Well helloooo. Not so long ago, I shared my experience building ban.do with you—and you really seemed to like it! So, I thought I would dig in a bit more and share what I’ve learned through that experience. It’s been 10 years and as you can imagine, I have learned a lot—so I’m gonna do it in two parts. This episode, as you may have guessed, is part one, covering the first five years—the years when I thought i had it all figured out...but then later found out that that was not the case. 
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00:00:00check check check one two center stage on the Mike we put in on wax since the new staff four and three and two and one about to tell you about the first five years a bandeau what I learned what do you think about that Jack well hello so
00:00:23in an earlier episode of JG okay I shared my experience building band now but I thought this episode I would dig in a bit more and share what I've learned through that experience it's been ten years and as you can imagine I've learned a lot so I'm going
00:00:37to do it in two parts this episode as you may have guessed is part one the first five years the years that I thought I had it all figured out and later found out that was not the case regardless if you're building a business or thinking of starting
00:00:53one I'm about to drop some business knowledge on you right now so pretty early on I did an episode on building downtown and kind of just took a zero everything the inception that growth selling it where we are now I'm told people like that so I wanted to
00:01:23focus sometimes I go down like a emotional slash mental health rabbit hole when he did talk about feelings all the time but I but I think there's well I know there's a lot of value I can bring to those of you that are starting your business are a
00:01:42couple of years and your business are considering at and so I thought maybe since we've had our ten year anniversary slash birthday slash I don't know what you call it when it's a business and not a person and not a wedding and not a marriage nada whatever that
00:01:59I would kind of look at the first five years and I can look at the second five years this is the first five years a lot was learned in those years I also realized that I had died in a one of my first late keynotes five five years
00:02:18ago and I thought I knew everything and and I was reading through the PDF this is the lot of this info was pulled from that presentation I read through them like this is all very helpful I forgot about a lot of this because you kind of you know
00:02:38you learn stuff and then you pack it away and then you learn new things so again this is these are the things from the first five years in no particular order I certainly hope that helps so quickly Bailando is the brand that I created with a friend of
00:03:02mine ten years ago we started as a one of a kind hair accessories brand making very %HESITATION lavish for lack of a better word hair accessories with all them to Jim Terry all's %HESITATION sort of evolved from there remained primarily hair accessory brand for the first three years
00:03:27then sold at at the for your point and then the business to start to become more of what you know today if you know at which is a lifestyle brand a bright spot at the intersection of fun and happiness that and that will change and evolve to that's
00:03:49the one thing if you stay in business long enough your business changes and evolves all the time I didn't have any prior business knowledge I think I have a natural inclination towards brand building and marketing but just for context it is a product based business we lean heavily
00:04:08into the brown side of it that's been our strength that's how we sold the business because it certainly wasn't on and that net profit at that point we could probably sell it on that probably definitely good so just so you kind of know where we're coming from but
00:04:25I think even if you're in a service business or anything that how does not have to do with product there's a lot here that that will help you cited her yeah I'm excited excited day back in maybe something now to learn here we go building a strong brand
00:04:42is the smartest thing you can do again I'm biased because I feel like I built a pretty strong brand but what I will say about having a brand is that especially in this day and age which is which is actually quite different than when we started consumers a
00:05:01want to be able to have a connection to the companies that they consume from and having a Brandon Abel's you to have a voice and a static a personality a point of view a tone and those are all things that you can elaborate on that you can evolve
00:05:25and that you can connect with is your consumer and your audience in the world at large through that lands it also makes it makes your business a little bit more malleable here we go added the gate I don't even know how far and I am malleable Malley a
00:05:49bull did it now that I'm not scared to you word like the way we've pivoted the you know our product assortment or who we are as a brand but mostly lake just being able to kind of a doctor's %HESITATION and also how we sold it I mean we
00:06:09we basically people that approaches were really looking to buy a brand to the business part for them it was not that fleshed out because we were essentially you know to creatives trying to figure it out it wasn't bad but it you know I learned how far off we
00:06:27were after being exposed to actual business but the brand was very compelling because it's not something that everyone can do %HESITATION so I can not reinforce that enough like just look at you know when you're when you're starting like you could think about like what your logo is
00:06:45what your callers are what your mission is what are the do's and don'ts for your brand what are you hoping to accomplish like what is your intention what do you want the look and feel to beam I think it's really important and incredibly invaluable if you're in products
00:07:03make cool stuff you know that's changing too like when when we when we first started it was just like just make sure people like what you're what you're making and that there's an actual consumer desire for it you know asking your friends and family may not be enough
