A sermon by Pastor Chris Marlin about Jurassic World on 7.1.18.
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00:00:12at the movies
00:00:18I've never done that before
00:00:22wow cuz I'm so pumped for this we have been talking about it for a long time and are you guys excited
00:00:29I mean for nothing else your popcorn has a sweet trailer this sermon could bomb and it would still totally be a good Sunday so I'm pumped about that too okay so over the next 4 weeks what we're doing this is your first time here we are doing a series called at the movies and so for weeks
00:00:484 speakers for different movies and I'm so next week next week is the greatest Showman
00:00:57and maybe even more exciting that it is our worship leader Leah who's preaching
00:01:07first time I getting to do that and so I make sure you come and let's read her on and I've never seen the movie I mostly okay calm down
00:01:18I mostly not seeing her because she's so passionate about it and she talks about it all the time I think it's mostly in spite of her
00:01:25sounds worse when I say it out loud and then the week after that we have another worship leader preaching tomorrow Woods
00:01:34black panther Shirley exciting and then it around it out we're going to be on Avengers Infinity war in Pastor Michael's can be doing that if you haven't picked up on what I'm preaching on today you have not been looking talking about Jurassic world the new one and actually going to talk a little bit about Jurassic Park and here's why we're doing this okay we believe that we believe that the Bible contains all it is totally true but that does not mean that there are not bits and pieces of Truth throughout the world because God has created the world and so what we're doing is worth looking into even some crazy places like Hollywood and say I think they're there some true things we can pull out of movies that actually do confirm with this book has already said that's one reason why we're doing it number to Y movies why in the summer cuz it's fun Alright and then don't tell anyone but actually as a Christian if you are a Christian you're allowed to have fun sometimes it seems like or maybe you you get this idea I can't have fun no not follow God no actually we're a lot of fun and it seems like a fun thing to do when it's 110° outside
00:02:34that's what we're doing over the next four weeks and so today I were talking about Jurassic world but first we're going to talk about Jurassic Park now I'm not going to ruin Jurassic world for you because it came out 8 days ago and I understand I'm probably about if you haven't seen it by now you should have had the chance to see Jurassic Park
00:02:5225 years ago so I don't care about ruining that one specifically and I'm so here's the what happened to Jurassic Park this is one of my talk about for at least the first half of the message is in Jurassic Park dr. Hammond character pretty likeable character comes up with this technology that you can actually remove dinosaur DNA from a mosquito that was fossilized in Amber and likeable character creates Jurassic Park and Indus lovable team comes in the good guys because they're like hey let's make sure this is safe also this not so lovable team comes in the bad guys that are like hey I think we can make some money off of that and I am so there's all these people all these things going on and we find out maybe it's not the best idea but the team the good team your kind of rooting for like a save the dinosaurs and and save yourselves one of the guys you might recognize from another show
00:03:41XXX I'd Newman Newman was in there Newman didn't make it past this scene right here though so
00:03:51he Seinfeld fans or those of you that were born in the 80s or before I was born in the 80s so I can I can like Seinfeld best 6 months of my life so here's what happened to park dr. Hammond creates this thing likeable guy but he did it really without thinking through the implications of what would it mean if I created dinosaurs okay there was something inside of him that said may I think we should do this he didn't ask the question should I give me so I can do this song Will and there was something inside of him they just said okay I'm going to go ahead with this something inside of the bad guy said go ahead make a profit there was something inside of them and I and I might get real inside of you two don't have to ask you questions some of the struggle with this and will struggle with that all of you including me struggle with pride there that thing that was inside of them with pride of insisting is insisting on doing this and insisted the doctor who don't worry about if you should do it you can do it so go ahead that's where hearing the voice of the Lord is so important this is why we try to practice listening to God's voice
00:04:51and what he's already written and I and in prayer because we we know that there's things we can do but that doesn't mean that we should do then this is in your notes kind of two parts for today and it Rhymes that's not one of my better runs but it just happened to ride Pride insist on its own way Pride settles in when you let it stay
00:05:11my bad I can do better
