HR Happy Hour 376 - HR and Digital Transformation - Live from HR Tech China
Host: Steve Boese
Guest: Jason Averbook, CEO and Founder, LeapGen
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On the first of a special three show series recorded LIVE at the recent HR Tech China Conference in Shanghai, Steve is joined by Jason Averbook, CEO and Founder of LeapGen and intrernational speaker, advisor, and HR Tech though leader. On the show, Jason shared some of the key highlights and themes of his recent presentations in China as well as at the HR Festival in Singapore all about HR Transformation, Digital Transformation, and the way forward for HR and HR tech professionals.
Jason talked about the importance of employee-centered approached to HR tech design and deployment, how 'technology' does not equal 'digital' and offered some advice as to how to best prepare HR and the organization overall for change and for digital transformation.
This was a fun and interesting conversation - thanks so much to Jason for joining us. And also thanks to LRP and DLG China for having the HR Happy Hour Show in Shanghai. 
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