00:07:24and with social media which was not something that was around outside of Facebook maybe my space but I'm too old for that you know you there are people you can ask and you know find people that can give you their honest opinions don't just do something because you
00:07:41think it's awesome like make sure other people are bought and now I I feel like the product rolls has changed it's something that we're thinking about a lot at band %HESITATION that what is cool stuff like what does that mean and is is staff even relevent like does
00:07:59your product have a purpose it you know is it affecting the environment in a positive or negative way how are you source saying your materials how are you producing your product and so I would say if you're starting now eat you know really hold yourself accountable not just
00:08:16for is this really good and will people want it but like why am I putting this out there how my creating it ends am I doing that responsibly point three trying to drive just a glance so you know him to write things to happen point three once you
00:08:36have customers listen to them I don't know that I subscribe to the blanket statement that the customer is always right but just because I think sometimes customer feedback is fueled by a motion and personal pain which is okay everyone has permission to do that but I'm sure you
00:08:57know sometimes when you just don't feel good you may want to project that out on to something or someone else even with that I think there's something interesting to take away but you know I I have feedback is something that has not been my strong suit receiving it
00:09:17are giving it to I'm not great at giving criticism I'm trying to get better at both because I think constructive criticism is invaluable but especially you know year for and beyond really being exposed to a lot of customers customers who are strangers co workers who were strangers people
00:09:38that just had opinions about what we're doing and that was really hard for me but when it comes to the customer in particular those that those of the people that you need for your business and we've always been very focused on listening to the customer being there input
00:09:56to work and really digesting it it is hard sometimes up just as a person and so finding your the distance between that there's a book I think it's called thanks for your feedback but but I think that that will help a little bit but also just engage them
00:10:14to you don't have to wait to hear what they say because they're disappointed or they're ecstatic like ask them we we ask our customers all the time what do you like do you like this or do you like that what do you want from us what do you
00:10:27wish we would do more of what do you wish you would do last sigh of what's stopping you from buying this why do you keep buying this are you doing in your spare time is there anything we can do to you know make that time better for you
00:10:44I think there's a huge huge advantage to truly putting the customer first and I think it's something that people say and I think even for us we we definitely were putting the customer first and really being very pointed about not trying to go in for the hard sell
00:11:02in like making the customer feel like it was set transaction ari relationship and you know really sort of cutting connection over transaction but I think that we're in a place now that I'm challenging that like well how much more can we do like what are we doing creatively
00:11:20just to feed ourselves that actually isn't right for our customer and maybe we should stop doing stuff like that so good food for thought if I say so number four was pay attention to social media and still is pay attention to social media is a very useful tool
00:11:39it is sometimes free for businesses it's sometimes not it's definitely much more of a challenging landscape than it was five years ago just because so many more people and businesses are using it there's that **** algorithm you can quote me on that and obviously if you listen to
00:11:56my podcast regularly you know that my relationship to social media has changed a lot and personal me trying to figure out how to keep it in a healthy place for myself emotionally and also use the platform for good but for a business what a great way to find
00:12:17customers to find like minded businesses to get feed back to get the word out to really especially with something like Instagram you know really the portray your brands static you can even sell stuff from there if you're super small if your medium you could definitely have post that
00:12:41you can sell from on your website I'm saying that but now I'm pretty sure that's true anyways so and also like what a great place to be able to have a clear message a positive message be transparent and be real and I think like that's going to be
00:13:02such a challenge for businesses and I'd love to see more businesses do that okay number five comparison is the thief of joy you know that everybody knows that rate so painful that said up we when we started I feel like I probably said this and that building bandeau
00:13:23episode I would compare us to like J. crew several problems that I couldn't we couldn't do what they were doing you now and that was not healthy but I think looking at brands you admire whether they're a little bit bigger than you or they're like mammoth heritage you
00:13:44know million or billion dollar brands is important in goal setting in planning and in understanding the competition and they may not be your competition now but they may be five years from now I think that's important you'll see what you like you see what you don't want to
00:14:02do but you have to be realistic especially in a small business about your resources and just now if you don't know this now those big companies have so many employees the jobs are sold delineated you know you're probably wonderful I've people maybe ten think of how many different
