Ryan McDonald is an adrenaline junkie, 7 year army vet, former member of the U.S. Snowboard team, business entrepreneur, and helicopter pilot.
Find out how Ryan went from dropping out of dental school to risking it all following his passion of aviation. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Listen to hear Ryan's first hand account of crashing a helicopter into power lines and walking away with out a scratch.
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00:00:00Pride everybody welcome back to another episode of the heavy checklist podcast guys we are one of the fastest-growing podcasts in the world as not because of us because of you guys the listeners what's happening is have a revolution you people are listening to this podcast and you're actually taking the notes and you're implementing them in your daily life which is blowing my mind the messages the emails all the comments are getting from people actually doing the cold shower they're changing their diet they're being better employees they're being better than all business literally every single comment a message I get on the Comm having people telling me that their lives are being changed because of the content we're putting out and guess what when you tell something like that that means we're going to continue to create more and more quality content for you because if we don't make an impact winter be motivated because the truth is right now we're not getting paid to do this or not running ads the only motivation we have to do this is to help share what is help make us happy with you people so thank you thank you thank you for listening
00:01:00subscribing rating reviewing everything you've done Spoilers Podcast has been phenomenal please continue to support us please continue to listen share with a friend as you found out by now this is not a podcast about trucks vehicles or anything that has to do with our TV show diesel brothers so what it's about is life do I have become a better person a better dad a better mom better son a better husband whatever you're trying to do better at we're here to give you tips and tricks or get your trips hopefully no trips at all tips and tricks along the way to basically help you reach that Final Destination do you have so one important part of this podcast is well I got two things that I want to share with you right now okay number one I ran a contest on my Instagram over the summer and I promised my followers that went to 2 million followers I would be selecting one random winner to take home either my Polaris Slingshot for my Polaris General UTV and it worked was this you had to follow my page and then bring me 3 free
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00:05:25you're listening to the heavy checklist podcast every single week I'm joined by someone very best friends and every once in awhile we get a very special guest this week we do have a special guests I'm super excited about because not only is he a successful businessman he is a Adventurer a world traveler he's very interesting than you'll ever meet now he's also a good friend of mine and he is heavy in the aviation field it's not nice try but before we get to my guess I would like to introduce obviously my best friend and co-host mr. Diesel Dave what's up everybody that's it that's why I'm still here I'm going to be here every week can't get rid of me that easy sew and next week Diesel Dave and Kenny might need to get their own microphone DJ Marcus when did bring two microphones this week but he did not bring the splitter cable so that means that old Kenny date
00:06:25so sure am I going to have two mics and we're going to keep sharing and keep sharing right absolutely like that obviously that brings us to our next house which is Mr Kenny Thompson world-renowned a real estate Guru this guy buys and sells hundreds if not thousands of properties every single year he buys homes to rent he buys homes to flip he buys commercial properties the dude has literally done it all and he's been doing it by himself since very early age in fact he started his business pretty much the exact same time I started mine right around the age of 21 years old so together we have a built our businesses side by side we borrow money from each other we loan money to each other we have done every trick in the book that you had to do to build a successful small business and we're there Kenny Thompson this man does millions and millions and millions of dollars every single week in real estate buying and selling
00:07:25so Kenny thank you I am glad to be here and I wish that every single thing that was true about what you just said I mean most of it is but you got to love what this environment brings out in each other the best part about Dave he's always going to lift you up he's always going to make you sound better than you are and with that wonderful lead in we're going to go right to my other longtime best friend by a longtime best friend audio engineer co-host of the show mister didn't like the call DJ Marcus Wing but I mean I mean I mean staying I don't know I don't know we're supposed to do here but I feel like it's going to stick
00:08:25Marcus won't be stupid as a mixer in front of them
00:08:32DJ Marcus Miss Morgan interface than it really is like that DJ DJ Marcus is the one with the knobs in the buttons on my phone that I was going to bring this episode was like an air horn doesn't like that idea actually it's not a bad idea I'll bail so together and then that leads us to our guests this week who is like I said somebody who is extremely interesting this man is one of the most interesting man I've ever met and I met him because a couple years ago I was trying to sell a helicopter I'm your little backstory here I was trying to sell a helicopter this guy Ryan McDonald calls me up shows up with a beautiful wife Noe and jumped right in my helicopter we go for a ride I like there's a lot I don't like that checking things out bunk in this flipping that we land and he and I got a deal like this is it Ryan continues to tear me into assholes about my helicopter he tells me how big of a piece of garbage this helicopter is it
00:09:32guide house not safe but here's the kicker I knew we're going to be friends when he didn't just turn around and leave he said I'm not going to buy it but I'll help you fix it and so Ryan stayed an extra two or three days on his vacation or whatever it was the test drive and help me work on this helicopter that has some serious safety issues that I didn't know about it felt pretty bad I didn't want you to be in the papers that's that's how I met Ryan and Robby see Ryan welcome to the podcast thanks man little background of Ryan is this guy has built a massive helicopter operation up in central Washington that has now been extended down into Oregon right gun California yet we do a little bit in California in the northern area for frost protection but primarily just the Northwest and one of the biggest operators in the Northwest. Agriculture and all that stuff goes so when you hear helicopters in farming when I first heard about that is that is that work doesn't make any sense but these guys do is they use a helicopter to spray chemicals on the field
00:10:32Weatherby fertilizer pesticides or whatever it is and then they also use a helicopter to do something that's very funny cuz I didn't know about before I met Ryan and you dry cherries the helicopter so I thought you must spray some chemical that dries them know you're literally just flying over the chair he's shaking the water off of them and is a big business right now we're we're supporting farmers and we use aircraft for a variety of different tasks so we support organic and conventional farming forestry which is really just big farming and I wanted unique things he had on his Cherry drying so series of soft fruit and the real issue is that if the rain falls on the Cherry
00:11:19if water gets absorbed through the stem and it expands the fruit fashion the skin can stretch so cracks uproot let's split it and it does not hold well so now it's a doctor for bacteria brutal perishable it's gone you lose your crop so there's big money in cherry and cherry because it's such a perishable crop collects high-dollar on the market and so that window of time from June through August May June and at the end of August so we have Harvest we just follow that Harvest all the way from northern Oregon all the way to the Canadian border and we're providing essentially an insurance policy basically they Park a helicopter at a farm any storms are massive so each different area gets a helicopter parked at it and the helicopters them on standby okay so if it rains helicopter get to the Flies and drive the trees if it doesn't rain the helicopter just sits there but guess what it still gets paid to sit there know how many helicopters are we talkin
00:12:18show my company we operate 9 aircraft then we subcontract other aircraft operators and owners like Dave so we get heavy user crapped up there I pay them a fee as well and I start acting as a broker and so we could have anywhere from 25 to 30 aircraft at any particular location and time in the region so we're not the only ones that do this there are other companies although we're by far the largest operator that that works as a as a broker for protection to operate insurance so when the farmer has come do standby that's basically paying your premium and when it time for rain and we go dry that's like your deductible the timer has a built-in to his his his profits they have a business Molly basically says I am going to spend x amount on insurance to keep my cherries from splitting its really really unique and that's just one small piece of what rides business his butt
00:13:18Ryan said I do have a couple helicopters have been up there working over the past couple years and Ryan has allowed me if you provide me with the path to be able to justify owning helicopters which is not something that is normally easy to justify because helicopters are just literally you think of The Money Pit their the deepest darkest ugly that when I say stop you from a little bit of a little bit more of an excuse to own it and helicopters it actually made me money which is like really really really hard to do believe you're not just because you want to look up it doesn't mean you're making money to you get up there and fly them as well so I've been up with Ryan we've done some training I I like this train with his Pilot's because they are extremely skilled Agri dag Pilots of what they're called are the Men in Black I do have the crazy egg pilot who flew is F-16 up into the alien and save the day that's literally every act pilot but he was a crop duster
