Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk the Joker up in Denver, the NFL Weekend Playoff preview, Aldridges' mid-game, BOOGIE, and of course more of your Twitter and VM's!!!
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00:01:05very important housekeeping programming update so distinct of the Australian Open tennis tournament are Xannies peonies p.m. to do with that means JJ off television for the next two weeks but we are committed to our podcast listeners going to give you a Dope Soda Step 2 going to come in a few times during that break just to make sure that we update you on the latest and greatest so we're not we're not just going to leave you with you for two weeks we don't have to come in the studio just know exactly what we had to do but we're coming in because we love our people we love our podcast listeners to me and say she Jayla gets recognized everywhere you go it's cuz he's a super celebrity famous for 35 years or whatever but me you don't understand the bubble and two people that two sets of people that got Apple TV or aren't you on ESPN I watch your show that people say I listen to you every day
00:02:05the second group of people to podcast listeners are the people that we really do the troll Force were coming in on our days off to do the show the thunder coming to town two of the best teams in the west and two of the best individual performances we've seen the season we start with none other than someone that I sleep on Lamarcus Aldridge not talk about that much not super star Jay Aldrich got buckets he had 56 points without a single attempt of a 3-point shots did not miss from the battle Line Game to Steven Adams games of Jalen Rose I will admit that I've slept on the Marcus outages abilities is he an underrated no one talks about him type of player is an All-Star perennial so for him to be slept on me means that the people haven't been paying attention
00:03:05make an All-Star team this year yes he is absolutely will be on the All-Star team this year and not only did he make Denis make a three as you mentioned he didn't have a dump you decide when you consider how about this field goals for 16 from the lawn okay that's a level of efficiency that you normally don't see in today's game or post UPS now when a guy normally gets hot
00:03:39people go away from the hot men in today's game because everybody wants to play Pace In Space playing to the strip of his talent knows he likes it on the left block he doesn't he never post up on the Block dolls that he likes to turn over the right shoulder that's a signature move I'll talk about that plenty of times he makes that Jeremy Grant
00:04:065 hops okay Jimmy Graham found out Steven Adams only 33 big is 13 shots including free throws in the game also allow that to happen
00:04:27When You Believe In the game plan enough that you going to keep running the same play and then when the defense cheats you buy them Belinelli 545 from Star Tans four-for-four from three Patty Mills made three three the first 14 3-pointers made three threes the level of Player Development that happens in San Antonio it just fascinating how when you watch their team play guys to start to get minutes but come quality performers not many people know about Derek white play 48 minutes is 3.3 miles sis there's also the other side of the Russell Westbrook was a double overtime game dude head
00:05:2024 points 13 rebounds assists now Russell Westbrook's shooting Lowe's have been well documented he is not shooting well from the floor but what's happening now is he's Distributing more and that is when the Thunder really start to cook 2460 lynrose what do you think about Westbrook the polemic
00:05:40it's fascinating to me that he could put up this level of productivity and we take him for granted as a basketball player I understand that he isn't shooting well but he still dominating on the floor that uses what a triple-double represent this is why nobody had averaged one for a season just a big old did it because usually the guy that leads the team in the stairs lead the team and Reeboks and if you're able to do both and still give me 20 plus points I was actually surprised that stat line had never been achieved
00:06:19it made me wish I would have rebounded more if I work there was also this
00:06:36Nikola jokic 14 rebounds in the Denver Broncos have thrown this season the wonder why they fired their called me his passing is so good I really didn't we knew about yogurt before but like now the world's finding out about your luggage I'm not going to say he's an MVP Contender but I'm going to ask you does he end up in top five
00:07:10here's what's going to happen
00:07:13junk ditch and Jamal Murray will be first time all stars this year have the best record in the Western Conference in 12 Gary Harris has battled injuries been in and out of the lineup but when he's not there Monte Morris playing quality minutes Tori Craig playing quality minutes and so when you're able to develop from within like the nuggets have been able to do now all of a sudden when you had a full complement of players Plumlee can shipping 217 you going to get you the moments from Millsap they've come become a complete basketball team from the one that we acknowledge had a strong starting 5 to begin this year but people who have followed this show they're not surprised about the nuggets
