With the battle lines drawn the Finnish Civil War heats up, and then swiftly ends. 

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The Splintered Empires: The Eastern Front 1917–21 by Prit Buttar
From Grand Duchy to a Modern State: A Political History of Finland since 1809 by Osmo Jussila, Seppo Hentila, and Jukka Nevakivi
State and Revolution in Finland by Risto Alapuro
Civil Wars, Revolutions and Counterrevolutions in Finland, Spain, and Greece (1918-1949): A Comparative Analysis by Julian Casanova
The Finnish Army, 1881-1901: A National Force in a Russian Context by J.E.O. Screen
Finnish Military Politics between the Two World Wars by William J. Stover
The Finnish Social Democratic Party and the Bolshevik by David Kirby (1976)
The German Expedition to Finland, 1918 by A. Harding GanzPolish-Finnish cooperation in border-state policy, 1919–1922 by Kalervo Hovi
The Problem of Generations in Finnish Communism by Marvin Rintala
Russia and the Origins of the Finnish Civil War of 1918 by C. Jay Smith Jr.
Social Conditions for Political Violence: Red and White Terror in the Finnish Civil War of 1918 by Sirkka Arosalo
The Finnish Civil War 1918: History, Memory, and Legacy Edited By Tuomas Tepora and Aapo Roselius
Civil War in Europe, 1905-1945 by Stanley G. Payne

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