00:05:14Pride insist on its own way that's what I want to talk about that first thing is like men it always leads you into something that is going to glorify self glorified then glorified that not glorify God I will always insist on its own wine that second part is fried settles and when you let it stay if you don't deal with your pride don't don't think you're going to wake up one day and is going to be gone Pride settles and it makes it home and your life unless you do something about it pride your personal Pride will always Elevate you at the expense of others The Pride that you have in your life and in this isn't just extroverts you're able to detect our pride a little bit easier introverts you have it to what I might say you might think guy so all of us all of us have this pride thing it it manifests itself in different ways but private always Elevate yourself at the expense of other people so the beginning of this book The Bible we see basically the same thing happening where God create the garden is perfect humidity work
00:06:14DOT physical it start let's start over here now got in maybe a different area different thing Humanity rebelles godson's a flood and that's the story of Noah and I ain't got so God sends a flood and after the flood we see three things happen he he gives a promise he gives a symbol and then he gives a command guy so he gives a promise that you made that he says look I'll never do this and I'll never flood the Earth again and the symbol that he gives us his the is the rainbow and probably the third like the one we know the least is actually a command that he's in gifts so Years A Promise assemble and then in in Genesis 9 all great sermons at least buy me starting Genesis and some not-so-great ones but we're going to start in Genesis 9 and we're going to read the command that God gives to Noah as kind of the earth is beginning again and there's eight humans on the earth there's no one his wife and three sons and their wives Genesis 9:1
00:07:08then God bless to Noah and his son saying to them be fruitful increasing number and fill the Earth be fruitful increasing number and fill the Earth and Humanity just totally obey that perfectly as is great right wrong so that's Genesis 9 now we're going to land for most of this morning in Genesis 11 okay we go to Genesis 12. We're going to actually stay in Genesis 11 and then we're going to talk about a story that you probably heard about but honestly we don't read it that much and it's the story of the Tower of Babel in case of Genesis 11 I'm going to read 1 through 4 to begin with
00:07:48and this is probably a couple hundred years after the the flood and after the 8th descendants of now become your many more
00:07:54now the whole world had one language in a common speech as people move Eastward they found a plane and Shiner and settled there they said to each other, let's make bricks and bake them thoroughly and they used brick instead of stone and tar from order then they said come let us build ourselves a city with a tower that reaches to the heavens so that we may make a name for ourselves otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth couple things there one it's a wonder if one language right which is kind of hard to imagine but it makes sense there was a human's that then you know turned in to mm probably by this point but there was just one language that they were all speaking a second thing is these are all Noah's descendants right and you can read through Genesis tennon and kind of Follow The Line but then at the specific person that said they did send it that actually let these people too kind of Rebelle and say working to make a name for ourselves you check this in Genesis 10 his name was nimrod
00:08:53I can make that up his name is near myself all these people follow Nimrod and and he leads them to actually rebelled against God and to not do the very thing that got asked them to do
00:09:04and then the third thing in this is kind of what they ended with
00:09:08let's make a name for ourselves otherwise we'll be scattered over the whole face of the Earth
00:09:14wasn't that the goal
00:09:16when at the goal that we just reading didn't they read Genesis 9 the goal was know that you would actually go over all the Earth and I say this a lot I really just have one cinnamon raisin different ways God's Will has always been for us to go into every area of the Earth and bring his characteristics is love his peace his kindness he doesn't want us to just come into the church and making this the place that looks like heaven he's actually committed us to always go everywhere and bring it into the church and then the business and into science and entertainment and into politics and an education he has oil to his will has always been that we would take his characteristic the characteristics of the kingdom of heaven and then we would go over all the Earth and he said that I might be with you I'm going to do it I'm going to do it for you and and what was their response
00:10:03maybe not they said no will try that maybe but first we're going to build a tower that word tower means Fortress they were they were more concerned with kind of cuddling together because there's danger everywhere is uninhabited mean it's like thousands of people on the Earth total everywhere you go is Uncharted Territory in so that I can say for God if we stay here when I build a fortress can I get her stuff together and then maybe we'll go do that this is we're going to build a tower and we're going to huddle together
