s question: How do I know if I have inflammation? [27:00] It’s important to monitor your symptoms.   Mentioned in this episode: The Back Pain Relief Diet: The Undiscovered Key to Reducing Inflammation and Eliminating Pain, by Dr. Todd Sinett JJ Virgin All-In-One Protein Shakes JJ Virgin Omega Ultra (fish oil) Become part of JJ’s community JJ Virgin Official Facebook page JJ Virgin on Instagram JJ Virgin on YouTube
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