The It Will Come Show is going through some important changes! Listen in to learn what will be happening over the next few months, leading up to January 2018.
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00:00:00what everybody George C O C sandals here and if you been wondering where we've been of the last couple weeks sorry if you've missed us but there's been a lot of changes taking place and this particular episode is actually to update you all on what's going to be happening over the next month or two leading up to 2008 so we've been up for about 18 months now and when we first started the show it really was just a way to get the interviews and the conversations that we were having with other influencers and professionals around community in general and people who had found a way in business in life but you never had really the opportunity to share that in the in the format of the way that we had been we've definitely had a lot of great guess
00:01:00over the next two months or so actually rebranding ourselves to the success will come show to couple with our success will come community that we actually launched on Facebook about a hundred days ago so as a result the it will come show as you know it now will become the successful come show in 2018 what this also means is that we may be taking a little bit of a break and then relaunching a whole series of new interviews focusing on success in general but in various different parts of our lives and in business so we can cover success Topix
00:01:47leadership in work in life and relationships in cryptocurrencies and blockchain the the world is our oyster when it comes to the success in general now of course there are a lot of other podcasts and websites and magazines and publishing's around success in general but we want to look at is you can attract success using the it will come philosophy in general which involves patience persistence and momentum so we are still going to incorporate that we had interviews in the past so you know we will brush on community stuff we may also brush on the animal question that we love asking all I guess you know when we ask folks you know if you were to be any animal what would you be and why but it really is looking at my holistic view of success in general taking both
00:02:47the successes and failures as well and we apologize episodes missing out episodes in general but we haven't gone anywhere we're still here we're working diligently in the background and come 2018 do expect to see a fully rebranded show the success will come show and if you haven't had a chance yet to check out Facebook a private Facebook group the success will come community that I suggest you go on to Facebook and search for it see if you can find it you should be able to I hit that request button and of course I will add you to that but we're very excited to move in this direction and as you know is any startup or any new business that is developing in trying to find its business model we found that the success will come brand just works a lot better
00:03:47terms of discoverability and in terms of allowing people to understand what the it will come philosophy is in general. What we had it will come a lot of people ask what is the it although we thought it was like mysterious enough when we tested successful, we found that a lot more people were able to resonate with that I'm going to be pulled by it and so you know we are just simply adjusting to what the community is attracted to and finding ways to work around and as we come close to the end of 2017 would really love to hear how you been doing and if you'd like to share some of your own stories from others in our community remember go to Facebook look up success will come Community hope to see you there and be on the lookout will keep you updated in
00:04:47January of 2018 with the success will come show also we will be creating a new well of course for Success will come and they will come show URL itself will probably redirect to their hearing from me but we will see you soon all the best and remember you patience and persistence it will come

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