Virginia Buechel ("boo-shell") (@buewho - "boo-who") is a digital marketer, native to New Jersey, and is a hobbyist photographer. She is a business savvy explorer always working on digital projects, like @NJspots, a photography community in New Jersey with over 21,000 followers in a little over a year. Besides breaking the stereotypes of New Jersey by featuring gorgeous places around the state, Virginia also enjoys snowboarding and traveling about the country with her partner Stefanie (@stef_livs) to various destinations and National Parks, looking to visit all 59 in her lifetime.

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00:00:00what's up Instagram is my name is Jordan Powers and sedan talking with Virginia bouchelle also known as boohoo on Instagram b u e w h o on an episode of hashtag daily when I was doing that and I talked a little bit about her photography but the main reason I want to talk about Virginia today is because she's doing something cool with Instagram I mean we talked about people who have feature accounts before and different hugs and what not she's running an account called NJ spots in the reason this one really stands out to me is because and we talked a lot about this but with New Jersey for example I know nothing about New Jersey and everytime I think about New Jersey I think industrial you know Jersey Shore just like everybody else in the barracudas never been to New York New Jersey like you just had no idea what it's like but NJ spots does a really encourages people to get out there and explore the state and it sounded very large state but they got to get out there and explore the state and find new locations and it just it makes New Jersey it it turns it
00:01:00from this you no idea of being this industrial state to this outdoor State you know they're there is mountains there's there's Trails or there's all these things to do there you would have never known otherwise so this particular account doesn't really the reason I like it so much just cuz it Doesn't Really highlight Virginia at all it's it's it's it's all about the state and getting people out there she's not affiliated with any tours and boards and I thought that it's all about just the love of the state and that's really exciting to me and I really just admire that so I wanted to talk to Virginia about that and also she's a digital marketer so at the end the conversation we talked a little bit about digital marketing we don't get into a large conversation about it but we talked a little bit about that but over all of this conversation I actually before the conversation ended I started in MN spots account and I haven't done anything with it yet I just make sure the username wasn't taken but what's that said enjoy this conversation was Virginia Boucher
00:01:56where did where did photography itself come into play when I was younger my dad had a video camera my parents separated and divorced and I was an early age but we always both her parents have a brother we both were very lucky enough to be able to travel when we were younger and my dad a lot of times had a video camera to capture memories and and he did these things when he would have an interview so we'd be at a museum or we'd be in front of a famous building and he would say Okay interview time and he was the camera right in your face and it was kind of just you know I was younger sister my brothers for years older so I was always kind of just picking on my brother or like saying silly stuff in the background on my brother was talking so we always had a camera in front of us
00:02:47I don't really do a lot of video ography now but I do appreciate having those videos as memories and being able to look back and see where we went in and obviously like any type of Photography be able to kind of capture that moment and have it as a memory so I always had a camera in front of my face and then growing up once I start to get a little older probably about 12 or 13 years old I always wanted to be the one behind the camera and wanted to hold the camera interview my dad or interview my brother so it was kind of a role reversal at that point where I really like to be able to set up the Shaw and like pan into my dad and I know it sounds so funny now but as a kid I just enjoyed doing that and kind of seeing what I created at that point so I would say I got my first camera when I was about 14 or 15 years old I have a DSLR was one of the early
00:03:47early Nikon I really didn't know how to use it to be honest with you I kind of just took photos and and you know like the the shot that I had I printed a few I had a class in high school that I took we can always I think there's a half semester or half year photography course and we have to have different assignments and different subjects we had the photographs and I enjoyed that but I didn't like the structure behind it I didn't want to feel like I had to do a specific type of subject it was it was it was interesting to learn the different techniques and and what different types of views people had but I always felt like I was limited in terms of how I was able to come Express what I want to see you know if I took something that I thought was really cool about whatever subject we had to take I thought it was very cool but then I'd get like negative reviews or you know kind of feedback that I was like well I didn't really
00:04:47see it that way I didn't really like that kind of structure of that type of Photography so I never really pursued it further than that and to be honest there was really a huge gap in my photography between high school and post College I went to college and I actually played softball for division 3 school so I for 4 years I was almost you could kind of say it was kind of a full-time job I was playing softball for 4 years and they don't really have time to do any photography it was actually after I graduated college in 2011 I let it up downloaded Instagram towards the end of 2011 and started using it and throughout the years of using Instagram I would say between 2011 to 2014 I was really one of those Instagram users that was like take a picture of a plate of food and I would do hashtags food
