Star Wars is a generational phenomenon, and therefore fans from different generations have a different view of all things Star Wars-related, whether it's the movies, games, books, comics, etc.Join Eric Vancil and Darryl Sanders in a podcast about all things Star Wars. Eric has been a Star Wars fan since 1977, when A New Hope was first released. Darryl came to be a fan of the saga in the 1990s. Both are serious fans...but both have different views.Join us as we go...head to head on all things Star Wars!
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since July 29, 2018


We kick off this podcast by discussing the announcement that Disney plans to reboot Home Alone, and why this is not a good idea.  This leads to the question of whether or not reboots are a good or bad thing.  What do you think?  Let us know @headtoheadsw on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.0:08:03The Cantina (Star Wars News/General Discussion): Bob Iger recently announced that Disney was going to slow down the release of Star Wars films.  Is this a good idea?  We have long felt that Disney has not had a clear direction for the series, and we weigh in on whether or not this decision is a good idea.It looks like the First Order has themselves a new super-weapon, and we will get to see it in The Rise of Skywalker.  We delve into the use of the super-weapon plot device in Star Wars, reveal the new weapon we are rumored to see in IX, as well as the significance of it. Giancarlo Esposito has given us more information on his role in the upcoming Disney+ series, The Mandalorian.  We are really excited about this series, and Giancarlo reveals some great facets of his character.  0:22:31Duel of the Fates (Face Off Questions):Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader (human)-----who would've been the more powerful Sith?This debate needs clarification.  The last act of Revenge of the Sith features Anakin Skywalker, newly christened as Darth Vader, carrying out the nefarious plans of Emperor Palpatine.  If Vader had not tragically fallen into the lava on Mustafar, his potential in the Force would not have been diminished.  Luke, on the other hand, has demonstrated attributes that could make him even more powerful than Vader if he had turned to the dark side, so who truly would have been the most powerful Sith Lord?0:31:23From a Certain Point of View (Featured Topic):The time has finally arrived!  This week we review Master and Apprentice by Claudia Gray.  Hopefully, you have read the book, and can participate in our discussion by leaving a comment on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages.  Master and Apprentice by Claudia GrayYou can also read Eric Vancil's blog review HERE!We also talk briefly about the new Thrawn trilogy that has been released.  Look for a blog soon on the second book in the series, Thrawn: Alliances.  Check out these fantastic books for yourselves by using our Amazon Affiliate links below:Thrawn by Timothy ZahnThrawn: Alliances by Timothy ZahnThrawn: Treason by Timothy Zahn1:01:50Clear Your Mind of Questions (Q and A): Why does it seem that Kylo knew about Rey already when said, “that girl?”--- Submitted by Jana Solo   Is Disney marketing The Rise of Skywalker too soon with the second trailer coming out this month?--- Submitted by Ricardo Maxwell 
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