Natalie and Wayne premiere Hollywood Close-Up's brand new theme song. Faruq Tauheed ("The Noise", "BattleBots") joins them for the end of the year Holiday episode. Featuring Music – Leah Finkelstein and Heidi-Marie Ferren Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/faruqadelphia Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/faruqadelphia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/faruqadelphia Catch Faruq on "The Noise" "He Cooks He Scores" on YouTube

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00:00:00You're listening to natalie lipka and wayne fraser on hollywood close up Yeah no This is hollywood close up i'm natalie lift gone and i'm wayne fraser and we're two actors talking our way to the top please make sure to check us out at natalie and wayne dot com
00:00:42on twitter and instagram at natalie and wayne and subscribe on itunes that's right and hey listen later on in the program at the end of the show we have heidi marie farren she's got a brand new song called fairytale you find that on apple music dot com which
00:00:57is pretty awesome so exciting yeah pretty awesome there and we just had that new opening i know it's so exciting and david aah patrick david photography was a lot of those photos with a lot of authority and and then there was a new song that we got composed
00:01:16for us just for hollywood close of first time we're playing it on air and we actually have that composer with us via skype leah finkelstein is here she is ooh thank you for calling in how are you great amazing happy holidays to you happy holidays last night yeah
00:01:42yeah god monica yeah listen man thanks for ah chat with us for a minute we are just absolutely enthralled and so happy about this amazing new theme song for the show you did a wonderful job thanks it was super fun thank you Thanks We're so glad what So
00:02:05we kind of met and talked about the show You were obviously very familiar with the show already and but then you just composed this thing and we're like how does that magic happen because we're we love music but we're not necessarily musical people right Well you know you
00:02:23know i'm a singer songwriter so it is it is what i do but i love theme songs in particular have always been i've played a lot of clubs and sometimes i will just play theme songs and people saying a lot into them and think of the cheers song
00:02:37or roseanne or whatever pick you no taxi i love writing themes sounds so i think this in particular was really fun fun process because when you when we started talking i sort of had an idea of let's have it be something that someone could hum and recognize because
00:02:57i think having sort of a hookey recognition to show is always a good thing so i just sort of threw the kitchen sink at you guys yeah about five million different instrumentation and threw some electronica stuff up in there and all kinds of stuff and sort of brought
00:03:19you a large pile of music and then when we got to sit down on goethe through and start muting and eliminating track us based on where you guys felt you wanted the theme song to go is really where we found the direction and it was a good process
00:03:36that way yeah it really was it was it was so interesting because you know we did get teo see you in action and we're like okay we'll try it like this and you're so receptive to us and like if you know now you and i working together have
00:03:51done this work so long but wear very meticulous and what we do and producing and putting stuff together and you were so on top of it and so what's the word i'm looking for just so well so receptive to our work on dh how we work and thank
00:04:06you for just being open and loving our show enough teo to want to do this with us absolutely what was just it was so fun working with you guys and it is true and i wanted if i'm going to be doing a theme song if i'm going to
00:04:20be scoring something or writing anything for somebody it is for someone's work it's for there their show and i watch hollywood close up you know exactly what you want to have a ce faras survive as faras the sound as faras how you want it to be and so
00:04:40i need to create that to match what it is that you guys were looking for so the fact that we found that just it's just oh yeah way lucked out because you sound you found the sound and we love it yeah we're excited so thank you and i
00:04:56definitely want to plug your website again Leah finkelstein dot com and you've got to go see her perform with the boob A sisters as well We've interviewed heather stewart last year for our holiday episodes Karen will be right yeah yeah yeah what were my giant wig on and
00:05:18i looked right yes and it's amazing and you guys perform all the time and what a great team and you have excellent ah product outside of just the mu bai sisters so look for them locally here in los angeles and go see that show it's hysterical actually hysterical
00:05:36so thank you thank you so much to have a wonderful holiday happy holidays to you guys was so much fun i'm so glad it worked out thank you thank you so much bye Yeah uh steve so good yeah i know fantastic what's great to be back here it