00:14:18black and blue together laid-back easy going and they're flying under power lines are flying through tunnels they're done in these guys are nuts so Ryan and his team are a safe nuts are trained and the aircraft and when's that nobody else can do and it's phenomenal Watson so I love you because they teach me teach you know the average pilot A Private Pilot like me what to do in a worst-case scenario so I've done a lot of emergency training Mountain flying anyway that's all right and I met with for big regulation ship over the past few years and I'm going to get into Ryan's business and his story little bit and kind of help everybody understand what Ryan's done to be able to make his passion which is flying a career which is guys I'm telling you right now it's not always as easy as it looks and it's not as fun as it looks either right so here we go
00:15:18mr. Ryan McDonald walk us through a little bit of starting your helicopters I know you had some other Ventures prior to this right and quickly rattle some of that stuff off that you did before he became a professional helicopter pilot in operator I was a professional skier snowboarder in the US or team I was a soldier in the Army to this is why I call you one of the most interesting man in the world because did you hear that he was a skier on the US ski team kill skin he was just telling us off at her about with this one time he was running the bobsled in Chula Vista with old Donnie McGrath go and do just telling us all these obviously you were in the army army you think combat deployment and you know grinds of the trenches you don't think about the guy who
00:16:18the posters giving the thumbs-up and then the devil Shooters that's Ryan Army model pretty much hats off and I and Love and applies to all my battle buddies hardest working people out there taking care of our freedom you know I did go to the Army and I was over seven years so I was enlisted combat engineer and sells trained as a real Soldier and maintained all the qualifications you have to do but I was assigned to a very special unit started out at Fort Carson to W tap which is the world class athlete program and some that was started during the Cold War to kind of help with relations for Olympics in and combating Soviet Union and so forth really big on combative Sports Taekwondo boxing
00:17:15a biathlon is really big are bobsled team is a huge Army National Guard team so a lot of great athletes out there that are all actually soldiers and their full-time soldiers and then their Olympic athletes that are training through that program so kind of cool cool program to be a part of and being a part of the u.s. snowboard team allowed me to function and a capacity and still be a soldier and it was a snowboarding in the army stuff we're not tied together originally but I as I went into the army that's where they that's where they melted yeah so you kind of help with that relationship a little bit Yeah explain to me so basically rather than go out and be deployed in and obviously fight and don't over see you if you were going overseas and all these different places as an ambassador basically showing the world with the Army is capable of on the non-combat side of the sure right
00:18:15so yeah and actually that branched into a lot of other opportunities when I was in the Army so as an athlete yeah you're you're an ambassador you're also showing some of the things that soldiers can we are athletes and we have some real star role models that actually are soldiers we have is pretty cool when we see that in some professional sports to write with football and and so far so it just going to Pat Tillman Mary Pat Tillman NFL player who just dropped it all to go up and down to join the ranger battalion I really want some of the guy who was worth millions and he said that it was Desert Storm operation Iraqi Freedom Ranger room and I want for it so yeah it's a cool tool that they use to help with some public awareness and interaction
00:19:15one of the things that that did lead into though is beyond Athletics is being able to go out and and be involved in some other things so we got involved in TV and working on shows that showcase different military jobs and Ricky Schroder from Silver Spoons if you remember and well Silver Spoons is a little bit before your time but he became a producer later in life and has been working on these military shows a real advocate of military and so we're working with the National Guard in the Army and so I posted a couple shows doing that contrary to what you might think you did not experience any aviation in the seven years consider doing that actually so one of my passions was 2 as a as a kid I was not an athlete the fact that I ended up in athletics at all or rate of skydiving or we're doing
00:20:15this other stuff is I don't know maybe just cuz I wanted to be like one of the cool guys and so I took a few more risks but I was not athletic as a kid not even a little bit I'm looking at you you I mean for the listeners you can't see Ryan and we will link to a social profile so you can see who he is but you're six-foot-four 5664 good build lean I mean you're out you look athletic. So what did you not have an athletic build or do you not have that I didn't have the genes when I graduated high school I was like
00:20:50511 and the only hair on my body was on my head I didn't shave till I was 22 days late and so patient what will your late bloomer Morton High School so ever a different things work out from there from the Army you went out and your family had a construction business, family construction business you probably Dibble dabble in that little bit that led into Blue Beetle make Granite Company where you learn how to Source granite slabs from China and you'd built up is Big Business and then you finally got to the point that every business owner gets to where it's like do I go all the way in the deep end or do I turn around go back to shallow and reevaluate things and you decided to turn around because it was your passion so I was actually still racing and I knew my career wasn't winning every race and I was in the top 16 a few times and in the world cup and I wasn't
00:21:50I wasn't The Business of Being a skateboard snowboard the time now you just get around easier around easier it's frustrating on a I'm sorry all my snowboard buddies but it is frustrating snowboarding with skiers because it just you can't reverse in the brown it's a little claustrophobic just being strapped to your feeder seconds there's some days a surfing the pow is undescribable but I'm really bested insky education now and so they're just a high need for for skiing in that particular segment so I spend a lot of time Clinica Union in teaching and stuff so nice so that kind of that is what
00:22:34product the athletic after you ride that's how you know how you be learned how to train until you learn how to build a lean body that you have obviously now and and you stay in good shape but I think the part that we all want to get to which is kind of mean potatoes and who you are now how did you why helicopters so my childhood passion you know when you set out and go what do you want to be when you grow up was I wanted to be a dentist when when my mom how does that leave the helicopters oh my mom asked me why do you want to be a dentist the explain your childhood that led you to that late bloomer did you like now play cops and robbers and still have a normal childhood I think I had a really normal childhood almost time to go I think that was a problem was that made you want to be a dentist cuz I was normal that was make sense I just wanted a good clean job which
00:23:34my family's got four generations of Builders so growing like them all do that was one of the dentist actually I didn't which is one of my drives of wanting to be the dentist I know it's a weird psychology you want to make Dentistry fun I I should care of the clown suit and I was think about how to make the process more fun and I have some ideas experience that that transform me a little bit too I didn't have the greatest Grill growing up if you will so I had Chiclet teeth and snaggle-toothed but the one he has on now though is is top-notch fake then or what I didn't realize how much
00:24:28you're perceived self-worth and self-esteem sometimes reflex around your smile and your confidence and when I was really young I met somebody who went through a transformation like that and I saw personality-wise how change them and then I started learning how much oral health really affects your total health and I thought you know there is a way that I can affect people's lives in a positive way that nobody else can do for them
00:24:59and I can make that experience joyful where you stand everybody thinks going to the dentist since I know that's the last thing I want to do it's painful it scare you can't see what's going on it's uncomfortable and so yeah I wanted to change that and that's what was intriguing to me how old were you when you were thinking all this I mean when I was like you know that I didn't know what the hell I want to do I mean Nu view Got Deep right there I was really Country Day about 1010 12th Street Middle School class but I didn't have great genes I'm missing teeth I had primary teeth so your baby teeth 4 I had those into my adulthood I still have two of them so just genetically I was missing some teeth
00:25:59and their spaces and twisting my mouth braces for 9 years oh man the work was done in the first three years and it's like let's twist that tooth or six years later he's like I can't twist it so that my kids are out of college now I guess it was like if anybody's looking into alternatives for getting their teeth fixed to go play softball have your whole front row knocked out the put in some veneers Shrestha you know what I'm saying and it's a good. You know they look a lot better than they did so
00:26:40it's all right how do you go how did you go from when did you drop the dentist's bag when did you move on from that not so long ago I was so you work still provisioning yes I was so all right so I want to be a dentist I'm not an athlete I'm actually super academic focused I graduated high school with my two-year degree from college running Start program which is actually pretty prominent in Northwest now and I think some other states do it with a lie to take some college credits and we're in high school so I was one of the pioneer flights of that is a participant and I was going right to college man I was like I'm going to go to school I'm going to be graduated on my own practice before I'm Thirty I got I got this late the dream digistream
00:27:30so then I start skiing more and I to be able to ski I had to teach because then you get free lessons you get deals on gear I need a free season pass so I'm going to the college and high school
