Under the banner ‘To Gather Together’ CHIME FOR CHANGE released its new campaign identity earlier this year in vivid yellow and black and white graphics created by visual artist MP5, and the first issue of the CHIME Zine, edited by community organizer and writer Adam Eli, which features model Hanne Gaby’s account of being born intersex and her campaigning to end intersex surgery on infants and children, as well as a poem written about Joan of Arc in 1429, amongst multiple other contributions from around the world. On this episode of the Gucci Podcast, Ariel Wengroff, a young Emmy-nominated executive producer and publisher whose work is focused on women’s voices, interviews Adam Eli and MP5 on their work for the new chapter of CHIME FOR CHANGE.

CHIME FOR CHANGE is a global campaign founded by Gucci in 2013 to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for gender equality.
Discover more about CHIME FOR CHANGE: on.gucci.com/ChimeforChange
Read more: on.gucci.com/ToGatherTogheter
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