00:14:25things each one of your employees is doing that you know this would be where there could be two or three or five people doing like one small aspect of that job and actually that being said I think a small agile team that can do a lot of different
00:14:41things is really really valuable and when we started to cry to that which I will talk about in the episode about the second five years I found that that may not work for us because we were so rooted in just small very cohesive teams anyway is just be
00:15:04realistic about your resources and and the differences between you and the quote unquote big guys but definitely keep an eye out on them number six I think that's all I think the sixes Lassell well six and seven are going to kind of meld together but I'm assuming if
00:15:21you're if you're listening to this you're thinking about this you're running the business you you on the business are you founded it are you co founded at and what I will say as your business gets bigger and again that might be going from two to five people and
00:15:36the opportunities get Baker and things start to change you're going to have to relinquish some control there I said it I'm sorry the worst it's low worst I mean I don't think I'm a control freak but other people tend to think that I am I just hate that
00:15:56word it's like I just like things to be done right and I often feel like I know to do and I wonder fifty but the else does does that make me a control freak probably what I have learned is that lots of people can do things right and
00:16:14it there right does not have to mirror my right leg the process can be different the outcome can be different oftentimes in business there are twenty positive positive outcomes for any given a sideman or on that needs to be solved and there are thousands of different process easy
00:16:36getting there and I didn't realize that I thought man we got this far due to like always following the course of action that I laid and with the intended outcome whether it be a visual outcome or a financial outcome and the reality of that is there's lots of
00:16:55different ways to do it and it's important to educate and inform the people that you're going to relinquish some control and empower them and make them feel trusted even if you're a little bit scared allow them to fail and treat the failure as a learning opportunity and then
00:17:22start over and then keep doing it and then if you've relinquished control to someone and their failure rate is much higher than their success rate then you got a look at that what are you doing to contribute to that what are they doing to contribute about to that
00:17:35and how do you solve that valuable valuable lesson that leads to the last point which is focused on top level **** if you started this business then you are the one that's going to help it grow more than anyone else especially at the beginning stages and if you
00:17:55are still answering emails from your general and box shipping packages gluing ribbon to wire which I did for for probably the first four and a half years now that's not true we stopped doing it but I would run errands I would look at the you know info at
00:18:16shop bandeau dot com in box and some of that was about not being able to peel myself off of the responsibilities that I watched once held which was every responsibility in the business and some of it is it's just sometimes easier to do the smaller task than like
00:18:35really pull yourself out and look at the bigger picture and the value that you can add this thing I will say is this what is your hourly rate it has to be more than what you could pay an assistant or someone that could do a lot of the
00:18:52things that you're doing and in order for your business to grow you have to be freed up not just lake from a time sense but from a mental set take you need space in your brain that's just sort of empty in order to lake allow your intuition to
00:19:14kind of float up and give you the ideas that you need to move forward into the future and only you can do that anyways there are other people that will help you with that but if you're a small business you're most likely that the one person that's going
00:19:27to be able to do it so make sure that you focus on that Hey yeah I have a dog named Phillip right well his name is actually fill up Kitty Stardust torrents Gotch Phil for short philodendron for semi short Filipina when he's been a real baby anyways still
00:19:57got a really bad case of pancreatitis years ago which is devastating for dog and costly for dog owner and it was because he would get himself and all sorts of food that he's not supposed to eat and then after the second or third time he got flare up
00:20:17we were like what is going on in the doctors like you would be better if you gave him a reduced fat diet and actually made his food house price six years ago I've been making this dog food for that long well into did that for a while he's
00:20:31been gone for two years so I've been doing that oftentimes silly it's better that idea and then along comes the farmers dog I could I start this podcast I get advertisers on the podcast I refuse to advertise advertise for companies that I don't think are great or I
00:20:53don't think I'll use the product right don't use their products oz like send me some of your products of that I'll I'll see how it goes one I'm in love with it you've heard me talk about them before but they basically deliver amazing food for your dog like
00:21:09you go on does it to their website you do this like easy quiz about your dog they catered meals to your dog that's all healthy it's like this person said I haven't tried to eat it I don't know if there are stipulations about that but when I put
00:21:29it out of like this looks like a delicious dinner to me and then my favorite part as of recently is it just the way it is your door is pre packed like it's so thought through so the business side of meat like that is is a brand side
00:21:44of me is as equally as impressive as the dog on our side of me that's just like this is so this is just a better use of my time like I can do something like record a podcast instead of spend an hour making fills food for the next
