Josh and Linette talk about why no one wants to host the Olympics anymore, and whether curling gets
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00:00:00hi Josh barro Lopez and this is hard past
00:00:13go to anymore that were going to pay for rights so excited for the Olympics ice capade costumes I don't like winter sports cold is stupid and whenever white people get really excited about curling I'm just like what the fuck is kerlix awesome the 2022 Winter Olympics 2022 Olympics will be in Beijing Beijing will become the first city ever to have hosted both the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics nourish to Beijing and that's you know where they will have the scene wherever they're basically going to build a ski resort complex from scratch no to be able to host the Olympics and partly why they got it is there only two cities that bid for the 2022
00:01:13basically got these Rising countries that want to host the Olympics undemocratic kleptocracies places like Kazakhstan Chyna somewhere in the middle there's a second kind of cityvet still willing to bid on the Olympics now which are cities that are so developed often cities that have hosted the Olympics before we even have a plug-and-play Olympics has constant smog warnings and whenever they have a parade where it's supposed to rain the government shoots iodide pellets into the sky to make it look sunny but you keep ending up with the Olympics are places because the Olympics are very expensive to host and the reasons that people used to host the Olympics were either leg national pride or like a no show off how great we are or they thought it was an economic development this money and build this infrastructure and it'll like to build on the city of course yes national pride China's all about that all about reclaiming its glory and showing that it's a very capable
00:02:13modern country and the second thing with infrastructure building is I don't know if you're aware of what really drives the Chinese economy but a lot of it is building infrastructure the Chinese love using government money to show that they're growing by Building Bridges to Nowhere roads that end who knows and cities that are basically empty so throw on an Olympic Village and some nail facilities for curling this is their wheelhouse which is building things with government money to employ people to show growth will be awarded is the 2024 summer game and there's three bitters for that it's Budapest Paris and Los Angeles a bunch of different reasons but he wants to do the Olympics is national pride but I think there is there are some countries that are in it because they have something to prove and their countries that are in it because they're like this will be a fun event to have in our town and we got ever
00:03:13anything that you need and China is the former the hey we've got this thing to prove and La would be the latter is a kid so in 1984 they host a lot of major world events like this city has a ton of hotel rooms is a great world city by some people and so I love la la to in all those people here in New York feels like New York knows it could have the Olympics and therefore doesn't need it but like La wants to show off that La is another great American city in this is an opportunity for them to do that but the thing is to eat lots more cities used to bid for reasons like la which is you know hey we're great we can show people a great we are we can build some good infrastructure and
00:04:13people to come in the future because as with Atlanta they sort of showed that Atlanta wasn't a shithole like a lot of people thought it was but the problem is most cities unlike La don't have the infrastructure in place to basically be able to host the Olympics pretty easily without building a lot of stuff like Montreal which almost went bankrupt after hosting the 1976 Olympics that it's just not worth the cost of building out what you need to be inappropriate Olympic host city except for a handful of places like LA and Tokyo with the husband 2020 which already have most the infrastructure they need a handful of major world cities that can basically just do it right out of a box and places like Rio de Janeiro that maybe shouldn't be hosting the Olympics in the long run for the Olympics and then you see this house I mean the World Cup you had cut her basically buying a World Cup for itself agreement about how to do
00:05:13in the future and I think one thing that they're considering is having Regional chairs and they're talking about doing a regional share for a World Cup between Canada the United States and Mexico that would be like the North America World Cup which is definitely more reasonable than just expecting one country to do it so that's one option more people to enjoy The Prestige of having had the Olympics without having to take all of the expense in all of the logistical problems the flip side is the opening ceremonies in the closing ceremony for all these people to get together in one place so it's essential to the structure the Olympics to have it it would definitely limit the number of athletes other athletes the fuk and that's really disappointing unless your curler and then no one wants to fuck you ever
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