00:27:48I set up all my classes in the morning so I'm done at 11 I go teach for 2 hours in the afternoon for my free pass and I take clinics at night and they help me teach you know and get better at skiing it's it's lessons for the teachers so I'm doing this and our our director at the time or assistant director silver director said hey we're thinking about going to Willamette Pass a little little Resort in in Washington they going to snowboard race so all of us instructors going to go and participate in this race are fun and I'll just cuz it be cool and I'm like yeah that sounds that sounds pretty cool so I go to this race with all of them and it turns out I did pretty well I want a snowboard racing things kind of cool so I got kind of hooked on that and so
00:28:34start shortening my class schedule and my priority start shift in a little bit and so I start pursuing snowboarding and I did that pretty late like 17 you know when I started really snowboarding at age 17 at age 17 yeah and so that year we pursued some more races and I qualified for Nationals had a great time and at the end of Nationals I got approached by the national team and they said hey you know you qualified for this development program for juniors would you like to be a part of it cuz I was never an athlete before this
00:29:10so that just kind of set the groundwork so I started snowboard racing
00:29:15when I got done right before I retired right before the Vancouver Olympics I went back to school and during this time and wine back I spent seven years in the Army I have my GI bill so I get out and I go back to school to be a dentist and right before I start registering for classes I was kind of whole home in about my career and you know I'm feeling really down about myself my whole identity at this point is built around this one accomplishment that really defined me think
00:29:55adrenaline has something to do with that you experienced a lot of rattling was snowboarding it does now for sure when you look back in your life Dentistry is not a hydrant on snowboarding ran me to sweatshirt skiing more I did some Peter Kraus I Start Skydiving I got into paragliding I just started getting into rock climbing I raced amateur Motocross got invited to a couple Nationals which is crazy cuz I was killed myself to snowboard with the gateway drug and to be able to be around high-level athletes from other sports addicting is right yeah it is being a part of that culture so why decide to retire on low
00:30:44but now wife is a friend and I'm like I don't know what I want to do on 32 just like we want to go back to school and be a dentist like you wanted to me to talk about that for a second. Feels like a late start for a lot of people 32 I mean oh yeah in Utah Utah you're supposed to be married have kids and on your way about like 26 Mi 32 just couple years ago and it's scary if I were to trap start over 32 I'd be terrified and that's kind of where you were completely starting over because the path that I had invested my whole life in up to this point was snowboarding and what it was coming to the realization was I wasn't going to be the best guy out there I was going to be the champion and to make any real money
00:31:44looking back you don't have any regrets on that how you get to use that passion yeah and you build a business that you love and enjoy you so good to have that a dream on right that is such a cliche people say like if you never want to work a day in your life follow your passion to find success man everything that is worked out for me has been through following a passion and just being open-minded to the the experiences that are being thrown at you so why is that a cliche a man feel like that should be like like a common rule it's a cliche there's a lot of negative attached to it as well people in my opinion when people follow their passion they only father passion and they forget the other side of that which is work so hard hard work and it's going to be 10 times harder than any other traditional path because there's a reason why people don't always get paid to do they love because it's damn hard to do that show in order to get to that point you got a grind grind grind so I really want you to kind of walk us through this year of being
00:32:4432 because my guess is that there's some listeners out there they're probably in this age range still trying to find the Rhythm still trying to find their stride what what did you do next so I go to school and I'm doing all my prereqs for Dentistry I'd already had it to your degree and stuff so I didn't have a ton of work to do at 2 years of school work so I'm cranking all this stuff and I'm actually working in a dental office you know observing and everything doing all the stuff you got to do to check the boxes to get into dental school and
00:33:20I like it I'm not in love with it I'm in love with the idea still but the process like a lot of processes are not fun right It's a Grind and my kid Sister actually Stacy is going to school and go to this process she got rejected as a straight A student to go to dental hygiene school and when I circled back to school makes taste don't worry about it be a dentist should I get into hygiene school on my don't worry about it and my dad told her too and so boom she went back to school to be a dentist so we're going to this process I go and apply to dental school okay. Score the dad sent me take like the MCAT if you're going to be a med-school lawyers have one it was mediocre score I was waiting for interviews
00:34:10a guy landed at the airport not far from my house my neighbor is a pilot Ray got me into just doing some fixed-wing flying with a with a little plane which is fun is a natural transition from being a skydiver had a great time with it so I was up there one day with him and a guy was coming to dry cherries in this little Schweizer helicopter I might add to be super cool I want to do a helicopter lesson and I'm on break waiting to get into dental school and get acceptance letters and interviews right so I go over there and I'm like what do you do lessons he's like yeah yeah you know if we can do a flight introductory flight so difficult you listening at Schweitzer looks like a helicopter that they started on the front and didn't finish the back is like a really nice-looking windshield and then you behind that the engines literally just hanging out it was a guy
00:35:10Skinner's helicopter it's a really common trainer for 300C right with this guy I fly 1 hour we sit down and goes well how is that an echo how much time you got
00:35:28so for that goes is I ended up spending 11 hours with him for the last and how much time he has right there in that are challenging and I was just drawn to how you can manipulate airspace and do anything you wanted it so cool I love the listeners and most people don't realize is a flying a helicopter is difficult and complex be hovering helicopter is extremely difficult an extremely complex because what you don't understand the way a helicopter works is when you're hovering that's when you're actually using the very most power the helicopter had us because it's basically like a picture yourself treading water in a fast current river or something like that that's what you're doing now when you're flying in helicopter you're basically got a life jacket on you just go on with the river that's how it's going not really swimming and I really do the work cuz helicopter kind of turns into a plane and start to fly rather than sitting there having to exert so much energy so it's it's important for people you realize that because a lot of people look at helicopters and think that it's just the magical
00:36:28can you push a button and go now you have to have extremely good hand-eye coordination and you have to just have a good like you're the Good Pilot or you're not like a lot of guys a lot of bad Pilots try to be good Pilots ultimately they wind up line for the airlines that's a great analogy do I love the river life jacket Treading Water I'm going to use that one that's a really good in a light exactly right. It is it is exactly right I did 11 hours cuz I ran out of money at that point yeah and when he was charging you train per hour somewhere that's a little over three hundred bucks an hour and thirty-three hundred bucks to go spend on a weekend. It was the stupidest thing I could other weekend
00:37:28what is the average cost per hour right now I think you're probably looking at 3:50 start rate for an R22 or something so you charge us way more than that though yeah yeah this is amazing but I also just spent $33 I didn't have my business brain kicks in right so I go I need to figure out how to fly a helicopter and not only that but how James Bond would it be to land your own helicopter in your front yard so that became my goal on my I am going to make that happen was that on your vision board and do you have a vision board so
00:38:22I do actually have a vision for now but if it's at the time I didn't realize that that's what I was doing I was utilizing that tool but I wasn't doing it in the literal term formal term but I verbally committed that that was my goal I told others that I was going to make that happen and then I focused on the real quick last week you haven't heard this episode yet and I will share it with you but I shared some affirmations back 2011 I record some positive affirmations which at the time we're really bizarre like Goofy and I recorded it and end up it over to Enya soundtrack and I played it for these guys last week and it's really did affirmations positive and then I put in the background and it's amazing but one of my information to 2011 when I have no money I was just recently married had just found out we are pregnant with our first kid one of my information says very clearly
00:39:22I will own and fly a helicopter one day I was like very clear and like as nice as like clear as day I think I have the listeners after that if you have not heard from the five called a quick hitter affirmations listen to it it's speaking of that when are you going to be ready for your cage fight that is another day I said I will have at least one cage fight my life but I refuse to let you know I'm no surprised it's definitely surprised I'm not going I'm going to tell him please tell me your ways significantly less than me
00:40:22if you want to drop your weight down to 205 or if you want to stay where you're at can I be what I weigh now and fight somebody around the 140 Xbox 60 range whale spotted to sanction friend
00:40:41all right ladies and gentlemen you probably don't know that sound means but you're about to find out this means that we're about to announce the winner of the Polaris Slingshot or the Polaris General giveaway this is the moment you've all been waiting for
