Eight-year-old Tali Shapiro is abducted on her way to school. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan witnesses the event and calls the police, who arrive in time to save the young girl’s life. At the crime scene, LAPD officer Chris Camacho finds a student photo ID of the probable assailant. His name: Rodney Alcala.

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00:00:20The Dating Game Killer by Hollywood and crime contains depictions of violence and is not suitable for everyone please be advised
00:00:45thank you very much thank you and welcome to the dating game Family Guy
00:00:59on September 18th 1978 millions of TV viewers tuned into one of America's most popular game shows in living rooms across the country people watched as the stage set rotated to reveal the contestants who would Vie for a date with the evenings first Bachelorette the three men sat in tall director's chairs hidden in darkness
00:01:24Galaxy back to the other one has a successful photographer who got to start when his father found him in the dark room at the age of 13 fully develop
00:01:34the lights came up as the camera moved into a tight shot of Bachelor number one he smiled wide at the audience's warm welcome nodding with self-confidence is brown leisure suit might have been more at home in a Hollywood disco but he fully owned is Lark his white dress shirt was open halfway down his chest enormous lapels flapping like that Wings above his jacket collar is long Mane of curly dark hair was perfectly quaffed brushed back and cascading down his shoulders.
00:02:11where is the young lady with a wealth of experience living three bachelors and Cheryl Bradshaw puffy sleeves and revealing scoop-neck review of The Bachelors was blocked by a bend in the flower power inspired barrier host Jim Lange quickly explain the rules she could ask the contestants whatever she liked except for their name age occupation or income then he introduced The Bachelors number one we're going to have a great time together Cheryl style of the show Cheryl's questions were playful and heavy with sexual innuendo
00:03:09Bachelor number one was particularly Adept at matching her tone and bravado and double entendre he was comfortable in front of the camera growling provocatively and commanding her to get over here he played to the audience and they responded he was a crowd favorite
00:03:41I'm called the banana and I look really good
00:03:47can you be a little more descriptive
00:03:54backstage before the show began Bachelor number ones demeanor had been less engaging he seemed able to turn the charm on at will but it vanished as soon as it no longer suited his purpose as he and the other contestants waited to take their places on stage he got in the face of one of his Rivals I always get the girl he snarled his eyes dark and Chipettes and on this evening he would be right
00:04:25the truth is you heard from the bathrooms you got some great dramatic presentation some good answer but I'm going to ask you a question who gets the dates but I like bananas
00:04:47Bachelor number one song turn onto the stage and gave Cheryl a kiss on the cheek He Slipped his hand around her waist is the host gave details of their upcoming date the new couple would be getting tennis lessons in a trip to Magic Mountain amusement park and it's 13 years on the are the dating game had introduced America too many guests who would go on to celebrate a careers among its alumni were Farrah Fawcett Burt Reynolds and Arnold Schwarzenegger tonight's lucky Bachelor would be no exception within a year his name would be no Nationwide though it wouldn't be for landing his own sitcom a movie contract rather he would be known to law enforcement agencies from Hollywood to New York and his Dating Game of parents would become Legend on this September night in 1978 the TV viewing audience we watch as Cheryl Bradshaw was introduced to Bachelor number one
00:05:47is given name this is your dates and I want to tell you something about him Cheryl is the skydivers he's got a lot of nerve
00:05:59say hello to Rodney Alcala
00:06:11Trump wondering exclusively on luminary media this is Hollywood and crime I'm Tracy Patton with Stephen Lang
00:06:20in our new Hollywood and crime series we're uncovering the Twisted secret life of one of America's most prolific serial killers Rodney Alcala also known as The Dating Game Killer when I'll call up here on the popular TV show The Dating Game millions of viewers around the country tuned in to watch they had no idea Bachelor number one was a diagnosed sociopath and convicted child molester because no one on the staff did a background check nor did I'll call his employers at the Los Angeles Times where he worked as a typesetter neither his employers his family or the world had any idea that behind this man's quick smile and Charming facade was a brutal serial killer a man capable of ingratiating himself with prison psychiatrist parole boards students and co-workers while committing heinous murders from
00:07:20Coast to Coast how did Rodney Alcala slip through the judicial system for so many years how did his appearance on The Dating Game help lead to his downfall that's what we are exploring on this six-part series this is episode 1 Tali