00:08:08if so I appreciate what's being done there but the MVP conversation is not one that he's going to be a part of this year but here's what happened what about ad what about what about staff for years
00:08:35no we can't call us how about the fastest he's not the most athletic he not dunking on people constantly so it takes a little bit longer recognize skill a song from The Jungle has a floater like he's a 7-foot dude with a nice touch McGraw-Hill up fake and get passes mayonnaise, Florida and he's around the rim
00:09:11does Jomon who's on the Warriors roster that we haven't seen the floor yet it's name is
00:09:22close by is going to play their looking at a week from today in the game against the Clippers I believe in Steve Kerr isn't it sold book is going to play he's going to start the game
00:09:423 minutes you think he will play in any more pain than that is how does adding Boogie from X's and O's to change with the Warriors 2 minutes and the spots where the Golden State Warriors were week last year. Points Draymond Green is have a career-low shooting game if you get caught in the switch he's not taking that guy to the block and punishing them he's going to punish them okay he's a legitimate size Center okay also put backs in offensive rebound is so when you see that footage of him dunking on KD that is is a 6 cyl at 2:16 guys going at it right
00:10:36but the difference is KD is able to play a lot of minutes at the five when there isn't a guy on the other team is going to punish it like like Boogie so that's what he's going to give them he's going to unlock something that we have not seen from the Golden State Warriors during their reign of dominance not a guy at the five spot with disability it wasn't on the Block you got going to punch you in the black movies I could punch you in the block now they have it I believe in this team is basketball IQ like they play basketball basketball they get there be the hot hand to get the guys where they want to play with baby big good job of managing the offense to get people to respond to watch Criminal best player on the team last year in New Orleans now with the Golden State Warriors best player on the team
00:11:38I mean to be a first team season okay I'm not talking about it got us ball in three to five years ago this isn't like a Reclamation isn't Derrick Rose based on what he's bringing to the table what about level of enthusiasm is it got to have to play in the playoffs this team needs a change like it feels like the Warriors need something to mix it up, it would be nice to keep them engaged to have a new toy to play with
00:12:19Boogie free agent this song oh yeah that's him there might be games stay happy is auditions is about health it ain't going to be about numbers she's going to be about if the Golden State Warriors are able to achieve their goals did he help or hinder I'm sure he's going to help its time
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00:13:11are now selling a 27 pound bucket of mac and cheese now it's not individual packets in a 27.7 pound bucket to cook mac and cheese in a big bucket of twenty years so you can buy it today and in 2037 you can still be enjoying this mac and cheese are you going to rush to your local arrests your local Costco there's no way that this mac and cheese have a 20 year shelf life of the people the shallows like some powder whatever that. Of time I don't know it but I just want to know what my life is like in 2038
00:14:11okay Jalen Davis got socially are rumors of Davis have been swirling all season long Odyssey he left substation Simon clutch Sports and everyone saw the tea leaves is it always going to play with the players on the team it's a done deal
00:14:46chili Davis was on social media and he likes this comment is it with the person meant to write he like that comment that probably is what the person meant to lie maybe they don't curse he like that, Jalen Rose and we realize you like then unlike it what message is he trying to send and is this an indication that perhaps he is not going to play the Lakers right now he's not in control of his own destiny kind of team is
00:15:23he's not a free agent after this year another season to progress I think right now he doesn't desire to have the conversation out there putting him in another team's uniforms while he's trying to leave a team that he's lying on you like this comment to show leadership to the franchise that you're currently playing for is not playing up to expectation there's a lot of ways to show leadership wanted to show that he's committed for now or no
00:16:10Michigan Wolverines game more talented clearly and more explosive it is deeper and more experienced by the end of the season the Wolverines will surpass the Bulldog we're going to the final four Michigan
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00:17:09waiting list Superbowl midseason Awards we're not going to do I'm going to give you two nominees for each category you're going to have the power to make the decision of who wins the bill test award the first nominee is Klay Thompson when asked what he likes about the warriors-cavs how to answer the question what do you like overall do I like ya like