00:05:55is i feel a little you know i had to like shake out a little bit us we haven't been in the studio in awhile since halloween and now it's the holidays and festive award season is around the corner or started happening really already what it waited twenty seventeen
00:06:13year old by the way i don't know but a lot happened out the way where does it did and the nominees are out for golden globes and sag awards i'm pretty excited i think they're a nice mix of nominations don't yeah tio first of all the golden globes
00:06:31seth meyers is hosting this year it's going to be at the international ballroom at the beverly hill hilton i do want that hat of january seventh phone help it's uh it's my holiday hat hey what's going on we're shana but anyway natalie yes go on but yet so
00:06:59it's going to be a january seventh live at five p m ps ps tea time and we're excited we're going to go through a lot of things very quickly three awards yeah so many films you know done kirk the post the shape of water call me by your
00:07:15name three billboards outside ebbing missouri are all up for best drama picture then best musical comedy the disaster auto artists get out the greatest showman tanya ladybird i haven't seen any of these films yet i'm really embarrassed to say that but i'm looking for a green so get
00:07:37your screen and we're after we're actually going tomorrow to go see the churchill won the wolf again i'm looking for but now i can't freakin think of the name yeah just have the darkest hour i can't wait to see that as a q and a with gary oldman
00:07:54our favorite actors of all time andi and he's going to a q and a right after it's going awesome which goes into the sag awards which we get to see screeners there that is going to actually hosted first time it is you sag awards or just like they
00:08:10haven't announcer bob this time kristen kristen bell cool yeah it's very cool and we have posted the new york times article last week that came out as faras what people are doing to address the me to movement which obviously is you know going on and one of the
00:08:31things that the screen actors guild is doing is having all female um like people that are announcing announcing they're giving me awards out why can't i think of the name of that the co presenters presenters all female presenter e no presenters had fallen off its not a show
00:08:50it's hollywood close up i tell you yeah but i think it's going to be really interesting and reading in that article to kristen bell was saying it's not she's not the first female house she's the first host yeah off just actually pretty awesome and all females i think
00:09:04it's amazing i think it's fantastic it's a smart move ah lot of diversity in some in the wards have been announced i think it's going to be a very powerful powerful episode and we can't wait to see that and that's going to be coming up on january twenty
00:09:20first It's a tune in a lot of movies to watch because the golden globes air early this year golden globes early we then the sag awards that's my holiday break will be catching up on all these movies i've seen a lot of the television shows yeah that are
00:09:37up for the words which i'm very excited about big little lies is up for so many and also stranger things and glow alison brie and glow is up from where you watch for i have not i keep hearing that i need to see that one that's one of
00:09:54the ones i have to catch up and the marvellous mrs mazel the amazon show it's about the nineteen fifties housewife who becomes comedian i don't know it's so great actually joel johnstone one of our past guesses on that show no kidding yeah i did not know yeah for
00:10:10a golden globe ensemble congrats waiting we have some great stars in the show you know telling love telling you s o we're goingto like kind of segway into ah new little section so it's called well quick chat with wayne in that it was such a great name on
00:10:30it you know so much has happened over the past year i can't believe this is our holiday episode and we're doing this and we just can't fit into a forty five minute show right so we're going to try and fit in a bunch of things in the forty
00:10:41five minute segment forty five seconds forty five seconds segments three five second segments yes not forty five segments not forty five segment forty five seconds segments and it's only like five segments which isn't even enough no it's not because there's a lot of happened so here we go
00:11:00forty five seconds let's start with the california fires Did you know that the fires that have happened here the thomas fire which is only a fifty percent right now is still only fifty percent contained but is now the second largest in california history yeah because the last day
00:11:18read it was the third but now it's the second was thief fire that happened over the summer near you and burbank was that that was a pretty big i'm not sure where that lies it wasn't you know nearly as much on the acreage is this one is the
00:11:34was like two hundred seventy five thousand acres and this started about two weeks ago about two weeks ago so that's still rolling guys and then we get some storms in tonight so and these firefighters and everyone is just they're working tirelessly and we can't thank you enough so