00:07:39here's my co-host Stephen Lang
00:07:52the spots are through the windshield from half a block away 7 maybe 8 moving in a jaunty hat skip
00:08:02she's carrying books no doubt on her way to school
00:08:06with the slow-moving morning traffic it's easy to keep Pace with her as the angles closer to the sidewalk you can see her lips moving and improvised Little tune
00:08:17when the light changes to Red he pulls to the curb leans across the front seat
00:08:22he knows how he needs to sound practices modulating his voice for every occasion
00:08:28he will be the adults authoritative Vietnam threatening the kind of person her parents have taught her to obey
00:08:37he rolls down the window and smiles as she looks over again emotions for her to come closer he offers her a ride to school as if it's the most natural thing a daily routine
00:08:49she tells him she's not supposed to talk to strangers and continues on her way
00:08:54inches the car forward along cider doesn't she recognized him he asks
00:09:00she looks back at him and he scrunches and shoulders is it slightly dejected she doesn't remember him
00:09:06he tells her he's friends with her parents
00:09:09when he sends his her uncertainty he knows the back off just the right amount. She stops and leans toward the window he tells her he's a picture he wants to show her our parents have seen it already and said she'd really like it where is it she asks he smiles again and reaches for the door handle knowing he's almost there you didn't he says making it as casual as possible he can show it to her on the way to school
00:09:42this is the critical moment he knows the slightest off no reaction from him will scare her away
00:09:49she looks at him and he widens his eyes and a welcoming signal she opens the door and slides into the passenger seat
00:09:58even with her in the car he knows it's only the first step she can jump out at any moment so he needs to keep monitoring his every expression and gesture
00:10:08his voice soft he asks her about school it's okay she tells him he turns on Sunset and the traffic is lighter she's distracted now looking out the window
00:10:22when they turn onto de longpre in West Hollywood she says it's not the right way to school
00:10:28he tells her he has to stop off somewhere for just a minute
00:10:33when he pulls over in front of the apartment complex she looks around at the unfamiliar Street
00:10:39he smiles again didn't you want to see that picture
00:10:43well I guess she says he gets out in rounds the car to open the door for her he knows how critical the next two seconds are they have 50 feet from his door she seems concerned now it'll only be a minute he assures her promising to get her to school on time
00:11:04she walks with him to his front door he opens it when I should star in
00:11:09just a minute he tells her he'll get that picture
00:11:13she looks around the place is littered with photographs she guesses he must be a real photographer and it puts her mind at ease
00:11:23in a moment he returns and hands are a picture
00:11:26before she can register the image her world goes black
00:11:37Donald Haines glanced down at his watch as he did every few minutes it was a little after 8 a.m. on Wednesday September 25th 1968 he sighed as he looked through the windshield at the traffic inching forward on Sunset Boulevard it was a daily routine and knowing he's given himself enough time to get to work didn't make the stop and go any less irritating
00:12:01as the light if I had turned red he glance casually out the passenger window and noticed a little girl ambling down the sidewalk
00:12:09Donald smiled recalling the language rhythms of childhood the Easy Flow of time
00:12:16when you look back up it seemed the traffic light was stuck on red
00:12:21two lanes over a beige car crept up beside the little girl edging toward the sidewalk Donald couldn't make out the driver's face behind a tangle of long dark hair
00:12:32a little girl looked over as the man called something to her out the passenger window she shook her head and kept walking and the car started pacing her now curious about the interaction Donald angled over into the next Lane as the light changed he noticed there were no license plates
00:12:53something about the unfolding scene didn't feel right the girl didn't appear to know the man it was only after repeated coaxing that she got into his car
00:13:04of course that didn't prove anything
00:13:06unable to let go of the darker thought he decided to follow
00:13:13a few minutes later the beige car pulled over in a residential neighborhood on De longpre Avenue in West Hollywood
00:13:20Donald watch that the man who appeared to be in his twenties got out the girl of beat behind him she looked around appearing I'm familiar with the area maybe a little hesitant
00:13:33the man smiled as if reassuring her that everything was okay
00:13:37from Donald's perspective she seemed a little reluctant her steps halting it looked as if the man was controlling her to follow him
00:13:47they disappeared into a first-floor apartment
