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00:00:33I just want to thank everybody came out this morning I'm see you're going to be blessed by the word some of y'all had to push I know it was cold you want to get out your bed but you made the church and I'm telling you if it sits dedications like this it makes a difference man you when you push when you don't want to get up and you don't sleep in your eyes and you can know and make the church God Honors that he honors that he rewards those that diligently seek him you know y'all actually diligently seeking him this morning so I just want to encourage you all to just keep keep coming to church keep getting the word I got a little appetizer for you this morning for I get into my message it's 429
00:01:21and it says let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth but that which is good to the use of edifying that it mean Minister Grace unto the hills this morning I was at a gas station and this late I went in the store and the lady she got one of these cars and you know I was telling her you know you get free stuff off the car if you just keep coming to get gas and I told her and I said oh she said well I think I need this car cuz I surely am poor man when she said that something just jumped in me I'm like what do you say you pull I didn't mention it to her cuz apparently but I was just looking at it she's like I'm poor and I ain't got this and I just want to encourage everybody in here watch what you're saying
00:02:08watch your words to buy it says late Grace let your words be edifying Grace you don't saying which means favorite unmerited favor so when you speak something either speaking blessings and cursing over your life so I just want to encourage you just watch your words watch what you're saying take a minute and pause before anything near your bad. Report doctor say you sick take a pause understand what you saying but I'm Healed you get what I'm saying grace is on my life you know you you look at your bank book and you don't see no money in it you look in the bank and you'll see and before entering the enemy will try to get you to take more I'm broke no you say I'm rich if you get what I'm saying goes you speak in favor in power in life and death is in your tongue you with your words have so much power and I'm telling this is been the limitation on Christians it's been the limitation on people cuz I don't know if that lady was saved or not but I mean she said she going to have what she's going to say what she said she said I'm poor and man that that just touch me this once I just want to shut up
00:03:08when I'ma get back into the sermon for today first time you pray to your precious sheet let Revelation flow freely this morning Lord thank you right now what did the grace of God is on my life to do what you call me to do this morning let your anointing remove birds and Destroy Yokes this morning let every ear hear your word Lord that penetrate the Heart Lord what I'm speaking this morning with the Holy Ghost speaking make teaching easy and apical this week Lord let your word go forth it this week when they get on their jobs are in the schools are in their homes their baby utilize everything that you going to speak today Lord Lord I Thank you none of me and all of you in Jesus name we pray amen. So I want to get back on I whip in on the topic of Grace
00:03:57Grace revealed
00:03:59and I think this should be by part 3 part 4 part 3 part 3 okay but we follow Meloni doing some of y'all you may have came in from churches and everybody always Sun Soo Amazing Grace how sweet That's in and you know that I'm not knocking but Grace is more than just a song
00:04:26by the time we finish this serious you know it's past you know, his teacher whatever we going to know the grace is Jesus race is Jesus but it's been dummy down it's been limited to just I made you a song I'm not going to some but it's been it's been a limitation on Grace and what I want to do is reveal grace to you in a whole different way I'm telling you I've been studying this thing for the last couple weeks and it's just more more more more just keep I mean this thing is like it's exploded and I just want to encourage all
00:05:01really get a revelation of what Grace is one so you have three types of Grace you have Saving Grace
00:05:08that's God's grace working for saving that deliver in is how many of y'all know y'all went got to say without saying Bridge right so you needed that Saving Grace you have standing Grace is God working in us to overcome any Temptation you know I wasn't smoking what is drinking whatever is fornication will it whatever it is stealing whatever you whatever your issue was you have a Grace on the inside of you that will help you stand against that and push it back that's just Anna Grace do you have serving Grace call a God on your life every man woman and her has a call to God on that like God has called you to do something and it came and got with his preaching where this teaching what is ushering where there's just singing on the praise team I mean listen to that preys thing that that that's that's a call on their life you know you just don't minister of prison a guy like that you know I have plenty of people saying they got talent but we talked about with the anointing that brings of God in here brings his presence so that's a Grace to do that you know I told Brother
00:06:08honest when I said man I want to sing a song but I don't think I'm grateful that you know y'all might anointing y'all might get annoyed so I stay in my Lane
