In The Loop with Fred, Landry and Lopez discusses the biggest blunder in recent sports history last night and why it has them bothered.

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00:00:00You know once o'brien was hellish act that i came back to you know it was like oops so for me like a man great i cannot tell you how much better this is what they thought it was over and you know we were up one you know I
00:00:16thought we were all aware of what was going on that's my view so i don't know what jay i was thinking i don't know the question you're tryingto i was just trying to see if you you knew exactly what his state of mind was did he think that
00:00:27you guys had it won or did he think he was trying to make a play Not sure remember not sure if they lose this game i am getting the strap because his father you got no job oh welcome in h town happy friday everybody final week first week
00:00:50last show of the week what the hell ever is in the loop That's landry locker i'm fred davis we got a boy deejay figure role in the house john lopez doing what john lopez doesn't a friday fishing for cancer well when you say it like that that could
00:01:08be misconstrued ischinger to be candidates said that's how the unity fishes for cancer per se but they might fish to beat cancer cancer research that shit that's any somewhere out in the galveston waters are still sort of bluish now they're brown There are the completely as reports Those
00:01:26reports were either very brave or very false The galveston waters are not clear much like cleveland's finals chances Fleeting is what that is what the water was Fred i woke up four times last night and i each time i woke up you know a lot of times you
00:01:42wake up you go back to sleep you wake up you go take you gop or you come back and you and you go get some water something each time i did that last night i had to look on my phone and make sure that what i saw happen
00:01:57last night in the nba finals actually happened What happened I am disgusted with what i saw from j r smith yesterday and i feel cheated I feel like i feel like i deserve three hours of my life back because games like that in which you see a superhuman
00:02:14effort from lebron james and you see a cavs team that is outmanned by the warriors Leave it all on the court Games like that should not end because j r smith is such an idiot and does what i don't know if there's any other player in the mba
00:02:30that would do something as stupid as he did you don't have to you don't have to know too much in basketball but you can at least know the score especially when it's game one of the mba finals and there's four point seven seconds remaining absolute disgrace i'm hearing
00:02:44a lot of people complain about the officiating fred you like mba basketball I like mba basketball that officiating is part of the game it's almost as much of a part of the game as halftime is that officiating happens every game in the mba that's nothing new but what
00:03:01we saw last night was an absolute disgrace who was pathetic and it was a symbol of j r smith's entire career that rebound he grabbed all the time one of the most talented things you can do not many guys get to grab that rebound but what he did
00:03:15right after that it had me angry and i was sitting there just thinking what the hell did i just waste my time watching if you really think about that entire siri's of events on and we're going to get into it in our next segment Listen we like to
00:03:30call what happened wass on we'll get into that next however we leave we'll leave the officiating alone like you said that's its own separate issue and you and i have our own thoughts on that particular play because really adds i mean to me outside of that outside of
00:03:44that black you know black charge call and then of course tony brothers kicking out tristin times at the very end which of course at the end it was just kind of and i really don't think the nba is going toe i think they're going to they're going to
00:03:56have warnings out there's no way they're going to suspend tristin thompson they might suspend trips and there's no way they're going to spend coming for getting off the bat interstate war for walk up the bench because he did he like started to walk off that he walked back
00:04:06so hopefully that because again you take out kevin love and you seriously have no chance in game two but we'll get to that later in the program but as far as that whole syria that you know that that that's that's siri's that play structure the wind down lebron's
00:04:21got the ball and you and i talked about it for the show you could question whether or not thrown it to george hill in that situation considering that lebron had arguably one of the greatest finals performances of all time last night where he's pretty much gotten to the
00:04:36basket at will whenever he decided to he kind of went you know twenty eleven mavericks ish honest and decided though that passed now again if clay thompson doesn't hook him he's white him for a layup izzy though i don't know him like up some ground there i don't
00:04:52know how you make it up that way because that ball was on it i mean that ball was on a run i don't think i didn't like the decision of lebron to throw it to george hill there i thought i thought it was possibly going to go out