00:10:33I just stopped for a second and then just cast judgement on them cuz they're so awful and they did another I mean they he said like I need you I need you to go be bold and I'll be with you but you need to go over all the Earth and they said hey I'm going to play it safe and stay here my build a fortress to kind of make sure we're protected and then we'll think about the other thing let's just take a second source to take a second let's cast judgement on the terrible is that not enough judgment or judgement
00:11:02yeah awful yeah thank you now let's sell this coming let's whip it you know where cats too much judgment where are you doing the same thing where am I where am I doing this thing where is God asked me to be bold but I'm playing it safe that's in your notes where has God asked you to be gold gold
00:11:21and you just said him and I'm going to play it safe where is God said he want you to I want you to take the gospel you know he might have not asked you it with an audible voice but you might have been reading this book like okay go and make disciples of all Nations and you like they might gather Christians only Christians and I'm to make sure that that's good first where has God already asked you to be bold and you're choosing to play it safe that's all we get out of this morning and it's worth it because there are things that God has asked us to do it we just said you know what that sounds great but I'm going to play it a bit safer because that sounds dangerous talking to someone about Jesus sounds dangerous but hanging out with just Christians and doing this whole Christian thing that sounds a bit more funny I'm about to Fortress make a name for myself
00:12:01where is God asking you to be bold but you're playing it safe what's the raid 5 through 7 but the Lord came down to see the city and the Tower of the people were building the Lord said if as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this then nothing they plan will be impossible for them come let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other
00:12:26I've got a testimony
00:12:31I've got a testimony and all you get is the White Version today
00:12:38the the version but I've got a testimony about these two verses from this week are you ready serious I have a testimony because I was reading this and I already kind of came out I was Wednesday sit on my couch and I was like Jurassic Park Jurassic world Tower of Babel love it I want you to come out to that voice thing they're going to laugh and be great make a joke about Nimrod I want you to challenge them to be bold love it love it love it get the verse 6 & 7 I read it and I'm like that doesn't make sense to me I read it I mean it I read it and I've read it before but I like that at best seems like God is rooting against humanity Romig read it and it works it seems like God is a bit insecure about Humanity becoming better than him
00:13:20and I have read it before but I've never had a preacher on it so I guess I just skipped over it I don't know and I am so I'm like okay I've got a couple options I can I can put an ellipses on the screen to where I skip verse 6 and 7 and you never know cuz you're just following along up there and let's be honest or I can I can maybe find any passage and my third option was I guess I could study it and like but I'm afraid I'm afraid if I study this and there might be non-christians here and what if I make God look bad and so I was like okay I'm going to stay home and see what it says and they could this doesn't God I can go to know this doesn't make you look so good right now and so I started it I got onto a website called Blue Letter Bible and wow most responsive
00:14:06and I I looked up the word plan and its involvement can you go back to the verse I looked up the word plan then nothing they plan to do will be impossible and I looked it up and the Hebrew word cuz the Bayou this Old Testament was written in Hebrew the Hebrew word is the man the man
00:14:25excuse the man and I looked it up and it means to plan
00:14:30usually in a bad since it said to plan... Usually in a bad sense and then it said the plot to devise to plan evil to move into sin and so I'm looking up all these things like okay and then I look up every other place in the Old Testament that the man is used in every single time it's when Humanity moves into sin and rebelled against God that eventually leads to their destruction is my testimony one okay this makes sense now Genesis 11 and then make you look bad because Humanity was about to move into something that was to their destruction and got the hay in my kindness I'm going to just adjust this and he could have come down big hand and knocked over the tower killed a bunch of people be so I'm just going to move your language a bit so that you don't move into destruction so you don't move into send. Us so kind I mean that's one thing I'm pulling in this passage you got it so, here's my real testimony
00:15:21I guess that we should actually be studying this book again I don't want sermon can I get think I'm leaving in like a month because I honestly the same thing every week God is real in the Old Testament and New Testament we should take the gospel and all the Earth and we should really be reading this book there it's what I say every week we should be studying this because as I've studied it it's like oh my gosh this totally makes sense
00:15:44now I know that I have all Wednesday to to plan sermons and study Bible that's a luxury that a lot of us do not have and I don't know Pastor so maybe it's part of my job but I think actually all of us should be doing this out of story about Robin Belcher a Bi-Lo's Robin hi Robin
