A quick update on the future of Hot Mic, and details on where to find more great reporting and journalism.
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00:00:03welcome for the last time to hot might the show's been off for a little while and we want to give you the listeners an update on the status of the show and information on where you can find the types of stories that we've had here going forward in
00:00:15the future so hot Mike began as an experiment in short format audio journalism and was designed to quickly give listeners important engaging new stories to start their day going forward we will no longer be releasing the show in its current format but if you want more great news
00:00:29reporting from Mike you can always head over to Mike dot com or the Mike face but you can also sign up to the Mike daily newsletter to get impactful stories delivered right to your inbox every day finally as we close out the show we like to recognize the
00:00:43important work of all the awesome people who helped with the launch and development so thank you to Cory hake markets already an Anthony Smith for helping to conceive the show at its beginning and thank you to get one to call and the amazing copy Mike for always keeping
00:00:57our reporting clear informative and act also thanks to Alex cap woman for his help with restructuring the show and helping to make the format more engaging and finally huge amounts of recognition go to Abu Jafar who took over hosting duties on the show and made it far better
00:01:14than it ever was you can look forward to hearing more from him on other Mike audio programming in the so that was your final hot Mike again for more great stories visit Mike dot com and if you're interested in other Mike audio programming check out the path podcast
00:01:30on apple podcast or wherever you get your ideas thank you so much for less

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