00:05:47so even if it's very very immature in terms of how I am today with my Instagram but it was still it was a mode for me to try to be creative and I was able to have those photos up there and enjoy them myself and not really have to follow which structure so you know Flash Forward to today I have a Nikon DSLR now and I obviously use it in a much different way than I did you know 10 plus years ago so that's kind of where I am today with my photography it's a very hobby is type activity for me I'm a firm believer that people should cuz at the same basic thing happened to me in high school you know I signed up for the whole year book thing and I tried doing it but it's like okay I had to do what they wanted to I got to go to football game and take certain photos like they just kind of threw me into assignments
00:06:47. like really getting you into like if I had to run my own photography class or something I'd probably say okay the first two three weeks is you just having fun with it go on photo off so that people nowadays I'd say you know create an Instagram account just for this an experiment you know like I I would I would probably cost you know make it all custom like that because I honestly feel like you learn more cuz I never had any formal education in photography either I just I learned from having fun with it from other people and yeah funny because I really didn't know anything about photography and I had this camera that I knew I could use for creativity but when certain assignments or it would be you know take a picture of a fast-moving car and I'm like what I like by okay so we take that and I understand that looking back now I understand that they're trying to teach us you know how to follow the subject and how to try to make it
00:07:47you know still in the photo with the background do you know blurred but at the time as a high school student your kind of just like okay like whatever so here's a picture of a car echa so that was kind of assignments I mean while at Looking Back Now I probably could have gotten a lot more out of it I feel like just had a high school age you don't really realize you're kind of like well why can't you take pictures of whatever and you be okay with that but yeah I definitely think today and especially with today's day in age with media and Instagram it would be a lot easier to teach at type of photography class and and kind of allow the kids to express your creativity I know that I've recently spoken to one of my teachers actually from high school who runs a photography class now and my high school she didn't at the time but I know that she kind of has that more laxed creativity atmosphere for the kids so I think I'm hoping that today is day in age it's a little bit different than what it was back then
00:08:47feel like it when people I mean think about how many photographers have been produced out of just the last the Instagram age you know what I mean like there's so many people that mean they even still use their phones but they're amazing photographers I talked about a lot of more time but I mean everybody's getting a crash course in photography almost but do you notice and I don't know maybe cuz you eat when you got back into photography do you notice that you take photos differently for Instagram is like that for you or do you I was just thinking about this the other day like I I tend to take all my my photos vertical now or I'll post it with all created with Post-it with posting on Instagram in mind which is interesting just interesting way of thinking about it
00:09:30yeah I definitely think that I still like to think of myself as still finding my type of style I think I'm falling into it more now in the last year or so but I definitely think that the photos I take today I sync back in the day I definitely think they would have been similar for what I do now on Instagram I always kind of had the bigger picture in mind I never really was one to take photos of people to take really you know I experimented with like macro and I didn't really find that that Niche when I was younger but I definitely think the photos I took back then were similar to what I post now on Instagram definitely I definitely see things much differently but in terms of the vertical pipe photo it's funny you mention that because I remember when I was younger I was always like yeah I like to take vertical photos and everyone's like why I like no one likes to take birth
00:10:30and then as soon as a smartphone age came in to play everyone took rid of vertical photos so at that point it was kind of funny because I actually like switched what I was doing so instead of taking vertical in the phone I was like no I want the full screen so I'm going to take a horizontal photo so I definitely I think today I'm definitely 50/50 on both I actually will take a lot of horizontal photos and actually crop them vertically after I don't edit them cuz I see something that I like a little bit better or vice versa if I take a vertical photo I might see a horizon that I took in that vertical photo that it actually want to just crop horizontally so I think it kind of depends on like the mood and I definitely know like vertical photos perform better on Instagram and sometimes they just look better but I definitely like to get that wide-angle view a lot of times as well
00:11:30the challenge with me is like I always I always took photos like not for I don't have one output in mind but that's that's my challenge right out of myself as okay well I'm only I'm only taking photos for Instagram like I'm no longer taking them for other other mediums you know what I mean so I've been trying to consciously take more horizontal photos and then I can crop them later if I want but it's actually huge salad that's really funny because if you look through my light room did you. I'm not sure if you use Lightroom or not but my Lightroom catalog goes all the way back to the 2005 in all the way from like 2005 to 2015 everything is pride 2016 actually everything is pretty much horizontal and then 2060 half of 2016 - 2017 you look through it and most everything is vertical so it's it's just interesting yet that's what I'm saying
00:12:29and also the the way I look at composition is change and it's all because of Instagram talking about like what I'm doing now but I am really curious to see like I want to start asking more people about how to bother thinking about that because you don't answer your phone you're not forever you know hopefully it is that be great but I mean chances are they're sick of me something different comes out like are you doing anything like how do you how do you think about the future of your photography like what do you plan on what do you what do you think about when you're at when you're out taking photos