00:13:51Donald Haines headed to the nearest Payphone and call the police
00:13:56he told the dispatcher that he wasn't certain but something about the situation just didn't look right
00:14:03when LAPD officer Chris Camacho arrived on De longpre Haynes was standing next to his car he pointed to a door on the first floor of a nearby apartment complex and told the officer that's where he's staying the man and girl go inside
00:14:19Camacho call for backup then walked over to the door and knocked loudly there was no answer he shouted through the door that he was a police officer in a few seconds the blind shifted slightly in the sliver of a man's face came up in the window he didn't appear to be wearing any clothes he told the officer he just stepped out of the shower and to give him a moment but his hair didn't look wet Camacho yelled for the man to open the door or heat break it down
00:14:51this time you didn't wait for a response he kicked in the door and rushed into the apartment
00:14:57moments later backup officers arrived entry with guns drawn but the man was gone apparently he'd escaped out a back door
00:15:07the officers looked around the place was filled with camera equipment photos mainly of young girls string everywhere
00:15:15Camacho followed a trail of blood leading from the living room to the kitchen then stopped dead in the doorway
00:15:22a little girl lay lifeless on the floor naked covered in blood her face had been bashed in and it heavy metal bar placed across her throat to suffocate her
00:15:34there seem to be too much blood do it come from that tiny body
00:15:40a few feet away out of place in the grizzly seen a pair of white Mary Jane shoes that on the floor
00:15:48Camacho approached the girl's body careful not to disturb the evidence
00:15:53to avoid smudging potential fingerprints he used a towel to lift the bar from her throat
00:15:59he then joined the other officers in their search of the apartment
00:16:03when you pass through the kitchen again the child began to gag struggling to breathe it was only then that he realized his astonishment she was still alive
00:16:15Camacho called for an ambulance and stayed at her side until EMS workers arrived
00:16:22well officer spread out around the complex looking for the perpetrator detectives comb through the apartment searching for Clues to his identity
00:16:31it didn't take long and his rush to escape he'd Left Behind several documents including a student photo ID from UCLA the attacker might have disappeared into the bright California morning but they had his name Rodney Alcala
00:16:58Kylie Shapiro fights to stay alive as emergency room doctors work feverishly to stabilize her their immediate concern is the great loss of blood and the time she spent with her Airway blocked
00:17:12the most serious wound is a gaping hole at the back of her head closing it takes over two dozen stitches and most of the morning
00:17:21Charlie's parents Harbor in the waiting room as confused as they are terrified only a few hours earlier she left for school like any other day the last thing the record exec in his wife expected was a call from the police in frantic drive to the hospital how could their lives have changed so suddenly and violently it makes no sense they tell detectives at the hospital, he's been warned many times about going off with strangers yet she's a polite and obedient child talk to respect her Elders someone with a clever ruse might take advantage of the social qualities that made tally who she was
00:18:01Kylie's mother tells the officers that her daughter left their suite at the Chateau Marmont around 8 for the 20 minute walk to Gardner Elementary School the family was staying at the legendary Hollywood Hotel after a fire have recently destroyed their house
00:18:16tell me like the walk to school amid the rush of activity along Sunset Boulevard
00:18:22detective ask your parents if they'd ever heard of someone named Rodney Alcala do they know anyone fitting his description the shapiros understand the office is urgency but right now their entire focus is on their daughter will she make it through the night will tally still beat Ali
00:18:47by the time he got in the Tali Shapiro case LAPD detective Steve Hodel had worked burglary robbery auto theft Juvenile and homicide his first impression was that the Savage attack on the eight-year-old didn't track with what he was learning about the suspected assailant Rodney Alcala his neighbors on De longpre Avenue had little to offer investigators they barely knew he existed he hadn't lived at the complex long and had made no friends he kept to himself was often seen entering or leaving his apartment lugging a tripod and camera bag or other photographic equipment up until the moment he kidnapped a child on her way to school his life had appeared quiet and unremarkable
00:19:35but with his years of experience detective Hodel knew better than to trust First Impressions a harmless Persona was exactly the weapon Predators used against unsuspecting prey
