While shared savings could be several years in the future for fledgling accountable care organizations, there are shortcuts for physician practices in ACOs to generate population health revenue immediately, explains Tim Gronniger, senior vice president of development and strategy for Caravan Health. In this HealthSounds episode, Gronniger outlines the rationale for using three Medicare billing codes--the annual wellness visit (AWV), chronic care management and advanced care planning--to create revenue that offsets ACO infrastructure costs.
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00:00:09welcome to help sound conversation with healthcare innovators here by the health care intelligence network Patricia Donovan today's program is generating population health revenue ACO best practices for Medicare shared savings and met success with me today to explain why it makes sense for physician practices in accountable care organizations
00:00:36have three Medicare billing codes Daniel wellness visit chronic care management and advance care planning degenerate population health revenue is him chronic %HESITATION senior vice president of development and strategy for caravan health one of the real benefits of any seo program like this is it provides an opportunity to
00:00:57fix a lot of problems that have been very well documented in a lot of health systems %HESITATION and that don't have a natural business models outside when a CEO contact and so ever many primary care practices would love to have more nursing support and more staffing support to
00:01:16%HESITATION take track your patient care gap tend to %HESITATION fit keep track of them outside of it into use panels to understand what's happening with their patients but %HESITATION it just hasn't been possible in a traditional fee for service model %HESITATION by a combination of these new code
00:01:34he messes released over the last five years %HESITATION into the the structure of the if you program that allows a hospital to invest in in clinical resources outside employment relationships if it works in employment relationships too but %HESITATION it it's it's not easy outside the context of any
00:01:52feel for hospital to %HESITATION to donate a nurse %HESITATION or to fund and there nurse's salary for a primary care practice for instance then %HESITATION it enabled the structure that is %HESITATION that benefits the practice it benefits the patient %HESITATION and it can drive good performance in the
00:02:08ACO overall %HESITATION and that's why we focus on creating new revenue streams to pay for some of the infrastructure because that's what will really drive results over time if during generating population health revenue ACO best practices for Medicare shared savings and met success the January two thousand eighteen
00:02:27webcast now available for re broadcast caravan helps him Groninger share this key focus areas for it AC owes to achieve substantial financial and quality results while building a sustainable healthcare delivery model in the year ahead and beyond highlights from this web cast includes a key cornerstone of caravan
00:02:47health ACO success strategies including staffing and patient engagement secret from detailed macro and its reporting the benefits of effort based quality metrics over outcomes based data two critical two thousand eighteen strategies Aravan health ACO is used to build on their success and much more to learn more about
00:03:11this training program and to determine the ideal webcast format for your organization visitation bookstore at store dot him dot com or call one eight eight eight four four six three five three zero help down to register or get more information about the program please call the health care
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