Prof. Michael Rectenwald vs. Left Authoritarianism and the New Conformism 

Universities and the world's biggest Corporations are pushing a new conformity and "Social Justice Warriors" -- on and off campus -- are their shock troops. They have ushered in a Left Authoritarianism that intensively polices both public and private thoughts, opinions, and language, to weed out dissent, publicly shame and, sometimes, personally destroy.

Professor Michael Rectenwald is one of the few courageous voices taking on the SJWs in the University faculty, administration and even student body, and taking his "philosophical whistelblowing" to the biggest companies in the world, which are supporting this agenda: Google, Facebook, and Big Tech. 

Join us for this fascinating and entertaining discussion, as we unveil the absurdity, surrealism and danger in this pivotal political moment.


United States


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