00:40:54what you came home run maybe I need the moment that some of you the only reason you listen to the podcast and somewhere to give it to you right now we're going to select out of 10 finalists randomly one of these people is going to be taking home a brand new Polaris Slingshot or a Polaris General and the reason why you people were entering this contest for those of you who didn't enter was I ran out my Instagram Heavy D Sparks and when we hit 2 million followers I promise that anybody could follow my page and brought me three friends was going to get a chance to win and then I also gave our podcast listeners 3 bonus entries which we have a few of the names here on this list three bonus entries for a chance to win so if you follow my page and you left a review or rating on a podcast you have three names in the Hat your name three times basically so I'm going to start right now without any further adieu
00:41:49number one finalist Michael Sullivan Sullivan Sullivan Sullivan off Johnson and his handles Alex Johnson bro-bro Glen Lovelace AKA at G love 00 sounds like I never lights up she loves I've got the radio name and we've got cash Bizzle his username is cash a money they must be a rapper together next up to got Bizzle Mitch Gibbs at WM underscore Gibbs then we've got John O'Reilly and his username is O'Reilly 12 Laurel Drive Auto Parts O'Reilly Mane and his username is simple it's just at Jason main m a y a n
00:42:49next up we got ourselves a first lady on the list the Lewis so it's underscore Hannah Lewis underscore username on my friend good luck you were the first lady on the list. Congratulations to our next finalist which is Justin Graff AKA Geographic 00 how to use your name the ended up a lot and then we've got our final finalists which is another day that goes by the name of Casey Walters Gerber AKA Brown Eyed Girl brown eyed handsome Gerber Collision threw I'm going back and forth I'm just going through the album I have no idea who I'm looking at
00:43:49bad on Michael Sullivan off my friend are the winner you now have the opportunity to choose from my personal Polaris Slingshot or Polaris General you to be taken at home and if we can compare if we can verify that you actually brought three friends to follow my Instagram page each one of those friends like I promised is going to be getting $2,500 cash so here's the deal I just gave away like I need a drink specials at Michael and this is not the last time we could be doing this guy's if you listen to this podcast and you want a chance to win big stuff like this and you want your friends to win big stick stuff stay tuned to either at the podcast or my Instagram which is where I keep up-to-date information so that Heavy D Sparks and somebody in fact a lot of people are really winning a lot of cool stuff so thank you for everyone who participated and good luck to everybody on the neck
00:44:50give away that we were on and with that said we're back to our regularly scheduled podcast with mr. Ryan McDonald so so Dane introduces all of us every week right guys and after the affirmations I realize you know what we didn't take a minute actually you know congratulate Dave on that moment of feeling vulnerable and end in talk about the reason he did that was willing to put himself out there and the positive effect that it is had on others I mean it is this is probably going to be talked about for the next several podcasts not to mention that almost every single item that he was your talking about was checked off I mean if you could have seen all of our faces cuz that was the first time we'd all heard it and I have everything on my list yeah but it's like everything was like oh my gosh of the cage fight at the end I haven't met Tony Robbins but that but it's all check out the original you played the original track brussel sprouts
00:45:50this audio clip that email to myself pops up and I'm like oh wow I cuz I haven't listened to it before I listen to it for 5 years straight so basically from 2011 to 2015 16 I listen to this audio clip every single day last few years I haven't listened to it because I found other ways to you know do my own stuff and I kind of forgot about it but it's always the back of my mind when I saw it as I cash it I can't not share this I had needed cheering is because when I even like I talk about being a road trip with friends and it's on my iTunes and it was like start playing I would hurry like throw my phone out the window and I stop that track like nobody needs to hear this because it's a very personal nothing crazy personal but just very like me being very optimistic with myself and start a Skype sometime think of it as kind of corny concept right like corny I'm listen to myself telling me I'm I'm strong and I'm 6ft your head with what you want to be
00:46:50if you fill your head with garbage you're going to get out garbage problem I've always had and it's not a problem the thing I've always had his I am not very good at lying to myself I've tried to convince myself a big stories and lies in the past I'm not very good at it so I used it to my benefit because I hold myself all these things and I couldn't convince myself that they weren't true they had to be true then and I couldn't lie to myself and so I couldn't live with the fact that I had told myself all these grandiose of things but never accomplished I'm so that's really like subconsciously my brain was always pushing pushing pushing and that's what pushed me through the walls and through the dark days of building a business which we're going back to a girl you know it's It's Tricky so things like that have pushed me along the way and I think subconsciously we do those like you had you made that your mind up I'm going to have a hookup in that in my backyard I know for a fact I landed in your backyard a month or so ago and that would happen sometime you've accomplished it how did you get there so I so I'm thinking okay well how can I make this happen right so I start dreaming up a business
00:47:50model around the one that was presented to me by the guy I took a lesson from right let me use their to dry cherries and my family are come from Farmers and Builders so my dad has a little Cherry Orchard and I thought okay if I got around you three or four of these contracts was able to get a helicopter that was an expensive and cheap cuz I just spent the last $3,300 I had and I don't have anything left at how am I going to come up with money to buy a helicopter that's absurd thousands of dollars cheaper like a child about $70,000 is cheap what should be your first red flag if you're looking at helicopters everybody but the bargain if it's a bargain there's a reason that was a killer bee model Franklin to 10 wood blades blades wood blades for like the main rotor blades
00:48:50the grey stuff like the Bell 47 Army trainers Bell and Francis Fairchild Hiller they both were buying for the contract for the US Army and it should create a little bit of Bella router going into Vietnam the US military needed a trainer helicopter that they could then transition pilot into the Huey this is pre Huey Huey hadn't even been invented yet yeah so they just needed a helicopter and they wanted it for Evac they wanted to put the the requirement was to put a litter Cary and killers were piloted from the middle because the CG of the aircraft allow them to put a litter on each side Youth Center gravity that's right his helicopter revolve around Center gravity you show that was the boy getting comfortable and I'm just watching these out that speed up
00:49:50a prototype is well in this is this is how the government's work they put out a build the company's build their best prototypes and the government selects what they're going to build
00:50:02for whatever reason it was thought that the killer design was actually Superior design but they went with bell and they had a hydraulic rotary head system so because Bell initially got that first contract that launch them into business and allowed them to develop other aircraft and that's what actually led to the Huey down the road right without them getting that contract Bell when you can be here today I mean honestly that's a fact matter is that Hitler got that contract we'd be flying killer get Rangers absolutely actually they made a aircraft that fh11200 I think is what they call it the look just like a jet Ranger and they were buying for that same contract again later as competitors just honestly probably just wasn't good enough buddies with the right people no contract oh what's up
00:50:52Canadian contract Canadian contractor likely but sound is bastard child helicopters that didn't make the cut for the US military as if there's more than a small child and a man at sea level when it's cold out you're not flying so kind of power does a pipe dream there was a guy on the Airfield who steered me towards the Hillary as well that flew them and he was going to be my pilot to fly to his contract should you have to be a pilot have a commercial rating right you got to be a professional to earn money flying an aircraft enjoy your weekend as we go to dental school everything was great right so I have no money
00:51:52so I hacked a few things got some jingle in my pocket when does the focal bank and was like hey I got this great idea I'm going to get a helicopter I have these contracts what do you think and they gave me the money so I leveraged everything else that I had to go get this helicopter and a business model was sound in my mind I was going to have the helicopters was probably right close to the recession to write what year was this perfect please come on 7 years ago this is right coming out of recession so Banks were a little tight that's 70 years ago at the guys with helicopters
00:52:39and basically I got it from Canada I brought him a pilot with me to ensure that it was a good aircraft and I brought a mechanic with me to look at the bottom of the log books because I don't know anything blind ambition and I thought I was doing all the right things turns out the helicopter had some falsified logs stuff wasn't in flying order the engine went out and by the way we found out all this after I had the contract so yeah so I'm from a small community other than washing your word is your like that's your name your name is your bond yeah yeah yeah I know I can't play con this so I have to think outside the box a little bit and so now my full focus is on, to fulfill these contracts so I end up releasing
00:53:32a better more powerful healer a later model it's more capable to do these contracts and I do it at a rate that after insurance paying my pilot and getting it up there and paying the lease I'm hoping that I'm going to break even and not lose money great business model meanwhile you have a $70,000 Hiller that you 11:11 I'm like every spare second I'm coaxing the mechanic to go out there and tell me what I can do next and how do we fix this and getting that and I'm just now I'm just doubling down man I'm at the casino I'm just throwing a quarter and a dollar in a slot pull on the handle waiting for the numbers of lineup just I'm going to make it work I'm going to make it work