00:17:37my dog
00:17:42I hope that's all thank you. I like my hobbies
00:17:48video game
00:17:50and female Jewish for a living spree Special K that's not mean everyone Klay Thompson listing his likes routing number to John Collins leaving the floor getting people have fives and then mr. Rose power to give me fail test Awards John Collins mr. Rose is going to win the mid-season felt as it was mental, and it was physical he's the winter when the 31st Annual Jalen Jacoby to put them in a meeting with 6-6 next we have to keep getting are notable basketball players that are both very lucrative and also inactive let's take a look at the nominees
00:18:47first we have Carmelo Anthony who's not just getting paid 1.5 million dollars is 25.5 million dollars and not play for Atlanta and we have JR Smith was getting 14.7 million dollars to not play for the Cavs just arose this is a big moment and not just our lives but the lies of these two young men who are eligible for this award so please consider your selection carefully who is the keep getting them checks award-winner Bellows a future hall-of-famer and if it was up to him he would actually be playing in the league it just say he's been unable to find a team to pursue him for his Services after only playing in 10 games in Houston JR Smith is a part of a tanking team he called them on it and therefore they ostracize him from the situation he holds to continue to play in the League this year and in the future while getting 14 this season therefore he's the women
00:19:48Piaggio ninja Kobe moving on the next category most disrespectful dunk on Giannis antetokounmpo Sonia and then of course finished with the stuff over hits the dunk and the step over which really brings this one to the esteemed position of being nominated for the Jalen and Jacoby completely made up meeting with the Superfund mid-season award and then is this and then the flexman these are disrespectful dunks on an MVP candidate Jalen Rose we have lasagna with the Duncan step over and then brown with the staredown and flex these are two great position so difficult right now
00:20:46when's the Jalen and Jacoby completely made a meeting with Superfund midseason award for most disrespectful dunk on Giannis antetokounmpo just remember you're changing lives right now okay is the better player and I've seen him Drunk On A lot of people as long as the winner of this award that is the only reason I was going to say
00:21:23number one number two I didn't fall number three he didn't step over me okay that's the shade that's what makes him the winner think I would have got to have the powerful position that you do to give out these Awards but I would have gone down in the flexplate this is the only time we said his ania's name this season that's probably correct next this is my favorite award I'm so proud of Staff raising of this award the most humbling stumbling nominee
00:22:07tell Stephen Curry High Step just a jab step completely drops Jackson that's a good one and then the next nominee I mean it's like once every ten games behind the back to rate players into Great Plains again the two nominees are Wardell Stephen Curry with the jab step drop and James Harden with the behind-the-back drop the reverse of what I did with the lasagna and Jaylen Brown award since brown with the better player expect that okay okay James Harden is Jamal Murray they're both will be in this year's All-Star game that's the Winter Winds and local tea
00:23:07the back step back for 3 and a God don't want to be this year's Wesley Johnson he get up and try to follow you and you still make it
00:23:16most humbling stumbling award goes to none other than the beard the next award that we have
00:23:23the most socially awkward Warrior the first nominee of course someone who finds himself assoc awkward situations a lot none other than Easy Money Sniper also known as Kevin Durant this comment on Instagram just the rumor going around that comment we are both on Instagram not only you can sneak a mess up and your thumb can hit the like button but didn't get on like it real quick cuz you see the big heart turn red like this didn't unlock it and it kept on going out throughout a day too much RAM on being traded to see this man every single day at the look in his eyes
00:24:04that's the first one the second nominee for most socially awkward Warrior the league is so happy with all the scoring it doesn't want it in for stuff like that he didn't know that he was sending a public message he thought he was sending a direct message Steve Kerr does not know how Twitter works so again you're changing lot
00:24:31Jalen Jacoby completely made up meeting with Superfund mid-season award for most socially awkward Warrior goes through easymoneysniper easy now is that he's out here with Burner accounts he likes a comment that said green getting traded if Boogie helping out of this part just a rumor going around I don't know who wrote that I don't think it was how do you like that and then not unlike it I bet if you probably go back and look right now it's unlikely I'll be up to that moment when I started to do when these type of things happened in particular on social media I tried to see what time of the day they take place it's hard you can trace that but something tells me it's not midday lunch time that's all I have to say is probably best friend
