Debt, fighting, anxiety, and shame- not being in control of your finances means not being in control of your life! And while the idea of setting up a budget may seem about as fun as going to the dentist or shutting down the party, we’ll show you why it’s the key to getting what you REALLY want and why it will give you peace and security.

We had to set up our own budget after starting our business and realizing we were rapidly going broke AND constantly fighting over money. We’ll tell you all about Laura’s epic Nordstrom meltdown and the easy process we went through to take control of our finances and use our money to build security, prioritize our goals, and enjoy the fun stuff without worrying about the cost.

Plus, in this week's mailbag segment, we’re talking with a couple who is unsure whether to buy a home or invest in a business; and talking with an independent contractor who is struggling with no longer having a steady income.

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