Live from Onion Fest in Chicago, Paul, June, and Jason go balls out as they discuss the 1986 BMX racing movie Rad. They cover everything including ass sliding, bike dancing, the fashion of the twins, and much more. Plus, stay tuned at the end for all the extra amazing 2nd Opinions theme songs!

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00:00:54by gun powder in skies brand new film called hearts beat loud it's %HESITATION Nick Offerman and Chrissy Clemens they are a father and daughter song writing duo that become an overnight success this movie is beautiful I thought I think it was Sundance or south by I can't remember
00:01:11it's amazing variety if you don't believe me just Friday they call it a ballad that everyone can home to well I like it because it's about music way to go Friday I like what you did there anyway hearts beat loud was selected as the clothes in a film
00:01:24at this year's Sundance Film that's all that's where did see it okay and is now playing in select theaters so go check it out hearts beat loud **** sliding hell tracks and bike booking we saw rad for you know what that means they make we here in Chicago
00:02:49with **** electric audience they only make one in no way then it's that though laughter it will just be if we say something offensive will just be used to it ride the volume controls if you're listening at home tonight we are talking about a crime and the crime
00:03:20that we're talking about is the fact that this movie has never been released in a format that you can get so if you have found it we've given you links to find it a big hats off to the S. man who put it up on them you know
00:03:36for us we appreciate it we appreciated the people behind the rat appreciated we're going to get into all this and more but tonight we need to introduce my co host please welcome Jason mad that's not using an amazing crowd Jason %HESITATION rad did you see it in theaters
00:04:32I am the age that would make sense yeah come out in theaters it did come out and I didn't see it made hundreds of die didn't see it I I saw the BMX movie that Nicole Kidman was it who was that what is it BMX bandits thank you
00:04:49okay only if you want to see a good guys lights down give me this green which is going to play that for the next two hours I would straight up what's a back to back set of movies with you **** maniacs Max bandits and ran again so you
00:05:13can get a taste of teenage Nicole Kidman BMX bike racing %HESITATION with glee yes Paul yes is better which is better whom rad it is the this movie was awesome he has been %HESITATION we've been told I've been saying gift packages I've been sent tee shirts to do
00:05:38this movie wait what yes you've been saying gift packages yeah like that is I have a shirt that says rat race just like this you didn't get sent three look they know who opens the mail so it we we we did all get DVDs but numerous times over
00:06:00the years this movie has come up I'm so glad that we waited until tonight to talk about it %HESITATION because again it's impossible to find %HESITATION but here's someone who also interviewed was a BMX bicycle band that sponsored by coca Cola my welcome June hi Paul how are
00:06:58you you know I was thinking about this movie and sometimes Paul will tell me it's on I tunes or it's you're gonna find it on Amazon or Hulu and I've noticed now there's a pattern there's something very bad is about to come way and it's been loaded onto
00:07:22my computer and is like a quick player file and I feel like it's from somewhere or I don't know where it came from but that's how I viewed this movie yeah I send you the Dropbox link then went into a computer download at the drop and then put
00:07:41it on your main screen and it will remain on the main screen of your computer %HESITATION for ever ever been anywhere anytime soon every document and screen love it every time I get an email from you from now on in the in a tiny window on screen read
00:08:02is just plain and you're like how do I turn this off it's just in a loose from the moment from the moment that first bike flew into frame yeah I felt so upset you knew you were in the presence of greatness I did not like this motion picture
00:08:29no not the first bicycle movie we've done right there is another like cross country banking special sport biking I don't I think it might be the first by the movie that we have there's the way we've done this eight the in solar babies yeah there is a was
00:08:51like a competitive X. game by game triple a lagging Zora act sort of yeah I mean that's where they graduate alchemy knows triple act a big shout out to vin diesel for buying a ticket to know your good guys out there and getting the word out will June
00:09:20you're the perfect person to talk to about this because they feel like this movie people ninety one percent on rotten tomatoes this movie name one percent I argue but nah nah nah nah nah nah I say those are Jill grading ninety nine a real ID one on the
00:09:41audience on critical zero zero it's the largest discrepancy between critical and audience reception in the entire database talking about we gotta get these critics out here and we got to get the people reviewing all movies and we need to be a mixed up all the kids now %HESITATION
00:10:12started the beginning what does BMX means that well that's a good question it lets you know what let's try and crack this I'm gonna say you live by sickle yeah bicycle motor cross her we earn B. M. what's the motor where is it boat I think I think
00:10:36it's because it's motor cross but which is a motorcycle event we icicle so they just put the baby on the front of it so bicycle but you don't go to amex right you're not you can go to the M. X. raises this week no man I can't go
00:10:52I have jury duty what who weren't you could do to commit a felony a number of years ago you can't be a juror they don't know that brother playing with me guys this is a long story I mean yeah I mean it doesn't BMX stands for here I'm
00:11:13looking online and you're right bicycle motorcross for bicycle on you know it's a formal motocross or or my motor yeah okay %HESITATION it's a form of cycling a specially designed for bicycles which is the have an eighteen twenty four inch wheels %HESITATION and sporting goods racing on earth
00:11:31and tracks %HESITATION known as BMX racing okay yes so from what I understand I don't know if that's a hundred percent right and the person who wrote that had a gerbil as their and they're like identifiers this is where I guess I got confused have these bicycle specifically
00:11:50been created to ride off route have they been created to just do these types of races and tricks for you don't have a BMX bike growing up in that within the thing growing up I heard of them before it was quite possibly the most important thing I wanted
00:12:07to own with a BMX bike route four years to save up money to buy a mongoose bike then yeah I ended up no no I wanted him so I wanted to GTE bike there in this yeah but I got the mongoose because it was cheaper I got a
00:12:27mongoose too I was very excited about the mongoose %HESITATION and I I a mongoose scooter in a in a day who yeah but **** dude I was I didn't realize next done this whole movie is directed by stuntmen hell Needham who is known for like every great thing
00:12:47like smoking the bandit and %HESITATION is the here it was such a localized view number of people then it is quite possible his extended family is if you are the children of el Nino please stand up and take credit for his work looking in the band and who
00:13:06were highest paid stuff man ever end but stones in BMX I will say I was not impressed by a lot of the stuff I would say this I felt like that and the Racine was tepid at best you guys saw way more bike dancing that yes thanks writing
00:13:31I thought the bike the inseam was electric importantly at the town wide dance it seemed like it was a everyone went people were like asking like a girl to the prom delayed type of thing but then at the dance there were like grown ups just hanging around drinking
00:13:59Sigrid drinking and then the BMX kids show up to is a lot of issues with that bike dance thing that bike dancing I rewound and watched again mixed by the dance and transforms magically when the bicyclists come in and dance on bikes guys I found it very romantic
00:14:21that by the way that's the takeaway from the movie come for the stunts leave for the romance yes it does romance so Welch's all the stages falling in love throwing them in water getting drying and throwing them in water again I've never seen two grown people would just