00:21:58week and a half but the business brand side of me is like the packaging is so good the languages so good it comes to your door it's like in these serving packs there like bags that you cut open and you give them like a quarter of the back
00:22:14for each meal but then it folds up and it goes into this little like it's not a Tupperware it seems more compostable because they obviously care about the environment to which is not in any of the way it is not in any of my literature here but I
00:22:28can just tell and it just fits perfectly in the bag fits perfectly in it and I'm just like I just love it it it really it has been nothing but a great experience I feel like maybe it's founded by two cute guys too so that that nothing wrong
00:22:44with that anyways they've given me an offer that I can extend to you because they know I'm a huge fan and they know that you guys maybe would be huge fans and I feel like this is like a pretty epic offer so if you wanna start feeding your
00:22:59dog better today you can try a week free at the farmers dog dot com slash J. D. okay plus you get free shipping your first week free at the farmers dog dot com slash JG okay the farmers dog dot com slash J. G. O. K. your dog will
00:23:25love you more and let you how to get and cast it as much as you want and sleeping in your bed under the covers with its head on the pillow next year if that's what you want that's what I want maybe wants something different but does with the
00:23:41rewards that I reaped the benefits that I reaped from getting the farmers dog just a few just to mention a few okay go check out I okay a few other thoughts that could probably turn this into a five hour podcast so I'm going to try and be succinct
00:24:05these are no longer going to be number because I think I left off at seven but these were just either talking points that I think are super valid and helpful there's what I thought would happen and what actually happened and they're very different I definitely thought that we
00:24:20were gonna skyrocket just due to the %HESITATION the energy around what we were doing the momentum %HESITATION and the fact that I had no contacts I had never started a business or even worked in an office outside of being a temp after college %HESITATION so I just thought
00:24:38man something that feels so this good and and people are excited about like we're gonna be millionaires in no time %HESITATION and it's going to be easy %HESITATION and yes there might be bumps in the road but it you know I can see is the thing is is
00:24:53if if if you're if you're founder then you're most likely also visionary and you can see you can see the end and you don't see the obstacles necessarily to that and %HESITATION and I think this is just like actually a good life lesson now knowing what I know
00:25:14now I don't know if I knew this then but don't attach yourself to outcomes you can use you can and should absolutely have goals but the idea of like attaching an emotion to an outcome and being super specific about the outcome I think it's sometimes hard and business
00:25:32now that goes against the whole idea of the the law of attraction and having specific goals and needs so we'll have to talk about that fully in another episode but allow yourself at least to be able to have it and take different paths because the one thing I
00:25:51can promise you is like whatever you think is going to happen something different is gonna happen I promise you like I don't know anyone that was like we said a past I knew what I wanted and we achieved that that's not to say that you won't get there
00:26:08but how and when and why will be different and that's okay you can stay your course but be prepared to take another course if you need to know and setbacks are normal in business so if you didn't imagine having any setbacks and then you get them don't worry
00:26:27about it it's we've all we all struggle with that at any size so you just use your skills and creative problem solving I know you have them and you overcome and then for me if I have several setbacks around the same issue or the same thing then I
00:26:48take a closer look at what I'm doing because I feel like that's a sign that something something is off so just don't be so attached to something having to be so exact that the progress like lake I'm fine I've I've I've contradict myself so many times because every
00:27:06day I definitely have some sort of opposing views internally about this which makes me a person fine for you to know where you want to go but I just don't be so attached to how you get there and also know that the outcome you imagined could be limiting
00:27:24yeah I I mean when when I'd I've definitely said this before and I'm comfortable giving out passwords it's no problem but are word for everything was bandeau ten thousand because it's not anymore so don't even try and hack into our system it's a very complex and layered now
00:27:41I can't even get in there but it was because I was like imagine if we made ten thousand dollars in one month we obviously makes a lot more than that now what I thought was going to happen with limited what will actually it could have happened and thankfully
00:28:00I met other people that had a bigger hopes and dreams for us so just you know entertain the idea that you the outcome that you're hoping for might be that might be limiting and at least embrace that outcome but leave yourself open to even greater things and different
00:28:17things the other thing that I think is really important especially like this was hard for me because the whole figure to you make it and like I am so bad at like misrepresenting anything like I don't like to pretend things are okay when they're not I want to
00:28:34talk about my problems publicly it feels very false to be like awesome and you're looking at the numbers in your life but there is something to the idea of smoke and mirrors with a small business and we definitely portrayed a company that was much larger than what we
00:28:57were just due to the fact that we had we had the advantage of like understanding photography and great visuals and great design and soul on any commerce site you don't know what's happening behind the scenes you're just like this must be great look at the great styling in