00:19:48the attackers Hasty Escape through a back door met his apartment was left filled with evidence including an immense collection of photographs overwhelmingly they were of girls and young women Minion Play Fuller sexually suggestive poses while not explicitly pornographic his interest in underage girls was unmistakable
00:20:12when Hodel questioned I'll call his professors and fellow students at UCLA they were so taken aback they insisted it had to be a case of mistaken identity the Rodney they knew was incapable of such a heinous act he was friendly and engaging dated frequently and hung out with friends no different from any other guy his age
00:20:36one of his professors summed up the consensus among faculty and peers Rodney Alcala wouldn't hurt a fly
00:20:51in the fall of 1968 a young man named John Berger applies for admission to NYU School of Fine Arts if it's odd that it shows up six weeks into the semester the administrator doesn't press him on it charming and soft-spoken the prospective student makes a strong first impression his hair is long and Shaggy but his manner is smooth and Polished you might look like a hippie what is confidence bespeaks a man familiar with the ways of the world
00:21:21he answers our questions forthrightly free League standing on his passion for photography the thought of working with the likes of legendary filmmaker Roman Polanski I guessed instructor that you excites the young applicant NYU decides to accept them into its undergraduate program
00:21:41within weeks John Berger has established himself as a New Yorker he finds an apartment gets work as a security guard
00:21:50he spends his free time frequent in Greenwich Village is renowned coffee houses in small clubs
00:21:57and everywhere it seems all the young women sauntering free and fluid all color and motion this morning streets
00:22:06hippies flock to the Fillmore to see Creedence so the airplane Mayall & the Dead the East Village is a crushing bodies on Friday nights Tompkins Square Park Cloudy with a pot smoke is the Firefly joint splitter everywhere this is a new Freedom new to the world and new to him where La is Breezy and slow and everywhere and bright this is Darkness come alive brutal and merciless Jane than expected
00:22:37is it home in these New York nights he's noisy streets his photographers I alive for the beauty in the dirt and grime he's not part of this warmth of motion and press a body his distances the cameras distance his eyes cold lenses that see what the rest don't
00:22:57and he moves among them like a race that deserving always observing calculating the space between them and him these kids who are his peers and yet aren't he wanders in the cold and damp of the club's listens to the words of the new poets Dylan Ginsberg McGuinn and McGuire
00:23:21every now and then he picks one out of the crowd watches her through the evening
00:23:26he follows her out into the streets watch as you descend into the subway oblivious in the New Freedom he observes of the world and not one among generation Have Nots
00:23:42Embraces his other books the secret what he has done and what he's capable of
00:23:50once in a while he follows a girl down to the subway platform late at night she might look at him or not see him or not
00:24:00he knows what he can do knows her freedom is his weapon
00:24:05and he turns away and heads back up the street knowing what he can do is sometimes enough
00:24:13knowing what he can do is almost as good as doing it
00:24:25in Los Angeles detective Hodel was researching Rodney Alcala his childhood what he found was a picture of ordinariness that mirror the descriptions of those who knew him as an adult
00:24:37Rodney James Alcala was born on March 23rd 1943 he was the third of four siblings living in a middle-class section of San Antonio Texas primary school he produced excellent grades was described as intelligent and thoughtful
00:24:56following a brief stay in Mexico to care for his ailing grandmother the family returned to the states in the early fifties settling in East Los Angeles by now his grandmother had died and his father had left his mother
00:25:10tracking down former classmates at Montebello High School investigators learned that Rodney's teen years were indistinguishable from most boys his age he was outgoing and friendly dated frequently participated in sports and music nothing in his childhood indicated he was capable of the extreme violence he let loose on young Tali Shapiro
00:25:36upon graduating high school in 1960 he joined the army it was two years into his enlistment that something seemed to change in him without warning he went AWOL from Fort Bragg in North Carolina hitchhiking cross country to Los Angeles
00:25:53he appeared at his mother's door in a manic State explaining in bits and pieces that he was unsuited for military service that joining the Army was the biggest mistake of his life as he stocked around a small house like a caged animal misses Alcala try to Fathom what happened what was behind the dramatic change why was her polite and respectful son suddenly rambling and incoherent
00:26:22eventually she calmed him down
00:26:25though he was still vague on the details of his apparent breakdown she convinced him to turn himself in at a local recruiting station