00:25:31so I don't accidentally hit up to the heart I've actually had a couple Hearts I had to unlock real quick real quick midseason
00:25:42Jalen Jacoby is completely made up meaningless Superfund midseason award
00:25:50do you know youngsta Harden for your midseason MVP
00:25:54what about Kauai why you can't get any mentions in the situation I'm in these you get to pick who wins the nominees are those were the nominees I'm just saying he deserves consideration is putting on a show for the ages the number that is putting up the stamina at which he does it say that you're not a fan of him or his style people out there like that and I just don't understand it for a guy to be healthy enough to take the floor on a nightly basis put up at least 25 to 30 shot and make so many three-pointers and distinctly
00:26:34lead his team to wins in the western conference with CP3 and sometimes without air Gordon has been outstanding how many Rockets possessions does James Harden jog up a stand on the wing not touch the ball not cut just never happen every possession starts with James Harden and it did it doesn't end with James Harden he threw the past like he is their entire office by Design and I'm glad you're even though because it is just physically taxing it has to be physically taxing and have that much time to go to all the uses for clubs after the pain
00:27:07are you going to relax after that
00:27:11the Rockets have a retired his number but the strip club is a strip club. Thank you so much jail in for changing the lives of these men into by honoring them with these Awards I mean these are we going to get
00:27:40Jalen Rose the playoffs are getting serious the NFL but now we had in my opinion to go through every single give you the winners of every single game this weekend where to go chronologically starting with the 4:35 start in Kansas City the red-hot Cults
00:28:04in the kind of cold chips Jalen Rose how did things go play out what are the key factors who is going to win this football cards use a major football fan and if I had to pick the sport that I love is actually football of a basketball say that being said
00:28:22when the Kansas City Chiefs lost Kareem hunt to his horrific video that include him kicking a Woman by the way will play in the NFL again
00:28:35I watch them play and I was like oh they miss having that level of balance when they were 9 + 1 + 9 + 1 it was like no one else has a chance and then all the sudden the last six games after that three and six the Colts defensive line has been playing great the offensive line has done the best job of any best of protecting its quarterback literally by the Numbers the best job for technically we know about t y on the outside I say they get the victory at KC versus the first year started is going to win MVP this year and Patrick Mahomes II tracklist Imma have Jenna Dewan 40 pushups Cowboys Cowboys going into Los Angeles
00:29:34to play the Rams Jalen Rose Moore believing in Dak Prescott we might be girly against the Cowboys run defense vs Ezekiel against the Rams run defense Cowboys have on the best run defenses in the game the Rams blood Wars
00:29:54I'll take Anna cowboys really they've been a different football team once they got Amari Cooper and our defense is Ben Stout all year and is laying by a Jalen that's a good point jail Smith I think the Cowboys are going to win as well as spit just because of what I said that okay and the Cowboys give up cannot contain Zeke you'll see that on Saturday night or Sunday the Chargers the Road Warriors have their 71 Road games this season of the road and they go to play the Patriots in Foxboro pages of vulnerable who do you have winning this game that the Patriots made sure that it was footage of them practicing in the snow to put the illusion of their supposed to be 28 degrees fourteen this coming from the west coast to perform in a playoff game this weekend and I know that
00:30:54has been a shell of himself offseason and
00:30:59Tom Brady has it look as dominant as we are used to see so therefore take charge seven including playoffs against time break
00:31:14now it's time for that push-ups I got the page that one perfect job it let's let's imagine in the NFL with the Patriots I remember microphone on this show seasons ago
00:31:44going into the here and I said if I was a giant if I was the Patriots I would do what with Odell and Gronk what is happened to the Giants the last couple of years. Very well and is looking like an old broken-down truck out there run Skyrim 40 time is right now and the Eagles at the Saints this in my opinion is be most lopsided game of the week of the other ones or whatever they beat the same 40827 you think they can make up with 41 points because Nick Foles is Magic
00:32:37Nick Foles has been and he deserves a lot of credit for what he did last year in the Super Bowl MVP and obviously on there were so many people to feel like the Bears will beat this team and they handle business bunch of caucus special caucus be terrific on the defensive line ships on Monday I cannot wait for you to have the Chiefs and the Patriots are going with this and that game tomorrow at
