Marcus Taylor is the Founder & CEO of Venture Harbour, a digital innovation studio in Oxfordshire that has built a multi-million dollar portfolio of highly-automated online businesses with zero funding inc. SaaS tools, comparison sites, and more recently, MacOS apps. Marcus also developed the World's first scientifically-valid method of measuring human comfort zones and has been featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30.

During our interview we discuss:

- How and why Marcus became and entrepreneur

- How he optimized one component of his website which increased the number of leads by 4X w/ no additional traffic.

- How cognitive biases impact the # of leads you generate from your website.

- We discuss a simple web form hack that can increase your conversion by over 50%.

- He shares a key strategy they uncovered on how to leverage segmenting to increase the # of leads as well as the overall conversion.

- How motivation controls the overall conversion rate of inquiry/web forms.

- We talk about how some simple changes your web forms can maximize the ROI on your paid advertising campaign.

- Marcus shares one of his favorite growth tools/software.

- He shares one of his favorite books.

Marcus's website:

Learn How to Capture 4X More Leads & Sales From Your Website

[email protected]


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