00:14:39walk into water futilely clothes that that many like you want to go see something he takes her to ask sliding which I'm not even kidding is legitimately sewage runoff the main line there is a not so must be to Kerry solid waste from a to a body of
00:15:05water these kids get think I'd I think maybe that's why they have to keep their clothes on that's and that's why I like they can't ever get caught because nobody thinks like well they're probably outage that they should live like what that is so crazy the visual of
00:15:28it and then they are soaking wet from the rain you think okay well I'll justify that with the day just took them there and they both said **** it we will take off our shoes or pants or heavy sweats it just to beat about the clothes they're wearing
00:15:48please no it's not like oh tee shirt right it flags up some heavy eighties fabric that doesn't breed at all yeah and like pleats and so many police whether it's six metric yards of fabric may the lord yet she is dry moments later please edit the montage to
00:16:18be like and then they get wet and then the date is over like let the but the but no they're dry but so I'll forgive the asked fighting as a one time thing but later in the movie what happens let's go do bike tricks and full lips into
00:16:34the water these mother **** can't stay out of water I think when they put all their clothes on there at a real risk for just flying in the body of water com about hell needed him in again Apollo a you know a just a tip of the hat
00:16:51to the hal Needham family over there Tom right over here in the need him see in family large the borders of the theater for many years they love live theatre and stunts %HESITATION but there was something that was so interesting about it stunts on the bike and a
00:17:08lot of them are just like bouncing up and down on a wheel well on the track uncool thing to do go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go again I think visually you don't want to do
00:17:25that anymore guys I know what you're trying to embody it's a weird I'm in Chicago for just a little time ball that's the way I moved dancing sexually everyday Chicago everybody's didn't build so turned off by BMX riders and writing and sport in general you weren't sexually into
00:17:58crew and god Mike writers made me feel embarrassed more so what do you think is the more valid expression of self break dancing or BMX bike dancing that's the honestly that's a tough one both of them require a lot of effort and energy they both are hard both
00:18:25yeah both of them I took classes at the same I'm going to say now that I would say now that I understand there is like a price point to having a BMX bike and that you probably had to be wealthy enough to get one then I I definitely
00:18:42will side with break dancing and sets of our valid kind of expression all you need is a piece of cardboard yet here and take out your good to go on this movie also I think one I mean there's a lot of issues with it one being the lighting
00:18:56%HESITATION is so much so that at different points in like what's going on here like am I going blind why is it so pink then why is it so dark in the opening sequence yeah it's like when they're doing the paperboy route I'm like what's happening when the
00:19:14cream of the page you were papered wages and I was so that I'm gonna try to be as and I know I deliver the daily I'm gonna there isn't any really careful the pink sky like some sort of Chernobyl **** I was like is this like a lipstick
00:19:38they did was they shot it during the day and then we got to make it easier for naturally they would take a look early like six AM they somebody said let's make it pink I mean it's it's perfectly daylight wait a minute eat my DVD was better than
00:19:58this oh really yeah yeah this is really mine is better than this yeah that's right my link yeah something doesn't get this week the pink was still there yeah but it you could tell me what was happening okay I mean my question about this paper route so what
00:20:18I understand in jeans and you you know try man I am right here for you paper the daily newspaper is usually delivered first thing right you got it seven AM six AM six when you had you would say I had an evening paper route because I'm not a
00:20:34morning person he even as a child them so but I think you know kids used to go out on the go and pick up papers at four in the door and I fight yeah right because he delivers his last paper at seven fifteen okay that town is not
00:20:48up and awake and out and about in their jobs all of them by seven fifteen in the morning you think that's a problem that's the only problem I saw in this movie well I didn't buy it everything else what everything else I would've been on board I have
00:21:08a larger problem then the people being out about was the fact that it's seemingly with his route was just to find the people and give them the paper if the job if over here it didn't look like there was any houses he was heading he would do the
00:21:26randomly finding the person so I was impressed on that level of paper boy like other Gulf **** it this guy raiding houses yeah Blech V. the garbage truck man's like late well my paper and now let me waste you up on my garbage truck to save you some
00:21:44time so he can he can jump over the fence that was crazy that guy that garbage man could literally lose his job for parking on the side of the road just to boost the kid up six feet yeah there's also a great moment in this opening the paperboy
00:22:02route where on the way here where you I think it's like a and a remnant of old eighties movies where parents can be like a real **** by the way just to talk about his visit the kid delivering the paper to two people in a boat yeah but
00:22:20hang on those guys live in that boat I think this is a robot all right there we go the buyer men go by fire you're telling me the firemen the firemen go by every day at that time all in the truck geared up for a fire or they're
00:22:42on their way to a fire but still want the paper is is crew may be an arsonist in this guy's he set the fire every day to kind of just make sure you get the paper but also at the sorry go ahead you know I'm understanding now why
00:22:56the town really comes around to rally behind him later on in the film because I didn't understand it and now I'm remember he really really tried to get those papers makes sense he's like very committed to I do want to say fashion wise and I'd love to open
00:23:12the table to discuss passivity June first of all rocky beach shots she bandanna around the yeah I feel like they were trapped felt like and I'm not sure because maybe they hired crew because he could do because he is doing a fair amount of bike the dancing that
00:23:35stuff you know you can do tricks I mean I'm so maybe they hired him for that reason but he does look he does look a lot like Scott Bayo yeah and they're dressing in let's go up there in the putting like the Chachi kind of being dead around
00:23:49is like and I'm I'm gonna now just use that as a segue into both talking about his fashions but also the fashions of the twin I sense want to talk about nothing not but those whereas this podcast is going to be devoted only to the see those guys
00:24:14those were guys that when I saw them in a movie I was like I wanna look like those guys those this kid out to look like those guys they were like straight up GI Joe from the eighties cartoon villains member those characters like his email and tell Max
00:24:30that there one that I I scar on one side the other ads on the other side like they were dressed in outfits that I don't think we're ever popular like no yes with like a flap that went down here yeah that's a jumpsuit holy city output was in
00:24:46the shape of a V. eight with the governor yeah it was crazy in general though I feel like the eighties was obsessed with twins like there was sort of a cultural obsession in a but it was a result of win win was a big thing yeah double trouble
00:25:00twins of course my first sexual awakening %HESITATION double trouble HM great show I mean you want to reboot the show really double trouble I'm in but they're also like I feel like the twins are not necessarily evil as much as they're just show what showboats like they're like
