Quentin Allums, also known as just Q, is a speaker and community builder; as well as the CEO of Urban Misfit Ventures, a fast growing startup based out of Milwaukee. He has amassed over 10 million views on LinkedIn content and was one of the first video creators on the platform. He’s spoken at events such as VidCon, TEDx, and is an upcoming speaking at Inbound 2019.   

During our interview we discuss:

- Quentin shares his #1 strategy that they are using to get new clients today.

- He shares how they were able to hit 6 figures very quickly with no sales outreach.

- Quentin shares 5 things he has learned about the NEW LinkedIn LIVE Beta in the first 30 days.

- We talk the importance of good copy including headlines/titles when it comes to doing a successful LinkedIn LIVE.

- We talk about exactly how users will go LIVE with LinkedIn including the difference between mobile and desktop.

- Quentin talks about one of the current bugs that LinkedIn is working on.

- Quentin shares what he believes will be the time line for rolling out the LIVE video functionality after the BETA.

- He share why he is excited about this new feature.

- He shares his favorite growth tool/software.

- Quentin recommends one of his favorite books.

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