In our last episode, we learn how to drink tea, build human towers, watch the sunset forever and find the Ian inside all of us.
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00:00:46hey Jonathan, can we help you with
00:00:51finger sticks out when I take a sip of a drink is it for balance much like a cat's tail kind of seems to only serve the purpose of being a hand to tell I mean you're you're speaking as if this is an involuntary accent it is and even in the morning she does it a little bit less because she's tired what are you guys royalty
00:01:30no we're not royalty I just think it's like a some sort of trait for maybe the pinkies trying to get cuddle cut off somehow it's a reflex almost feels very strange okay I'm trying to hold back right now not working I wonder if Jonathan when you were a baby if if your finger ever SEC out if you were if you were drinking a bottle or if you are nursing
00:02:00good questions to ask my mom what time is this is I think this is a fascinating question
00:02:06well thank you I'm glad that you guys think so we have somebody who can help you it's William Hanson he's an etiquette teacher and consultant based in the UK so William why do we stick out at pinkies when we drink but actually it is a complete misnomer however there is a lot of history about this and then many different myths as to where it came from but I can also give you the definitive answer my shock some people please will it will build out to the actual truth but she comes didn't used to have handles on them it wasn't until to the 1750s the handle was added on to a teacup and say you would hold them in a completely different way because obviously they be full of hot liquids and your little finger
00:03:06is might extend a little bit but not dramatically says that's one Theory okay with me he supposedly had stiff joints and say when he was picking up his cup of tea off to the 1750s with a handle he was picking up the TCAP and couldn't quite get his fingers around it and then ability not knowing order the Kings diseases so what if the king is doing that we will do that too and so they call pitch and everybody saw it sticking the middle finger sounds thoughts the actual reason and I hope you'll sitting down new brace to this read a little bit little bit racy in France in the days before I sent that because of the Revolution and the aristocracy where to post they enjoy extracurricular activity
00:04:06and say sexually transmitted infections with family, and place and say when you were having tea and call changing High Society you would extend your little finger if you had sexually transmitted infection to show healthy people that's you had once there was a way of telling people if you had an STD any sense so it'll be like a little flag saying I had to say you know the agenda or if you have one too you know whatever it was up to them but if you look through the history books match this is the one that there is nice to ever since the points towards it may be a combination between order those that the we satch but I think it you know what went on in France Diana send me the most likely that's fantastic you're right that's that is shocking yes or no
00:05:06the queen and the royal family they don't do this then they don't stick their fingers out today at 5 o'clock in the Royal household everyday wherever the queen is whichever is the Palaces you would not be opening off dance but I promise we'll be raised where they call it.
00:05:33Well maybe they'd be a sterilizing a teacup off to blast I'm sure thank you so much for talking with us enough to talk to you and can you be this is me this year really how many people are there in this company that's a lot of people
00:06:31I know all right what we we are going to try and find a game that that you can play with with all of your co-workers that you could you could possibly play with a ton of people where everybody would would be allowed to participate on the line with us now is Mikhail freret he competes in this catalonian sport where they build human towers with tons of people Mikhail can you tell us what exactly are human towers around Barcelona and boys start that you can teach one to another and they started to build towers of 6 level seven levels of Israel is one person find one up to the shoulders they climb the best group of human Tower can reach the hours of can't even 10 levels High
00:07:31plus you have give people standing on top of each other shoulder my feet on your shoulders up to 10 people high so watching I've seen YouTube videos of this competition and to each level of the tower is kind of a ring of people and then people climb up them and inform the next ring of people in total how many people are in a successful tall tower and the Superbowl be around 1,000 people taking part in participating in in in the tower in the 95 years old no way really 95 years old
00:08:31so thank you a hundred years old that you can be a member I mean everybody's welcome it and everybody has a position in the shower so when you're when you are part of a tower where are you at base you have first of the biggest basil from the bottom then you have a second base that around 80 people and the third base we are around 30 people so what does it feel like when there are you know well five levels on top of you in just our video about happy we are what does it hurt pain or somebody charged but not always what happens when they fall down do they fall down sometimes
00:09:31prepare that you meet a lot of people hundreds of people on the foundation you know it's like at the base of the tower the people that stand on the base and worked as a mattress size of a Apple down they protect so you don't fall to the ground lessons that you know you can apply to the rest of your life that you've learned from making these towers have to learn to cooperate perfect example of team-building I feel so how many days after the tower you have lots of activities so you know you but you couldn't have a party before you do the tower
00:10:31RC buggy for Miguel thank you so much for telling us about this
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00:12:14hey Angela what can I help you with I had a couple of questions the first question I had is I was wondering if there's a specific reason why the alphabet is ordered the way it is that's a good question people who invented alphabetical order it's the lyrics to the song and did you know that I look this up did you know the the longest word in English in which the letters are in alphabetical order do you know what it is no according to the source I read and I have a number of reasons to question the source but they gave me that they gave me the word is bee family
00:13:04but where does that easily like an adverb wait to you know he ran he ran down the road be fully fully as beef would run wait a minute what is the weather like like he has a lot of muscle above his running down the road I guess what is that word again why does that each letter in that order from b2y be fully I thought they would be longer like I said there's a number of reasons to question that Source One it seems like the word should be longer to the word is b. One of the questions I had that I was driving home once while I was watching the sunset and I kind of Drive West on my way home and I was thinking like how fast would I have to drive in order to keep up with the sunset and I continually watch the sunset as well driving I've wondered that too when you know when traveling across time zones how long basically could you make that last
