While Mustafa Kemal solidifies his power in Ankara, the Greeks arrive.

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Paradise Lost: Smryna 1922: The Destruction of a Christian City in the Islamic World
by Giles Milton
Ataturk, Lloyd George and the Megali Idea: Cause and Consequence of the Greek Plan to Seize Constantinople from the Allies, June-August 1922 by Michael M. Finefrock
Great Britain and the Greco-Turkish War, 1912-1922 by Karl G. Larew
The Greco-Turkish War, 1920-1922 by Peter Kincaid Jensen
United States Naval Detachment in Turkish Waters, 1919-1924 by Henry P. Beers (1943)
Ataturk: Rebirth of a Nation by Andrew Mango
Atatürk: The Biography by Kinross, Patrick

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