Attention! Attention! Even though this could be the shortest podcast episode ever done by Mick Benzo and Ice T on earth, it is another powerful one. This week on the Final Level Podcast, Mick Benzo previews 5 tracks from The Long Road Home, the debut solo album by Danny Worsnop. The front man for Asking Alexandria and We Are Harlot shines in his debut album and if you don't believe us, you got to listen to this episode. If you like the album, cop it the CD/vinyl/signed  here http://www.earache.com/danny  and on iTunes - http://bit.ly/longroadhome-itunes  or Amazon http://bit.ly/longroadhome-amazon-uk

Check out more about Danny Worsnop here http://thesnop.com/ Remember you can email Ice T and Mick Benzo right here [email protected] and make sure you continue to follow the crew on Twitter Ice T @FINALLEVEL Mick Benzo @MickBenzo Danny Worsnop @dannyworsnop

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00:00:00attention you are now listening to a final level podcast with ice tea and Mick benzo if you are offended by words like shit fuck ass mother fucker whatever stop this podcast now and by the way this is the hardest podcast on Earth
00:00:25attention attention we're back this is a special podcast what number making iced tea and make benzos podcast number 55 I hope you guys enjoyed number 54 because it was just sipping of the whole album called and let less that actually comes out on March 31st 2017 you can actually go to body count band. Com and actually still get you are pre-order or copy right now and they have a bundle that you can buy a shirt or hat and I don't know what else is up there but you showed up to buy it I hope you guys enjoyed it and it appears that you have because when I'm looking at all the comments all I got was good reviews that was podcast number 50 for this is podcast number 55 Ice-T and big benzo in today but we going to be talkin about you you was Danny Worsnop Danny Worsnop has an album called The Long Road Home so I'm going to preview a few songs on that one just because
00:01:25the other one came across so well it was so overwhelming and want to keep you up-to-date on what we're doing I make benzo this is Ice-T and that's my partner Ice-T and this is the final level podcast in this is number 55 in the first song I'm going to pull out for you guys that you're going to get a little preview is anyone but me by Danny Worsnop The Long Road Home you can buy that right now on Airway for.com or Amazon or iTunes
00:02:06as much as I don't want to hold you
00:02:11I know I won't
00:02:35what's going on
00:02:44yeah I wish I could have played a little bit more that for you guys but you don't like I said that cost Snippets so if you like what you just heard go to inmate.com and get you an album right now or go to amazon.com itunes.com and buy you an album right now called The Long Road Home coming up next I'm going to play the song called quite a while by Danny Worsnop The Long Road Home
00:03:50now that was quite a while I like that one too that I'm serious I wish I could play jazz a little bit more for y'all but unfortunately I can't you know what I mean but listen right now what you going to Here and Now once again is another song called I'll hold on I'll hold on on the album called The Long Road Home and you can get that album right now at inmate.com or Amazon.com or itunes.com Danny Worsnop The Long Road Home
00:04:27maybe it's Patsy that soon
00:04:42okay this is iced tea to make Bento you know it's podcast number 55 and like I said we're not doing these every week but we want to keep you all up on what we are doing what you have just heard on those three song was anyone but me quite a while and I'll Hold On by the artist named Danny Worsnop on the Long Road Home album that you can get from Eric, that's the label.com or Amazon or iTunes so coming up now we're going to do this one right here and this is one of my favorite songs
00:05:12same old ending if you catch my drift daddy will snow along roadhog he has the song Same Old ending
00:06:12keep calm
00:06:19find me pencil podcast number 55 my partner Ice-T is in the building but guess what though this is on behalf of my artist Danny Worsnop Danny Worsnop the album The Long Road Home I just played you for samples anyone but me quite a while I'll hold on same old and and this one here would be the last song we going to play today the last little snippet and it's called High
00:06:51started from the bottom but I'm not yet
00:06:59they seem song Stand
00:07:11stomach been so this is podcast number 55 my partner I see a big benzo and we're out of here because guess what we ain't got no more to talk about I can't play no more to Snip-Its I gave you all I can give you all that y'all got to do me a favor and go by the album by the album The Long Road Home on earache records go to Eric. Com b a r c h e in rake and rake. Com itunes.com or amazon.com I make benzo I'm gone you got something to say ice talk to me on Twitter at final level piece
00:07:55adjust song this is
00:08:05does a pain in my chest
00:08:17tell me I'm not sure
00:08:34and No More Tears to cry Robin sword
00:08:41then on top of the world
00:08:52who's it's a cannoli
00:09:11I just saw
00:09:57was it say again no way
00:10:16I just found

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