Today we’re going to be talking about marketing your business in 2018. It’s a new year and it’s time to consider new technologies, new channels of traffic, and other factors that might be new or upcoming in 2018. You won’t want to miss this guide to what to consider as you make your marketing plan for next year.
Some of the highlights of the show include:
1:40: Voice search: Will Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa change how you market in 2018?
4:15: How the changing Google algorithms and search methods will impact how you leverage SEO and the way you work your site.
5:30: Thoughts on differentiating yourself through your brand, particularly through content marketing and education.
8:00: How you can have a mini personal brand built around one specific niche.
9:45: Why personality matters.
10:40: Some “old school” strategies that still work.
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00:00:05hey this is Susan Aaron on the thing podcast where we break down what really happens behind the scenes in the world of mocking dozen names in the online world in the strategy results
00:00:26what's up everybody sitting in air in here we're going to talk to you today about marketing your business in 2018 and what year new year and things changed that much channels of traffic and so on I mean the core principles of marketing at something that everything every year but there's always another new channel does new technology and yes as marketers and as people trying to put my business you could understand what's coming out and how to use them to your advantage and I guess one of the quickest thing to me to dive into on that front was there a lost episode covered everything on chatbots at Chapel to the great example of moving forward something that's just going to continue to explore
00:01:26Elmer applications in in level of debts and automation through different fields from customer service to make different things like right examples of something that people should be looking at be more into cuz it's it's only going to take time what do you think so something that you jump on in 2019 you know I think it comes down to voice and the rise of voice search I don't think I don't think it's going to happen in 2018 but I think if you if you think about the state of voice I'm thinking talking about like Amazon Echo Siri whatever the heck of Microsoft has Contra as whatever but it it's really early it's really really right but it is probably going to get bigger and more. Option over the next five years but if you were little leverage it next year you'll get in early and
00:02:26chances of making getting trapped and you can get a good opportunity just by having thing early to the game and sharing what's working for you and what is well that's something that if you if you consider the white people change how they searching searching on a desktop for asking a whole sentence and sentence and it really is adding to the number of woods number of Kos
00:03:26about the long time and now it's going to get even longer and it's more about it it's always been about providing the most relevant valuable answer to what is a query is happening so you got a nice in your industry you are covering a broad range of topics a lot of content and really standing out there are so many competitors to eat any type of business that exist out there that they selling point is is not your product or service and needs to pay your brand they speak the way that you are creating content of the level of deaths that you're educating no entertaining and even having so many businesses out of something new businesses summer 2019 you need to understand what your differentiating factors are you going to jump in on Switching around brand
00:04:26Yeah you mentioned you know mobile was a big part of this site speed user experience with also look at the Google search knowledge Tercel featured Snippets and Care Salt Lake if you looking Google search results it's very very different than it was 2 3 years ago and I think Google's probably just ride here or there actually able to pull data in so it's not just drinking now it's it's it's real estate and and getting your real estate to wear position number two would be getting a quickie waiter position in before 5 because your content has that information out there so you never paid every kind of section you think about there's there's an opportunity there but I definitely know make sure the letter words that end in Joseph everything search or Google it's the early bird gets the worm
00:05:26the best you get there and leverage it the longer you have it and kind of more thought of you goes out but I think about it everything that needs to be invented invented Innovations but you know what was happening in this crowded market now you can literally by from 10000 different websites even an Amazon still in your marketing it you really need to focus on building a brat because there's probably 15 other competitors out there and in my favorite way of building a brand-new if you content marketing and education and that starts and we talked about this and previous episode that start well before you launch the company well as early as you have an idea start building concepts are doing
00:06:26working pretty educational pawn shop on Seneca a wide range of topics that you found for a lot of those loans house searches but yeah that the brand is I read somewhere maybe too. I told her I said a billion dollar companies are likely to be built on personal friends and that's amazing tonight but also not shocking accurate pistol brands have to have a really the thing that it's kinda and I just see them coming along in strides and table big table is Big Money continually Ray investing in there I'm the personal Brands and I don't see that going anywhere
00:07:26wooden blade absolutely I mean carry vegan size shoe do I write my understanding of a shoe deal was that you had to be freaking out too late you don't never needed never had to let me know of what's to come and end it comes it comes down to if you're a celebrity or paddle personal brand it's also you can have a mini personal brown right like think about Instagram maybe if you're a good cook and you just take pictures of all the food you can make it you can have it you can have it until the brand new can build an audience around exactly what you're doing so much personal brand smaller audience is not a bad thing if it's about the power you have a man in the trees so definitely look at that
00:08:26what is the episode is nothing to say this is what does what you do the way you do it with your experience you'll preferences and the way that you do things in your location so many other things people are interested in and let me give you an example unboxing toys and opening presents and recording videos and millions and millions of views on this content where is says agencies was sitting there trying to get used to the reality is
00:09:26registering just saying what other people doing it doesn't have to be so what you're doing is unique to you show me the personality personality and I'm sorry recording South documenting you are and just a kind of head on that front is it's all about personality right even if you're not the best the smartest whatever there's an angle you can play that makes you different than someone else like my very Crystal Clear example of angle of you know how I'm building my personal brand in the marketing coming really late to the game but always sharing action will stop like it like this General broad idea but you know you saw that probably in the last episode
00:10:25potentially new era with all this new technology and whatnot what's old is actually kind of opening up like I'm talking about advertising like radio on Billboard billboard 30 Billboards for under 5 grand and for those of you guys who don't have experience in billboard in offering ever tizing only runs and you can get Revenant inventory for lower-cost but like a Billboard Music top 5 10 grand a month each so I ran over a month is really really cheap even radio and in podcast advertising it is I guess so to wrap up this new technology thinking about things but I'm eating everything is done
00:11:25chasing you show anything understand it and save it's going to be applicable to you it just goes out of business is it doing it doesn't mean you should eggs be left behind in the past at a changing environment give it a shot but a lot of good opportunities for marketing business I'm excited for absolutely in in like always don't try to do everything at once she's one choose the one thing you think is going to be the most impossible the most promising and go from there and was that that's going to conclude our show not just computer show but we're actually in taking a little small break and come back after and I have been coming months and crazy travel schedules and being that were already on the opposite sides of the world or time zones are going to make slow going to be speaking in a handful conferences both of us and so stay tuned in a few months we're going to come back with c
00:12:252 or season 2 of the girls not being podcast as always if you have any questions you know definitely Pingas and would love for you guys would never ask for this for love for you guys to leave a review or comment give us your feedback cuz we want to know we're going to be on planes and we want to read your feedback during that time so I'll take care of you one
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