00:13:01yeah it's funny that you mention that cuz I know a lot of the podcast you usually ask a similar question and to be honest with you I don't have like a quote-unquote back-up plan I know it sounds funny obviously I hope Instagram never goes anywhere but it's inevitable that things turn over and Things become different and you know what platforms change where they just disappear to be honest with you other than Instagram I really just enjoy my photos being like on my computer and browsing and sharing them with friends and family I don't have like a quote on Co Gallery online that I really share I think for me you know about being a full-time digital marketer I I kind of use Instagram as an outlet to cut express myself in a creative way other than Mike my digital marketing work because for digital marketing and it's a lot of behind-the-scenes things and people don't see stuff that you create that usually just
00:14:01results of it so in terms of like how I plan I do have Lightroom I store some of my photos in Lightroom but to be honest I store louder Just A lot of my photos just on a external hard drive and kind of at the time I use it really for my my personal you know I guess happiness oftentimes I'll change pictures in my house or like I mentioned like the background of my phone or my desktop I know it sounds so simple but that's really kind of how I enjoy my photos right now Instagram has been kind of all that for me to get all those photos I've been storing my hard drives for the last year unless you know 10 years or never post them on Instagram now people have various opinions on posting super later ground like I do but I personally don't care
00:15:01friends who just strictly post something that has been taken in last 24 hours but to be honest I have so many great memories from previous years and photos from those times maybe one day and memory popped into my mind I don't mind posting and it still has a problem with that then I think it's kind of silly to be honest it was just Instagram in mind you're taking them you're too it sounds like you're taking them more for just the enjoyment of taking photos which is another place I need to start and I need to get back to that place cuz right now like I said I'm not Nestle taking it I don't get me wrong I have fun taking photos
00:15:42and I I know it if it fills me up in certain ways and but I always have an output in mind you know what I mean
00:15:50yeah I definitely do too I definitely specially the last few years I definitely when I go out you know my camera I definitely have Instagram in mine like oh you know I really like that style for how I'm shooting right now works well that would really go well with my gallery or how I have it set up I definitely have been much more conscious in terms of how I shoot with Instagram in mind but at the same time the initial rush to get me out there is really just being able to see what's out there and explore I really like to be able to see new places or she New Perspectives of things and be able to capture that but I definitely have Instagram in mind a lot of times when I take certain shot then kind of going back to what we mentioned before about horizontal and vertical photos I find that a lot of times when I'm at certain places I'll take both types of photos I'll take a vertical and horizontal and I don't decide until later on really what I like for Instagram and sometimes I don't like either of them for Instagram
00:16:50but I definitely have I I definitely that specially the last year have been much more conscious in terms of how something's going to look on my Instagram page especially when I go out and check out new places so speaking of checking out new places so you and Jay spots and let's let's talk about that let's the word of that water that explain what it is and then you know like I'd like to understand where the concept came from in and all that
00:17:22okay so Tony NJ spot stands for New Jersey spots I was born and raised in New Jersey I still live in New Jersey and work in New Jersey and kind of really started back in 2015 or I should say really 2014 before I even created the account in 2014 my dad and I actually travel that West to Utah and I really hadn't been I actually never been to Utah before that and we want on this epic hiking journey and we were you going through Zion National Park Bryce Bryce National Park Bryce Canyon National Park Utah Moab arches all the really cool you know Red Rock areas of Utah and at the time I was obviously on Instagram and I was following a lot of different accounts from out west cuz it's just so beautiful out there compared to not necessarily compared to New Jersey but it's just so different than
00:18:22New Jersey and being out there was just like such a mind opening experience for me and it really was a life-changer for me to be honest and it really kind of spark my you know my adventurous side I would say and come over I was working for my brother our family business and so I was really working a lot and I wasn't really traveling too often and to know not to to put people in a box but that's kind of those are the years after college you kind of go out you Explorer you have a little bit of money and you you can if you're able to travel and see these new experiences and do these new things and I wasn't doing that so 2014 my dad and I went out there it was just so mind-blowing to me to be able to see a part of the country like it's our own country to see such a different area and
00:19:22they really even talking about it right now I just bring back those feelings of just remember driving into the canyon of Zion National Park and just my jaw dropping and just being so amazed of what it actually looks like in person so it was really you know life changing for me in terms of seeing what's out there but then also kind of fighting my love for hiking and being outside and and exploring these new places cuz during that week of travel with my Dad we actually landed up hiking I think over a hundred and twenty miles that week between all the different parts we went to we were literally you know crack of dawn we're up going for no 8 7 hours of of hiking and it really was just a huge opening mind you know you know life-changing going back to being there and seeing those places