00:11:50were all the families there's websites to go teo people don't have homes don't have houses just you know go online and find a way to help out here at the holidays yes alright salut lee but that wasn't enough time no it wasn't but next topic is taxes to
00:12:08the actor what's going on with that this is literally happening right now where they're voting right yeah it's actually live congress just passed the tax the new ink detects that's really will not on then the senate is getting ready to vote on it shortly how does that affect
00:12:28us as actors it's pretty much screws us guys we're pretty much screwed as actors and anybody in the middle class if you really go down to it we don't get a lot of pull it polyp political stuff here on this show because we try to keep it light
00:12:42and try to keep it happy in hollywood but this is bad if you'll go directly affecting us absolutely if you'll go and read which will break it down for us actors go to the hollywood reporter yesterday twelve fourteen by jonathan handle read his article it'll describe everything that
00:12:59we're getting screwed on as actors and teachers out there of just schools and there's so much and it's we gotta move on wow okay net neutrality that's another thing we're not being political but we're being political honestly i didn't really understand net neutrality and how wonderful it has
00:13:18been until i knew that it was going to be taken away from us i did find actually my husband found this youtube video that's ah what's the big deal about net neutrality grab a beer with c nets bridget carey as she serves up an easy explanation could you
00:13:34check that on youtube It describes it as a cz they're pouring beer taps is an interesting way of how the bartender controls the bar and the beer's controlled and she applies that to net neutrality understand it's a really great description because basically the concept is that all internet
00:13:51traffic should be treated equally by internet providers is what net neutrality is and we've lost that and we've lost the time Okay wait Fraser let's Let's talk about let's End on a happy note but wonderful things that did happen this year I know you had some wins I
00:14:05did What were your wins Well okay it is a few since the last time i saw you i was featured in a web series I did a tv a featured in a tv pilot sizzle reel for friend of mine I got my first audition as a pilot for
00:14:20yeah for a series regular in an aa audition for that waiting to hear on that and then yesterday just did an animated voiceover for gentleman's cartoon which could be cool night comes on monday but i cannot yeah you can't say anything about it until because coming out really
00:14:37fast and the courts will send it out and how they're close up on that So i said yes it was a good bunch of work and i love it and that's what we're here to do we're two actors talking about where the times natalie what do you got
00:14:48What You know Well we did our two hundredth episode i didn't want to say that it was two hundred episode i've been got to be in a sketch show that one at the noho fringe We had talked about that on the last episode wayne was in that with
00:15:04me as well and in that i got to play my melania character which is a video posted on youtube if you want to check that out it's hilarious by the way i love it thank you went to europe and went to five different countries this year which was
00:15:18really exciting and continuing to collaborate with patrick david photography this year we teamed up with an amazing makeup artist to work on a bunch of shoots Katie q you've got to check her out on also a lot is going on that i can't even talk about You know
00:15:33how this industry works that we book things we can't talk about it really say that you're gonna be in a movie Yes because because you did so all that's going on i just can't even talk about it but next year's going to be big and i'm excited and
00:15:45i'm grateful so eleven there you have it there you have it love that We're going now show you our new on latest sketch take a look att welcome to des moines right good morning to mine i gave another name of its start welcome back to the holiday edition
00:16:06of good morning des moines i'm trish i volley we're very excited for our baking segment as you can see we're on location because our special guest lives all the way in butte montana he's going to show us what to make for your upcoming holiday party at dr we
00:16:25get john brawny master baker police excuse me was that my kid Welcome to the show a master baker thanks for having us Why don't you tell us what it's like to be a master baker for a moment Okay well first of all let me say it's an honor
00:16:45to be on your show i'm a big fan to answer your question the way i became the master baker was when i started writing so what the hell we're gonna be cooking today john Do i have a treat for you These are my interchangeable christmas and hanukkah cookies
00:17:03that's a brilliant idea don't want anyone feeling left out this holiday season well that's not why i made them i have time i forget which party i'm going tio at the time i wake polly we know trish they're super simple to make okay owned that start start with