00:26:35after an interview with an army psychologist Rodney was transferred to a hospital in San Francisco to undergo psychiatric evaluation
00:26:44conferring with his superiors at Fort Bragg doctors learn that for several weeks Rodney had been unable to perform his usual duties he seemed to have undergone some sort of mental collapse
00:26:57with no sign of improvement in his emotional state it was determined I'll call it was no longer fit for military service he was discharged from the Army in February 1964 according to the psychiatric report he been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder chronic severe
00:27:19the defining characteristics of the disorder where a disregard for right and wrong a lack of empathy for others and an inability to feel guilt or remorse for their deeds
00:27:32detective Hotel put the Army report down on the table it was the first documented appearance of the Alcala who could have assaulted eight-year-old Tali Shapiro
00:27:43the mystery was how the man psychiatrist declared antisocial could be described by Collies and acquaintances as unable to hurt a fly
00:27:53that was how we convince the eight-year-old to get in the car with him and that meant Rodney Alcala was extremely dangerous as long as he remained on the loose
00:28:10nights spent hanging out of Greenwich Village is Cafe Wha what Bitter End don't seem to interfere with John Berger school work he maintains a 3.5 grade point average is first semester at NYU
00:28:24the summer of 1969 approaches you decide to get away from the city bus on might do him good he applies for and gets a position as counselor at the new beginnings arts and drama camp for girls in rural New Hampshire
00:28:40he easily adopts the posture of the Bohemian traveler fresh from New York City Art millier he's a friendly and engaging instructor always patient with his young charges and having studied film with Roman Polanski makes him a rare fine for Camp administrators everyone seems to like the Charming gregarious John Berger
00:29:03when he returns to New York to pick up his studies in the fall the future seems a road of Endless Possibilities he continues to excel in his studies he spends his free time wandering the streets of Manhattan camera hanging from a strap around his neck
00:29:20he walks and sidewalks pointing his camera and filling his portfolio with images rendered complete by his artist's vision is more certain than ever of his career path the world three-dimensional in its complexity becomes comprehensible when viewed this way images to be possessed manipulated bent to his will
00:29:45the lines of New York the colors of movement become extensions of his eye
00:29:51what he abused becomes part of him what he sees he possesses and wherever he looks young women on the streets with their easy Grace meeting is I with a piercing boldness these are not the girls of his youth up San Antonio in Mexico quiet eyes watching their feet is it to avoid the smallest misstep this new generation of women his generation are bold occupied with their own sense of purpose they look back at him smile or wink as he snaps photos of them in their mini skirts with skin tight bell bottoms near flowery blouses and leather sandals
00:30:33this is the world he was born to be in and the world he creates with his photographer's eye the world he possesses inside and out
00:30:50detective Hodel learned that I'll call ahead move back in with his mother following his discharge from the Army in 1964 relieved of the pressures of military life he seemed to be returning to normal he was the old Rodney again talking about the future and the life he plan to carve out for himself he's always been interested in photography and now decided on it as a career path he went to the library gathered materials from California schools eventually deciding on UCLA with his excellent High School record and high IQ it was Within Reach
00:31:27after attending classes at Cal State to earn the credits necessary for transfer he was admitted into UCLA's liberal arts program he thrived at the Lively Westwood campus easily making friends and going on dates on weekends he would take for eggs to the desert or mountains the many beaches always with camera at hand and more and more he found himself taking photos of young women who were happy to pose for him perhaps in hopes of being discovered by the handsome young photographer La was sick with expiring actresses newly-arrived with fantasies of a glittering future in Hollywood land of dreams and Rodney was only too happy to be, they're stepping stone to stardom
00:32:18he knew how to flatter told him they were the next Monroe or Natalie Wood
00:32:23his career at UCLA was unremarkable except for its consistency Rodney studied hard earned good grades avoided the excesses of the day
00:32:35when in 1968 he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts it seemed he was on his way to a career in photography
00:32:44as LAPD detective Steve Hodel was learning a little about Rodney Alcala stood out from the ordinary until the morning he attacked young Tali Shapiro