00:25:21regulate their I mean I would say that there's a whole issue as far as like who's bad and who's good in this town because there really is no conflict to speak of more than that one person is the success of the twins and %HESITATION bart Conner week is
00:25:36bart Conner Jim cada no no actually this guy who is he well this I will tell you that this guy is the Olympic Jim that he has a gym this right yeah whose em cada the other part amiss now okay okay okay but close right and he's OK
00:25:55so they're not from this town right now are all out of towners okay they're coming here because this is going to put this town on the map this cut down that is so not like they treat this telecom surprise the roads are paved like really it looks like
00:26:15every regular size small town really I feel like if you have a BMX bike there it's not as you know Podunk town if you could get that bicycle in a ten mile radius like that's kind of a cool town yep do you think it's probably maybe the coolest
00:26:34that probably even keep track though of like all the fat cats and all of that like interpersonal relationships I just knew I didn't care but I couldn't keep track of who was who and who is the mayor and why they wanted this here you were trying to create
00:26:51the Superbowl like the Superbowl would now be in their small town because everyone around the world is going to err on as many screens as the Superbowl yeah you that this is our civic bearing of the hell track race yes which was at best passable as the race
00:27:13to say that's the thing that upset me the most the qualifying race more interesting yes her a lot harder and I'd say the qualifying races I feel like I watched seven hundred laps they would have you would see in real time I was like is this just a
00:27:35documentary about raising rates and the announcer talked a big game at the beginning of the trees but then stops narrating the race as is gonna did he win it didn't it didn't look like he won it wasn't a try I was I had no idea what that qualifying
00:27:52race was and then they'd send another ten often you just watch the whole thing again and and then the people who are actually racing in hell track there also qualifying for the but they're coming there to resell tickets lived is for the people who want to get like
00:28:07okay so was the qualifying race just for the townspeople know that but I I believe the qualifying race was to get it down to a final number of final race of ten because there were so many entering a thousand had to call up allows it well and I
00:28:25feel like we watched every qualified and I believe I once a thousand people do that well by leaving we know we were introduced to a thousand bicyclists for the actual health check what is amazing one of their nicknames with Hollywood I was like what play that it's %HESITATION
00:28:50yeah this is introducing every racer it is if you're listening at home just picture a very nonplussed face for every name you're not missing any visual you're not maybe a wave no has made me like mild irritation eva starting fighting for table yeah Robbins and Richard Fleming racing
00:29:32the red line that guy looks like he's forty but of these people do by the way sodas yeah so like eighties movies were all the teens look like they're middle aged lady al yeah he all right reserved as well as it's still the rebels the number one in
00:30:34the nation Florida's I was so excited during that sequence because the two twins are from my hometown sure New York I was like yeah we got twenty are they actual BMX to another when I go home for the holidays and find out I'm we watched that whole segment
00:31:04every single one of those riders was mentioned they got a straight ahead shot on them not one of them and waved normally at all nobody could just give a cool wave everybody waves some how weirdly yeah if you ever heard of doctor please if you've ever heard of
00:31:23that like that poker that whether the awkward family photos it is the encapsulation of this in video form does no one looks ready for it people seem upset that it's happening it's all it's all ways if you bought everybody the wrong moment it's like I'm in I'm in
00:31:44the middle %HESITATION hi I am by I guess they get back and they're all in direct sunlight yeah everybody would take a brief break in the podcast to hear a word from our great sponsors sponsors like squares pays Paul deluxe Chris face of course you do because you
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00:35:16to you will you be in debt forever I say no all right now back to our show fun fact about the final race %HESITATION the film built the wall that they start on too high and all the professional raids like no we're not doing that they had the
00:35:36kind of like shuttle production for like two weeks to lower that help track to help track was too high game adds in a flick eleven BMX racers were killed on this film one broke their leg we saw him he had the broken leg they high five he was
00:35:52one of the stunt men don't really let me ask as BMX bikers yeah sure has been its foot prints B. M. experts thanks very that's enough that's enough did you recognize any of these faces I did not know I do I would argue though if you show me
00:36:15today's best BM actors I don't know mad mad mad Miro's there it would know that in that the oath of dean's bonding party and you just loading map maker James Bond I realized that it wasn't there one like that was like what's his name at she had that
00:36:32one so what will you see heads know BMX races with how many people here tonight not because you like a podcast but just because you love BMX racing and heard this is about the these people come and find the the rad fans are so into this movie I
00:36:54wish to be a little bit more to it because when they did start a Kickstarter %HESITATION just to raise %HESITATION will they generate %HESITATION they want the crowd for the documentary about the film called twenty five years later Arad's respective it did not reach the goal I am
00:37:15heartbroken to hear that yeah this this %HESITATION Yahoo but there is a hell track being built right now and there's going to be a help track somewhere in the country someone sent me the flyer for it for real yeah well I was I wanted to win the big
00:37:32bowl of cereal yeah I went and I was looking forward to the whole track and seeing what what types of you know obstacles there were going to be but it did feel like man they spent a lot of time training keep crews out of this should it use
00:37:47that time and energy building more fun things for these BMX guys I would argue to you that you the the bomber of BMX racing in this format is that they're just doing the same thing over and over and over again head and they didn't even like change what
00:38:05was happening was that they made it they made it that they made at %HESITATION some guys fell right okay and what I really didn't like about this film internet can fall and it's okay just give and you can go you can also jump on either side of an
00:38:21obstacle in front of you like that tub the you have to go in and write the ending at or below zero whatever some people just rode around easy enough you don't have to get in single file line and everybody ride this Blue Note so why write the spoon
00:38:35at all and the thing that really annoyed me is that there was no there were there were no differences in types of racers so crews was he a good BMX racer blood I mean that she is Lori Loughlin said it's he's got some did you see anything different
00:38:52in his style than anyone else's there was nothing I was connected to you about he might argue of racing I'd argue that he didn't even show me anything that exciting beside the bike dancing he was not he was a great bike down right bike the answer you know
00:39:09but that's the thing is I wish that the whole movie had been reversed and that we might have seen the big race or whatever but they you really see him come into his own at the dance at the end of the movie that's where he's done the racing
00:39:24which is a big bucket of who cares right I mean I get a but he really has to if he's going to get the girl he has to win her on his with his moves you know his moves on the bike on the dance floor I'm down for
00:39:40that the most disappointing part was at the very end of the race there was no special move that won him that race legislatively got a little bit further and think of didn't even get to that point the lead guy our main heroes like I need to stop and
