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I explore the origins and histories of idioms, metaphors, old wives tales, superstitions, and more. Come along with me as I turn phrases inside out. #turningphrases #toppers #lendmeyourears #etymology
A Podcast dedicated to paranormal investigations & histories.
Oral histories collected from people who moved to Pittsburgh from other parts of the world.
Candid conversations about childhood, adolescence, and upbringing. A look back into people's histories and the pillars that have enabled them to become who they are today.
Whispers of histories that weren’t, futures that mustn’t, and places that cannot be.The Fatal Neutrinos are fictional short stories, presented weekly to add a little other-worldliness to your day. Both dark and optimistic, with the occasional oddb...
The underbelly of the American South comes alive in this dark audio documentary series about the rich histories and eerie legends that lie beneath the beauty and majesty of this uniquely American culture.
One topic. 3 minutes. No reason not to check it out. Knowledge is power.
Our Histories discusses pivotal moments in our past with experts from the LSE International History Department.
The History Workshop Podcast explores the "history of the present" -- reflecting on the social forces that are changing our world, discussing new ideas and approaches to history, and talking with leading scholars, activists and writers about the h...
An ongoing series of specially produced histories, bringing to life the stories and secrets that shaped cinema. @moviehistories secrethistoryofhollywood.com www.patreon.com/attaboysecret
Unravel the histories of our world, nation by nation, episode by episode. Producer and host: Klara Eriksson
Historian of music and listening in Mughal India. Through stories about powerful courtesans, legendary maestros and captivated patrons I write of sovereignty and selfhood, friendship and desire, sympathy and loss, and power, worldly and strange as...
Episodes examine the individual histories of the 45 men who served in the highest office in the land: who they were, where they came from, what made them tick, and where they succeeded and failed. Welcome to our interviews & discussions regard...
These oral histories were produced as part of the Crafty Sew and Sows Project in Cambridgeshire. Led by the charity Red2Green, funded by the HERITAGE LOTTERY FUND and delivered in partnership with Swaffham Primary School and Bottisham Village Coll...
The Prefab Museum recorded a number of oral histories about post-war prefabs from people who lived and grew up in them.
A podcast aimed at reviving women's histories, inserting them within male-dominated cannons, and ultimately, defeating the patriarchy.
Silenced Histories is a project to bring to light those whose stories and struggles have been marginalized throughout American History. Look for us throughout the month of February and again in November for First Nations/Native American Indian His...