00:05:00of balance because it was such a hard pass but but neither here nor there george hale had an opportunity to win the game and he's an eighty percent free throw shooter he knocks down the first one but again he's george hill right les he's george hill's you know
00:05:13again it goes back that narrative of this is why the cows were you know tremendous underdogs going into this and you know again you reshape your roster in one single day because you get guys like a george hill who's a you know good not great mba player so
00:05:28he makes wanted to and then your other good not great eh Nba player who again lebron has dragged into this situation the one mr j r smith again makes a play ok George hill helped make a play on lee could convert half of it j r smith makes
00:05:43a play on lee can convert half of it because yes he gets the rebound and his day he was in position to just put the ball right back up All he had to do is go up strong holy had to do that was like that you're going to
00:05:54get fouled He went over loony all he had to do was go up strong and then he's dribbling back And what was even more disgraceful is just listen to j r smith explanation with the media afterwards and just listen to what he had to say about the play
00:06:08you didn't think you knew retired just aboutthe dummy dummy let me explain something to you dummy You're allowed to call timeout if you think that you're going to call time out as soon as you get that rebound you could call time out it's that it's mind boggling that
00:06:45you don't go straight up But if you really thought that you needed to call timeout you're allowed to call time out now He very he thought they had the lead There's no quite he knows it He said you can catch him to help my brain It might bring
00:07:01amar kester said it there's a team of him mouthing it there's a means of him mouthing i tweeted out this morning at the freddy de at landry locker at sports radio six ten at figure Roland make sure you check out all the twitter accounts but you know listen
00:07:13he knew that they he he no he knows what he said He thought they had a one point lead He grabs that rebound he dribbled it out like he's dribbling out the final status check into the game because well that's exactly what he did And then when he
00:07:25turns around and says away we don't have the lead we are tied and then decides to hold back to judge or gel and of course he gets a shot blocked and and you knew at that point games over Oh yeah overtime that's around and you know what would
00:07:38have been crazy is if the warriors would have covered the twelve and a half point spread I mean that would have been that would have been heartbreaking stating for somebody they ended up winning by tim but if they would have covered the twelve and a half point spread
00:07:47that would have been one of the worst beats ever lebron james though yesterday fifty one points he ties them j for first all time for thirty point games in one hundred and the finals are in the playoffs This is a crazy stat right here Lebron james in his
00:08:01career he has mawr forty point playoff i think kobe and shaq combined It doesn't surprise me but let's forget let's not forget the students played in so many playoff games like i mean it's only a matter of time before lebron is going to own every he's get lebron
00:08:18is well on his way to becoming the wayne gretzky of basketball and that he's going to have every single major record and he's going to put it so far out of ah you know realm of the realm of for everybody that you know you know bill no one
00:08:31going to able to catch up to him But let me ask you this fred because you know me i like to localize yeah like allies you do but i like to localize just localizing what we watched yesterday We had the discussion yesterday about the cavs and if the
00:08:43cavs would have a chance against the rockets in the n b a finals assuming that chris paul was hobbled and couldn't return until game three i'm pretty convinced that the casket would get the rockets if they played I'm pretty just seeing what i saw last night seeing with
00:08:57people without chris paul i think with chris paul they would have a chance to but i'm pretty convinced that the cavs would have a chance and we've been talking about the possibility and i know it's a small possibility of lebron james coming to houston on there's some rocket
00:09:11fans who even say they don't want that If you don't want that dude playing on your team you should probably delete every social media account you haven't You should never talk about sports again I was ever i'm not i'm not ready to say that they listen lebron played
00:09:24and at a level that i've never i mean i'm thirty seven years old i watched a lot of basketball my life and again we've talked about it all year long right That lebron at thirty three years old fifteenth nba season is defying every possible you know narrative discussion
00:09:41about just how this guy's playing at this kind of a level at this age is literally i mean we've never seen thing like it before and he did and to think You know there was an article in sports illustrated was written late last night i can't take the