00:17:28one what sure all right what the hell can i Well you you can add sugar older great The whole thing was just a little bit about this I don't know what they're not getting it you know it's a little bit All right well you can just you know
00:17:49we'll add a little more flour and that will uh which would you mind I would love teo master baker not maybe a little Yeah no no that white powder looks pretty good doesn't it against it a master baker and from here or we're going to want to add
00:18:11just a spoonful of butter You sure that you get maybe a down your wife's cooking blind first holly out of butter Oh that's Good What years that way Probably add the butter vic Just not That could get a little more dashing buddy for that's that's fine tricks and
00:18:33say she knows what she's doing What happens next where we need to find a better or a little more you want you want a very even texture when you're dealing with here and gods that is given to get it's gonna be a little messy right now What happens
00:18:51next We were always so much time in the show so let's get the fuck it is You're gonna end over the very with a very fine a piece of dough and you want to sort it out You know that's where you make the shape of your cookies Oh
00:19:05you now now do we use like cookie cutter just way get the shape because that looks like it Just a big blob of yeah yes you do I mean the cookie cutters in fact give the cookies they're shape So yes by all means But how do you have
00:19:19a smooth this out when you want to knead it out for a little bit So i know what i need this It's very very simple i usually go about an inch and a half tio two inches apart that's what he's what so yeah and that c that that's
00:19:43looking lovely what you have in the end way hope is some sort of semi flat pieces of dough and you're going spread him out a little bit because when you press the cookie cutter on there that's when they're going to take their shape and you'll take the access
00:20:01toe and then you can actually roll that informant entirely new so what happens next You know what Wait sure you will actually press down with your simple cookie on make stars yes be purchased at any store any craft store way just buy the cookies in the first place
00:20:20Why do we want to cook him Let him do his job all right what can you do like that that's shaped like a christmas tree or i don't know like like like a ferrari funny you mention that i actually do have a side business where actually do create
00:20:40some cookie cutter Okay that's hilarious fabulous way go in that's that thick these cookies supposed to ready you see they are here only what you doing and in no time at all already the guard gis and you can tell on both sides good for all occasions they come
00:21:07out very low and they taste wonderful there That's all the time we have here I'm good morning Good morning who's Next Hey welcome back bad salad with goods have wayne fraser we have ah especially guest today oh my god she's appeared in one of my favorite tv shows
00:21:48of all time we're goingto the shield hey can be seen hosting the noise on universal kids he is also the known voice from ready for this but ladies and gentlemen ring announcer for the show about robots folk tio thank you thank you thank you that was a good
00:22:11introduction thank you so that was no that was a little on the that was no the clothes will stop loving you as you know no no that was a little there was a little on the boxing side but hey man how are you man welcome to the show
00:22:28hey i'm doing great thank you for having me well and at only look i know the holly up so i totally blanked on that i mean run around doing stuff for the holidays i should have you know you guys are all looking on great which is stuff you
00:22:39green on green for not thinking about it but you were still in tune i got this great ugly sweater that have been perfect with that man you think the other day natalie didn't hiss had a ugly sweater was in a contest it was absolutely hysterical lights here balloons
00:23:01that the sweater had lights on and there were christmas tree ridiculous She needs to win the contest waiting to find out ways so you don't you don't know if you want i don't know you know we gotta post some way it's hysterical hopefully i did fingers crossed nice
00:23:18well mama described my ruger mind is like a cat reaching up into a tree like playing with the playing with all the ornaments and stuff but it's all like on a sweater and it's got like although it was like all these loose green material to act like it's
00:23:30a real tree what is a cat and i can't stand cats really and i don't know what not a cafe even though we have won my wife fools my wife's cat but you know he's a good cat i just tell the cat hairs wiley allergic so i i
00:23:44understand i used to be but took allergy pills model this cat for some reason number two i think my wife got lucky no that's baby hoping that watch right your secrets safe here way what's what's what's your regular holiday inn in the house well you know i mean
00:24:03i do i do love cooking so looking for me is a big thing i i go kind of crazy i'm throwing a little little holiday party i mean we have i got a little two bedroom apartment but i mean we still packed twenty people in there We'll have