00:20:22at West I really started to explore a lot of the different Instagram accounts that they had at West cuz I just so curious and so intrigued by that region that I wanted to know more I want to see new places I want to see hiking places that people go to or you know night time photography people take out in the desert I was just so intrigued by that so that kind of spark me to see what kind of places where out there and as I started following these accounts for a few months I really started to think about where I was I'm like you know what's going on here in New Jersey I'm only a 5-hour flight away I know there's beautiful places here but I feel like nobody displays them in that way like they do at wax it's so easy to go out less than just be an all of of the landscape and to be honest you know everyone thinks the New Jersey is the armpit of America and you know if you ever visit New Jersey a lot of people just think of what's on I-95 which is a lot of factory
00:21:22an industrial so that's kind of how a lot of people that don't live in New Jersey View New Jersey and not even talking about that that show Jersey Shore which for the record only one person from that entire show is from New Jersey everything else doesn't even live in New Jersey but so I really started to think about ways that I can share places in New Jersey that people don't know about and they don't know exist or they don't realize that there's places like that in New Jersey so in June 2015 I I just started this and J spot Instagram not really having huge Ambitions or expectations about it I kind of just wanted to start sharing photos that people were taking around our state so what I did was I literally would come home from work and I would sit on you know my dacor my couch and I would just go through and see
00:22:22find these awesome photos that people were taking around a jersey and it's not a very big state but you don't realize how many people are taking photos around the state until you really start searching for it so from there I really just started to establish you know that the hashtag and Jay spots and really just started to ask people to use it and I asked people to to allow me to repost her photos to my account and made at the time it was only a couple hundred so people will I guess sure whatever like you can post my photo on early care and I started just building up that community and just following people and interacting with people and asking them about places in New Jersey and it really just started to take off and you know Flash Forward to today there's over 26,000 people that follow us and it kind of has just created
00:23:21something bigger obviously in one I ever thought it would be but it definitely created an opportunity I think for people to see what different types of places Parks lighthouses waterfalls mountains that we have a new jersey that people normally wouldn't expect that's really cool before the and I talked about like in Minnesota like there's a lot of feature accounts in Minnesota for various things but that there are focused around the Twin Cities area like Minneapolis-Saint Paul and I shouldn't say all of them but a lot of them are and there's not really anything that explores the state of the whole there is at like I Explore Minnesota and capture Minnesota but even though it's like I don't know if I got I don't I don't I don't get the sense that they're doing the same thing that you're doing me like they just they send you this post cool photos around the state but like I want to actually learn about where can I go
00:24:16you know this weekend or you know what I mean like how long is going to take me to travel what do I look for when I get here like I almost want to go little mini travel agent for my state and I get the sense yeah it's kind of what you do right yeah I mean it is to innocence to be honest it's kind of what I want it to develop into as well but it definitely has turned into that we have you know two major cities near New Jersey we have New York City obviously one of the biggest in the world right next to us and down South we have Philadelphia so we have a lot of those you know Urban hubs that are focused on like you know Urban shots and Street shots and nighttime city cityscapes so we have a lot of that around us and you know even the suburbs of of New Jersey you know we have Trenton and we have Jersey City and Hoboken which also have pretty focused hubs and communities there as well but you know we kind of the way that that New Jersey Spa
00:25:15just kind of developed is we kind of show places that people don't realize are in New Jersey and we do have some types of tips that we do give out once in awhile and and while I'd like it to get to the point where we are more travel focused I think right now visually it's kind of a really good opportunity for people to discover places because before I don't quite remember the date but before Instagram deleted that map feature on the profile and I wish they would know that it was actually one of the main reasons why I continued and Jay spots for so long before it really took off because what I was doing was I was geotagging all these photos around the state and you you would look at that map on her profile and it was so cool like you can just do Min to New Jersey and just see hundreds of photos in all across the whole
00:26:15you know obviously we didn't have them tags anywhere else in the state and it was almost like a visual guideline for people so if people saw waterfall shot that they didn't quite know where it was they could just do it on our Map and find where it was so once that was deleted it was kind of harder for me to get that travel Discovery Focus back in order but we've done senses we really opened it up so that people we encourage people to either message ice or message the original photographer asked about places obviously like anywhere else there are some places that we don't share the exact location whether it's private property or maybe it's trespassing because it's you know of a closed property to the state so if people are taking photos there I'm not going to discourage them from taking them cuz I'm not at risk but the thing was is that a lot of people we're going to specific places that weren't allowed
00:27:15yeah be accessing they were going there anyway so a lot of times with that will just tagged the actual town in New Jersey not the specific location. Maybe got rid of the map feature just for privacy the only thing is like where I'm at I don't even know how exactly you make locations but you can only no search specific locations that are in there I don't know I can't make locations anymore on Instagram I believe they actually partnered original before they were bought with Facebook I believe that partnered with Google and they were using Google locations and I don't know if you remember back in the day you could create your own vacation and then at one point they stop. And that I know now today because they're owned by Facebook they're still weeding out locations that are duplicate or incorrect but now it's kind of locked in
