Season 2 will be released in the spring of 2018, but this one won't be about the Jacob Wetterling case.
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00:00:04play in the dark listeners this is Madeline Baron host of this podcast and I'm here with her senior producer Samara freemark hi everyone we know it's been a while but we thought we'd pop into your feed for a second to say hi and we also wanted to introduce you to a few other people on our team we got our season 1 veteran producer Natalie jablonski our new reporter Parker yesco big eyes and our new associate producer hello we all hope you're enjoying the winter season what does that mean sitting in front of a fireplace buying gifts eating way too many cookies or you working overtime at the mall here in the dark we've been celebrating the holiday season
00:00:44in our own way
00:00:56hi Richie has been away from home recording from an undisclosed location for months and let's just say it's been interesting Clay Road
00:01:16sweet pulled over and then I went right into the ditch
00:01:29oh my gosh it's right there
00:01:37Sprint staring contest
00:01:39testing one two three testing one two three test test test okay okay so where are we now
00:01:49all right let's do this I'm ready we've arrived just need to grab my respirator
00:01:57mine is already inside of it
00:02:16I am Madeline. A public radio reporter
00:02:27we're so excited to let you know that the second season of in the dark will be coming out in the spring of 2018
00:02:39can tell you what it's about just yet but here's what I can say
00:02:44the story were working on isn't just a good story it's a really important one it's turning out to be one of the biggest stories any of us have ever worked on and I can promise you'll hear more about it in the coming by this kind of reporting takes so much time it is expensive and if you're listening to this I'm guessing you believe it's worth it so we are asking you to help us out by making a donation help us tell these stories help support our investigative journalism making a donation is really easy just go to in the dark podcast. Org like right now like do it now if you're in front of your computer just type in in the dark podcast. Org and click the Donate button already donated to in the dark thank you so much and thank you for listening to the podcast it means a lot to us and stay tuned for season 2 we cannot wait for you to hear it

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