00:39:59wait up for him okay and to what end living already so why would you ever feel like with me let him catch up and then we'll really see who wins know you're raising when you're and I think that that was his plan all along to throw the race
00:40:15yet do you think bart Conner wanted to lose the race to get press yet because he held mediums family yeah because I think there is something not sitting well with him knowing that he was you know after the property up yeah and he joined in with the team
00:40:36at the very end welcome want to be there yeah I I had a to me I had an issue with the number one BMX biker not competing which was kind of thrown to the side like Lori Loughlin like she's a he's like what you have that number one
00:40:50just like well self explanatory right on the best and then they go in the park and they jump up on stuff and but when he doesn't want you in the hell track this weird explanation which is so bizarre that we feel are the big she came to town
00:41:06and two what species not competing chief says thank you for the dance last night welcome the two got the quick I thought maybe there was something about me a lot yeah pass on it you pause for a second he's giving her nothing he's giving her nothing day this
00:41:32is the day after the bike dance this is the day all the slide I believe this is like love and she said I didn't like maybe like boom boom boom boom but she is I was beauty he he's amazing she is well he might as well be a
00:42:01a sack of potatoes pushing a bike but don't you feel that like Lori Laughlin that a printer in the %HESITATION and if it isn't all that's all say %HESITATION that Lori her whole career has been like being better than her male counterpart ultimately all day after that famous
00:42:20%HESITATION stay most the two of them though I swear to god these these mother **** are vampires they love being so good to see you it's crazy she looks better now beautiful there going on he he you can get that were like that well I didn't have much
00:42:40of a choice and right now I wish I could but I still respect showcase on the show and tell from right so okay I raise for trophies okay that that's about the corvette race I guess that's true fees so ready I think he's she's saying she likes the
00:43:07old competing on a circuit that is like the Olympic version of this that this is like ro sports I mean listen this familiar to a lot of stunned tweaking in this movie how yeah that I have that nearly made no attempts to find a woman who could write
00:43:27a bicycle no attempt at they find it hard to believe that there was not one woman in all the land that could have done some of her sons agree how how is that possible I mean there should be at least one right there should be one female BMX
00:43:46racer who I would have done that is is that on your special skills on your resume I'm trying to find the right for this is that for any scene that she's in with what they yeah this is it's not a matter I just thought if you just watch
00:44:01Lori's hair %HESITATION here we go that is just the shouldered man just a year ago the more like a Marlo Thomas the the female body this is and this is what if she's like BMX vampire language the rights to their body did that to a man I really
00:44:54really disturbing though so not only do they just not find anyone to do her stunts but then they just take her story line away completely no yeah character can even be a writer knows yeah not allowed it's crazy it's it's it would be unseemly %HESITATION I in the
00:45:14grand scheme of things that don't make sense I agree with you I was confused at the politics of this down the old man is rich the mayor but more importantly the cop %HESITATION the good news look a little bit of a deep reference the dialect toppled like doctor
00:45:34egg man from sonic %HESITATION and that makes a speech at the end of the movie to rally the town that I rewound because I don't believe it makes any sense and I see less hold line I will say this is he has been the lead actors nemesis so
00:46:01hell need I'm also made Smokey and the bear okay right and %HESITATION veil relationship is a lot like no smoking the bandits are smoking ban it and BJ and the bear was the TV so don't worry about it guys it all happened I'm so it's about he's seen
00:46:19a trickster roadster played by Burt Reynolds this is the same exact dynamic but with them %HESITATION on bikes but I would I would argue the cop is a friend telemovie like whenever you'll hear no but in the first on the going for the log thing he's like all
00:46:36the cops here he wants to raise us who want to do it this time all all do it like it well I thought he was there to yeah he was there to bust a blood you read I think you read that moment Ron well it was either to
00:46:49bust them he was just there to raise them that's what they said Wayne that's insane and that he was there to bus to them though yeah they're to raise them yeah EDS it is this only makes it two story structure wise guy if this is a turn for
00:47:20the cop we were supposed to be completely shocked that this is how I know I know why you're saying the script for this movie is nonsense all here to say is this is lawless Pallas's six story to I will tell you that I believe that Scott came to
00:47:46Liz's strada unattended them talking I'm say now just argument Belize's strata objected Shakespeare I'm talking rad visas are classics sorry Paul sorry all I would argued I I will say that I think one of the things was is this a cop sauce something in these kids is that
00:48:09you know what other challenge them every day because one day this town will get a shot and we will get on the map I am here to say I am going to propose that we I'm so sorry Paul the port has been cast we are reaping the people
00:48:41I mean if you are not in this %HESITATION seat that I agree with you if they is the scene where you discover that's what he's been doing the whole time if you know he's been doing it the whole time then what we're saying is what is it that's
00:48:56it insane guys their natural and his job is to serve and protect this town he may in like some area of his brain enjoy watching their tricks and Bob Locke he's enforcing the whole time because he has to because that's his job despite every instinct he has he
00:49:23is what's going on and for the first time in his life he lays down all the rules and all the regulations any stands for what he knows in his heart is the right thing to do but it's not easy for it's not comfortable but he does it any
00:49:42way you know how we know he's being real for the first time in the whole movie he takes his sunglasses off he is so she looked at me for real I challenge Paul Thomas Anderson to do a better choice that directing an actor then that here's the speech
00:50:10that makes no sense and %HESITATION the best thing about red as you can interpret his motivation and a myriad of ways would work here he walks fully the whole way not only does he not take it off the goal of I'd chase everyone I think the rule when
00:50:40his friends have done something special really special they've given themselves hole and all you're talking about dollars it's killing if someone doesn't see the crew has this opportunity well I guess we'll just all have to learn to the Paula Deen he didn't take off the sunglasses pretty much
00:51:08put on a pair of darker so yeah I think in many ways he did you know what his words metaphoric sunglasses off for him you all are an acting student out there if you are a professional actor and they say Hey bring a monologue next time you audition
00:51:30so that is a good thing bring the monologue for Miami connects yeah that's pretty great too but if someone else the glass is doing that bring this %HESITATION I mean in that speech we'll have to live with it okay any any like we're talking about money but what
00:51:53they were talking about was raising money for him to be able to raise a kid ready well I I am still grappling with the question of where did they get the capital money to buy all those tee shirts in the first photo that was the that guy the
00:52:07evil by the evil man in this movie WBMX bag guy he worked for a mongoose as the small patch on his suit told us so he was a mongoose person who's like I spent millions and merge and if this kid wins I'll become very successful because I've I've
00:52:26like forwarded his art Rihanna wins he needs your Conor to win the race but you're asking why does yes cruise crew with his sister which we have in the fallout it's a matter I want to show her in a garbage can she originally they were able to make