00:28:15for those specific locations are just leftovers from somewhere awesome and like that's in the middle and it's like well where is this so what's the professional as well do you see any kind of in the future like maybe emerging not Nestle immersion those two but using what you're doing with the marketing to like turn this into something larger or
00:28:52there any plans of that yes and no I do have some things in the works that I'm working on with kind of location specific you know discovery mode things that we're working on where can I list like different brands in terms of discovering different hiking places in in the state I'm also working on some location features where people can see some of these locations kind of math doubt especially cuz we don't have that map anymore but because it's you know this is kind of a side time show for me it's difficult for me to really feel kind of get the the wheels rolling on that and then I have to be honest it's it's kind of difficult to figure out the direction I want to go in because a lot of times people want written content and like know how to get to specific places but also they do want to see visual content so I'm still in the process of trying to figure out how to combine both of them
00:29:52so it's something that I'm working on it something I definitely would like to do and at the same time too I like to say the n g spots in the huge focus on photography as well and kind of just allowing people to discover how people shoot different locations because a lot of living in New Jersey is not a very big state so a lot of people take a lot of photos at the same places so I like to also think as NJ spots is a way that people can kind of see some of the nativity scene but in a different way like all the cool locations are have been like discovered already or are you still find yourself like
00:30:34you know seeing new places that you that you didn't know of us before that I still don't know of but there's some towns that I've never heard of before there is no little Parks like even if they're like County or town parks that has like maybe a really cool fountain that someone shot at night or a little waterfall that is going over a damn that I never seen before I recently moved to Central Jersey I grew up in northwest New Jersey and well it's only an hour away it's a huge difference in terms of landscape Northwest Jersey has huge mountains and we got all the snow in the in the winter when the rest of the state kind of gets the rain so I recently moved to Central Jersey and I actually use and Jay spots to find new places around me one of the town's I often visit is called Clinton New Jersey and there's a huge Red Barn
00:31:34to a little like waterfall coming off of a damn and a lot of people take a lot of photos there at night or they take it it's beautiful at sunset in the summer so I still and finding new places all the time even though it's such a small state I mean from north to south I believe you can drive it in 5 hours but it's such a different landscape throughout the whole state that I'm still finding places people that you know are tagging photos that we repost and share with other people people still have no idea how they could have lived right next to the place for 20 years and they still didn't know it existed so it's definitely it's really interesting because you see people who have court on court Explorer New Jersey for so many years but yet they still are fascinated when they find somewhere new and they're like wait a minute this is a New Jersey had no idea
00:32:25yeah it's the same it's it's even the same like I'm in my own little city like I live in a city about 60,000 people and there's I still go out just like exploring and discovering like new places there's this one place I found recently that everybody is dming me asking me where it's at and it's like I've only been here 7 years like how do you guys not know where this is that you know what I mean so it's like it's just I don't know I travel often but there's there's so much at the in your own backyard that you're not aware of and I don't like that that's exciting to me and I think that's what I really appreciated about this NJ spots AccountNow sure there's other accounts out here that do the same thing but you and I happen to connect a while back so you got my attention before they did so that's what I was really stood out to me I like the idea of that cuz you're right you said earlier when people take a New Jersey haven't been there they think of maybe industrial or they think Jersey Shore like they have no idea that it's actually like a pretty Scenic Place with you know outdoor
00:33:25what is to do and places to hike in you're just cool Landscapes and monuments and there's all kinds of cool there's a lot of history there too I talked to Andrea while back obviously he's really into history and him and I still keep in contact and I don't know like there's so much I've learned about that state that like it actually be somewhere I go traveling hours before I didn't think there was anything to see their late because we have such a diverse Landscaping like you mentioned there's a lot of history here no from the Revolutionary War all the way through the history of our country there's just so much to see and what's really crazy is yes we have the Jersey Shore which is a beautiful and no place to go visit in the summer and we have boardwalks which is great and all but the crazy part is a lot of people don't realize we have huge mountains you know the northwest corner of our state is the Delaware Water Gap which is literally where water first and through mountains because it was just
00:34:25so powerful and fierce coming through that it busted a huge gap in the mountains and that in itself is a huge adventurous place for a lot of people in this region not just New Jersey Pennsylvania New York because there's just such a huge Cliffs of of sheer Rock there that you would never expect to be in New Jersey and then obviously the Delaware River is cutting through in the middle there's actually really popular hike up there called Mount Tammany which everytime we share a photo on it and Jay spots from. Tammany it's just one of the more popular photos that we share no matter when we share it because people don't realize that yes that is New Jersey and you are you know I think the elevation is maybe 12 ft don't quote me on that but it is pretty it's pretty high up there and you're overlooking the Delaware Water Gap in the the river and you know the mountains and it just you don't realize that that's New Jersey because you don't really see it