00:33:03Leon Borstein feels a little foolish asking officers of New York's Upper East Side Precinct to accompany him over to his girlfriend's apartment on 83rd Street but her family hasn't heard from her all day and when you went over to her place and knock that a door there was no response
00:33:22Cornelia Michael Crilly or Michael friends just moved in and was eager to show off her new digs
00:33:31not hearing from her all day Michael's mother called Leon and ask him to check on our daughter when he got off work
00:33:40sports teams in assistant district attorney in Kings County accompany him to the apartment
00:33:50it's just before 9 p.m. on June 24th 1971 when they arrived at Michael's door and knock loudly
00:33:58when is no response the officers ask Borstein to stay in the hall
00:34:04they leave the building and climb up the fire escape
00:34:07one of the policemen turns on his flashlight and peers into the dark apartment nothing appears out of place they use the back end of the flashlight to break in then climb through the window and turn on the lights Michael and her two roommates are in the process of moving in and haphazard Furniture in shipping crates are all over the place the kitchen is empty except for cardboard cartons the glance into the first bedroom when I find nothing amiss they move on down the hall
00:34:38at the door of the second bedroom they stop cold
00:34:42lying on the floor is The Battered body of a young woman
00:34:46her face has been beaten beyond recognition a nylon stocking has been tied around her neck so tightly her skin is formed to dark Groove around what appeared to be articles of our clothing stuffed in her mouth bite marks are visible in one of her breasts
00:35:04Leon Borstein looks up as the front door opens he knows immediately from the look on the cob space that is bad
00:35:12I'm sorry said the officer leaving only a few seconds for his words and tone to settle in but I'm going to need you to identify her
00:35:22Ramona's Leon's mind races casting about for some alternate explanation to what he knows is happening he's been in law enforcement long enough to know what those words mean but he can't bring himself to move can't go into that apartment tells the cop he doesn't want to see her that way
00:35:43the officer not offering a brief description of the woman lying dead on the yards away young 20s pretty dark-haired Leon studies himself against the wall and nods and even in the haze of shock and disbelief the assistant DA knows what will happen next
00:36:04no signs of forced entry it appears Michael let her killer in which means she likely knew him
00:36:12that's her boyfriend suspicion would naturally fall on Leah
00:36:16when the officers asked him to accompany them back to the station anomaly complies suddenly in an alien and in comprehensible world
00:36:26he will answer their questions try to eliminate himself as a suspect as expeditiously as you can so that the police can set about finding the monster who did this
00:36:38even more painful and he knows it will fall upon him to tell Michael's mother and as much as he would like to avoid it he knows he will be the one to positively identify his girlfriend's body at the morgue to spare her family too gruesome chore
00:36:55when he gets there he knows there is no way to brace himself for what is the cup
00:37:01she lies on the stainless steel tray and she pulled up over her breasts her lips are stretched open and rigor mortis stuck in position from the article stuffed into her mouth to prevent her from screaming her face is bruised and cut and swollen blue no longer Michael
00:37:21Boston tries to regain composure as he exits the room leaving her body to the medical examiner
00:37:27the autopsy will determine the cause and manner of death to be asphixiation by strangulation
00:37:35The Examiner will document all the defects perpetrated upon her mostly while she was alive
00:37:41he won't notice of dried substance around the Deep bite marks on her breasts
00:37:46though there is no data bank for comparison he will take a sample to see if DNA is present
00:37:56slowly Tali Shapiro became more responsive At first she was able to move her fingers and toes or open her eyes
00:38:05then she focus on her mother and father standing at her bedside she smiled at them and whispered a few words her parents tried to hide their horror at how bruised and battered she was her tiny body was wrapped in bandages the back of her head shaved and suture to close the gaping hole but somehow she was still there the tally they knew
00:38:32everyday the doctors would perform more tests to see if she would walk again to see if she had suffered any personality changes due to the trauma to her brain
00:38:43each day she seemed more Alert and soon she was able to carry on a conversation she asked about school if she was in trouble for missing class
00:38:53mercifully she could work all almost nothing about the attack
00:38:58when detective gently questioned her she remembered alcohol is showing her a photograph in his apartment then everything went black
00:39:07investigators surmise that was when he struck her from behind rendering her senseless what he did to her after that he did while she was unconscious