00:54:19and I'm sunup to sundown 24/7 7 days a week I'm literally at the hangar or Liz staying at the hangar trying to get my helicopter Rachel and I'm right next door. So I'm just pouring every human an ounce of energy into making this work so that I can fulfill the contracts and get out from this
00:54:48do you want it out complete was like well I was even thinking that long-term I was just thinking short-term a answer this season I need to own my obligations and I need to work I need a will this to succeed so what what changed how did it turn the corner for you some days I wonder if it has turn the corner and still doing the same thing as willing things to succeed so you know who that year and so you know what any smart guy does when he has a bad experience you turn around and do the same thing again it's double tap if I got that felt pretty bad I let me try and get what's the odds I'm going to kill myself lights right
00:55:48self I look open the mailbox I did not get into dental school my first round my sister then reapplied and I was on my route to reapply and I never got that far because I was working on plans of how I was going to do twice the contracts and next year cuz I'm going to have my helicopter and another least helicopter only this time to read that I can actually make money so I'm doubling down cuz you did fulfill your first year contracts and you better live yes barely you made the farmers paid you and you thought I can make money at this if I sharpen the pencil and get good at it yes or the farmers happy did everything go well on that end really knew that there was an issue which is for me that is always been a real driving point is that the customer is always satisfied everything is great and there's no need to I guess make them
00:56:48Murray or write or lose any confidence in you unless it's something that could potentially be you know damaging like if I'm supposed to pick your kids up from school and I'm a service and I'm not going to be there I should probably let you know but aside from that I always keep that stuff you know internal and we do whatever it takes to make sure that when a customer in it's taken care of it's a good day by think a good way to look at that is just always kind of keep your game face on and always got a hold your hold your cards close to your chest a little bit like that's one thing I do all the time and it's a good tip for a lot of people in life is
00:57:26try your hardest in business at least to not let other people know how you feel or what your next move isn't even as social settings and a sentence like that where it's not something that you feel like you should be vulnerable with are you should trust necessarily keep them guessing keep everybody on their toes because and I don't let anybody know how you this is this is mayor of this may be good for this may be bad advice and it depends on how you plant how to use it but one of the most impactful things will be ever told me was don't ever let anybody know how you feel now but that didn't mean don't let my wife know how I feel you know they looking back but it's good because if what happens is when you let people know how you feel you get emotional when you get a motion to get your rationale when you get a rash when you make stupid decisions and then all the sudden you become some of the people can't trust so how'd you got a motion with your contract had you gone to the farmers and giving them any sort of like uncertainty like I don't know if I can do that don't know if I can fulfill the contract or I can't or I'm worried then all the sudden come next year you're not getting the contracts
00:58:26so what they want to hear with someone who is dealing with the you know the viability of their crop potentially saying there's a lot of wisdom Anatomy he didn't he didn't make his customers aware that you know they didn't make his promises customers probably go what if there was going to be a problem that affected his customers coming to let him know he's going to let him know and I took it in the chops for my customer because the customer has to be first if you don't prioritize that I was in a service business like you like where your entire entire income is dependent on whether that customer satisfied with your service which by the way if you're listening and you have an opportunity to a service or a sales business sell a product service businesses are a hard man and I'm I'm going to cut a double down on that sell a product worldwide be careful of brick-and-mortar retail that give you want to open up a local retail sporting good store just don't do it
00:59:26unless you have like a vested interest in making Main Street of your town like that are like don't do it cuz that's right up there a service. Service industry yep you're a restaurant or you're selling shoes at your local shop you're still are in a service or does this guy gets his El Camino back off the walls out here trying to say continue working on it so you work on your own Vehicles don't need diesel yeah I work on my own my own vehicles with help of all my friends in the shop for you selling clothing apparel for before you had a brick-and-mortar have a brick-and-mortar simply because there was a demand for it we did not open when we went sailing Apparel in line since 2013 and the only reason we have a brick-and-mortar store is it more or less kind of us showcase like a like a museum for us and we have people who naturally come by from the TV show I want to buy stuff what I open a brick-and-mortar store hoping that people can buy no way never
01:00:26hotels with check-in for Men at Work where you at are you just focused on how you have to cut this up or what no man I'm running a business like this like I can see him literally just absorbing I'm trying to figure out where I get $3,300 so I could take some lessons at the Ryan Ryan you available after the show Diesel and heavy came up last summer and 1/8 and it brought another buddy Jason Jason cat so we went out and did some two ships and flying around and have some fun on the water and the great time every time the best thing you can do an aviation is have a friend that's in aviation are we friends now and I call you a friend like that by using a
01:01:26your business to 9 aircraft plus all the leasing that you do have some Contracting
01:01:33I got you know what before we had that talk to me about the power lines in the Hiller this cuz a lot of things that one thing I love it when two people how helicopters work because there's a lot of mystery that surrounds them people they could do magic time machines and they are but they're also machines in their thousands and millions of rotating parts and nuts and bolts and there's a lot that goes into him and one thing that you don't think about but when you don't eat a helicopter flying by I never thought of this much are flying is what happens if I hit the power line because helicopter fly low and if it flies Weir Canyon or wherever there's power lines all over the place. For a crop duster or an egg pilot power lines are literally in your path every day so yeah yeah and our environment were routinely turned within ten feet of power lines all time I know that they are choosing to manipulate their crap in close proximity the incident that you're referring to what is a real issue is I didn't earn how many years in the business was us
01:02:33sugar to hips sadly yeah so I'm here too so I was part of the double down go big and blind ambition and just feeling good feeling good but but also it was one of those situations where the pilot That was supposed to be contracted to fly that aircraft and do the spring commitments that now I've made Clayton and did something else and you end up going to Alaska so now I've got spraying contracts and do I really know that much about spring who do I have a lot of experience no no I don't so I have enough to get my license and my ticket but I have to jump out there and go fly these fields in this particular field parallels the river and I was saving this for last and for the day as a project in at this time
01:03:31I'm dating my now-wife and she's there my best friend my battle buddy from the Army is there and they're loading for me and so they're on site reloading means is he's a he fly the helicopter basically bring a truck and helicopter the field sprays that the stuff over the crops and then tank is empty because helicopter drone carry so much fluid per gallon or so that has to go back to this batch truck which is full of whatever it is whatever it is and then you pump that into the helicopter in a milliliter burn so it's literally trying to burn your your beard landing at the truck every couple minutes so they're loading you this field is complex because there's a wire obstacle runs through the middle and basically Powerline and it's big it's not even there is three wires there and they were big wires
01:04:25and you don't typically my game plan was to identify those wires start their paint know where they were flyback come to him and turn and I started in on that path and I changed at the last minute which was just a bit of a rookie move looking back on it and I went back to the other end of the field and flew into the sun because of the way the traffic was driving on the highway and so what that did is it appeared my vision on where that line was and it was down the road and I'm focusing really hard on you know holding my speed and being on the right Road and all these things I think that mine is coming up where is it and I just started to pull up but it's too late and I caught the lines with the front portion of my skids and and they came together and I very very very vividly remember as this happened it was almost like you know they say it's in slow motion when all this happened
01:05:25but I knew there was a Flash and I knew instantly what that flash was the lines arcing together the lines are coming together there are king and as a broke through my windshield and the power lines came into the cabin and hit my helmet I thought well
01:05:43I am either going to back off of this and stall out and dying ball up into power lines or I have to push forward and pull as much power as I can to break through them and live and that's my best odds so you can land it and that's what I did as it turns out I was totally blessed and the two different phases connected together on my GPS mount as it was breaking off and coming through my windshield which allow those two phases dark and cut the line and a broken cross my visor that I had down because I was flying into the sun and a cut through my side of my visor which if I would have had that down and be blind how much would have been the least of my worries right and I was able to fly through it and auto instantly into a clearing his good Crash Landing to the ground but not have any power
