Wise At Work values the years of experience and wisdom each person carries, no matter how old they are. In this episode, we reconnect with Priyanka Gothi, founder of Wise At Work, formerly known as Retired Not Out. Listen in to learn about how Wise At Work has expanded to combat age discrimination in Hong Kong and provide a platform that both companies and professionals can benefit from.

“Don’t waste too much time procrastinating. Start doing stuff and the answers will start revealing themselves to you. There is no secret formula to what life holds for you. You gotta do it and find out.”

Priyanka Gothi did not waste a single moment when she founded Wise At Work. She was inspired by her mother who wanted to continue growing after ending her long-time career as a teacher. Given the rapidly aging population, Wise At Work gives concrete solutions to give professionals the skills and mentorship to grow. We last spoke to Priyanka a year and a half ago on episode 48. This time, Priyanka speaks specifically about how this organization has changed and expanded. She also shares her experiences as a founder while offering advice to others who wish to pursue their aspirations.

In this episode, you will learn about…

* Priyanka’s founder journey through rebranding and how her mom plays a huge role in this organization* How Wise At Work’s new platform maximizes opportunities for companies and talents to connect * Wise At Work’s programs that promote cross-generational collaboration and innovation* Ageism, what it is and what Wise At Work is doing to create a more age inclusive Hong Kong* How to have a growth mindset and be resilient

“The challenge is to not get stuck in a rut and to remember why you started doing something.”

Priyanka is dedicated to making a difference in Hong Kong. She believes that there is so much potential when demographics and discrimination do not get in the way of growth for both individuals and companies. Although she has faced the challenge of rebranding, it made her grow immensely as an entrepreneur and is very happy she was able to do that single-handedly. With her hard work, support from corporates and advice from her mom, Wise At Work is able to provide a wide-range of assistance for everyone of all ages.

“Ageism is not even considered to be a problem, because people don’t even know that they are being ageist.”

Are you a millennial looking to learn how to communicate with the older generation in a professional setting? Are you older and want to become digitally adept and literate? Do you know anyone who is looking for opportunities for work or professional development? Are you a company or corporation looking for talent who possess experience and skill sets? Want to be involved in creating a more age-inclusive Hong Kong?  

If you want to connect with Wise At Work you can check out their website to stay update with their blog. You can also send an email or follow them on Linkedin and Facebook. You can create a profile on their platform or join any of their programs. It is a great opportunity to network and grow professionally, no matter how old you are.

“You can learn from every interaction. You can learn from every observation.”
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