Interview with Kris Reid: Software engineer from Brisbane, Australia is a passionate entrepreneur and intrepid explorer. A country boy that went from farm to working in the Financial markets of London with a successful career until the Global Financial Crisis. This is where Kris lost his job but found his passion.
Kris left the corporate world and went exploring. Travelling Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas whilst financing his life providing Search Engine Optimisation Services.
Kris had virtual staff for years but eventually decided to grow the organisation Ardor will need a real office so he moved to Davao, Philippines and opened Ardor’s first office. Ardor rapidly expanded in both services and offices. Now providing a full suite of digital marketing support as well as having a second office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
We dive into everything from SEO to the Global Financial Crisis. Thanks for listening!
Learn more: http://growthhacks.ninja/2016/08/podcast-kris-reid-seo-insights/
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