01:06:43are and not wanting a helicopter basic so and I landed covered up the aircraft notified all the people that I needed to and and basically when I landed I stood up and walked out the front of the cabin there was no the whole front of the helicopter out of the cabin if you had your stick in your seat and I was it just are stirred up stepped around the instrument Council and walked out front I didn't have to zero injuries zero injuries
01:07:15do you reconsider after that no actually me while his wife is watching the 1200 my gosh that's right that's right it's worst oh yeah yeah I know it's horrible so and my whole Focus here is all right I'm halfway through this guy's job and he's getting stop drop for Harvest I got to figure out how to get the PewDiePie to get the power you know dealt with and I got to find this guy and let him know that I'm not going to be able to finish his crop and I got to get this thing back in the shop and get it fixed because my customers I'm so demented as I just rip the front of my helicopter off. I get it fixed and I just drove into the process of you don't getting their craft fixed and
01:08:09dealing with the crisis in front of me where I just told I snap the power pole in half by pulling on the lines broken half was this your least ship or on your own I did on that yeah I just bought it and so now I owe the bank Iota PewDie some number I don't know yet that's the power public utility department replacing power lines I'm hoping that the orchardist isn't going to be mad if some damage that I might have done to one of those trees and if I call my insurance company
01:08:44I didn't go back in and reapply to dental school and did this business and I'm quadruple triple in on what I can afford to get out and if I call the insurance company on this one I'm going to be out of business so you make a claim in aviation and there's a good chance you're just done the PewDiePie the power company I told him look if if I turn it in as a claim then I'm at a business so we're done so why waste anybody's money in time or you can work with me and I will hundred percent pay you and I will not flake you have my word I will pay this off so it was a $25,000 Bill and so I had to work which you know new business I just wrecked my helicopter and by the way I don't have any spare money so that 25,000 was no probably got lots of profits and no way to
01:09:44my dumb bright so it was a tough it was a bleak outlook on my business and I was really second-guessing what I was doing I love slime and still to this day I passionately love flying but that was that was a tough time and then when you have an experience like that it it took me about two years I was back in the cockpit in 2 weeks but I can barely fly anytime I got near anything or something out of the corner of my eye it was like my heart was jumping out of my chest and and I had night terrors and stuff in about that it was tough but eventually you'll get over it and you just you know can't let it rule your life so you just hammer down simply because you have no option I have sinned and there's that I literally have no other option other than to just fold up raise the flag and say I surrender a lot of people do that you can't do that happens a lot more than I think we realize is this happened
01:10:44this is and they like you said throw up the white flag and they're done and and whoever's is you know in the line of fire as far as like the consequences of them not being able to pay bills deal with it so bankruptcies I mean this happens all the time day in day out but it does happen to guys like you because you are not the type of person you made a commitment to me my location and you're going to fulfill it come hell or high water or another helicopter crash and so you did you made it through that and then from there the next few years were his growing growing growing right just figuring out where to get better every year I just kept doubling down while I was getting me deeper deeper in the wrong financial situation I was still flying I'm like well I still wore yet we're still doing so I haven't lost yet so I will say that I was super blessed also in that I had some really good mentors in aviation that not only help teach me so
01:11:44certain skill sets that I I brought in from know being an athlete and stuff in it and then adapted that to Flying but also help me through these negative experiences as having said that right there is a checklist I don't know when to add because I can attest to the fact that you have a lot of Mentor simply because you've used your mentors in our relationship and there's times you told me to call Pete let me call Dane you got all these salty old guys they've been in the aviation business forever that you turn to and they love and respect you and they literally poor information on you for free because you respect each other and you don't you know you've helped them they help you so check this item that I'm going to take away from this is find yourself a mentor and please do not do like everybody does online and go find the most famous person you can find and save the messages a day and saying I'm sorry
01:12:44it doesn't work like that you have to start with I heard Gary Beeson said the other day somebody want to be a fashion intern and if I don't want to go to intern for a bit like the biggest name in fashion and Gary be like okay great start about 15 lowered below left 15 levels below him with the guy who was the fashion store on the corner and then after you're good for him he's introduced to the guy about the fashion store downtown and then from there that guy just get introduced you to manufacture and then you're going to find that dream Mentor but you're not going to just go knock on someone's door and say teach me everything you know I'd there's nothing I hate more than it was this thing that went around for a long time where the self-help gurus were out there saying go find the most successful people you know and pick their brain successful people don't want their brain pic to know not just for free not just perfect from 1st Ranger do you have to figure out a way to provide value for them and then yeah you could have just gone to somebody's big operation to take helicopter guys and said teach me everything you know about this teach my dog tricks to try to get discount parts cuz they would have done it before her relationship with them and then it got to that point but what I want
01:13:44how to do is go find yourself a mentor but keep it realistic this is rather than sending something lofty goal you can set that goal but just know that is going to take you 10 or 15 Step to get to that person and you're going to have to start at a lower level than what you expect so do not go message A bunch of celebrities don't go message A bunch of don't go message you know Warren Buffett and say I will take your brain is not going to work I I do I do not we're going to get you on Mark don't really have a mentor I don't think so cuz I created my own Niche and so I just kind of learned and burned along the way you know are you other people's mentors you probably are from young kids to see it but it's kind of like that thing a day talks about where it's you know kids come with unrealistic expectations and they hit you up in a day want everything that you have right away then it's annoying
01:14:44figure out a realistic way to get information you have to extract information from somebody that had the information for you but you have to do it in a clever way where you providing value yeah that was my next point I love that I had to bring value to learn from my mentor I've learned a lot by bringing deals that we did together cuz they were good deals and Deals he said no to were probably till they shouldn't do but the other thing about a good Mentor is there often times not realizing how good of a mentor they are and their mindset is that they're still learning you know if you find a mentor who tells you he's already made it and all these things maybe find a different one right cuz it was my mentor continues to add value in my life cuz he continues to grow. I think you should talk a little bit more about that bringing value yeah because that's one thing when you probably get those emails how many of them say hey I'd like you to be my mentor right here's what I'm willing to do for you
01:15:44chips and get that information on right there is mentors and relationships plural so you know I don't have to start somewhere right you have to have a mentor to start you but there's different people in my life that meant for me because they bring different experiences and different things to my life so you got it you got to look at where you are at and think about if you want to go sell Coke you don't go to Coke and say will you be my mentor I want to do what you do you got to have a vast array of skills and awareness and different people in your life from sometimes unexpected places can come in and give you a great skill set and it might be around business and might be around personal might be around Health and Fitness
01:16:44there's all kinds of different areas that people can help you in and it's not always just black and white can you think of any specific things that you did to form relationships with any of your mentors show on multiple occasions have sought out to learn something I'll give you an example paragliding I when I get a real addictive personality okay so when I am in a good way this is how I positively shape an addictive personality when I go to do something I go a hundred and 10% and it consumes my life until I get to a level where I can operate on a pier level with people that I started out you're really admiring and looking up to right so when I started paragliding I went to school and I said I hate you know I'm going to pay you to teach me to paraglide and I met an instructor who's actually Hearing in Salt Lake Bracken new show is just down at Draper
01:17:44it's one of the world's best Acro and cross-country pilots and I met him and I thought man this guy really knows what he's doing right I can learn a ton from the sky and so I just paid in the respect that is due I paid for his knowledge right with sometimes you have to do you have to pay for someone's time and it's a it's usually a Equitable fair trade as we did that we developed a personal relationship to those interactions if it's a more from them and you're paying for that's absolutely true right absolutely and I and I did don't look for fair deals because you can go back to go buy a fair deal anywhere and just pay for knowledge information just like college or any sort of training but look for somebody who you could tell is really really really good at what you want to do and obviously if they offer but way to pay for that information do it but along the way from that relationship