00:39:22in the summer of 1971 John Berger returns to the Green Hills of New Hampshire for the summer hadn't completed his studies at NYU he looks forward to another season at the new beginnings arts and Drama Camp
00:39:38the teenage girls are eager students and enjoys the attention they pay their handsome young photography instructor with his hippie looking long hair and easy manner
00:39:48he likes how they look at the camera as he takes that picture striking silly are sexy poses impromptu models and then the Virgin local Flora
00:39:58and he knows how to focus on each girl is it she's the only one who matters as if she's somehow special
00:40:06when he looks at her through the cameras I there is no question she has his full and intimate attention Beyond describing different lenses in film stocks he offers himself is the confidante and Confessor friend and Advocate if there's anything they need to know on their entry into adulthood John is always ready to lend an ear and offer advice
00:40:32on August 10th to of the young campers decide to walk to the county post office to mail some letters home it's a muggy day and when the sky is finally crack open with thunder and rain the girls are safely inside happy with the excuse to stay in town longer the pair decide to make an afternoon of it wandering the old building as if it were a museum
00:40:56they giggle when they spot the FBI's most wanted list fixed to the wall like a movie prop the faces are in profile or staring back at them black and white images of a description of their crimes murder arson bank robbery
00:41:13the girls invented instant fictions to go with the crimes daring escapes from moving trains midnight Crossings into the Mexican desert
00:41:23but the game ends abruptly when their eyes land on a familiar face
00:41:28they stare at a moment then at each other in back of the photo no way exclaims one they leaned closer to the poster is it to somehow resolve this impossibility is it some kind of mistake
00:41:46it can't possibly be John Berger one of their favorite counselors
00:41:51but no they reassure themselves the name above the photo says Rod James Alcala
00:41:59the more the girls read the more they're convinced it isn't the photography instructor they know the fugitive is wanted for kidnapping and rape it says he hit an eight-year-old girl on the head with an iron bar that he should be considered very dangerous
00:42:17well that decides that the girls conclude the John they know who jokes around with them and is always patient and eager to help could never hurt a little girl they can't imagine him hurting anyone
00:42:31they look at the wanted poster again
00:42:34if it isn't John Berger it's his identical twin
00:42:38didn't think you'd somewhere that everyone has a double maybe Rod James Alcala is John burgers.
00:42:53Camp director George shenkman looks up his the two girls enter his office talking quickly have to him half to each other over his years of new beginnings he's gotten used to handling squabbles and Petty grievances but when he gets them to focus he realizes this isn't the usual Teenage Drama they tell him they've seen a wanted poster at the post office that looks like they're photography instructor John Berger he smiles at the girls vivid imaginations tells them not to worry it's probably just a coincidence John is one of the art camps most admired unreliable counselors this is his third season at the summertime without a hint of impropriety
00:43:35still more out of curiosity than concern he decides to make the short trip into town to check it out for himself
00:43:44when he sees the poster he's no more certain than the girls it certainly Bears a striking resemblance to the popular instructor is it possible that easygoing affable John Berger is really Rod James Alcala wanted for kidnapping and raping a little girl
00:44:03director shankman returns to the camp certain of one thing he's not going to risk the safety of his young charges as soon as he's back in his office he puts in a call to the FBI
00:44:21it was almost a month before Tali Shapiro was strong enough to return to the family suite at the Chateau Marmont more months would pass before she was strong enough to walk unaided
00:44:33by the time she returned to class the school year was half over her resilience showed through as she returned to the life of a schoolgirl but the trauma of events proved too much for the family they couldn't bear living in such proximity to where the attack had taken place it was hard to drive down Sunset without recalling how I'll call ahead Lord talion to car
00:44:59and the apartment where the assault had occurred was within minutes of her school that the monster who had so disrupted their lives was still on the loose with a constant source of Anguish be concerned
00:45:13Callie's parents talked it over and presented the plan to their children her father would quit his job in the music industry and the family would leave la
00:45:22within months they were resettled in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
00:45:27tally continue to put back together the pieces of her childhood
00:45:32the family would not return to the United States again not even to testify at the trial of her attacker