00:35:25didn't you don't see a highway if it's actually really incredible and then you know go down to South Jersey we have lighthouses and we have the Pinelands which are just huge you know huge areas of just pine trees with almost like as a sand like dirt going through them so there's a lot of backcountry four-wheel driving back there there's rivers that go through that people kayak or canoe on so you know this is all within our own State and it's pretty incredible to be able to see that wide variety of places that people go to to visit prison board you ever work with or I doubt I know of one I'm sure there is one I know back in the day when I first start NJ spots I believe someone mentioned to me that there wasn't or if there is it's very you know it is not very it's very limited in terms of what they do I definitely think it's something that NJ spots
00:36:25a vital part of so I definitely have to look into that but a lot of things what happens down here in Jersey is especially near the shore is a lot of these different towns and cities have their own tourism weather Atlantic City or Ocean City or Cape May they have their own tourism and that's really where a lot of tourists go so I think the state in general is kind of geared towards that type of Tourism travel through the Pinelands or go hiking mountain in New Jersey kind of where it's at now and they need to be paying attention to that like Northwest Ohio is a good example if that's where I'm originally from you don't think of anything special being in northwest Ohio that's kind of the Army's head are put in
00:37:25the America Northwest Ohio I've heard refer to his armpit of the Midwest and I don't think of it that way from there but it's it's just it's flat there's not a whole lot there but there's is amazing locations and it's actually I mean everybody is well most people listening hip I heard of like the northwest Ohio spot it's one of these as his face of the song Evergreen it's an Old Farm they planted just to preserve the soil there and there's there's thousands of people who have like travel to visit this particular location for this between Detroit Chicago Cleveland and Columbus all these major cities but it's just like this Hub with all these interesting locations and I don't like you wouldn't have you would have thought about that had Instagram not coming to play and people started sharing photos there so like there's this amazing one amazing location amongst hundreds of amazing locations in this corner of Ohio that not many people are that familiar with and I
00:38:25yes I'm only saying that because these stores and forth I think a lot of them are becoming more you know I guess up to date and you know modernizing themselves with using Instagram but like this Hobbes nice feature accounts like you that you have are are really where at Sally I think people need to start really paying attention to those in terms of like governments in and tourism board because that's me that's how people are going to be attracted to the states in those areas spoken to the state a couple times about you know when we have insta meets up at different state parks I've called you just make sure that we're allowed to be there and you know we're going to have a couple dozen people it's funny because I feel like a lot of people still think of Instagram Lego case Instagram like you know they don't really think of it as
00:39:22an opportunity if they're not on Instagram I think a lot of you know it especially government agencies whether it's a generation that's there or they don't really pay attention to what is going on Instagram or maybe they have an Instagram account you know I've talked to a different County Parks and things and have an Instagram account but they haven't posted in 6 months they just had it because they know they should have it so I think that's one of the biggest challenges still for me is because what I have spoken to newspapers or different media Outlets about working together or no kind of collaborating on different projects are events we have going on it's just kind of like okay so it's Instagram so like what I know that's that's nice really cute so I think it's still we're still in that mode where it's I think people don't realize the impact that Instagram can have
00:40:22especially on the community locally let alone like certain Generations obviously Millennials and teenagers are definitely all over Instagram but I don't think these bigger agencies in these bigger you know organizations really realize how much of an impact and how much of a voice they can really have by utilizing that I think they're still stuck in that Facebook error where they have to constantly up keep your Facebook page or no send out emails or send out mail bulletins you know through through the post office you know I don't think it's I don't think it's really clicked yet at that point of the country for now at least you know I mean it's like that's all the attention needs to be put there because they're the ones that are going to
00:41:16I don't know what that's like we have to go to the preservation mindset now instead of like just you know that they're so focused on what what's going to get us Revenue right now what's going to get travel what's going to get people here or you know there was not thinking long-term I guess it is all I'm trying to say
00:41:37who is that you know and I I'm a business person and I you know always try to I know it sounds funny but I'm always like kind of on on my garden terms of you know how can I make money off of something in or things like that but at the same time to enjoy the outdoors important to me and obviously you know being able to reserve something is important too and I understand that perspective of y'all trying to find revenue and trying to find the best the best Direction in terms of making it beneficial for both parties involved but I think the problem is at right now is that they're not even willing to listen to understand now with a lot of government agencies I just feel like you know what you're not necessarily government agencies but just tourism they just think okay well how can we get somebody to you know reserve a hotel room instead of you know have any impact of having an event or being able to go