00:16:01Robin about every 3 or 4 weeks she'll text me and said I hated you see did you know any of it like 2 weeks ago I was like did you know back in the first kings that went Elijah did this is like when pointed it when Jesus said this and Matthew said that before I mean this happens at least once a month and I'm like most of the time I haven't I'm like oh my gosh I had no idea I got permission to share this Robin is 72 years old and she still apparently see the value of settings work for a while and she's more
00:16:38if you're over 72
00:16:41then maybe you need to ask or do I still need to study but if you're not over 72
00:16:45looks like we've got our president everyone can study the word and get something from it because the Bible says in 1st Corinthians 15 he said that possible you should stand firm in your faith how are we going to stand firm if we don't know how to find the answers and 1st Peter or 2nd or 3rd and Peter always be ready to have a defense
00:17:09hey Pastor Sean 1st Peter says always be ready to have a defense for your faith now how are you going to stand firm and be ready to have a defense if you don't actually know how to study the word for yourself I mean in I know come in and out of bed hard I get easier we better win dinosaur starting to people but for right now how do we do that if we don't know how to study the word is I have three tools that I want to talk about very simple of course you can call me I'm not that smart. I really am not I just study really hard I mean sometimes I'm like oh my gosh I can't believe I found that but it's just cuz I work really hard at this you can do it too so three tools it just basic level for someone asks you a question it's totally fine if they look I don't know but I'll find out there on the Bible in them go to the next tools Study Bible That's this this is $50 and it will answer 80% of the questions that you have when you're reading a text so it's an investment but 80% of the time I'm like I don't really know what that means this Study Bible supposed to
00:18:09play for me it's the zondervan study Bible and so this will answer 80% of the questions that I have if I need to go deeper like on Wednesday Blue Letter Bible free website super easy to use and it gives you the original language of what a word meant that's what I have to type it in like what does plan mean because it makes God look bad and it says the man and so I can't means to potty Von to move into destruction I'm like okay that makes more sense and then the third one is the Bible project which is God Bible project dance to I'm going to Bible project kick every book of the Bible I believe and most themes of the Bible have been made into like an 8-minute YouTube video incredibly interesting credibly accurate and also very fun to watch where's like I don't know what a fusions me that read it and I watch the Youtube video and then read it I mean it's actually very very good to become biblically illiterate I think these are three very basic tools that a total will cost you $50 if you do all three and and then we can move into okay I know how to stand for him I know how to give a defense for for the faith it's been given to me
00:19:09all right let's finish this passage long enough on the Bible thing so the Lord scattered them from all over the Earth and they stop building the city that is why it is called Babel because they're the Lord confuse the language of the whole world from there the Lord scatter them over the face of the whole earth so he did it so God created this and they did that why would Humanity do that. It's totally Pride when God commands list and we disobey in San Bernardino that it's totally the old story of Pride and Jurassic Park the first one is not it was not like this new storyline is just an old story with new characters of people moving into private Pride insisted on rebelling against the way that things should be and I got them into a ton of trouble
00:19:53playing God and in bringing glory to any other name other than him is always always going to lead to destruction
00:20:00this is in your notes again pride pride insist on its own way the pride inside of you will always insist on its own way in your personal Pride if it's left undealt with will always lead you away. Personal Pride as always and it's a tool of the devil it's not like sometimes it's good sometimes it's bad personal pride pride in yourself specifically will always lead you away from God that's cuz you can be problems loading boast in the Lord being proud in there is always going to lead you away from God the second thing I found really interesting I said this earlier was I never read the story and said I'm in. So kind like he was so kind to just print the language and we could have done something so much worse he could have just come down with a big boulder and destroy the whole thing and people tweet the language so that you will obey me so you don't move into destruction and thousands of years later Paula saying the same thing
00:20:57Paul is a new testament guy that wrote a lot of the New Testament and he writes a letter to this church in Rome called Romans and he says one thing it's it's kind of in Romans 2 and before you put it up I'm going to read it I'm going to read this first I'm going to read it charismatic sold on in the passion translation
