Welcome to the Inside Sales Enablement Podcast, Episode 17

In an earlier episode (#13), Brian and Scott discussed the incredibly important concept of Stakeholder Management.  When we published that episode, we received a lot of feedback from the Insider Nation.  One of those feedback items was a person asking us for a more in-depth discussion on stakeholder management moving beyond the Chicken Hawk concept and asking us to breathe life into the idea.

In this episode #17, Scott interviews Brian and his recent work internally at a large company.  As a Sales Enablement leader, Brian shares his learning and experiences in managing across the organization and managing up the organization. The guys walk through this important concept and dive into the operational challenges. They also talk about expectation setting approaches, and they explore the importance of managing the message to multiple altitude levels.  

Listen to the episode, and you'll hear what Brian and his team did to work up, down, and across the organization to: 

    CommunicateManage the messageDeclare victories Handle push back and feedback from sales

Let us know what you think!  Including the sound effects :)


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