00:33:11turn my whisky tour music in New Orleans every note matters that's why every step of Southern Comfort dances to the Same by is Arbor Place they can be strong and smooth all at once and no matter what is always authentic so go ahead take a big shift Southern Comfort the spirit discover more at Southern Comfort. Com Method Man jump in the minivan and keep it moving are you ready mr. robot
00:33:51Tony Romo is not considering an NFL comeback keep it moving or hit the brakes keep it moving move in there was a Hold Me Back moment in Miami between teammates hit they got blown out in Miami and Marcus Morris
00:34:20play a little shove Jalen you've been in this situation in the NBA is this not a thing this is a thing based on the people involved okay because when I look for toughness on the Boston Celtics Marcus Morris Morris smart Jaylen Brown and Banks it's all three of those guys were involved in that situation this is a thing because I think this before on the show up as saying it all season I think the master at chess Danny Ainge has accumulated so many amazing assets with players in uniform and draft picks that it's time to cash them in
00:35:10he has to for who though babe but comes out there they become a team of skill and they've gotten away from their will against Miami they didn't attempt a free throw in the first half is hard to do that's very hard to do an NBA basketball game at the beginning of the halftime
00:35:34which one of their players were shooting threes nobody was inside. On the post has happened is when players understand that they have a level of value is hard to Risa press it by putting toothpaste back in the tube
00:35:57Terry Rozier in just that anymore Scary Terry
00:36:03Jalen quality minutes last step backwards and had home court advantage which they're not going to have this season there for ashtray bait and I'm pretty sure some level of frustration because they're not achieving their gold
00:36:24Moore's service deal just mentioned Jaylen Brown Terry Rozier three players along with any pigs depending on who they're trying to get I'm not talkin about getting an all-nba first-team guy but what I'm saying is they need more size up front as an intimidating factor for people that they need more people that are going to slash and get to the foul line which they don't do really well and also attacked the bucket a lot more to get points in the paint so this Celtics team Vegas still has them as a favorite to come out of the East I got to I got the rap game this must be looking at the standings right now
00:37:19yeah they're playing well recently but you brought that up cuz the next topic we have a Graphic that will tell you how those standings will change over the course of the year to move at the break-in Daybreak 5:38 to the graph of which I found fascinating and we've got something like that dear the toughest remaining schedules the Thunder the Lakers the Mavericks the nuggets in the Timberwolves that is interesting in the Western Conference because if you look at that the Lakers might not make the playoffs based on that the Nuggets they might not be the number one seed at the end of the season based on that and look at that the Utah Jazz have the third easiest remaining schedule interesting the Jazz right now out of the playoffs Lakers in the playoffs that might change mesaros
00:38:04this is one of those things that
00:38:08it's relative because
00:38:11you get a chance to get off to a good start normally if your schedule a works in your favor us but halfway through the season I caution you not to take that statistic that graphic and think it's going to necessarily shift the standings and here's why it's not necessarily about who you play as when you plan number one number it's who's in uniform when You Face them therefore if you're playing against the Timberwolves earlier in the year when they have in the issues with Jimmy Butler or whatnot that's a good time to place your face in the Lakers and they don't have LeBron James is a good time to face them I'm not going to acknowledge that the standings are going to be dramatically different based on the remaining schedule iPod you might not make the playoffs
00:39:09I'm happy for you keep it moving you know we keep it moving
00:39:18University of Miami is having trouble recruiting football players you know how much I love you and they're saying that Kevin Durant's fault are the breaks
00:39:31chicken with four times for 9 or not
00:39:38got an old lady drunk came over to hit the brakes and brakes
00:39:43do balls do in the UCLA Oregon game you know if he loves the UCLA and he found out there was a shot of Bailey's every time he mentions a rock band was told me this morning that his mom right Nori 85 years old she has a sip of Bailey's every time you mentioned a rock band okay he'll be Grateful Dead John Springsteen you didn't tell me back to the game 1:15 to go but it was just going to Plex to the Pandora app
00:40:34he took a consecutive shots of Bailey's not at all I don't think so
00:40:40Jalen Rose what up doe