00:24:19a good time and food and beverages and what time way nobody's going on now Yeah i got a couple of things about you no but i'm about more to marry a hollywood you mean the fund the family time is what it's all about for me and cook it
00:24:38in this way i show my love so you know i'm before going down and you're and you're originally from pennsylvania right Philly you know food obviously should kind of be his own state you know i'm saying philadelphia then pennsylvania three seven year philadelphia's where a lot of you
00:24:55been in the l a since two thousand one spent a long time time you came out here i literally graduated from college in new york and we were done walking down how about nine thirty at night i was at the airport of four thirty in the morning flying
00:25:09up wow six seven hours something that was on my way amazing so you're working a lot you're an actor you're host jeff you have hate cooks he scores rate you guys got to check it out on youtube he makes amazing food and just you just want to try
00:25:26and make it there was some kind of blue cheese mac in che's listen the blue cheese mac and cheese that's the business now look i'm telling you looking for a spin on the holidays the blue cheese mac and cheese the thing to do is is delicious i'm telling
00:25:38you that street i'm just saying i don't care i don't care who you are what you say mac and cheese is a tree that you can mess it and i love blue cheese so yeah you have to you have to fax me some of that you got lots
00:25:50in on you to watch i'm telling you really easy to make you know i'm saying israel simple he cooks he scores it's my little online cooking show like i said it's sport men to that want to cook you know i'm saying this for the father's that cooked the
00:26:02husband that could cause i don't think we get a lot of love like the home cooks you know that means a lot of chefs out there you know and industry in the restaurant industry it saves the male dominated area but a lot of times you know this is
00:26:12you know oh my grandmama's recipe or my mom's recipe my moms make this my grandma make that i want to be like my dad's recipe my grandfather like on and that's what he cooks he scores is about i mean also you know i got my life through my
00:26:25cooking so i'm helping out the husbands the fathers the bachelors next single guys you know whoever needs it fellas i got you these books of yours i love it i love it so much what some of the finest stuff he cooked so far you know i always say
00:26:38my favorite thing and most fun thing i'm a cook is my next thing like i said the blue cheese macaroni and cheese is what what it was it was a good one is a lot of fun doing that are you are you a grill master because i love
00:26:48you know what the grill i just bought me this great big smoker grill thing and i'm learning to master its all i will say i'm right now i'm a grill puppy and i'm going to be a master you know i'm saying so i'm learning it but yeah learning
00:27:03smoking and drilling all this tough wait till you start marinating a steak and throw it on there so yeah i can't wait tio have some of your grilling wayne i've known you for how long you've never way have burgers once i have a really long time and grilled
00:27:22cheese exploit that sense of funny story because it's just moved in the apartment i was in out here buddha they're like two thousand for and it was like we could still grow out i'm still in the same apartment we can grill out anymore so that's why you haven't
00:27:36had in a long story short but i want one of those little tiny like just cvs pharmacy like just threw some coals in there and heads from home yeah it's nah laid some friends over and it must have taken like eight to ten days to frickin warm up
00:27:54throw game has been over for our just like cammie we just go to mcdonald's i don't know how is it that you don't didn't that one did not but i got to say if you can't have a grill i only know that i mean unless unless his rent
00:28:12controlled us that's that's called it hurts just moving about you're absolutely right and that's the next step absolutely yeah because yeah when i get back behind that girl that's what i'm ready to roll but yeah when you're going to love it i'm going and do you love it
00:28:27and now you have so much that you it's ridiculous don't even know where to start except that universal kids the noise was watching how funny is that show man you know what is so much fun to do i mean working with games and everything else and how we
00:28:43got to do that and i got to just be myself and just be wacky and be wild and be crazy like i can be sometimes you're absolutely hysterical thank you appreciate it appreciate i like when you have to show unlike the app like how to play the game
00:28:56yourself right trying to open this so because because of the point of the show for anyone who hasn't seen it yet and if you haven't you need to go out um but they're not allowed to have to do things without making noise or making too much noise right
00:29:12Yeah and that's the thing is there's a noise or meter right And there's no i mean it goes up and down it goes from green to red and you get more points the less noise you make the more points you get so it's not about making no noise
