In this strange and surreal landscape, everything is lost and everything is gained. Series credits: Written & Directed by Sin Ribbon. Erith: Sin Ribbon, Calyx: Abe Ross, Sem: Darius Johnson, the Instructor: Michael Collins, Erith's Mother: Kat O’Shaughnessy, the Elder: Virginia Patterson, the Guard: Denis Gor. Re-recording Mixer, Sound Effects & Music Editor: Elizabeth Wolford, Studio Engineer & Dialogue Editor: Alex Harn, Sound Effects Editor: Carter Fischer.

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00:00:10I hate my life
00:00:12somebody else
00:00:15I hate myself
00:00:24this could be this one
00:00:28I know it's like to be a typhoon
00:00:31the way you are now
00:01:03what did you do to him he's a pile of Ash
00:01:11he has been broken apologize like the minions fails polished for him
00:01:16why why why why why why
00:01:26solve division is caregivers created off here and realize how far you call it from who you wanted to be calling this is what consumed
00:01:35why did you have to kill him I promised him that he would be safe I made him come here with me
00:01:46the natural diet Funk Soul become strong
00:01:52Eric you are small so incomplete with ready to move on to become a part of the wall that you will soon remember there's no truth nothing well shut up I don't care this
00:02:08this is all my fault
00:02:12if only I had told him to stay, that's why didn't I let him stay I could have saved him he was kind and honest and sincere why wasn't that enough
00:02:26there is only one like that anyone can ever see
00:02:32self is the foundation for growth while he's feeling toward indeed valid empathy is irrelevant if there is no ground but they make plant roots
00:02:43the same thing happen to him as the older was
00:02:48was this a mercy killing just the same as a successful
00:02:55but I have accelerated the process where
00:02:58try to find comfort in that
00:03:07what the heck no no calluses remains there burning out
00:03:13this is the Gate of before
00:03:16my pics of souls collecting sell statue one being as they find their way back to life
00:03:23you will go on the time to rejoin the secret
00:03:28I've been here before haven't I guess I don't remember really just a feeling of nostalgia all I have are questions you may ask I was tired before you buy
00:03:48have we met before
00:03:54what are you exactly
00:03:57I am successfully published IQ
00:04:03oo Chris are the apex of the Polish so there are others and they all passed through here
00:04:11yes something simple no one stays not even the remaining no one is born here at this is not the place we are going to the law
00:04:23you told me on the recorder I remember
00:04:30you told me to turn away from the light and embrace the shadow
00:04:34is that what all the Lakers have done are you happy to be here as you are
00:04:40I am the god of this key because I choose to be
00:04:44I want I want you to watch over the people of this place the process that's so different not because of the presence of pain
00:04:54because of the absence of memory
00:04:57New York expected is limited that is why you feel of freed you see only hurdles before you forgetting what position in the grand scheme of space and everyone comes here to forget themselves
00:05:14remember to June 1st
00:05:18despite your apathetic demeanor you seem concerned about me
00:05:22is that why you were calling to me on the recorder it sounds so ominous threatening
00:05:29I was attempting to help you prepare for this moment Alex
00:05:39every individual is a hanging off not just by choice
00:05:44but I wear when she chooses to stand within it from the valley of precipice seems for boating danger looming above
00:05:53on the top of the cliff The Last Castle of Grand Touring color is a thing of Sublime Beauty
00:06:01no intervention on mypark appreciate such a perspective
00:06:10my intent was not to alter your decisions and was to remind you that this world not be deemed
00:06:20can you purchase feel peace within you and that encouragement was passed on to Catholics how do you believe he would have fared otherwise without your support if I'm a child
00:06:32adventure to send what have remained the same but you think that he would have found any joy in this process
00:06:40I see his charred remains carried away and wonder how he felt Joy at all
00:06:45the lighthouse could lead your heart home
00:06:50he saw your like you even if you didn't reach it some Souls too hot out
00:07:01you're too bright for me callus
00:07:17Here I Am Without You seems a hollow Victory to have been achieved alone
00:07:26some you keep saying the payoff is growth but I don't feel stronger smarter or happier
00:07:36what did I gain from all this but the loss of my friend
00:07:41even if it experience doesn't kill you with trial even if you wanted left to dust you can say now
00:07:50you have conquered the mountain
00:07:55too old and experienced a Treasured Memories that has led to a new point of view there is no sequel motion for Quality going from that. Jim is he know we know who you are every step is a Moment chords that carry the body hold
00:08:16my face what's happening
00:08:23your eyes will not darken with the storm as it is with knows that succumb to pain
00:08:30your smoker I never use cloud. It's like mine
00:08:39always hurts
00:08:44some answer me one more thing
00:08:48why polishing why can't people find the strength on their own without this horrible rich people
00:08:57I asked that question to
00:09:00I was home by the one who sent me that this place was the only land when one can build his identity free from the influence outside prayers calls for submission you can please for the Direction one should go
00:09:15people like my mother
00:09:18yes we hope that once those have the ability to see themselves truly they would Embrace that person looking back
00:09:29Nicki Minaj give them the courage to do so
00:09:34sure you can eat tacos. Conformity underworld stars on the badges of the straw they said
00:09:42strange not to be on the holiday that causes one to stand out
00:09:48we choose those whose light shines through fractions
00:09:54glitter of your beautiful blue ash we know you are more than enough to try
00:10:02gave that life a chance to break through by the moving and cans of your world we are broke the spirit to grow and hold it as one would happen as it was with you
00:10:16Hancock Fabrics
00:10:18I won't be long
00:10:21I feel something heavy pouring from my eyes color
00:10:29I can see color again
00:10:37adores opening above the ocean
00:10:42that is the gate to which you will pass
00:10:47going to happen
00:10:50did you get what you want with the others and be reborn all come here to find themselves again before venturing back into the universe
00:10:59this is the man before her one can see with eyes on mask to step into new life that will now and more scared
00:11:13do not despair for your loss small so when you into the world you find meaning of those dark thoughts and shadows by just focus on illuminate your little corner of the world
00:11:30all you have to do a shot
00:11:56and her burning the moon did not stop for sleep and muscle carried on with Agony but strong
00:12:49thank you for listening the in her burning podcast was created by sin ribbon for more information about the story and other works bison ribbon please visit www. Universe. Vision

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