00:52:48ten thousand dollars worth of T. shirts where all that money come from O. yeah the qualifying race made thousand dollar got him ten thousand dollars and he used that money instead remember who's gonna use that money to whatever is going to do he instead turns that into it
00:53:07trying to get sponsorship because that the next hurdle they throw in front of it with the roles where they're keeping their adding rules at any given point there yes here's another new rule passed so he took the ten grand correct vested it into the tee shirt correct thinking
00:53:23it would give me money the twenty keep in mind also in to painting his helmet and making a shirt for him to wear but yes that's where the ten thousand well we don't know that shirt for him to wear was in that designed by that a lab report
00:53:37where everyone in the school with building an outfit for him those very lackluster and one nerd it was doing all of their homework oh yes I would see that one is like wondered if you do all their homework and they will use all of their seamstress yeah anything
00:53:58forgetful it everybody down here colored tee shirts that was the other thing they were dying white tee shirt red wait that was the thing we look it's cheaper to get that white metallic ready they missed a real opportunity to tie dye that uniform I was like **** rad
00:54:17would have been if that red shirt waist height I'd **** we did a lot of that anyway and so they make all the bad **** in a kid comes in he's like well I'm here to paint to your color teachers here's my homework and they have the whole
00:54:32of to someone else is just doing all of the every subject I think I've read these movies any markets are punished for being smart and this is as I say to in the beginning smart kids are punished and also parents %HESITATION treat their kids terribly because there is
00:54:50that opening scene with the moms pulling out of the drive way because if you don't shut up of like wow in the morning the on if I miss those days I miss the people are just like scream profanities at their children and like them all no you shut
00:55:09up bug by the way you know we keep on saying rad and %HESITATION that wasn't the actual title of the movie it was changed %HESITATION very late in the game and I'll I'll play this clip the maybe can see what the original title might have been you can
00:55:30do it just pretend you're a lumber yard Goebbels a full what's the name of this movie wow June you don't look like you like the title pull our I would argue if this movie had been called go balls out it would have won an Oscar every year since
00:56:05its release not to go back to the policeman's motivation but after seeing that scene it's just become clearer and clearer he was just doing his job until he couldn't anymore so Tom I mean arguably too if you're talking about a war to handing out awards I'm sure that
00:56:27tell you shire just came off a rocky she read the script was a great part for me like but there's no reason to have her in this movie she's great she's not she's not really into the jasmine alright this is a Schwartzman copal a family movie I believe
00:56:41is it okay John Schwartzman producer of Jack okay exports and produce a woman same assuming his Jason's dad okay I believe that makes tell you sire either a sister or a cause okay that makes sense though that it makes no sense which she agreed to that part in
00:56:58this movie and it also likely means that Nicholas cage was almost in this hi by the way huge missed opportunity for Nick cage to play both twins amazing in our remake the we have the offer out to make kids to play but this part at the age he
00:57:19is now he really wants to play to win again %HESITATION yeah did crew crew did your targets as a tease no no in six months right wasn't that the thing he'll take him in six months yeah but I miss college so we just never know if he took
00:57:41them or not what he does need to know is number one in the world know that the whole thing that was her whole thing where is our list of the outcome he was going to take them if his mom had been a little bit more forceful and maybe
00:57:52said you know what unless you take those as the tease no racy well there's the guy that kept saying no racy I thought that was going to get a much bigger response got because I wrote it down because I was like I don't like that this guy keeps
00:58:08saying no Racine no racy really thought that was going to hit %HESITATION you know when you go into like you anymore you know it's over for us take you Lou must not even get the **** out of do you love queer eye on Netflix because I am obsessed
00:58:31the show new season started on in all in I love it well one of the best guys in that show Jonathan van ness he's the guy does the hair I would argue he has the most talent even though I think Karamu is my favorite Jonathan is the one
00:58:44who you're actually seeing the skills put to the test every week he has a brand new show %HESITATION here it's a podcast called getting curious and I'm getting curious he explores anything and everything under the sun you can join him on the journey he talks to experts in
00:58:58their field has in depth eye opening conversations about topics like saving bees with a biology professor or learning how to do triple axle with an Olympian %HESITATION he is so fun to listen to I love it when you're done binge watching season two of queer eye which I
00:59:13guess I just came out on Netflix you can get to know a different side of Jonathan's costars with past episodes that feature on to me and my favorite Karama %HESITATION so this week on getting curious %HESITATION they have ten France from queer eye he's a guest star on
00:59:29a very special episode to subscribe to getting curious with Jonathan van ness now on apple podcast stitcher or where ever you listen we talk a lot about the stunts in this movie but I had to see the best done in the film was when %HESITATION ray Walston the
00:59:45older man in the movie balances to call the cops they were not glued down he kept that that plate almost at a ninety degree angle at some point in those coffee cups Dade online thought once I saw that for sure he was going to be in that hell
01:00:02race at the end yeah by the way I would have loved that I was waiting for it and it was in his twenty seven thousand dollars that made up what he is background where where do we make no no I don't I am unclear where he has in
01:00:18a place for someone else's there we know that there are two coffee cups we'd like to drink a lot of coffee that's no small chunk of change to just throw to a random kid in the town yes he is shark taking it he sees potential me like I'm
01:00:34gonna fit on twenty six thousand dollars worth of merch because I no longer to resell that **** in a couple weeks and I'm gonna get my money back I would finance currently a movie that stars just him and the little sister get solving a mystery or something she
01:00:53was amazing she was baby Kathryn Hahn so yeah she was so good and she was like the humidity level into the little brother in teen we ask let's let's hear I felt I actually had to get back that's the movie I want I want a movie where the
01:01:09brother from team which teams up with the sister from rad and they solve a mystery if these movies were successful you might have gotten it because of a little taste of the two of them together you would they forget that what was a terrorist act all about still
01:01:28can't think if you can raise the children I don't know that mark as pretty good last it was about a show of yeah yeah there's like some actual real stunts with kids that was stressing me out %HESITATION I well I thought maybe what we might be fun is
01:01:57if we %HESITATION if we want to do the dance the dance spike %HESITATION section we can maybe keep the volume down a little bit just see what were just talk through what we're seeing because this is the scene that I feel like we do need to kind of
01:02:11go through out I keep my mind again this is that what appears to be a school dance but is in fact a town wide dance yeah Lori Laughlin comes and man man Lori Laughlin comes in he she's like rides the bike into the dance hall which is an
01:02:28odd choice they're going out there then he goes in after her he's never bike danced before this kid you pause for a second this would make so much more sense if they had been boyfriend and girlfriend yeah if their relationship was such that there was more energy between