00:29:23at all but you really want to just try to be as quiet as possible trying to get kids between ages eighteen eight and thirteen to do that i mean it is a lot of fun is really a dream job for a host though they they have to be
00:29:36quite or they don't win exactly dream sa and it's funny you say that teacher's dream because actually my my my son he lives in maui and his his teacher actually used the noise a meter to help keep his class quiet that's perfect class quiet times what they're doing
00:29:52what they're doing work or exercise and stuff like that but yeah you know a lot of people haven't been able to see the show because whether you know it's not on there and their cable network or whatever but you can also you can watch on the at universal
00:30:02tap you can watch it on universal kids dot com so it's a lot of ways you can check out the show so you know the noises a lot a lot of fun a lot of fun forty episodes and we've got a lot more coming to wow so congratulations
00:30:15what are some of the water Some of the things that people if you have like state of financing the show what are some of the noises that you just everybody has a hard time keeping quiet okay well i think a couple of them were like we had this
00:30:31one this one exercise what he had to it was like lunch room right and they had trays with cups and civil wear and it was silver trays and a metal metal tray rack and had a loaded into there they had a little like three entrees on it and
00:30:46that was like one of hard ones to do because the cups would fall down on the noise chandeliers they had these i mean you got you got eight and thirteen year okay eight to thirteen year old kids someone like four feet tall someone like six feet tall you
00:30:58know but like some of the smaller ones having a navigator hold these like big giant like wind chimes you know what navigate through that kind of stuff and like you had like walking through and might go up and down steps and over stuff it had couldn't bump him
00:31:11and things like that so there's there's a lot of fun man a lot of those things on one of my favorite it was you had toe the rubber the rubber fart cushion you got a city owe you you got to sit on it you see you see i've
00:31:26already been corpora incorporated so i you know i can't say that word it sounds it's a rubber fart making machine i love you're allowed to say it's a fart making yeah exactly got safe are you trying to release the air out without making a go you know making
00:31:40to do what to do right now oh yeah there's a lot of fun then it shows a great lot of a lot of games big shout out to all the game game producers will might be it's all in the meat was great great show that's congratulations on that
00:31:54and you're clearly no stranger tio the type of competition game show because the first time i ever saw you was on battle bots my husband and i have gone to a taping of it and that was when you know i saw you and i gotta say i'm battle
00:32:12that was great you were our favorite part of the show thank you i think i might have told you this when i met you but like we the way that you introduce those those robots was just we had we got such a kick out of it to the
00:32:26point that we were trying to make up our own i get that like you would be surprised that sweets and hits i get on facebook and primary by sending me there their own robot introductions is great way awesome there's also people do it all the time so i
00:32:39mean it's great i mean it's one of things too like i'm kind of corny silly funny like and i love all the puns and all that stuff in being able delivery was such a serious straight face and be so mean and all that sort of thing it's just
00:32:49great man is a lot of fun and i'm glad you got to see it live yeah i mean seeing battle bots on tv is spectacular is amazing but watching it live is unlike anything you've ever seen so you know we still got our fingers cross for a season
00:33:02three s o that happens way natalie on the house and you know what everybody else can get down there to check it out right now the show is running on science channel ah seasons one the seasons too so you know keep watching keep plug and keep asking for
00:33:14season three hashtag we want season three on twitter and everywhere else and hopefully it'll go down on and that's the thing the fans in the stands i mean you make posters all this stuff we had these three kids in front of us i mean i think they were
00:33:28like college kids or something but they they just couldn't be stopped but they were so excited over everything so fun yeah battle bosses something's been going on for years i mean you know is back on comedy central and you know the revamped on abc s when i got
00:33:42to do it and so it has a following of people that love it and i'm actually i've actually got invited to go to india because of battle bus i'll actually be flying out the day after christmas to go over there to the tech fest over there and they
00:33:58want me to anger kind of their little robot competition i'm so congratulations so yeah so i mean i mean battle boxes it's worldwide by my place so that's amazing thank you thank you thank you you know you do you're doing a lot of these hosting things and the