01:18:44extract everything you can I was a customer so he coaches camps right but he was the best coach out there and I paid for those camps but we also developed a relationship and what I did is I started another business by building a towboat for paragliding for doing these clinics I built a jet boat with a hydraulic winch system I could tell people at 5000 feet in the air of the opinion rabbit coach and Surrey the Maneuvers and I went into business with him and another buddy and we did these SIV clinics and true that Brad a bunch of knowledge on me and looked out for me and we went flying and then we were over and do that and that I never paid for right we had a relationship and and he had a respect and and and enjoy being around me and I was bringing something to the table right as we had started a business venture together at that point and he really helped me out a lot and improve my my
01:19:44buying a my skill-set in my weariness and opportunities in the industry it was really a cool experience ended up buying my boat and still doesn't now he's taking the business to a whole nother level but I mean to me that's a perfect example of providing value you do provide I form a few more examples of providing value market in your business all right let's say I remember when your best guys was Alex Alex Alex David do still talk to us the best hardest worker I just remember going to your events and Alex was not looking over your shoulder trying to figure out how you were running music he was at the door selling tickets he was staying he was getting there early and staying late setting up got to the point where he learned how to produce right and put together by a better event right then he learnt of that stuff from you so funny thing about Alex's he didn't even come in like saying I want you to Mentor me a I want you to I want to be a party business say I want to get a job Alex just showed up then when we were building the you know out the The Hanger and we're putting the store and there he was the one who was there
01:20:44the tools help us do any never asked got paid it's just kind of a natural thing where he kind of went from the guy who's showing up and helping and then the first guy that we wanted to pay in the first guy we wanted to teach it was him because he had already been invested and it wasn't like a thing where he had to ask her we had to say anything was just coming natural deal because of the the work in the effort that you put in a starter put in the work like we talked and red bird red bird came in and put in a bunch of Sweat Equity free labor for months before I actually get an equity in the company and that's exactly how it works so if you are a young person even old person I don't care what age you are you can never have too many mentors are too much information but there's a right way and a wrong way to go route you don't go find that person so please if you're listening I want you to deliberately look around you or look in your environment or look in your area or your U City where we live and look at people who are doing what you want to do if you see somebody who owns a helicopter
01:21:44I said you want to learn how that works I want you to figure out a way to approach them go to them and say can I clean your helicopters for three or four a discount after hours can I sweep your shop for whatever it is and I know that sounds cliche inside with no start-off sweeping the floor but they say for reason that stuff happens for a reason like you don't make it to the top on day one you have to figure out a way to get in the door and then you can start building their relationships that is probably one of the most powerful things you can do in life is fine people that are smarter more successful more experienced more seasoned that's especially a valuable thing when you're talkin Pilots because season Pilots are guys who have hit the power lines there guys who have you know crash-landed aircraft of the guys that have actually you know learn from trial and are those the guys you want to learn from the first guy who ever taught me how to fly helicopter name of the wharf or was 65 years old and I flew in Tennessee to Utah with him and I learn more in those two and a half days that I could learn in
01:22:44I want the training because he's just a salty old guy like you say and he just would tell me you know there's there's old pilots of an adult Pilots were there no old bold Pilots I mean old guy that was like just teaching it like it is so those people in surround yourself with them but find a way to make it appealing to them to give that information because they're not going to give it to you otherwise it's not going to happen so what other since we're kind of nearing the end here Ryan what other
01:23:10nuggets of wisdom would you give to people it doesn't have to do with their career anything just this podcast is all about figuring out ways to give people
01:23:20how to jumpstart avoid some of the obstacles that you know we commonly encounter life so whether it be health and fitness Weatherby you know business entrepreneurship Weatherby Family Values what are the things have you done in your life that you can attribute to you may feel like you're still on the grind but I look at you and I know that you're successful you just bought a big dent other operator up in your area you bought his business you're running his contract you're adding more aircraft carrier Fleet you're getting to the point where you're getting those big juicy nice contract for service stuff how do you get there
01:23:54eat an elephant one bite at a time so I'm still grinding I it's funny that you say that because I I look at it like oh man I see all these people that are so successful and they're doing all these amazing things that I guess what we don't have we don't have average individuals on this podcast we bring in high-level operating people so whether you see it or not it's happening and you are and that's how you do it you you have to first of all put yourself in the opportunities in an arena where opportunities will come your way so if you have a goal to be in particular industry you need to find ways however humbling the task maybe you just need to be in the show sometimes just sitting on the outside and observing you can learn a lot and that familiarity will grow into opportunity an opportunity Builds on more opportunities and before you know it you'll start developing if you have a a sincere desire and passion for what you're doing other people
01:24:54pick up on that and you're going to develop some great relationships and if you're open today and respectful to what other folks are doing regardless of where you're at on that ladder some really amazing things are going to happen you're a good example of it's never too late to start because at 32 you started over you just had your first kid at 38 that's kind of old to be a dad for the first time it is yeah but I exchange that for a lot of experience as I did in my twenties right I have a lot of selfish experiences I guess is as an athlete and be successful night got to be very selfish with your time so I wasn't able to explore some of those other blessings with having a family and and having some of these other social opportunities so
01:25:43moving in the business I think gives me some more it's that constant competition no matter where you're at there's always another level and another place you can take stuff so it's very stimulating for me and as you go along and I were talking about mentors just a circle back around it at finding people that can help you and shorten your learning curve that's that's what the mentor does they shorten your learning curve I mean you probably realize this I don't know how many people realize this but you are mentored me you've taught me Safeway's to fly you've taught me more economical ways to own and operate and fix helicopters you've taught me you you're the one that taught me what a bo-105 was and I own one because of hello sweetheart that's a two-million-dollar helicopter in about note that thing it's about a $300,000 helicopter that's what I paid for and we found ways to to do that but I didn't come to you and just say dude teach me everything there is no
01:26:43helicopter uterus tried to sell my junk for us and we ended up having a relationship that's how it works is find somebody who has information knowledge and I honestly that's going to be the only check this item that I let you give us because it is the biggest and the most liked comprehensive because there's so much that goes into but if you're a young listeners if you're a listener I don't care how old you are go find that person so we're going to wrap it up right now with the checklist item number one find a mentor but provide value to be able to get their information do not do not do not go just go knock on a bunch of high-profile or rich people or celebrities doors and say I want to learn everything there is to know about you is just one thing I've done that I I feel very good about as a as a you know kind of makes me feel like I'm doing the right things that I've been able to achieve I guess certain things is that I have been able to hire two
01:27:43my mentors yeah and it's a powerful thing to be able to work with them every day and still continue to absorb that knowledge that that is actually that's a good trick if you're a business owner and you have the ability to hire people go find the salty old Vietnam pilots and put them in one of your helicopters in do you absorb absorbance or absorb I've got way more Talent two people working for me then what my actual skill set is and that's a really good thing if you're at the point where you have employees seek out people that you can learn from that something let me ask you a question in in your whole process of building your business through mentors did you ever steal any business from any of your mentors
01:28:27interesting no I did not and actually many of my mentors or not in my same business I was obtaining skill sets that allowed me to achieve my goals through the experiences that they had that they were able to rest and then I think that's key because I imagined cuz I get it through my business people will basically send me messages saying Hey I want to do what you do can I learn what you do so I can do it yeah I don't know I don't want someone in mind that when you're looking for a mentor they probably don't want to hear that day that you want to do exactly what they do and take their business degree in a niche Business Like Yours we're right competition as real as soon as you throw a New Year's party and then your competition for the New York part of your Revenue goes and even going a little bit further by mean I don't know how many helicopter Pilots dry cherry trees you know what I mean and so I mean
01:29:27choiceful Pro chew kind of same thing it's always flattering for people to emulate