00:14:04all right we're going to look into this for you I think this Sunset question I think that the right person to go to hear is Sam math student we've had on before before we begin we have to ask are you skipping class today to help us answer this question so I'm skipping class again for this and this time I'm missing math class are we going to set you back in your development is a mathematician I don't think so I'm taking a test today so it's not a big deal will you get credit because we have a math question for you does that can you apply that to your math studies well I try to ask my teacher to see if I can get extra credit but he's not a big fan of just like you will hear travel do just to give you the best chance of actually getting Class Credit for this we will ask it in the form of a story problem okay
00:15:03if Angela is driving her car West towards the sunset how fast would she need to drive her car in order to see the sunset forever but we know a few things that we know the Earth is a sphere and we know that the orbit like how Earth orbits the Sun the chicken makes it like an ellipse so it's not really perfectly round
00:15:27and orthodontist 23° he'll make it really complicated because you're going to need to be going is going to be changing because the Earth rotates and not a perfect circle and it's also killed in a town at time of the year and where she's driving like I want bad to do it it's going to change how fast she needs to be doing alright how do I say if she was driving around the equator like she need to be going
00:15:56just over a thousand miles an hour like a thousand is 38 miles an hour like on average like yearly basis like I just would I just like average it throughout the year sure but like before she started driving she needs to get a lot of sunscreen you should be out in the sun for a long time for forever potentially maybe like
00:16:17that I had that actually doesn't sound very strong I mean if you're driving around Earth is probably a good number to have yeah I think you're I think you're right about that that app I joke all right okay so alright so that's that's the equator number are we going to get a huge amount of variation as we move towards the poles as you get closer to one of the disappearing need to be going to still be able to see this house is going to be less because that circumference of your traveling get smaller because like I'm a look at the polls yet there isn't really like much you can travel like you're going to eventually be at one point I calculated recording this in Chicago I calculated how fast should be going if you were like out of Chicago latitude and they're going to get to be going like 771 miles an hour it's always to see the sun on average per year that's getting more more reasonable
00:17:17yeah so I need a few would like a really really fast car he could probably do it I guess I guess if we move all the way to the North Pole she really just has to stand there and turn around yeah pretty much it's gonna turn around that quickly like she said like look One Direction Take a coffee break and then keep turning and then stopped again and take a nap earlier only your only chance there is potentially get dizzy yeah you only need to turn around like one time in 24 hours I put the sunburn would probably be pretty bad I see us North Pole joke for that one how does Santa Claus take take pictures how to take pictures but it's north Polaroid with the detective
00:18:11what Santa Clues
00:18:14do you know what Adam said on the day before Christmas it's Christmas Eve today thank you yeah I hope Angela enjoyed your time traveling around the earth and please tell your teacher that we are warding u9 advanced placement credits alright I'll be sure to thank them for this week's episode really for all episodes of the show when we learn Mike will be fully is one of the longest words where all the letters are in alphabetical order I think that yeah I mean as I said I'm I'm not I have my doubts about the source from which that comes does that those letters are definitely in alphabetical order it's just I wonder if beef deleted actually forward need to give it any occasion to use that
00:19:14I think one thing you don't want to say is I love you beef Ali
00:19:18unless you're dating somebody named be fully
00:19:24how to do everything is produced by Candice Mattel in the past it's been produced by light eiga Canadian Wilson Steven Tobias Sarah guys think that's it well there was a time when we didn't have a producer we had to do it ourselves right those are the best forgot technical direction from Lorna white artist-in-residence is Justin witty are interns this week or Eric Eric did a lot of a calculating for us and actually solve some of the physics problems if maybe you noticed earlier in the show Catherine who's in charge of testing us all for disease friendly we all got a hundred percent on that test thanks Catherine at our final intern is Austin who just turned 8 his birthday today happy birthday Austin you cannot send us your questions normally would say you can send us your questions at this point but you can't anymore well we should say this has been so much fun making the show with you and learn
00:20:24things with you answering your questions and and in most cases let's be honest not answering your questions so I thank you thank you for you know listening all this time and it when we started the show we never intended to host it we were just going to be the producers and I don't know why that happened I don't think I'm going to see if maybe you wanted to do it but we ended up doing it and if you I guess if you listen to some of those earlier episodes you can probably tell that honestly just from recent episodes you can tell that so yes thank you thank you for for putting up with us for I guess 265 episode. It shows yeah we should we really should stop now that's that's honestly that's too many shows
00:21:07suddenly on the final day Mike saw before him a blinding light
00:21:15what is Vision cleared he looked across the table in the studio and saw an empty chair she asked and asked where is he in where is he in
00:21:27she looked puzzled she opens her mouth to speak but stop before a single word came out
00:21:35Mike could tell from the look on her face there was no begin their head never been or rather being have been inside of him all this time I manifest station of his better yourself just as as there is an EMG inside of all of us
00:21:54I know I have any in inside of me I'm just a disembodied voice
00:22:01bike stood up and left the studio never to return
00:22:07he went to the soda machine and got a can of Seltzer whether it was cold and it was good

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