00:34:12noise and battle bots and i what do you what do you prefer to you like you like the acting you like more than that that quick i'm you know because it is kind of it is definitely a different job right right of work for tv or film you
00:34:27know i came out here as an actor you know i mean that's that's one reason why i moved to hollywood i did a abc disney movie and unlearned that all the casting is done out here but coming on here had to add you know different things to my
00:34:39belt you know whether it's voiceovers hosting i remember i've never had never done hosting and i found out about the hosting gig working with sports and mad and video games and me and my me and my buddy went into his apartment and we he pulled out his plans
00:34:55he put his sheets up on the wall and we faked like i was hosting like a poetry jam he had a jill scott like clap track that he was present and act like we did this whole thing and that started like my hosting career but i mean i
00:35:06love it all now i'm one of the people man where i feel like you can do everything don't have to be you know you don't have to be pigeonholed and so one thing oh you're you're a tv actor you're a film actor your host or your you know
00:35:19i mean a chef or whatever like i want to do it all man i like i like to combat the robot robot competition are like like the kids i like doing being be silly with them and get down with them i'm gonna have eleven year old myself so
00:35:29i mean i love kids and you know i definitely would still want to continue and do tv and film stuff like that it's crazy that you say you saw me in the shield i mean that was all my real hair too does all my running yeah you're about
00:35:41as long as you want natalie thank you Yeah i know and that was one of things too like i got out i had a lot of scary rules when i first moved out here and you know i want to kind of get brick i wanted to break out
00:35:50of that You know it's like i was an actor like you think you're playing the thug stuff all the time like i literally literally did play i didn't play hamlet in cambridge but i play prospero now england like you know me i studied in london like someone come
00:36:03over and be a thug on my life i mean i got out of fillies all you have to be a fun so yeah but yeah but i mean i want to do it all waiting i just want to do it all that's that's an amazing how do you
00:36:14as an entertainer and in this business and we say it all the time on the show it's like you have to constantly push yourself and make sure that you're not putting all your eggs in one basket you know spreading your wings and i'll ask you what is it
00:36:29date date that you your drive to do it all what is it that you go oh ok this one is better than that one or or i you know where does it stop or does it i don't think it's that i don't think it stops i don't think
00:36:42it has to stop i mean i've been able to keep going doing all the different things and i think the only time it becomes an issue of when you got to choose one or the over the other on you know a lot of times it comes down to
00:36:54the best situation for you your family for your finances your bank account you know all that good stuff so you know for me it's just you know i want to keep rolling and all of it i want to keep doing all of it if the hosting is the
00:37:05one that takes me tio keep going and being able to do what i want to do i get to create you know i'm saying so and i get to have fun and i mean as as actors and is entertainment people like that's what we want we want to
00:37:18have fun we want to do what we love and want to create we want to have fun and as long as i'm doing that it doesn't matter if it's on tv film hosting don't know hosting a traveling cooking show was one of my one of my passions that
00:37:28i want to do too you know i mean as long as long as i'm doing that and i don't have to you know send the cubicle and type or you know so you know serve up drinks bartender for ten years and i'll be able to stop doing that
00:37:40for the past three i've been just doing in the same way we all want to get out you know we all want to put those aprons down in those books you know Well i can't believe that time always goes by so fast on the show but it does
00:37:56we've been saying for years even though we've extended the time we do it yeah but we were going to play a little game okay before we go it's what the hell is that movie quote from wait so okay means funny you're going to be perfect so it should
00:38:15be like the longest game ever the home i have no questions now what's going on is now alien fruit you he's going to get a buzzer and now he gets this like dream belle and then yeah you're gonna have that eyes that a car we're just yeah a
00:38:31timer so what's gonna happen is that the rules are very simple i will read a holiday movie quote the first one teo thing being or whatever bring it in has the opportunity to name the movie okay if you answer correctly you get a point all right if if
00:38:48you do not answer the opponent gets to steal whichever way you get a chance i may give you hints and may well see what happened and for the sake of time we're going to go the first one to three points instead of five okay weighing all yeah holiday
