Sometimes indecision stops us in our tracks. This simple guided meditation goes directly into that, to enhance your sense of power and ability to follow your heart, right at the micro-level of where indecisiveness arises. After each long thought phases passes, a moment of potential arises and in that moment you do what you intuitively feel is right. Then repeat the process. It’s that simple. To practice trusting yourself, practice trusting yourself!

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00:00:10welcome welcome everyone let's settle in for another meditation session and we're just starting by getting our body into a position that feels upright and dignified I even if we're lying in a recliner or on the floor on a Stihl we can sort of straighten things out as much as possible and elongate the back of the knee
00:00:36and if we're sitting up right then it could be a feeling of a string pulling the top of the head up
00:00:44towards the sky and everything else dangling down like a marionette then just letting that go so just starting with an upright energy
00:00:56an inner feeling of being dignified
00:01:03that may be closing your eyes if you like to close the eyes
00:01:09and relaxing the face
00:01:13so there's bracing in the face from interacting with people or just naturally during the day
00:01:21relaxing on
00:01:26vaccine that face and feeling the relief
00:01:30maybe even letting the relief drip down into the rest of the body
00:01:35I was just feeling that relief as a inner mental attitude of relief of release
00:01:43relaxation openness
00:01:59and then doing whatever it takes to enhance that
00:02:04so it might be
00:02:07breathing in a certain way
00:02:10why that would feel good right now
00:02:17baby breathing slower or faster deeper or shallower
00:02:26smooth air crisper silkier
00:02:30s words to describe what you probably have an inner intuitive sense
00:02:38what would be good right now I would go good with this right now
00:02:52and then the whole body relax
00:02:58as you breathe in a good feeling brass
00:03:02print out a good feeling brass
00:03:15I want to see how things settle
00:03:40and after noticing how things have settled because I'm quiet because I'm still adding to that
00:03:49bonding in some more pleasant brats
00:03:54it's in too deep in it
00:03:58a bodily feeling of relaxation that might be pregnant
00:04:06or in our mental attitude of release relief
00:04:11it might even that
00:04:13inner Silence of resting settling settling
00:05:05and the mind may start off with a lot of thinking
00:05:11not elaborate scenarios or just kind of drifting off again about stuff
00:05:22once that's over we'll realize it that that's what was happening
00:05:29that moment it's a great time to
00:05:34spine the first thing
00:05:37maybe it's relaxing the face
00:05:40maybe it's breathing in a certain way just the first thing that intuitively feels like it would be good right now
00:08:02and every once in a while
00:08:05don't realize again that thinking has been kind of going on for a while
00:08:12and once that's over you'll realize it
00:08:19you're here this is what's happening this is real
00:08:24that moment again finding the first thing first intuitive thing that feels like it would be really good
00:08:34baby relaxing the face relaxing the shoulders
00:08:39breathing in a certain way
00:08:44relaxing the inner mental attitude
00:08:48whatever it is
00:08:50it's going for the first into anything and then returning to the Brass
00:09:00refreshed new
00:09:03open Relax perspective
00:11:40every once in awhile
00:11:44you wake up out of thought
00:11:46automatically wake up
00:11:50at that moment
00:11:54is doing the first thing trusting in the first thing that feels right
00:12:04every time you wake up
00:12:07with your intuition
00:12:10I'm with you. That's the first thing I would love to do right now
00:12:19to be more at home in my body and mind
00:14:13and right now I would be the best thing
00:14:18best thing to do but would feel great right now
00:14:22going for that
00:15:10doing whatever it takes to be relaxed open so that you can really enjoy a few more breast breathing and a really good feeling in brat
00:15:23Good Feeling Opera
00:15:27taking a few more
00:15:38and relaxing the face relaxing the eyes
00:15:43the highest float open that again a little crack of light more and more like the other halfway open door all the way open
00:15:58so trusting in art in our inner sense in our intuition
00:16:04somehow we know what's the right way to relate to what's going on in the conditions of the body in mind
00:16:14and we need to practice that that trust in ourselves
00:16:21it'll come in handy later
00:16:26so every time we wake up out of thought and remember we don't intentionally wake up out of thought it just happens we don't notice that was thinking that bring the mine back or any of those false statements that mislead us and get us frustrated. Meditation you wake up out of thought
00:16:51and there's your opportunity time to trust your intuition and just let it tell you what to do
00:17:01and if there's a little voice in there that's going which thing should I do or is that really what I want to do
00:17:10that's great I guess that gives us something to work with right there just go screw it I'm going for it whatever it is and we got to get a practice that that'll work out really great in life all the time to have a access to just you know I'm going for it not
00:17:32not second-guessing hesitating but go for it
00:17:37can't be bad if it's relaxing the face relaxing the international attitude really breathing in or some kind of combination of those or whatever it is
00:17:49it's not going to be a big deal if you can't go wrong
00:17:53so trusting I got trusting our intuition over and over again at that critical moment when we wake up and there's a little about Mount of kinda free-floating energy that that feels under a choice
00:18:11free floating energy of attention that feels under our choice somewhat under control are control important that at that moment to practice the art of not going back into oh crap I was thinking or what a waste of time or I'm doing suck at this and instead go right to what's good what knows what knows the way what's new is the path The Awakening energy that's already in us going with that
00:18:41trusting in that
00:18:46total abandon in the moment and it's not like we're going crazy here doing crazy things you know it's just whatever feels right trusting that finding our way
00:18:59what a great exercise
00:19:02so we can return to this again and again training this again and again very simple wake up out of thought go for it
00:19:21very good
00:19:23I'm really happy that we're able to connect in this way
00:19:30and I hope to connect a lot more in the future we've been working on a new website a new place where we can gather more intensively and focus more intensively about your going deeper into the practice
00:19:47exploring these other levels and layers
00:19:51meditation practice is a lot more than just simple abstract commands like pay attention to the breath
00:20:00appreciation is a way of attention
00:20:05there really isn't any attention that doesn't have a flavor to it
00:20:11there's just so much more to explore in meditation and to keep our mind occupied
00:20:18not to mention have support and community
00:20:22so that's why we're starting meditation Forest
00:20:27and I'll be there with you
00:20:31and we'll be there together to practice this together to go deeper
00:20:38to really stick with our meditation practice in and have a life a new way of experiencing life
00:20:47please do go. I should be meditating. Common I sign up so that you get the first chance to get into meditation for us and
00:20:58experience a new way a new way of life
00:21:03I'm really happy to see you there
00:21:06what's the seed for the next one song
00:21:09bye bye for now
00:21:17thank you for listening to I should be meditating with Alan Klima
00:21:22Pomona help with meditation to connect with other meditators and to deepen your practice
00:21:30go to I should be meditating. Com

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