There is a sweet feeling inside, the feeling of being alive, which everyone can contact. We can get better at that as we practice, but it all comes down to a simple choice, an act of choosing what we know is right. And we can practice that too. We can strengthen the recognition that we have an interior choice, where we can supply our attention to what is right in us rather than what we think is wrong in us.
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00:00:03welcome to I should be meditating with Alan Klima
00:00:09Settle Inn relax
00:00:13and he is your guided meditation for the day
00:00:18hey welcome everyone to another meditation session and let's settle down getting into a comfortable position
00:00:27weather at sitting on a question in an order on a chair reclining
00:00:33or even lying flat on the floor
00:00:38just bringing in a sense of straightness
00:00:48and it's an internal sense so right away bringing.
00:00:53The awareness in Word
00:00:59just noticing that it's quite possible to have it I kind of inner sense of feeling straight or upright
00:01:10and we're not going too fast with that it's just a little little cute little way to get the ball rolling
00:01:21so you might also add that I had a sense of of being your your best version
00:01:29wanted you know doesn't really complain about too many things and take things with a grain of salt and with some humor
00:01:41you might notice that you can actually kind of adopt that persona for a moment
00:01:49us. The noble one that did not find one
00:01:55strong one
00:02:04and letting that go as well and maybe picking up on a meditation object a suitable one like maybe the feeling of the breath in the body the feeling of being alive
00:02:27and if you've been doing these meditations for a while and listening for a while following along then you probably also have a sense of of an inner sweetness
00:02:41inner peace Joy
00:02:47it's okay if you if you haven't noticed that yet but you're noticing that now you can add that into what you're paying attention to
00:02:59feeling of what it feels like to be alive right now
00:03:06if you already have a connection starting to form or Orwell form
00:03:12with the inner sense of joy
00:03:17then allowing that to rain
00:03:21the car from the inside
00:03:24call to your attention
00:03:27that your attention get
00:03:29turn all the interested in that
00:03:36and really enjoying enjoying the breath
00:03:41enjoying this interior sense of
00:03:45contender fulfillment
00:03:48the sweet feeling
00:04:09so there's that there's a sense of choosing here
00:04:14many things that attention could get busy with
00:04:20and what kind of choosing to
00:04:23sense the wellness
00:04:28incense what's right inside
00:04:33and be interested in that
00:04:40to be interested in what feels right
00:04:45rather than what we think is wrong
00:05:06and maybe in our everyday life we don't always think to choose that but now that we're settled down in meditation
00:05:16we can't do that
00:05:22sexual assault feels right
00:05:34enjoy that rest in that
00:05:50and if you haven't developed a connection with that yet don't worry about that just breathe a pleasant breath breath it feels good without too much forcing
00:06:02enjoy this just this feeling of being alive
00:06:27and father things like problems and things that are wrong with us
00:06:34parts that trouble starter attract the attention that's okay
00:06:44the jazz shoes
00:06:48best used to be interested in something else
00:06:56the feeling of being alive
00:07:01and even deeper Estella
00:07:05The Joy within the sweet feeling inside
00:07:38something and ask know if it's right to say yes to that
00:07:43Say Yes To Life
00:07:48say yes to this sense of our are being
00:07:54destroying and just being
00:08:42and every time that attention gets busy with thought
00:08:49problems or anything else
00:08:53that's that's fine it's an opportunity to denounce choose now that now that you came out of it
00:09:03opportunity to choose
00:09:06what do you want to devote your attention to
00:09:11and it's just right now
00:09:17so how about our attention to other things
00:09:21in the future
00:09:24right now this is what feels right
00:09:30and now that we're in our right mind we can make the right choice
00:10:14sound letting this step forward this choice
00:10:21its sweetness inside saying yes to it saying yes with our attention
00:10:58and whatever might be happening now
00:11:02making that choice again
00:11:09say yes to this
00:11:12most excellent feeling
00:11:15and it doesn't matter
00:11:18connected you are with it you can still say yes to that
00:11:24the best side of things
00:11:35something else knows what feels right
00:11:40and we can trust an app
00:11:51on the most basic level the practice of meditation is just just that
00:11:58saying yes
00:12:05he has to what feels right
00:12:11and yes to that part of yourself
00:12:15knows what's right
00:12:19allowing it to choose
00:12:31very nice
00:12:36I look forward to meeting again in the future. To meditate some more
00:12:43animals are happy to say that after going a long time getting ready for it
00:12:50we finally built meditation for us which is our online Practice Center in
00:12:58we're running a very deep course internet very core of your Awakening being the one that the one that knows what's right part of you that interested in meditation that wants to wake up and and really live
00:13:17living the way that feels right
00:13:21the course about connecting with that
00:13:24so I really look forward to the chance to be together with you and I really deep dive into meditation and a long time in coming very happy to announce that meditation Forest is open you can go to meditation for us.com and find out more
00:13:47I really hope to see you in there
00:13:51okay so
00:13:53bye for now see you soon
00:14:00some more help with meditation to connect with other meditators and steep in your practice go to meditation forest.com

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