00:29:12the photography and you know and a lot of people would come to our office and be like this is bound out was like a five hundred square foot office with a bunch of us crammed at best and lake you know laughing and shooting each other with like hello
00:29:27guns or some I don't know what we were doing in there drinking to cut days that's okay don't lie some people why I don't think that's right but I think you can you can say yes to things that you don't understand I mean I was definitely on many
00:29:44phone calls and in many meetings and just said yeah %HESITATION we definitely have a factory that can do that or like yeah that'll be no problem and we can handle it and where you know that's okay like you you may have to represent something different and then if
00:30:01you're really if you're cut out for this you will go back to your office and figure it out again and again and again and I think the thing is is like put your best foot forward and if that means doing something that you haven't quite figured out and
00:30:20you know you can figure it out then that's the best way to do it because that's how that's how you succeed you know you you have to you have to do a little bit at that that sort of leads me into when you say no and when you
00:30:36say yes to opportunities you know people are going to ask you to participate in a van or can you give me some product or do you want to collaborate or Hey you know maybe you're doing maybe your cost doing customs and somebody wants you to do something that
00:30:51you're not sure you can do or somebody wants you to do something that you absolutely should do but you know you're not going to make that much money but man it might help your business you know I think when you start you say yes to a lot more
00:31:04than you say no to you have to because you have to seize as many opportunities as possible and that means you're going to be grinding day and night that's what she said but seriously we did so much grinding and then when we thought we were done grinding we
00:31:21did even more grinding and that's because we said yes to every breach thing everything there was a slight disadvantage of that but I feel like year one year two we just we just went for it I mean the only things that I think we might have said no
00:31:39to were either like we physically there was no way we could do it or it just felt really off like we're about to take be severely taken advantage of but I mean we definitely said yes to doing things for anthropology that we didn't know how to do and
00:31:55we absolutely no we wouldn't get we weren't going to make any money but our relationship with anthropology that lasted for a long time helped our business so so so much so don't be afraid to say yes and then check in on your yeses and see what is returning
00:32:16on your investment whether it's a time investment our financial investment or an emotional investment lake and then learn from them and then decide what you can start saying no to and I feel like it's as your business grows you can say you can be more discerning and now
00:32:33you know ten years an a hundred times more discerning than we were and we still say yes to a lot of things but now we we you really look at every opportunity and every ask and that them in a very systematic way which is different than like we
00:32:56just want whether got that feels good yes that doesn't feel good say no and that's okay where you are now that's all you need you need it got man if you can write down three things that it's like if it if it checks two of the three boxes
00:33:08a yes maybe write down five things things will suck a lot businesses hard don't let anyone fool you don't let Instagram full you don't let books full you don't let looking at people's glamorous lives full you business is hard it is the worst so is life so don't
00:33:30even worry about it but when you have a small business and you're trying to get it off the ground you're probably making sacrifices you're probably not treating yourself well you may not be treating your loved ones well you don't mean to do that but you're very focused on
00:33:47what you're doing you're working hard you're being challenged in ways you never imagined you would and yet you cannot stop then you have employees maybe there's three of them maybe there part time you don't know but they're feeling what you're feeling because the one thing I know about
00:34:05employees at that point they're they're in there they're in there because they like dot sort of environment you know it was it if people didn't like to work really hard and and warrant super passionate about what they were doing because they weren't doing it for a lot of
00:34:24money they usually left very quickly %HESITATION and not that many people left but the people that many of the people that were there at the beginning are still here now and that's because they find it thrilling to work hard see that work pay off sees something grow build
00:34:46something and they're the payment for them as the payment for their soul so bad but I think it's like it's not it's not about the money doesn't mean they're working for free but but they're in their emotionally and when you're dealing with that sort of those sort of
00:35:08emotions like you you know you have to take care of yourself and you have to take care of people so listen there's a few things here but obviously I have a lot of time because of a says about how to take care of yourself and now with all
00:35:22the mental health stuff you know you you have to treat your employees with respect you have to treat yourself with respect and pay attention and you can tell if someone's having a bad day so a few things that you can do %HESITATION Hey you know what we used
00:35:35to just drop it and leave some days like some days are just too hard and when you're a small team that's the beauty I can't really shut down bandeau now I might be able to leave I might be able to give permission someone who's having a really bad