00:39:05movie holiday movie for the pressure's on and i kind of have to hide this because natalie i don't like all the all the quotes that i have here here we go are you ready to play the game the game all right what the hell is that movie quote
00:39:23here we go uh okay area and may all your christmases christmases be white merry christmas white crisp bad is correct i think it's only in the title i like white christmas is a movie i know i've seen out but how you christmases be white wait okay so we
00:39:54owe I'm all toasty inside I'm all toasty inside elf I got no way to turn it into steel I'm all toasty inside all toasty inside but he seemed like elf was like on the right page Sure Oh i don't know I think i'm the one eyes up isn't
00:40:24out of bristol christmas It is jim carrey csc I'm wearing it I remember that So now you get in there on that okay or years and already yes yes i do I like christmas I love christmas Yes yes i'm listening to the audio version i e i like
00:40:50christmas i love christmas e i try to do an impersonation would you go Yes yes i do I like christmas I love christmas that nothing now that sounded like the grinch but i'm thinking that we're not doing that again It's it's like the nineteen thirty two addition of
00:41:10lebanese air scrooge from a christmas cake it's great really all right would you are well and that was get one point for rookies Get zero zero So here we go Ok this is a long one This might help you already This is extremely important Will you please tell
00:41:29santa that instead of presents this year i just want my fifth home alone Yeah Our eyes now died ok all right already ready Here we go First we'll make snow angels for two hours then we'll go ice skating Then we'll eat a whole roll of tollhouse cookie dough
00:41:51as fast as we can And then we'll snuggle Who said that Who said all that isa snuggling and toll house cookies First we'll make snow angels for two hours I'll take again ok the santa claus No you get a chance to steal now But the way you were
00:42:09saying it made me think of something else First we'll make snow angels for two hours then we'll go ice skating Then we'll eat whole rule of tollhouse cookie dough as fast as we can and then we'll snuggle i'm not overthinking yes ma'am torto I hear rio put that
00:42:29cookie down now come on put it down Oh come on come on just give it a tio What is given to tell you it's it's arne can the card no christmas smooth terminator the questions she yeah all right terminator the holiday edition Put that cookie down now as
00:42:57my voice even better then there Put it down now Come on come on topper jingle all the way said it was gonna be easier Christmastime It's wondered what was going to money this hallmark movies any quotes no one aren't Those are like named the same thing anyway It's
00:43:22christmas You know there are things miss toh christmas time christmas hiss right here's Another one is this issue You should get this one Guys we're kicking off We're kicking off our fun old fashioned family christmas fight National lampoon's It is time Ty Theo Okay i know this is
00:43:52gonna be a quick I have to decide who brushes invest You get this one ready you'll shoot your eye okay That's it now you got a good job a good job so yeah for imaginations now your prize is a hershey case oh my use i will treasure that
00:44:18they got to know that we're hollywood close up holiday quote game that position yeah that was that was fine thanks You're so fun coming thank you for having it was really great what else you got yet well quick what i'm going to name some of your ah before
00:44:39you move on quick would you somebody websites what is some places we find everything oh yeah on twitter instagram at farouk adelphia it's kind of like a first name with the last part of philadelphia um more facebook for reptile he looking up there because he scored he cooks
00:44:55he scored only two i'm trying to get by another thirty subscribers or so and then i'll be up and i got you know my first party she i did a lot of episodes i'm going to do some more coming up here as soon as i get back from
00:45:06indian stuff to do some more some more he cooks he scores video just got kind of busy with the noise and everything and yeah so are you coming back have a great holiday of a great trip You guys have a great holiday going to be amazing thank you
00:45:20so much thank you for my gosh man for you you know that yeah on that is our show legion and please remember cancer has affected so many of our lives and we can only help I don't need to cancer research dot or gq or the leukemia and lymphoma
00:45:40society at l s dot or glitz and this disease once and for all And you can of course catch up on past episodes at natalie and win dot com and follow us on twitter and instagram and natalie and wayne and check out our new and improved youtube channel
00:45:53and also our latest holiday video on funny or die Absolutely everybody have an amazing holiday Merry christmas happy hanukkah happy kwanzaa happy everything Thanks for coming out potential listener show mary happy holidays happy holidays holidays weighing increase only in freezer And you are natalie lipka uh until the
00:46:14next yeah peace Thank you very much guys This Stop Yeah

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