00:40:45about 50 lb more than you do now couple years ago but you watch what you eat we're both going to wash up and we have to watch what we eat but we had a long trip I'm having my cheat day I have Triple Three triple patties with egg and sauces I got my French fries I got a triple patties and fries at eggs and sausage on it take Venus
00:41:27big-time personality and I says well begin with end up on the Knicks for Carmelo Anthony and he would be able to put up numbers in the East now he's playing for a tanking team is probably going to trade him now with that being said no lot of the people occasionally maybe he didn't and I got some evidence to the contrary that practice the next day guess who mix missed practice due to illness and then he misses practice the next day
00:42:05will you say the end is Katherine shows up we just got to keep you healthy so we can move you coming to the office and play 15 minutes to do things off the floor that diminishes your value right now you want to go somewhere else and you want to get paid this offseason both of our best interest that we on the same page about just like two hamburgers
00:42:57that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget Report with finger puppets
00:43:08I can't believe how easy it was to pay my car insurance with Geico
00:43:1815% or more on car insurance
00:43:25you familiar with Reginald hooks
00:43:28family member of the program is a producer but he runs a board
00:43:33she has a habit to talk to you about so
00:43:39she drives to work
00:43:43gets there 45 minutes early and then sleeps in his car in the parking garage set a timer and then goes to work so I'm over boss move because what you sleeping in bed red I've lived in New York Chicago and Los Angeles Annapolis places have the worst traffic no doubt about it I don't know what metrics is a lie there land at O'Hare 3 you're going to the hotel at 5:30 question and in each of those places
00:44:20play in particular Chicago and New York The Practice Facility is in the suburbs by the teams play in the city I have spots for that exact reason really traffic is that bad so now being in New York City for example when I need to come to work for get up there's a difference between leaving the house at 5:45 Zoom write down get to work in 50 minutes vs leaving work for work at 6:15 and a half don't tell people where you live. Jailer don't tell people where you live is so like if I could save that time by leaving earlier and be at my destination. It's what I do and act like I believe the expense after a nap I'll be on Express how about
00:45:20I feel so bad for those on my schedule remember in April get up was 3 hours remember course I remember okay at 5 what time do you know if you got you know this you know that you know this is real spill when you launched in the new show everybody got to be there at some point but you don't see too many national Outlets like ESPN starting shows from scratch that's what happened with get up so with it being 3 hours
00:46:05our meeting the show was from 7 to 10 our meeting was at 5:30
00:46:12that require me to be here like 5:15 what time is the meeting for the show professional professional they want to know what's good for the impossible to do this without knowing any wrestling you know character that mean in my head I'm trying to outwork everyone
00:46:53cepacol 90580 Jimmy Lee Brice voicemails if you get Regice shout out and you happen to be one of the first three that he listens to he'll put them on the show just like this been on my mind lately it has been woke up the next day and went to work doing a sniff test by simply because you know just so you know I went to Kobe on that but
00:47:50play you just like wasted a pair of clean drawers bro like you treat me like Drop it like it's a masked engage in the something like that like what you waste and drawers full of making unnecessary laundry shop when I like Marcus Peters stats of Marcus Spears being to clean up the sweatiest person you've ever met your sweatiest person on the planet I sweat so much after the game we either celebrate or commiserate
00:48:51can we do so with adult beverages and watch them Wednesday night basketball on ESPN that's how we do it so
00:48:58I don't want to be at the bar drinking a beer with wet drawers on underneath some jeans subring fresh pair of drawers fresh socks that change into those and there is no opportunity to shower after the game there's nothing there's no opportunity where that got high school don't have showers
00:49:17I would just say after the game enjoy your Beverages and all of that enjoy and be a countdown you would be appreciate the law to the allergist say in the shin hour. From having your final beverage till it's time to go to work. A 522 minutes to shower like mildew it supposed to be Thursday Boomin system LL was funky funky funky cuz you heard it from hearsay
00:50:00damn that you heard it don't be getting no airplay
00:50:04big shout-out to Trey I want to apologize to my teammates my record I don't know that's the key.
00:50:329:15 start time to retire as long as I have you got three point guards all out
00:51:00did you get a call a little two-way street in the corner of the entire time.
