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horror is a genre of speculative fiction which is intended to, or has the capacity to frighten, scare, disgust, or startle its readers or viewers by inducing feelings of horror and terror.
Welcome to your source for everything true crime! Each week, sisters Jen and Amy will be presenting cases of crime, murder, disappearance, and horror for your listening pleasure.
Drunk in a Graveyard is hosted by Robin Goodfellow and Scott Floronic and explores the weird world of horror, cult movies and dark music with an emphasis on the independent side of things. Join them every week as they explore strange and overlooke...
A horror movie discussion podcast. Horror nerds that love to talk, rant and ramble! New episodes drop every other Thursday.
Welcome to our Horror Themed Podcast! Come along with us as we explore horror across several different artistic mediums. From Horror films to comics and video games join us on our deep dive into the Horror genre.
Join the Operatives of the enigmatic ORPHEUS organization as they investigate, contain, and attempt to harness occult phenomena around the world in this Actual Play podcast.
Your creature fix in podcast form. Monster Porn is an anthology of horror stories, weird fiction, bizarro fiction, and speculative fiction from creators Matt Cummins and Bret Norwood. If you want monsters, we've got monsters. Monster Porn is the h...
Join your host Duncan & a different guest each week as they discuss horror movies old and new with a focus on entertainment. Annual top 10 lists, director roundtable discussions and the ultimate battle of man v horror each month when co-host T...
Two siblings talk about their two macabre interests: horror movies and true crime.
Talking horror & more, in small slices or deep cuts. Hosted by Mr. Poe & William Von Grimm
A monthly podcast dedicated to all things Dark Shadows, as well as horror literature, movies and comic books.
Original horror presented as an audio drama. Discover what the strange circle holds. pod.strangecircle.org #horror #fiction #audio-drama #spokenword
Dan Scully and Garrett Smith are two Philadelphia-based comedians that love movies. Especially those movies that manage to tell stories that take complete advantage of the medium of film. We're talking movie movies. They're sick of hearing the int...
Hosts Matt Ryan and Dave Potosnak combine equal parts comedy and literary criticism in this Goosebumps appreciation podcast.
Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. Allen and Katie watch horror movies from all eras and of all qualities and then discuss them in a not-so-academic way (just as the name "Werewolf Ambulance" might imply!) and then discuss and ra...
Every week Louis, Mike and Jack subject themselves to 3 movies chosen for them completely by random, with the picks ranging from insufferable slogs to hidden gems
Discussion of vintage horror, exploitation cinema, pre-Hays Code Hollywood and more by Eddie French, Emma Tidswell and Tom King.
A daily podcast that talks about whatever is on Deadite Dave's mind.
A bi-weekly podcast that covers all films new and old. Join your hosts as they traverse the wildlands of film.
Nathan and Kit watch and discuss wonderfully terrible horror movies. Bonus episodes on Bandcamp at https://ihopeyousufferpodcast.bandcamp.com
Conversations with actors and creators of Science Fiction.