00:35:49day to leave but sometimes it be three o'clock and we'd be like this day is just not going anywhere let's go to the movies let's go to **** Disneyland we would do **** like that and we had to and I could identify he dell and I think this
00:36:07is just a good personal us and sometimes you gotta just not fight it you know and that's a hard distinction to make because a lot of times you got to fight through a lot of pain and discomfort in business but I don't know you should be able to
00:36:22identify a truly bad day and there's lots of ways to reset that I think getting out getting outside doing something to take your mind off of it is super helpful goals are really helpful and important for a team no matter what size and identifying when you hit marks
00:36:43and celebrating wins is so so important in El working into the abyss without clarity on what you're working for eventually gets to be not that cool so if you can set some goals and you can post them in your office and you can you can tell the team
00:37:05Hey we're getting closer to the school or look at all the things that have happened or Hey look at you know we used to have a list of like the celebrities that we wanted to see wearing band out we would cross them off or put a gold star
00:37:19something when it happened same with like magazines in L. so it's it's like an and I by the end we got and all of them like those those are great you know and and celebrating those winds are are so important and sometimes it just feels like you're too
00:37:35busy to stop stop you have to wait you have to please along the same vein give compliments Intel eight again your team is there because they believe in what you're doing and they're tied to it emotionally feed them not just with food although that's cool too free lunch
00:37:58is not a bad thing %HESITATION tell them when they're doing a great job you know congratulate them it think of the last time your complimented and how good that felt at a true true compliment I mean look you can say Hey I like that outfit I think that's
00:38:17important too especially when you can tell someone put thought into it but I feel like just saying Hey I saw that email you sent great job that language was spot on or a design Hey I love that design and if you can tell them why email that's important
00:38:35to at it act I cannot tell you how far that will go I paid people in compliments for many years I still trying to it they're like no just give me a check it's not my money anymore so I'm able to do that the other one here one
00:38:49think about that good one is drugs it should be drugs and alcohol just be careful with that stuff in it do I'm not talking about things that are E. legal obviously but Hey we still do wind supporters on Fridays and I I think that makes people feel good
00:39:07it's interesting because this was so long ago I have spritz yourself with rose water which **** works I mean if you don't have some sort of refreshing spritz on your desk you're not doing life right seriously but I think that was a precursor to what is now like
00:39:25self care and wellness so take care of yourself take care of your employee's encourage them to take care of yourself that's something I'm obviously super passionate about and now that the team is larger %HESITATION it's harder for me to affect everyone personally but I really do training courage
00:39:40that whenever I can listen to a play list I don't know is that even a thing I think what I meant by that is like have some songs that pump everybody up email lake that's important and in the again that's just like a useful thing we used to
00:39:56listen to the song called ice cream and cake it was so fun because it's just like a really like happy song and and when we were celebrating or even if it was just like the mood got bad I would just play that song and you just can't help
00:40:14but dance to it and like having those things in your are small specially when your small business you're probably all in a room you might even be sharing it ask who the **** knows that stuff is really really powerful anyways okay so a lot there I feel like
00:40:30there's no gets in there if you have a small business and you're growing I know how hard it is it doesn't get easier the pain points just change some of them stay the same but there's lots of there are lots of things you can do to grow and
00:40:50get better and win go team I hope this helped it's been so rewarding to not only be able to grow a business but to share what I'm learning and I wish that I had %HESITATION that kind of resource I you know now I have so many people that
00:41:12I can talk to I just didn't really have that then and I hope that one of the take aways is it does it doesn't matter we're all struggling with the same stuff in there so much that you can deal with out a ton of money and resources when
00:41:27you're at the beginning stages of your business to set it up for success and make your life a little bit easier so hopefully I did that I'm gonna follow up with the what I learned in the next five years I just got to figure out what that is
00:41:39okay by okay thank you so much for listening I hope you feel like you've gained insight and business knowledge %HESITATION and that song I mentioned ice cream and cake is by the buckwheat boys and that's probably the most important take away from this episode honestly all right see
00:42:00you back here next week for part two of Jan god does all inclusive guide of everything you need to know about this just kidding there's no such thing as an all inclusive guided business it's ever changing and I learn something new almost every day either way come back
00:42:16in here about the last five years truck and I what do you know about the after show it's the JG okay after show you don't know about the after show but is to show where I'm going to flush a toilet in my hotel room in Nashville because this
00:42:43toilet is a very special toilet and I'll tell you why when you flush it sounds like a bunch of fart I've never heard a toilet like that have you I'm really hoping that you'll be able to hear this here we go thank you and good night

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