00:51:27guess you could say one of the things changed in the game and not get too technical I'll get your technical is when that player
00:51:39was six seven or six 8 but then you can play your point guard on them that's when the game started to change when the geometry of the floor dictated the five people surrounded the three line one of those guys are not in the action a lot of time you can hide your point guard on that person for your words offend me when you had a mismatch on the floor you get them in the post now you going to miss match on the floor you want that person isolated and get them off the dribble like now it said let's get the big let's get the big on the small and go past him and get the small in the big post them up this is where
00:52:20your style has to be flexible based on your talent not the other way around
00:52:28and so you don't see the Warriors
00:52:38they're feeding him on the boat
00:52:43there's anything we need you on at 11:00 when playing no games sufficiency I look poster basketball I would love it but he's got it like he's got it you trying to hit that little thing shop from 10:10 to 12 but Joel embiid has post moves that give him wide open later took pride and being able to post I love posting up but I'm going to shoot and I kick it up remember so many times playing with Mark Jackson we used to just laugh
00:53:43and this is before the 5 second rule it just back down the guy back down and hydrates and dribbles and then they are three ways to just sleep
00:54:03Betsy's was literally sitting down in double team knowing that he is
00:54:09because he's always bigger and stronger than whoever's guarding him and you're watching that guards underneath the basket you know what I mean like it's under the Bastille I can push a guard at the end out of bounds in the Baseline and not shoot it Lamar Jackson's The Hobbit
00:54:27talk about LeBron James going to have a head coaching job in the NBA I know we talked a lot about the cadaver Steve is taking place with GM's and head coaches in the NFL and that's another topic that I would love to Tops white coaches I would love to tackle that topic but the hardest thing to do is to build a team through the draft and have it be successful that's what he was able to do with the Golden State Warriors the Brooklyn Nets the Brooklyn Nets are developing players not watching this game. Those people playing so well Jared Allen look so good house Jefferson looks good like the Nets are developing players that they draft them and they're not the highest drafted no question and I got the best example in the NBA for you which is there not a lot of reaching
00:55:21let me think Denver Nuggets they've dealt with so many injuries this year yet look at their Elite performers jokic Marie Harris pics when guys get injured
00:55:41then you go to the bench Morris absolutely Monte Morris fellow michigander Malik Beasley Torrey Craig
00:55:54I just bought a Morris three months ago and that they're watching her nuggets games and that's why I apologize in the morning at least I want to talk about that I was worried about that drive well and develop players well so like
00:56:14what's the Spurs last night against OKC bench was 12 from 3
00:56:25Belinelli who's the BET Tales was four for four
00:56:30Patti Mill 3 / 4
00:56:33Forbes what's 343 shot out to Mike Malone don't use a head coach of the Kings turmoil is this like it was a weird run the kings were just falling apart and I'm trying on clothes and games he's mad and then like how good you are that's a good segue to Circle and back to what began this topic can get another job
00:57:08Mark Jackson should be able to get one as well it should
00:57:15typical 90580 Jimmy Lee was a voicemail voicemail to put on the show just like this applesauce in your mac and cheese for apple sauce with tomato soup and one other Styrofoam cup in the fence at the high school to support your team cups in high school to support your team about this when you go to a game basketball or football in particular that I have you a beverage in your cup is that alcohol yes okay that's what I would assume that's what I'm assuming styrofoam cups does very specific
00:57:59what's better than having a real ones that's it's obvious that play basketball football so I wasn't I wasn't drinking until after I don't think that's cultural or Regional individual I think that's ridiculous I don't need lobster mac and cheese only truffle mac and cheese don't put ketchup in your Mac and Cheese alcohol applesauce in your mac and cheese. Maybe some pepper but then you still with mac and cheese is what it is it's perfect it does not need to be enhanced with any Meats pulled pork mac and cheese no
00:58:42no stew mac and cheese I agree
00:58:47steak sandwich in the car
00:58:50what's a sooner voicemail this is Henry from Norwalk shout to read shout to the whole staff so hopefully you guys can give us some advice on this so I would so my team we've got what are all star game coming up right so I was wondering if you guys do Kobe you had directly championship at the huge game for you and Jaylin he played in the NBA that's in you play multiple huge game intro thanks hopefully I get on the Pod shut up to read and Harlan and the rest of the staff I know you also played in the NBA like the same thing same thing
00:59:50the caller the same thing because you didn't just play in the rec play in the championship so that does mean something like this is a different level of light but when we become a world that wants dismiss dismiss everybody's accomplishments unless they're Michael Jordan
01:00:17there's something to be said for a guy that has a wife and kids Vines time to stay in shape by playing a game that he lost the world is so I appreciate the caller just wanted to get your feedback or some things to say to a question how would you handle a pre-game motivational talks with the team