01:02:46them now so that she was choosing crew instead of bart Conner in a way that was more meaningful well they're also crew had a crush on out yes women named Katie and yes giving up who I who is here to hate him yeah he everybody in town is
01:03:04so dazzled by both the bank to be such a good nice boy and or he's a he's totally rad on that bike see it although he chases her and she's like we go to the dance with me and she is essentially like go **** yourself group I don't
01:03:17know what seize up to but sees not playing the game she he and Max right in you know what listen where she's coming from it's just like she doesn't like the mode of transportation what are you gonna pick me up and I thought she didn't go to the
01:03:34dance because if the care of her two children because she's forty I said I think it is this teacher that's like because she's so like I felt like airline was gonna be crew I knew teacher this is inappropriate actually wait what year is it it might be totally
01:03:55appropriate unclear %HESITATION I will say their meet cute between crew and Lori happens because the woman is in our cars like the almonds on my cake will get burned well it would stop the raid and and get this woman to get to work today that woman was not
01:04:13right not but the tone cake lady yeah she left me feeling very unsafe also left her home while the open was on you guys something's very wrong when there is no other than and there's no cake and then so whatever the **** that was at the town meeting
01:04:39and then again when they're watching the qualifying races I mean she's obsessed with Islam if she is she is sexually obsessed with there really should be told from her point of view the reality is if you have these few people to round out the town don't shoot an
01:05:00enormous room and don't add extra chairs that aren't full I'm not even kidding cancer chairs so many empty chairs that are just remind me either people are not coming to town meeting or they cannot afford anymore extras understood more people showed up at the stars hollow town meeting
01:05:17every week then sewed up to this town meeting well Jason if you're saying they couldn't afford extra you probably think this is a low budget movie right how much money you think this movie cost to make nineteen eighty six nineteen eighty six %HESITATION four million dollars yeah yeah
01:05:37yeah yeah the book the movie in nineteen forty six and forty six million dollars Jim I'd say about three million of them eleven million dollars in nineteen eighty that's like forty six million dollars right now genuine question did they build of the town did they build all of
01:06:11the infrastructure of a small American town because that is the only way they spend eleven million dollars to make the movie rad because and this is maybe a little inside baseball but there's not even many interiors in this movie if all daytime exteriors which is the cheapest thing
01:06:31to shoot %HESITATION eleven million and when it came out in opening weekend it did make four hundred eight thousand dollars I don't know maybe it was on all those BMX racers maybe they really like you know wanted to make their quotes could they possibly of costs by the
01:06:50way they're getting sponsored yeah I mean all of their brands are being represented in the movie that's like product placement essentially all over the movie by the way if you're mongoose why are you letting yourself be like that do she is what you get like if you do
01:07:05feel like great will be in the movie like everybody's gonna hate your brand everybody's gonna says the issue with the twins in the blonde deserves well there were rad vans like vans got in on this too seven eleven what is it coca Cola and so yeah this I
01:07:24believe is in some sort of lawsuit with rad is one of the only bits of trivia I do know there is a here is on the message boards about this movie by the way limited edition of vans rad shoes look at look at their go this she was
01:07:39only available at your local at authorized participating clans dealer can I ask is that it's a question is anybody here wearing the red shoes I feel like it's something that could be possible yet of these shows and the answer is no you fail the Chicago that's two strikes
01:07:55baby takes all right so we were watching the dancing will get back to the dance scene but I will say it when we talk about a would be great if Lori was maybe dating bart I would argue it would be great if part with anything %HESITATION is evil
01:08:11he's simply seems to show up be cool dance and not really getting crews face at all yes he's the best guy at this we know he's already established as the champion you know he just seems like I don't know if Al Pacino came to your town you'll be
01:08:27just as aloof as bart like that and what's interesting Chino coming to town but you know the really really acting up yeah if you're tested your town hosts the acting on the Superbowl of acting a competition it's interesting about his performances that I actually thought he was doing
01:08:44a great job playing one of those guys like a snowboarder who's just like yeah I'm really good I'm here I've got not a ton going on up here but that's okay like not a lot of life behind the eyes I like I'm here to do the thing you
01:09:02yeah and when I'm done with that'll leave by the way %HESITATION bart in this part married to not eat too many each well %HESITATION there they are getting married up there its image there they look so happy and and here here is part talking about ran when I
01:09:21look back at the film all these years later people often talk to me about red and it's kind of funny because literally I mean people who know the movie red but have no idea that I used to be an Olympic gymnast they just literally I have strangers I'll
01:09:35be walking down the street and I'll stop me to do part and they just keep walking all these years later and I still get it who would have thought that the film would have such a %HESITATION intense cult following but I'm really proud of that so many that's
01:09:52not a very nicely %HESITATION yes so I wanted people to enter like Jim Wright by the way if you're recognizing that dude from rad you are on a facial level of recognition that is already known %HESITATION very different alright so now it's two thousand and eighteen here's a
01:10:17guy in nineteen eighty six was a child got it I don't think I could recognize my family that I haven't seen a couple years yeah it also made a troubling that the prize was not a bicycle it was quite a car yeah that is all right alright so
01:10:41we'll just watch a little bit of the dancing and the thing that was so kind of I think it's a like who gives a **** but I am at least like they just start by dancing as if it was the thing that he's done before it you can't
01:10:53just be like follow me like who like she's a goal goal lighting on the bike this is that you would think that some practice would have to happen here but here we go this is a this is they're they're just they're not saying anything so don't think the
01:11:06your death %HESITATION they're just now than anything maybe others do tricks to each other but they're not doing tricks they are like dancing here we go to a different song live like there at the Olympics like %HESITATION and I don't know where the game that heightened jump from
01:11:28because there's no ramps in there there yeah this song is **** awesome can you just describe that because I just want to get a drum machine basically gliding in like in like a dance position on top of the bike like a god damn angel sent from heaven above
01:12:06as the song I mean the thought I would listen to the soundtrack and body rock all day long I urge you to go home tonight and **** to this sound track on Spotify how about break the ice that's a good song to break yeah yeah it's a cheese
01:12:24like doing this which I don't move not a move she's they look like these are the old man getting drunk yeah they've been putting out the hall in the children's punish now and now they are what do you do this is a real time in I this this
01:14:00the meeting will we see lying flat on his bike farm extended I'm real you know what we're we're having so much what documents show I am getting the audience here %HESITATION and talk to them about this movie as well I want to point out that someone brought this