01:29:32don't imitate don't take somebody and try to imitate with their doing it is flattering to emulate certain characteristics and things and processes they do but make that your own thing. Copy and paste only works on the computer that's right it doesn't work in real life because then you try to become something you're not and then I'll show you wind up stealing information that it doesn't work when you trying to do with the program so that's awesome number number to three and four of these out of going to check with him to give you guys are items that I just have on my daily checklist of things that are extremely important to me they're very basic very simple and these are lifestyle things guys are going to help you feel better live better sleep better I think sleep is so underrated these days people just go go go go go go get yourself a tour 9 hours of sleeping that's not a checklist item but what I'm going to tell you is going to help you get that sleep and it's put your phone away 30 minutes before bedtime
01:30:27do not so I've heard that people go even to an extreme as far as they put their phone in a different room than where they sleep because phones emit blue light blue light is extremely hard on your eyes extremely hard for your body and your brain to process it it it requires the intense amount of focus and it literally best way to put in that's like the most simple way to explain it is it's burning your eyes okay it's not going to kill you mean at least not going to be in Maine that may never hurt you in your entire lifetime but it does affect your brain in the way that you sleep so put your phone away 30 minutes before bedtime and this is really hard for me because that's some of my liked best like go time is is having my phone and so you know some of these people sent scientist who Tapas Theory say don't watch TV don't have your computer out. Your phone and if you got like crazy like self-control great more power to do that. Your phone just put it away because the even the way that your phone causes your posture to go you curl up
01:31:27a little ball your thumbs curl in your arms curly and you put your face down and it's not healthy so just put your phone away which leads me to my next item number three on the checklist is don't touch your phone for 30 minutes in the morning you know what you did for me by hanging out with you that I've I've taken is your guy that is everybody's trying to get a moment of your time right right monopolizes so one of the things I learned very early with you is that you put your phone on silent not disturb do not disturb so it goes right to voicemail so makes you not readily available for everybody's need all the time can distract me I started implementing that and doing that so I do that in the evening when I get home and it's family time I put on do not disturb you when I wake I do that until about business hours like 7 in the morning life-changer if you don't get random text or email alerts or phone calls I have to choose to engage in that conversation and it gives
01:32:27back my family time in my breast bigger talking about so thank you teaching me that way by preaching mfceo podcast is put your phone on do not disturb turn off all your notifications I just make your phone respect you rather than you having to respect your phone like whenever it needs your attention you have to give it to it now so what I mean by that is make the people who are trying to contact you respect your time coming back in the old days you didn't call people outside of 9 to 5 no just did like I remember when I was a kid growing up and somebody called at 8 at night it was like holy shit fire alarms Aiko why is somebody calling you so early. Here's my business I used to just that we were all guilty this I would wake up literally first thing reach over grab my phone pull up to my face and whether I went and read texts or most you know, Liam just go through and ghosts
01:33:27social media I would find myself 10 pages deep on Instagram before I was even getting out of bed and whatever I saw in those 10 pages was basically directly influencing how I felt that day and you really going to see good you're going to see bad and if you allow yourself to be open to that your brain gets hardwired to whatever you say in your phone influences your whole day you get a bad text from somebody to email from a bank this is your payments like whatever it is that's going to basically trigger you set you off for the entire day so do not allow yourself to access that information until you've woken up and giving yourself a proper morning routine which leads me to check with the number for and it's so basic guys it's so freaking simple and I could give you a whole morning or team that I will get into this more but number for is do not do anything right after you bet in like the back to get out of bed immediately don't touch your phone go to the kitchen to get a glass of water a full glass of tap water and drink it like like not
01:34:27freezing cold not super hot the best thing I found it just kind of room temperature may be a little colder if you can't drink room temperature water and drink it something about drinking a full glass of glass of water in the morning basically triggers it kind of gets your your system going it gets you'll find that you'll wind up going the bathroom sooner you'll wind up going to taking your morning dump like on like literally like on a schedule like just on a on a freaking clock so guys this is super important stuff and it's so basic I think things are well forget how to do like a lot of people wake up and they'll get their phone to hang out to go have whatever it is but it's not water the other go have a bowl of cereal I'm telling you right now back it up go have that water I'm did you do something about it just literally like Sparks your body into going on or what it is I know there science behind and I can't remember what I read about that but scientifically proven to just feel better and it's so freaking simple to that's the point the podcast I want to give people very basic and simple marching orders things that they can do right away later I mean
01:35:27pushing this tomorrow morning you can go get your bath water tonight you can put your phone away and tomorrow morning you can you not touch after 30 minutes is there a simple things but they make a huge difference I said this on the Andes podcast first time I did the whole phone thing in the morning I sat down and I start eating my breakfast and my phone was not even anywhere nearby get I started looking out the window I started like a world out there then I started like thinking in my brain is like my phone is doing the thinking for me my brain actually had two things to keep myself entertained dude it was it's the coolest experience and if you're on your phone a lot you're going to know exactly I'm talking about like this is going to hit you hard I like it alot more action at home with your wife to you know before bedtime I can't hear you if you have even going to get lucky and you better than that I'm all the better than that but you have any problems in your marriage like if it like that 30 minutes is a lot of time to be able to like work through stuff if you're giving your wife your undivided attention that's a big things
01:36:27do a guy's those are the things find a mentor put your phone away 30 minutes prior to bedtime do not touch your phone for 30 minutes in the in the morning and number for go straight to the kitchen and if you want her cold water to buy on hitting against water is found at room temperature water trigger my body and get things going much more quickly just like wakes me up so do that obviously would give you other tips and tricks about your morning routine as far as cold showers and stuff like that and if you ever want to learn more about these routines and these different deal checklist items at the end of every single podcast to go to the end listen to the last what is 10 minutes or so and you catch these checklists and where to find a way to Publix to check list as well potential in a book or some sort of like God format word Easy-to-Read go through and Bam Bam Bam shorts because everyone in this room has started these things and I feel better better absolutely man amazing when it's done for my life is not only just being able to sit here as friends talk but implementing all these things in my life I've noticed a difference
01:37:27some of it is a is a crash course in refreshing what we talked about what we learned over the years but we're always learning more from the people we have on here and from each other right like the affirmations is a good eye open I mean there's a reason why Diesel Dave has a pile of stones and crystals sitting in front of him and Marcus is wearing a bracelet with stones on a Dave real quick I know on Redbeard podcast we talked about tracking down some stones and what do you believe it or not just go do it and find some Stones up some energy that you want what do you got there I got to stack stone to have energy that I want you know I am a dumb they're told somebody give you positive thoughts some that are supposed to be abundant stones that you a bunch of whatever you want I get traffic on the 12th once it get rid of negativity in your life ones that make you more imaginative and you know I don't
01:38:22I've never really been a believer in the stones just learned about it last week I figured why not why not give it a shot and what's funny is each one of these dogs I don't think of stones really giving me the energy but that's where my mind is focused now on what each one supposed to be doing which is then creating that reality of it actually have basically a reminder and and scientifically you know red-bearded man of the people talk about stones that actually have an energy to vibration I'm sure that that exists but even if you don't believe in that here's a simple way to start just get some nice beautiful every time you see him and touch him you're going to feel just like your affirmations if your brains thinking it all the time that is what is going to happen so if you want to learn more about that that was on last week's episode of podcast episode number seven with red beard I believe it's titled are you stoned or something like that and it was get stoned with red berry whatever it is it is phenomenal like we learned a lot with that but we are out of time and we want to thank you because what you guys do for us
01:39:22allowing us to be able to create and build this community this platform really helps us like it's almost out of selfish motives because every single time we see these microphones we become better people and hopefully you are the listener feeling the exact same way and the relationship is reciprocal and it's not just give give give or take take take it to give take give take and we're friends and we are basically creating a giant family in a community of people like minded people who want to succeed who want to have happiness and want to make the world a better place and with that said I'll see you guys next week

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