00:45:45camp director shankman is taken aback by the response he gets from the FBI far from putting him at ease about a possible case of mistaken identity the agent immediately wants him to do nothing that might alert John Berger he's to act normally around the photography instructor until the authorities arrive the two girls who spotted the wanted poster need to keep quiet about it if it is The Fugitive he's already escaped once and won't hesitate to flee again if he senses anything out of the ordinary keep your composure around him I'll call it is highly intelligent and may pick up on any suspicious cues
00:46:27above all do not allow him an unguarded moment with any of the girls
00:46:36when several cars pull up on the grounds of new beginnings in the morning campers and counselors don't know what to make of them as the dark suited man emerge they are meant by camp director shankman they proceeded to the cabin where John Berger is staying A Bug's ripples through the kids as they watched the popular counselor being brought out in handcuffs and placed in the back of one of the car is the two girls who spotted the wanted poster nudge each other wide-eyed and transfixed I'm like in the movies there is no commotion or protest no Gunplay or wild Chase through the woods
00:47:15John Berger walks quietly to the car and gets in more than anything else he seems perplexed as if this is all a mistake that will soon be correct
00:47:27as the car is drive off Rumours begin to spread director shenkman assembles the girls for an impromptu meeting he tells the campers that John is suspected of being Rod Alcala a fugitive from California living under an assumed name
00:47:44he's accused the very serious crimes notes yet to be determined if he's guilty he'll be flown to California so the truth may be uncovered
00:47:53shipment doesn't go into details of the crimes Alcala is accused of the Gathering last only a few minutes and the girls are asked to go about their activities as they normally would
00:48:05but for the rest of the day the cab is abuzz with wild speculation
00:48:18detective Hodel looked out the window as the plane touched down on the landing strip he knew we was about to face the man he been pursuing for almost 3 years
00:48:30past 24 hours have been a flurry of activity he had received word yesterday from the FBI that a man resembling Rodney Alcala was working as a counselor at a rural Arts camp for girls thought about call around the teenagers chilled Hotel later the FBI agent-in-charge called with the news that John Burgers fingerprints match those of Alcala from his army records a rush went through the LAPD cop is he realize they finally had them and would come so close to killing yum Talay he packed as can be overnight bag and book the Redeye to Boston Logan Airport
00:49:12after Landing Hotel rented a car and drove the two hours to George's Mill's New Hampshire
00:49:18at the jail he was brought to the small interrogation room to me to suspect I'll call a looked up at the detective with a smile he seems unconcerned as if eager to clear up what was obviously a mistake of some sort
00:49:33Hotel informed him that he was the officer in charge of investigating the kidnapping assault on Tali Shapiro three years earlier I'll call a sat there and nodded taking it all in as if it were a matter of unpaid parking tickets Hotel was not in the mood to play games he asked alcohol a how he could have committed such a Savage assault on an 8 year old
00:49:57this time I'll call it didn't deny the accusation instead he referred to himself in the third person as if he had really become John Berger affable photography instructor at the new beginning summer camp I don't want to talk about Rod Alcala and what he did he told the detective Hotel stared at the suspect for a long moment not knowing what to make of them was he really exhibiting some kind of fractured mental state unable to come to terms with what are you done or was it an Act was Alcala already laying the groundwork for a diminished capacity defense
00:50:33of course that kind of determination would be left of the courts Odell's job was to get his prisoner back to LA where he would face charges of child rape and attempted murder
00:50:54on the next episode of The Dating Game Killer after being convicted of child molestation Rodney Alcala becomes a model prisoner and works the system to convince the parole board he is no longer a threat upon his released he immediately abducts another team
00:51:19this is episode 1 of 6 of The Dating Game Killer from Hollywood and crime if you like what you've been hearing be sure to tell your friends and fans of True Crime we're counting on you to help us spread the word The Dating Game Killer was written and directed by Larry Brandt and produced by Rebecca Reynolds Tracy Patton and Jim Carpenter for Hollywood and crime recorded and designed by Julianne Nicholson edited by Eric sifuentes and Julianne Nicholson and mixed by Mark Holden for the invisible studios West Hollywood executive producers Marshall Louis Stephanie Jen and Erin on Lopez
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