A breakdown and recap of the weeks professional BJJ and grappling events. Every week we recap what has happened in the world of sport Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and preview the following weeks grappling events.
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This week on the show maine and Emil recap The Ultimate Mat Warriors 5, Fight to Win 125 in San Jose, CA, The King of the Mats 7 presented by Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Pro Tour, and briefly recap IBJJF 2019 IBJJf No-Gi Pans, and talk about Shygyo Invitational Episode 5 then we preview Fight to Win 126 taking place in San Diego, CA, the UWW Grappling World Championships, with ADCC less than two weeks away things are getting spicy.We kick off the show talking about the IBJJF implementing drug testing at No-Gi worlds, and our thoughts on that.  We talk ADCC news with dropouts and divisional changes, and more.  After that we move into the recap section of the show talking about the finals and semi final matches for the AJP UAEJJF King of Mats 7 the Middleweights.  That saw impressive performances from Gustavo Batista, Isaque Bahiense, and Marcos Tinoco.After that we move into the recap section and talk about Fight to Win 125. We break down the top matches on the card Gutemberg Pereira vs Rudson Telles in an amazing 50/50 armbar performance, we talk and Jeremiah Labiano vs Thiago Gaia, and a nifty Omaplata finish from Osvaldo Moizinho vs Richar Nogueira as well as some other gems from the event.Then we recap Episode 5 of the Shugyo Invitational taking a look at Jordan Holy, Vs Nathan Orchard that ended in shocking fashion with Orchard Leg Locking the events most dominate leg locker.  We also broke down Shawn Weisenburgh performance vs Rafael Domingos.  Maine and Emil are both looking forward to this weeks matchups.  In our recap of the Ultimate Mat Warriors 5 event we talk about superfights from Marvin Castelle, and Kevin Gallager, as well as recap the 185-pound tournament.  Including finals match between Dan Martinez vs Kevin Crain. After that we briefly run through the IBJJF 2019 No-Gi pans black belt adult winners for both the men’s and woman’s divisions. Preview section Fight to Win 126 in San Diego, a stacked black belt card, that consists of more than half of the matches contested at the black belt level.  This event is main evented by Marcio Andre vs Guthierry Barbosa, co main evented by Gustavo Batista vs Felipe Bezerra, third from the top Thamara Ferreira vs Luanna Alzuguir, then we have grappling star and legend Baret Yoshida vs Antonio Lopez, fourth from the top and Tubby Alequin vs Gabrielle Mc Comb, round out the top of the card.  This is not one to miss.After that we talk about the schedule for the UWW Grappling world championships.Recorded 9-15-2019
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