01:14:19amazing side if you remember in the film there is a moment a non ironic moment where %HESITATION crew meets up with Lori there in an ice cream shop and he tries to get her back that to me great thank you and the and it says having a friend
01:14:47like you makes me happy all over and any points to it like yeah and it doesn't make any **** this is amazing thank you for making that what's her name Christy thank you Christy we can give it back to two we could keep it or give it back
01:15:08to %HESITATION I don't want to do I do think that we just took it from me like a high is all ours eight hours now I'm going to kiss it all night long to go down there and come down this way I'm looking for a title that you
01:15:23think a one in a word or two word title that you think would be great for this movie if you ask your questions when you think about that a one or two were title who has a question so they want to point out yes Sir Camaro Camaro alright
01:15:34and I'm gonna get out you're not gonna take the Mike and you're going to do the best job at looking at this Mike to talk to it because I get yelled at that people can hear the people that are asking questions are here we go Sir your name
01:15:46Tom and your movie title we count nice I'm so two things I was also enamored with the twins in the movie so up first thing so I looked into riding racks are there now like successful screenwriters and he wrote the conjuring and the conjuring two yeah yeah and
01:16:06also the jump suits that they wear at the dance were borrowed from the set of the mini series V. I was I wrote down on that thing look like they're from fee and then I said I can't make reference to the old days me someone in the audience
01:16:34it's wearing them dressed in Lori Laughlin it's very the costumes three amazing costumes are you also help mediums failing please take a picture then we'll put that up in the show page god seeing those three people that want to talk to you after the show %HESITATION who also
01:17:03it over here part Sir your name your title and your question many whose neck my title is screw college and my question is looking at the ending credits on my copy a lot of names were blanked out and I was wondering if we know any reason why these
01:17:20people opted not to be a reference I am looking at this picture that you've taken yeah while it is like it's like classified document level out there read directed Catholic yeah we pull where did he say he found that on the way in in his copy again on
01:17:42his this is a copy that people are getting in ways that only true fans yes well I know where it's all coming from alright I want to get a we get a lady here a lot of guys on the where the alright here's I will get to you
01:17:58to all the art your name you title your question my name's Laura my title is radical youth %HESITATION and my question is can we like an age for Laurie it like because she's dating a teenager but then she also says she's the top BMX biker in the world
01:18:16and she's traveled the world I'd really like to get in age on her yeah I was wondering if she is she's not a high school students I don't think so I'm gonna say she's like twenty and he's eighteen said the no no no I'm sorry I'm not saying
01:18:33the actors or that I love the guy in the audience we just would know I can tell you Lori Laughlin exact age at the exact moment she was making this movie user are I think she's meant to be a bit older yeah and I am not on the
01:18:54balcony now be careful Danny is dangerous alright you come to me I can't come to your all die okay Sir your name your title in your question my name is Martin the %HESITATION the title is she's twenty he's eighteen and my question is who is watching the the
01:19:23sister of course she is just roaming around town most yeah while the mom is ironing in the basement these two that's the feel like that's like the town is raising that girl yeah like I wasn't worried about her you know but I also wouldn't be surprised if she
01:19:42ended up like being a doctor on a train car ain't taken somewhere I don't know she didn't make it yeah yeah definitely and I why by the way this vehicle is not so rad for this is there see passive make it I I just had a thought here
01:20:02too it is really the mom had no reaction when the brother put her in a garbage can she didn't say like Hey bad but she knows that girl is trash did we ever find out how their dad died the mystery surrounding I agree I suspect foul play they're
01:20:22alright I feel like that name and your question and you can show me your pictures each get nailed me right %HESITATION sell at one point we in red racing is selling the shirts the minders crew shows up in what appears to be the corvette that is the price
01:20:42for the race he has proof that it's best yeah lake okay dude yeah who are like why are they driving that car is that's a picture that's a picture what if we do tell us it's going to be one of those red line things and he's like I'll
01:21:05bring this and I'll bring this me I'll be the final question I'm doing I mean agreement that they had about the cop if I bring my picture book by the way he's right I guess they like kinda let them do it but I I'm doing some rigorous investigation
01:21:26of myself because I just feel like wow have we presented a people up here that like you thought we wouldn't believe you we believe you I'll be honest I'll be honest I am inclined to not believe you but I'm more scared of you that you brought the picture
01:21:47I believe that he is a member of that small town who finally is trying to get that town meeting to pull it all together again with that picture like a glossy photo or way was a computer print out the %HESITATION so this dude's like %HESITATION don't worry I've
01:22:05got a color printer so you know what I did go back it's a **** it's a brag he was like I'm gonna bring my pick yeah I've got high and toner at home and well the use of the picture because it is the podcast %HESITATION so once again
01:22:31just briefly I'm so sorry I just want to acknowledge everybody if you're wearing a red racing shirt please stand up all right we are one to okay obviously we have opinions about this movie with their people out there with a different opinion is now time for second opinions
01:23:01in they say it's and I just you say in this movie you and if you want to hear five other ones stay tuned for after the episode will put them all back to back there we do want to cut any of them out because they're so damn good
01:24:14the two things they just all left right yes two of them sat in the lower audience the vast majority all came from the balcony the one over there I'm all wrong tonight here we go read it second opinions these are called from Amazon like I said this is
01:24:40only available on Amazon in a bootleg version %HESITATION there are only always available on my computer I will always have it there are only a hundred ten reviews total because again there's no official seller but I will start off with this one and it may be a little
01:24:59navel gazing but why not %HESITATION the title is Paul Scheer I hope you like the movie bye bye all from Georgia I sent a copy I bought the Paul Scheer and how did this get made hopefully they'll do an episode on it because it's one of the best
01:25:18movies of all time question yeah that means your name on Amazon is your real name anybody who's sending stuff from Amazon does if you all know he said the two that the aim of the address we have for the show okay this arrive at everything that is if
01:25:38that person is your home address move to hand deliver this copy of the movie and also let you know the exact age of Lori Laughlin when she made the movie this one is from Regina Regina rights husband about peed from excitement of finally being able to buy this
01:26:05on DVD thank you five stars that is a couple that is into a water sports Peter loader rates simply this he watched it four times the day he got it five stars wait he said he would sooner I watched as he watched it four times a day he
01:26:33got eight I don't know wait there is not previous information no they point out that you're not saying what you're talking about the balconies got us all mixed wait it's all about getting people to write these reviews he also titled the review five stars so the title of
01:26:55the reviews five stars then it's as he watched it four times the day he got a yes this review is haunted sounds like a balcony monster and finally I don't know it it's it's intense this is from Andrew asked and he goes I am a huge grad fan
