Writing the book and bank big cheques

Lead magnets have been part of our marketing vernacular for years now. You offer a thing of value and people give you their email address (and permission to email them).

But is there any money to be made from writing these?


To share HOW copywriters to land some high paying ebook projects, we’re talking to Steve Slaunwhite.

Tune in to learn:

  • What we mean when we talk about an ebook
  • What an exceptional ebook should include
  • How to pick the best topic for an ebook
  • Expert tips on structuring your ebook service
  • Tips on landing profitable ebook projects

Hot Copy #102: Making money writing ebooks: Steve Slaunwhite #copywriting #hotcopy
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About Steve

Steve Slaunwhite has been a copywriter and copywriting trainer for 20+ years.

He’s the creator of many popular online courses the author of “The Everything Guide to Writing Copy” and AWAI’s 2016 Copywriter Of The Year.

In his spare time, Steve likes to paint (poorly), cycle, read and hang out with his family.

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Connect with Steve

Check Steve out at www.CopywritingCoach.com

Hot Copy #102: Making money writing ebooks: Steve Slaunwhite #copywriting #hotcopy
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