00:42:37your name in front of people you know Brandon is huge Brandon is very important to be able to just get your name in front of people and just say that you're working with her an organization's I think it is definitely valuable obviously not tangible but it's definitely valuable in terms of creating better Revenue opportunities in the future entities in my own say that I talk to you about Instagram and they just it's like talking to a wall they just don't get like they're small businesses do the struggle I'm like you know why aren't you on Instagram why aren't you using Instagram and like I don't know and it's like there's some that are going to be closing soon because they just can't get people in there I'm like find somebody who's mid-20s who has a lot of followers get them to come to your location give them some free services or whatever and it'll Everything Will Change though I don't know
00:43:37wake up and do you know what's funny I find about that with you know I talked to a lot of small businesses in New Jersey that have either tagged NJ spots or they've message us asking us to to post something for them and it is funny because they think that
00:43:55the way that I look at it innocent if somebody said to me again or a business if a business said to me oh I have an Instagram account and you know we post photos everyday but we only have a hundred followers so it's like okay well how have you and you know interacted with your followers that you do have like you have contest or do you comment or do you know give him a special discount and a lot of times I say no I mean most the time they say no and it's funny because it's such an innocent thing to just say to somebody hey here's a $5 coupon or here's a $10 coupon and I think it's I think there's there's been so nervous that are very Savvy that have kind of taken that lead in terms of using Instagram as a as an opportunity for them to be creative and visual and and reach her audience and interact with our customer base but then there's like you said there's businesses
00:44:55just strictly yeah I don't really think it's important but they don't realize it until they're closing or you know somebody does come in and start doing their Instagram and they see it turn around I don't think people really see Instagram as a tool for business quite yet I think because Facebook launched into such a huge business focused social media hub so quickly that a lot of businesses just think they need to use Facebook but I always let you know from a digital marketing perspective I always say the business wait a minute you know that you know Facebook is is all well and good but just so you know Facebook owns Instagram
00:45:40so if you're investing in Facebook and you're advertising on Facebook in your you know constantly post on Facebook why aren't you on Instagram photos to take or no no one really wants to see pictures of our place but I think that creativity between the businesses and using Instagram haven't quite connected yet I think the tools haven't quite been presented to them in a way where they understand the value of what they can get from it
00:46:11I know I have to look him up and I'm sure a lot of people have heard of he's I think he's actually from New Jersey I think about the main thing is he's a marketer but he owns vaynermedia and they do a lot of work for you no Fortune 500 companies everything but like his main thing right now I need anybody's easily offended you may not want to listen to him but he's very he's very truthful and in you know he's great he's very real and his main thing right now is Instagram if you're not on Instagram you're losing you know it and he talks a lot about the why behind that he has talked about Snapchat even though Snapchat is kind of on its Snapchat Snapchat what ever think about these platforms
00:47:11people's attention right now and right now everybody's henshins on Instagram and within stories and he talks a lot about using DM on Instagram with the the messages so I'm just saying like there's there's ways of every business going to be different but I think the principles of the same where is everybody's attention and
00:47:33let you know how do you how do you best get those people's attention so if you have an engineering firm like why be asleep in a teenager's are going to be interested in your engineering firm but maybe they're interested in some of the cool architecture that you're working on or I don't know I'm just saying like they're talking about future concerts marketing stuff but I think it's all relevant because especially when it comes to but if you're if you're in a city anybody who's listening if you're in a city or a town where there's not a lot going on and don't really have anybody pushing in a Torres in there or travel I mean this is I think a great way to get will not only yourself notice but get get your New York City notice get get your state notice little bit more like encourage people to come visit into two looks pretty locations you know it it's just it's a great
00:48:30if it's just that the ngj spots concept is a great way to bring awareness to adjust a region and even for me in that like I said earlier I would know nothing about New Jersey had it not been for your account now I don't I don't I don't like always follow it or anything like that but I can go there and say okay if I want to find out anything about New Jersey when I first go to NJ spots yeah it makes it makes sense I mean even if it even for NJ spots even if it doesn't become something of a tourist and and you know really pulling it in it's still an Avenue where is somebody did want to you know push something in New Jersey they can approach us and we can help push it out for them and you know I've actually on the side I've also started one for Pennsylvania in New York over a year ago which hasn't taken off quite as much but it's really interesting to be able to see how a lot of people from NJ spots the community has actually transition