01:27:20it was my favorite movie growing up and still is I've seen this movie hundreds of time on VHS and on the DVD copy I bought years back the DVD quality wasn't much better than the VHS but at least it had a menu with chapters that I could watch
01:27:32on a DVD player I have always tried to keep an eye out for a better quality DVD it was skeptical when I found this because it said HD quality and I found that hard to believe because this movie has never been released on DVD I figured I would
01:27:47give it a shot because I was only twenty Bucks let me tell you the best twenty dollars ever spent the quality of the believable they look better than some Blu ray is no joke I don't know how they got to look so good but it's well worth your
01:28:04money I was telling my brother how did the movie look and he thought I was full of it until he watched it ten minutes into the movie I'm gonna go on Amazon if you are a fan of this movie you need to buy it now you will not
01:28:21be disappointed I tip my hat to Frankie's custom classics I don't know how you got the movie looks so good but job well done I have been waiting for something like this for a long time thanks five stars you really embodied the gentleman that was that was amazing
01:28:48the transformation that you should yeah I mean that that is what that's my that's my contemporary model that I am I guarantee that due to a is single and be talks about rat on first dates a hundred percent so we've said a lot about rad I want to
01:29:06go and ask you Jason would recommend this movie one only an percent this movie and I will say if that's what the well whatever copy look like it looks like trash them the copy I thought was much more in line with with this gentleman is saying that the
01:29:26transfer was fantastic day of the colored plastic the colors were pop in the dance scene was both erotic and also romantic two things that I just adore %HESITATION I thought who the ask floods into sewage was an interesting choice but I enjoyed it I thought the little sister
01:29:47was a home run this movie to to be taught to bottom was **** rad it's hard you know I know people like this I see the numbers I hear the response I see the tee shirts I know that there is an audience out there yeah there's a cult
01:30:10following I don't understand it do you get if you watch it seven more times you would no I mean it is certain eat listen in this movie is not for me it's just not anything that I care for so %HESITATION I had a really difficult time watching it
01:30:32I hope I hope to never watch it again I know on never drag that file over into the trash but I I did not like it I will say like that stranger whose eyes widened when they stop bart Conner walking down the street thirty some odd years after
01:30:54the completion of this my eyes too were open to the balls out nature of this film which I also say is rad this young to me this is this to believe in the pantheon of movies such as Miami connection yes these are movies to me that are like
01:31:17a cut not just because the tee shirts are similar the red shirt with the black text that this was a pretty spectacular film one hundred percent %HESITATION here's the deal people there so many people to thank here for the show make Kylie who does all of our research
01:31:34good at good on him good on all the people sending me all that red merch you've convinced me we did it %HESITATION the hats off but also for the F. yeah **** you on behalf of June and I for sending US zero mark and %HESITATION and a big
01:31:50thank you to April Hallie who cut all these amazing clubs and found that clip of the Olympic Jim Jim this so so good %HESITATION as we wrap up the show here because we are running a little bit late I'll just ask does anyone have anything they want to
01:32:03plug so at the end of this month adult swim is going to air June twenty fourth at midnight adult swim is going to air a special that I made with Brian Huskey Jesse falcon and rob Corddry it's called Mr neighbor's house too it's basically positively idea what if
01:32:18David Lynch created the Mister Rogers show it is super dark and **** up and it's very funny so please what's that yeah I'm good your good well I'll simply plug that we have a brand new website it's H. T. T. G. M. that's how this get made all
01:32:37the initial hits the PGM info dot com you find out everything you need to know about this show on that page it's awesome and I have a new podcast mini series with Amy Nicholson called on school thank you very much which you can get anywhere by gathered we
01:32:53have to watch good movies and it's been super fun to do that thank you Chicago no time for second opinions good how does a badly acted cinematic pilots should get past the studio we did green lit how did these actors get roped into this garbage file Lori Loughlin
01:33:26I can see but come on really tell you shot a movie about BMX who the hell after this a choreographed dance scene on bicycles are you serious cost eleven million pray to god it makes it back although watch this thing is headed down on a hill track when
01:33:41word got around they said it was real bad all the critics hated it and said it was a very sold tried to save its good name went online to earn their frame what you claim man here's my second to open your own this five stars on Amazon but
01:34:01it still left me with one big question on how awful folk did this kid may he no one's religion Manuel Miranda everybody no time for second opinions yes leave that this movie was good I know I'm not alone the bicycle dance was my favorite scene it's still hold
01:34:40up say it's true Lori Laughlin tell the shire was great too and some guy that plays grew I got a long gun Amazon did give this movie it's due BMX racing gets my heart pacing got a review to do do do do critics say it's bad but I
01:35:05love red yeah yeah amazing what we got great songs are all long you got on their great no time for second opinions don't stop me now because I got a strong opinion on it done it posted online don't ask me how this movie even got made this movie
01:36:00is a favorite of all in my second opinion all caps like I'm playing these are second opinions five seven am I for a second opinion who's the new style lance watching this when god to keep my cool watching them do sweet **** tricks game of will's way of
01:36:41playing in opinions made steel balanced on the year is Jesus it's gonna get through this and what is to not get ready to a breeze you see only god can make you re commitment it is now time for second opinions some some second opinions Allred film though I
01:37:41got a new mission this movie did everything so rightly bought the DVD what's a daily and nightly I give it five stars what I don't know to turn off the lights and then to the show you know to the three member reviews like a Cisco this movie did
01:37:53a right but it failed in the physical sense the world is like a bomb as Prue Mabel Hallie make it clips like a melody a movie this good should count as a felony Jason Paul here to show you the way gold ball so you know crew don't play
01:38:07it through the plot hole you know June's solve it check out the flick while the disc is revolved thank you I will say all the other ten second opinions are ready to go one support for today show comes from Ben and Jerry's known for creating you fork ice
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01:39:11and forty two hundred sixty calories per serving it makes digging in your favorite treat even sweeter before it is the latest way to enjoy all the euphoria of Ben and Jerry's with a lot less calories available in three amazing flavors including chocolate milk and cookies delicious caramel cookie
01:39:29fix and go that's right try mal Goode store dot Ben Jerry dot com seven new move for you like ice cream delivered to you that's stored up Ben Jerry dot com to have moved for a light ice cream delivered to you people it's coming to your house you're
01:39:46gonna love it okay I have this book like laughing at me from my bookshelf O. smart boy you can't read me well I can read you Judy obscure I'm Michael Ian black in this is obscure in which I read Jude the obscure outloud and comment on it as
01:40:05I go there must be literally tens of people who will go with me on this journey subscribe to obscure what ever you listen

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