00:06:18Hebrews 13:9 have to look anyway about different and very alien teaches what is good for the heart to be established a noble and strengthened by the means of Grace God's favor and spiritual blessings and be not devoted to Fool's rules diets ritualistic meals which bring those spiritual benefits or profit to those who observe them
00:06:50so what the Bible saying it's good to have Grace established in your heart and that's why I believe you know God has called me to be a student agrace so we can just keep I made some of y'all might say we talked last week in a week before I'm going to keep talking about Grace cuz I wanted to establish in your heart because the Bible says it's good for her to be there so that's one scripture
00:07:132nd Corinthians 5:17 it says if any person is in grafted in Christ Jesus he is a new creation a new creature all together the old the previous spirits and more person has passed away behold the new has come when you're Christ you become a new creature when you receive Jesus Lord of your life something happens to the stroke that Spirit just wakes up on the inside of you you become a new person a new Ben that you ain't look at your hands and say well I got still I had asked you know cuz when I went up there and got say they still going to be asking if you got bunions on your toes you still going on your toes but he's not talk about the physical you talk about the spirit so you a new person in Christ
00:07:56so this one I want to go to a thesis to four
00:08:03Ephesians 2:4
00:08:07hey this is this is going to be the best mess I ever preached this is what I tell you everybody got it
00:08:22anybody want to read
00:08:29Ephesians 2:4
00:08:50and he loves us very much we were spiritually dead because all we had done against him but he gave us new life together with price you have been saved by his grace yes because we are part of Christ Jesus so you saying God love this so much man we've been missing this going you know straight to the other part about Grace but it was God a little bit say this it wasn't nothing that we did it wasn't the working in the church it went in the frying the chicken it wouldn't have car washes it when selling the donuts for the daughters of Dorothy it was none of that you're saying that did that didn't get you say Jesus said look at he said I loved you so much man they even when use a Santa it when you was smoking drugs still in fornication
00:09:48issue was out of all that stuff and it was cuz he loved this it what it was it was not worth it was an eye extra efforts it would not be so it wouldn't let Mama. It was his love
00:10:13so that same little man you got to give him back and he said yes because we are part of Christ Jesus that raises from the death and seated together in Heavenly places God did this so his kindness to us who belongs to Christ with nearly show for all the time to come the amazing richness of his grace so what we got saved
00:10:37God said is right at the same that same level as Jesus said it's right beside him in Heavenly places so you know equal with one guy looks when he looks he looks like the Bible says in John to it talks about how we have a havican Jesus an intercessor Jesus is always going to the father foot he won't even when you that's why you don't have to worry about when you need somebody to pray for you call somebody you call me and I said I'm praying I fall asleep don't worry about Jesus praying for you he's so he says he said I would really like it I hope I win them back real quick cuz I might fall asleep so if you call me or you hit me on Facebook
00:11:26what Jesus is praying for us man you know and that's that's powerful and he said he did God did all this for his grace to be shown in my life that's why he saves you that's why he say somebody who was who was a sinner like me it was nothing I was doing right it was just his grades he want and he wanted to show other people look at if I can save him if I can say it I can say it was nothing I did perfect it was his grace and that's why he did it his love for us and he said I mean that you have been saved by grace because you believe you did not yourself save yourself it is a gift from God you are not saved by the things you have done
00:12:09so there is nothing to boast about it God has made us that we are in Christ Jesus
00:12:16made us made us in Christ Jesus God made us new people so they would we spend our lives doing good thing that he had already planned to do foot praise God that's good that's good because God Saves because he had a plan for our life that was set aside and it said he did it because nothing that we done nothing that we was doing right cuz if we did it then we can boast about it I mean I guess I got that job no you didn't do that gives the grace of God it was God did it oh God don't mind you giving you know he don't mind you prosper and let's not get that wrong but he wants to get the glory he wants to hit his son Jesus the one went on the cross for our sins so why not give him the glory and he said he said so he did this so none of us can boast about it and that right there that's what religion does
00:13:08is this a hierarchy you have a Caprice of Bishop and all this and they done and it makes somebody who just came in the door who just got saved feel like they're below know your CD with us in Christ Jesus who just like me the person who preaching and teaching you just like Pastor just like the praise team even if you got saved yesterday. I still got a good plan for you you get what I'm saying and you're not you're not as new list person in the Kingdom that's why you don't have to get jealous in the body of Christ it should be never be jealous of jealousy in the in the kingdom of God cuz everybody got their position they got a place you know you just get comfortable with who you are and then they really move on your life and you know religious people try to go on the beach you can't sit right there at the church and I think I had a jacket on