01:00:46so it depends on the seriousness of the situation okay rec league playoffs this is normal to you but this is what I want you understand that people want to hear right like they are you this is not it was a boring conversation but for everyone is did loves the NBA this is everything to me to tell me about how it works who talks about how long before the game is it does everybody talk to person talk is it structure is unstructured answer all those questions you cannot give enough details trust me I know it's boring for you but this is why the show is good because people want to hear it
01:01:27I could go into the like to Pacers just give me the Pacers expression part of it like
01:01:38but I want I want to I'm not going to scream or holler or get loud I'm just going to
01:01:44be matter of fact
01:01:47first and foremost you need to make sure everybody understands their assignment
01:01:52that's the most important thing like so many people play on teams but they don't Embrace their role so as a leader I want to make sure that in each situation everybody knows what I expect to vomit on the Pacers this is the coach of Larry the players names on the board from the other team and you're making sure everybody knows their assignment you making sure everybody knows what plays we hope to run that we feel like you're going to be good in this game versus this matchup holding have a sinner this terrible and pick-and-roll we're going to make sure we do various actions to get them into the play
01:02:36X's and O's Park and then there's the motivational part is the playoffs this has to mean everything to you it's important we don't take a playoff supporting that we don't take a possession off it's important that we don't turn the ball over it's important you play with enthusiasm play together share the ball the rock guy but he's not going to scream and stomp his feet or whatever have you played for Coach that was a little bit more like streamy get excited like that type of thing to call Bro professional NBA course I have to be like today is is more of a Aurora scream and holler type of coach
01:03:26but again the reason why a coach can't be that way is because you can't be like that 8132 * beat at that. That's just a realistic what cuz one day you going to show up and you're not feeling this good so I also see this I keep going to the team in a little puddle in the tunnel where there's no coach where it seems like one of the team leaders like voice is different when you're a rookie in Denver and then when your legs are getting big minutes before a big buckets in the Pacers and then when you're a veteran in Phoenix like like how does how does the team only pregame speech Traditions routines go
01:04:06one of the achievements in my career that I'm really proud of
01:04:11is that
01:04:13at Detroit Southwestern University of Michigan Indiana Chicago and Toronto I was a captain and know that so you would Captain to one Captain together he's usually one or two that type of thing when you see the circle that you caught up especially look at some of the teammates on those teams it's a Band of Brothers beaumant It's a foxhole moment we bout to go to battle
01:04:46and so like when do you address the team in the tunnel it's best when the team talks in the coaches aren't they so I'm saying because the coaches give you the strategy they give you the motivation they give you the discipline
01:05:02the players you got to get the buy-in got to look at everybody's eyes make sure everybody understands that once we hit this plug
01:05:12there's no I in team
01:05:15and embrace is starring Your Role I keep coming back to that because that's the biggest thing in team sports the biggest people embracing their Ross you always do that because your job was to play basketball embracing Your Role is not just a sports thing it's a life sciences professional is everywhere this is why I always use the Rick Ross quote appreciate your position while plotting your promotion like you may not be working your dream job right now
01:05:53but guess what it is their job right now is to keep correct and soul based on that you're now in a huddle with accomplished people multi-millionaires leaders of their family community husbands
01:06:12successful people that have been the best players in their lives entire time about to take the floor because the name on the front of the Jersey has to me more than the name on the back so those are the type of thing that gets said in those scrubs
01:06:30listen again
01:06:32it saddens me it hurts my heart to notify you that the Australian Open is Pam to the television show up the next two weeks but instead of me and I was just saying you know what let's take these two weeks off let's spend some time on the fan was the score of the gym let's go on vacation podcast only podcast and here's the thing we've done this in the past cuz there's my cue to go potty Step 2 episodes always good guess because there's no TV we don't have to prepare graphics and b roll and write scripts we just go in and chopped up like we used to in 2012 so you're going to get vintage podcast only too hot for TV tangents we could play sound of a didn't clear play real music
01:07:31we're going to do this for a podcast listeners because we love podcast listeners so much I want to listen to podcast we're going to come back on Monday to another Dope Show to step to wise at the house
01:07:43we're not done when I turn in my little guy I love those little Harvest talk about LeBron James
01:08:04turn my whisky tour music in New Orleans every no matter that's why every step of Southern Comfort dances to the same Vibe as our birthplace strong and smooth and no matter what is always authentic so go ahead take a big step Southern Comfort the spirit of New Orleans discover more at Southern Comfort. Com

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