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Sarah Fragoso and Dr. Brooke Kalanick share a passion for helping women live bigger, better lives. Their recently-released book, Hangry, helps women understand the powerful impact that hormones can have on hunger, energy levels, and mood, and how to balance your hormones so you can feel better fast! Listen as Dr. Brooke and Sarah share how the hormone hierarchy can help you figure out which hormones to address first, including why issues with cortisol and thyroid hormones are placed at the top of the priority list, while estrogen and progesterone imbalances are placed further down. Sarah and Dr. Brooke also reveal how to determine which type of exercise is best for your hormones, as well as common hormone disruptors that may be sneaking into your food. Plus they share their thoughts on the keto diet and their top recommendations if you're struggling with histamine intolerance. Find out how to reset your hormones so you never have to be hangry again!   Freebies From Today’s Episode Get Dr. Brooke and Sarah’s book bonuses when you order Hangry by going to jjvirgin.com/hangry.   Main Points From Today’s Episode The hormone hierarchy, which can be found in Sarah and Dr. Brooke’s book, Hangry, helps women figure out their individual hormonal issues and where to start on the path to recovery. Women can return to the hormone hierarchy during any life changes such as pregnancy, perimenopause, or big life stressors. Cortisol, insulin, and thyroid hormones function as metabolic masters. They can have a ripple effect across your entire hormone landscape, which is why Dr. Brooke and Sarah place them at the top of the priority list. Exercise is powerful medicine, and it can be used to help heal hormones or drive them into further disarray. The quiz in Sarah and Dr. Brooke’s book can help you customize your exercise plan, based on your hormones and individual needs.   Episode Play-By-Play [1:10 ] What does being hangry mean to you? [2:02] Why JJ is a big fan of Sarah Fragoso and Dr. Brooke Kalanick’s new book, Hangry: 5 Simple Steps to Balance Your Hormones and Restore Your Joy [2:30] Sarah’s career briefing [3:00] Dr. Brooke’s career briefing [3:47] Listener shout-out [6:10] It’s scary, but true: sugar is hiding everywhere! Find out which sugars to choose and which to lose in JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet. [7:00] Welcoming Sarah and Dr. Brooke to the show [7:56] How Dr. Brooke and Sarah started working together  [9:45] From the beginning, Sarah and Dr. Brooke’s philosophies aligned. [11:10] What’s the first step to take when you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the health, diet, and fitness information out there?  [13:10] How Dr. Brooke and Sarah’s hormone hierarchy can help women figure out their individual issues [13:30] Women can return to the hormone hierarchy during life changes.  [14:17] What is at the top of the hormone hierarchy?  [16:11] Sarah and Dr. Brooke’s top recommendations when struggling with cortisol issues [18:55] Why more isn’t better when it comes to exercise  [21:11] The quiz in Dr. Brooke and Sarah’s book can help people customize the entire plan based on their needs. [22:05] Exercise is powerful medicine, and it can be used to help heal hormones or drive them into further disarray. [23:58] Keto diets: where they have a role and where they don’t  [26:23] Things sneaking into foods that could be contributing to hormonal issues  [27:26] How to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins  [28:28] How to figure out if you have issues with histamine intolerance [30:25] The link between estrogen and histamine issues [33:04] Why you need to trust your own body [34:25] How to get Dr. Brooke and Sarah’s book bonuses when you order Hangry  [35:53] Action steps from today’s episode  [38:00] Why journaling can be helpful    Mentioned in this episode: Subscribe to the JJ Virgin Lifestyle Show Become part of JJ’s community JJ Virgin Official Facebook page JJ Virgin on Instagram JJ Virgin on YouTube
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