00:49:30two traveling to different places in Pennsylvania or New York or vice versa and you know we have a lot of people who live in New Jersey that will go out to Pennsylvania for weekend and Roll Tide PA spots all day all weekend it's it's it's interesting to be able to see that and how people travel and kind of just share those travels and there's different places that they used recently for NJ spots we just started actually sharing a different locations outside of New Jersey on Tuesdays we have blue called travel Tuesday's where I was finding that a lot of people were tagged in NJ spots but they also were Travelers I mean I myself am I try I just came back from Iceland a couple weeks ago and you know I travel to different places outside of my state and I would still love to be able to share them with people and I think it's interesting to be able to share those places with the NJ spot Community now because a lot of people in New Jersey might want to travel different places but if they
00:50:30it coming from the New Jersey Hub of NJ spots they might be more prone to approaches and ask those questions are asked if you could who took the the photo questions and to just be able to to share that kind of spread of travel if you mentioned being able to have a kind of central place where you can feel comfortable to message or comment on something and ask a question or even email in and just kind of get a better idea of a different place every episode of how people suggested do you want people to look at
00:51:05a couple people that I wanted to suggest Michael Daniella it's Michael underscore danila he actually is one of my friends that works with and just bought he's an ambassador for NJ spot so he sure is a lot of cool photos in New Jersey area we also travels a lot in the region and across the country but the biggest thing that I asked him if he takes awesome awesome videos he does really cool travel video edits with really cool Transitions and it makes you feel like you're there so definitely check him out he's doing some Reggae. And he's an RN full-time so he like has a crazy schedule but he makes these amazing videos and it just like wait how are you doing this so you know as your side job it's pretty cool and another person I wanted to give a shout out to was Alex photo lab. NJ so it's at Alex photo lab. NJ Alex
00:52:05I only met him in person once but he actually is one of the first people that I started following in the New Jersey area when I started using Instagram a few years ago but he always had really cool feedback for me he always had really great suggestions or if I have questions about photography he's a really cool person to go to but it what I really like about him is he mixes a lot of the urban and rural Hall shots from the region so one week he might be taking photos in Jersey City in the next week you might be an accounting park or state parks and we're taking some nature photos just pretty cool mix someone else that I wanted to suggest and I can't quite I might butcher this but it's a holic at h u a h o l i see now I've never met him he lives out in Arizona but I really really love the way that he post his hiking
00:53:05Adventures what he does is pretty cool in his captions for certain height that he goes on he almost has like a structure which I've actually used in the past you know after seeing how cool it is on his end the rating of the trail like how difficult it was it the distance of it if it cost anything to go where he was going and kind of told you about the Journey of the trail so it was a pretty cool way to see where he was going and how he can explore that hiking area and kind of really give you good information so if and when you were going to go there you had kind of had it you know in your back pocket for you so that he's a pretty cool kid to check out an Arizona is actually my cousin Andrew a. M. P i r e s he lives out in Colorado now he actually recently moved there a few years ago from Connecticut but whatever
00:54:05really love it I obviously he's my cousin and I love being able to see what he's doing and what he's up to but what I think is really cool about what he's doing is he does a lot of Mountain Adventures with his friends out in Colorado where they learn about no avalanches and how to properly hike up mountains when there is snow but what's really cool is she actually is doing a lot of goals for him hiking throughout the world and and being able to climb up certain mountains but he I think it's like a 14000 Mountain go I think he has or certain amount of them in the world that he wants to hit but what I really like is a lot of his adventures he does he actually raises money for Ms because his mom my my cousin Carol has it and so it's a really cool cars that he always tries to bring together with Adventure so I'm always up for supporting people with a good cause and like I said he's my cousin too so
00:55:06awesome what would you wear it well some people find you online other than instagram.com it's kind of just a landing page with how you can contact me if you can find me on LinkedIn you could find me on Twitter you can also find me on Facebook as well Instagram obviously is my central Hub but I'm always up to having conversations with people about anything from Instagram to digital marketing so I would say Virginia Beach all.com for a while and you actually featured on hashtag daily which unfortunately I'm not doing anymore but it was very very cool talk about your photos and very cool to finally have a conversation with you
00:55:53already but when I hope you enjoy that conversation with Virginia and I again I really love what she's doing with NJ spots I think it's an amazing concept of course there's other accounts other feature accounts out the other house but I just like the idea of bringing awareness to the world about a particular area that people have a misconception about and you know I I kind of want to do that with my own stay at my own City so I might do something with the MN spots account at probably not but I'm going to give out credit to Regina for forgiving me the ID and hopefully everybody else is inspired to do something similar not entirely steal the concept like I am but something similar or just to bring awareness to your to your community to your area I think this is such a cool idea and I hope that you guys got a lot out of it you can find Virginia on Instagram at b u h I'm sorry you can find at Virginia on Instagram abuse
00:56:46again you can find Virginia and Instagram a boo hoo that's b u e w h o a she's also everywhere else as long as you search Virginia bouchelle b u e s c h e l all right with that said you guys I hope you have an amazing week and that you're able to get out there and explore

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