00:09:52guy's name that that road it was an excellent article about you know three reasons why you could never forgive jr for what happened last night and it was totally on point but it was and it was exactly right because i think i think i might've been henry thomas
00:10:03i was talking to the night before i know we've talked about that you know the on ly way lebron you know we talked about it the only way cleveland was going to win game one was if lebron went for fifty right like that was the narrative right Well
00:10:14yeah he goes for fifty they'll win and he went for fifty right I mean that was and he did it in such an efficient workman like manner that was just so i mean just watching him do it He got to the rack he was knocking down jumpers I
00:10:26mean he looked he looked like something out of it and two kg You think that maybe that game in like a crazy twisted way might actually help lebron's legacy and this is this is my theory on that just just hear me out on this fred we already know
00:10:41like if you watch basketball close enough you you know that lebron james has been short man in his finals losses in and assuming that the warriors win this serious he's going to be three and six but i think when you have signature moments like that that people are
00:10:54going to be talking about for twenty five years where ah guy that's a starter on the team that makes the finals jared smith does something that stupid I think it magnifies just how bad his supporting cast is So when when a lot of people who were skeptical to
00:11:09acknowledge the fact that lebron was shorthanded and michael jordan maybe had a better team when a moment like that happens and you put it on a tee and it's on display at the biggest moment when lebron's doing what he does maybe like overtime that will will be able
00:11:23to point back to just this key moment instead of taking the time to go through rosters and do all that crap and we'll have a tangible moment where we can point and say those of the dumb ass is that lebron james was carrying to the finals Now the
00:11:36only caveat that's going to be is judgements also the same guy that lebron pushed for his team to re sign Now that is true you know right Well they had a choice You always gotta show i mean come on you don't tell me you couldn't you had to
00:11:49re sign j r smith and they had to because they wouldn't have been able to replace him because they just decided to pay the luxury tax so if he went it's not like they could have just brought someone in so it was a weird situation he got a
00:11:59three year deal but it's not like if they would have let jay argo that he wouldn't have ah he would have been gone and then you could bring it on somebody else yeah it's it's it's a weird situation but it was it was disgraceful what if what if
00:12:12what if let's say what What rocket would do that What if eric gordon did that James harden goes for fifty and eric gordon does that Eric gordon well we talked about before the show table we'll do it we'll do it and we're doing the localized segment because you
00:12:25we talk about that as well as faras who on this rockets team or texans let's let's let's let's let's put every every single sport who's the most likely to do something that dumb because i have one from the text and here's what's so funny about it is that
00:12:39what's so sad about sad funny have you want to look at it Is that no one surprised today that it is j r smith no like no one i mean again it literally a microcosm of his lifelines tenure that this is what of all the people that would
00:12:55make arguably the stupidest move in n b a finals history And i know it's been talked about on twitter i know i think john lopez tweet this out earlier and i know other you know other shows have done it you know this is this is chris webber calling
00:13:09time out in the in the in the champion i think it's worse man and this is it is definitely worse because i'll give a college kid the benefit of the dallas these time outs like it's not right up there clear and dry sometimes the coach doesn't tell you
00:13:21we don't have any time outs don't call though i think he did although if i do win watching fisher did they say remember what If you do make sure not to call a time out before you know in any situation but it's been me of all the stats
00:13:32to know of i mean if there's anything you know it again if there's anything you know in a game it's to score right like dad i would hope so fareed into school would hope so no excuse not to know the score of the game d j figueroa alright
00:13:50have cleveland feeling today but what What what's the polls back home we a little upset with j r you gotta be right jr going to jr figure role is going to figure all the lander's going landry and friends going fred i welcome in this is the all new
00:14:02in the loop coming up next little something we like to call What happened was landry on wait let's see you you know you've got somebody that's um cleveland stuff All right the j r smith as well as you are you are you jackson Honestly i'm going i'm going
00:14:16to hue jackson on what well what happened was next on in the loop all right and then my finals m v p yell it's gone but not forgotten let's Put that that way He's landrum fred it's in the loop on a friday

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