00:14:08but I can tell I'm seeing what price price looking at you just like he looking at me you get what I'm saying so that's why we got you know I see you know where all right there he did he say this for his good plan for I like all is got something to offer any kind of guy that's why I'm telling you this church is going to be a light in a dark session all those people they going to come flooding down to this place why because God got a plan for you got a plan for us and then we not just here just be here I mean
00:14:58Lubrano's Cheesesteak Place for no reason God is he created this place so we can be a light to those people in this community those people in the other cities those people in Concord on people to Charlotte wherever wherever he called us to reach so they can come here Pioneer Place and if you know when I started calling God was announced over my life I don't know brother I remember that but you know why was it weird laughing man I'm telling you that's when we was in the first building in the building used to be so packed as it was just so many people in our water passes all of Bishops game and then he called me to the front of the church and lay hands on me and announce the colleague out on my life in front of everybody and
00:15:58it without you know I was stunned I was in shock but it was only just confirming what was in me but you know what I did that next week I call pass I want to start my own Ministry just because guy called me and that was Bishop Fuller oil changes in the church I started serving and that's what you do when can I start confirming a call on your start serving start serving Man Iron Man I got knowing that God was calling me to preach and rich people on your job you want promotion you in school don't just get season is going on
00:16:58you get what I'm saying so don't don't don't don't don't don't get it twisted you know God got a plan for your life coming to the house of God start serving man
00:17:08this has to be filled with it's going to be filled it shouldn't be nothing but people who do technology you know all this social media stuff God gave you that now that Nick to do it in the kingdom of God is for a purpose and when you doing it in the kingdom of God that's one that promotion in that job, and you wonder why you ain't getting promoted what you doing in the Kingdom
00:17:29when you are a guys doing are you can he said I need you to post everyday on Facebook for me so you can get that job you get what I'm saying and that's that's that's what we got I don't know how it was good but so like I said God has a plan for our life let's go to 9:30
00:17:58after I try to get fancy today past I got my pad with me so you know I'm kind of you know I'm working a little bit like this and get that Bible man I you know I don't know
00:18:14so you got it
00:18:19so since we know 9 verse 3
00:18:27so we know that God has a plan for a life was saved by grace nothing that we did
00:18:36it says so what does this mean
00:18:39it means that people who are not Jews were made rifle God because of their faith even though we were not trying to make that even though they were not trying to make themselves right and the people are Israel who tried to make themselves right by God by Falling the law did not secede they fell because they try to make themselves right by the things they did he said they did not trust in God to make them right they fell over the stone that makes people fall these people he's talking about the Jewish people and you talk about us to church now they was trying to get there was trying to do worse they sell fish and chicken to get right with God
00:19:18but he said People Like Us who didn't do that save us by his grace made us automatically right with God and he said he said the Jews they fail because they were trying to do and that's what I'm telling you today when you try to do work to get right with God you going to fall you going to stumble every time I don't care if you trying to stop drinking or smoking and you trying to do it you can't do it by yourself you need Jesus and don't be afraid to call on get on your knees and cry I mean it's already done really it's on the inside of you access what's already there so he said he said don't don't try to do it yourself basically trust God depend on God don't happen overnight this is a process a long process for me and I still trip up and make mistakes but you know what I say
00:20:16it's on you got you still love me I didn't I didn't do nothing to get saved to to get say so I can't do nothing to lose my salvation cuz I didn't work for it when you work on something you can lose it but when you didn't work for that and it's a gift to you praise God you can't lose it it's yours
00:20:33so that's what that's what God wants us to get a revelation of them that we don't have to work for it don't try to do it yourself I give a little story this week I was fasting and I was fast and you know I'm getting ready for the service this week at man I was on the job and this guy asked me to work for him he bought me some chicken wings from a good god of Mighty Man and Mike will guide you know you know where you are

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