00:21:17it's a newer translation that really does a good job of gaining the emotion of God the Zeal of God and you'll see why I chose this first most of the time it's faithful to the original text okay I did some research it's not always so be careful but it is very beautiful most of the time that you're reading it so Romans 2:4 this is what Paul says about the kindness of God
00:21:38do you not realize that all the wealth of his extravagant kindness is meant to melt your heart and lead you into repentance
00:21:47do you not realize that all the wealth of his extravagant kindness is meant to melt your heart and lead you into repentance see God still cares when we go our own way God didn't just throw his hands up at the tower Babylon so you disobeyed now it's my time no he said you know I still care I want to I want to kindly bring you back I want to I want to move you and it's kindness it says it's meant to bring us to repentance repentance is this kind of army term that says to turn and return so you're turning from your sin and returning to God so God's kindness is always meant to return you back to him so when you feel conviction for your son that is the kindness of God that is like the greatest thing that he can do for you because he's stopping you short of that destruction you're in a dating relationship and you set this boundary and you cross this boundary with that other person that first time you're probably going to feel heavy conviction
00:22:39that is the kindness of God saying look you better turn and return when you tell a lie for the first time and you feel the conviction in your heart that is the kindness of God saying it is time to return
00:22:52ears when you got to worry when you stop feeling the conviction of God that's not God saying hey I don't care anymore you're totally good that 4th time you mess up fifth time when you're a kid I think that's totally cool with us doing this now I don't feel anything that is the Judgment of God it seems flipped but that is the Judgment of God it says this earlier in Romans it says it when he the worst thing he can do is just remove himself and say hey if you want to go after evil that's fine but eventually he'll that he'll just let you cuz he loves us and he gives us free will the Judgment of God is when you stop feeling conviction where in your life are there areas in your life the way I used to be convicted about that but I'm not anymore cuz you're moving into dangerous dangerous territory but it's the kindness of God that will always lead you back to repentance Pride insist on its own way every time probably insist on its own way
00:23:39second part Pride settles in when you let it stay and so I'm going to now I want to move into 25 years later Jurassic world Fallen Kingdom anime show that trailer so this is common knowledge to your own fault if you feel like this ruins everything but we're going to show the trailer and then I want to talk about how fried if left undealt with actually just settles I'm totally sees the freedom to stay so it's Watch trailer to Jurassic World
00:24:07raise your hand if you've seen it
00:24:10my bad it's pretty good okay so it was hinted at in the trailer and I'm so I want to talk a bit about that there wasn't so Jurassic world the first one so two years ago the first one there was a problem is Jurassic world news created and just sit almost the same thing as Jurassic Park of like we've got to leave within this isn't working out and so the solution to the problem they came up with was we'll just keep all the dinosaurs on an island and will not like not let anybody visit there and so that's where this movie picks up and you see the volcano exploding everything was totally fine the island was deserted except for dinosaurs everyone was doing okay until they weren't and I volcano starts to show some activity and so then everyone's kind of freaking out like okay we going to save him we got to let him die we going to move them and I'm so they had to move into kind of last minute decision mode they to move in till like okay what are we going to do I think what happens is often times we we deal with things and we have discipline around certain things
00:25:10we don't care about others and and when crisis hits in an area that you're kind of leaving ungroomed in your life or if you're not dealing with your pride and crisis-hit you'll never hardly ever respond well you'll hardly ever respond I'm moving into Santa moving into anger be more angry or being more hurt or humiliated then you should if you don't take a discipline around dealing with your pride then something happens in Jurassic world were they just left it is it hey it'll be fine but then all of a sudden volcano starts to go and the good guys got a scramble together a team they going to scramble together a plan and the plan wasn't the best because they weren't ready for it when it happened they weren't ready for crisis before it happened in the bad guys come in scrambling together probably even a bit a bit of a better plan and that's kind of the war throughout the whole movie and so this is in your notes discipline I want to talk about discipline specifically and pride discipline is like walls that protect you when crisis hits if you don't have a plan
00:26:10like they did have a plan and then crisis hits volcano dead to move into whatever let's just do whatever we can in like the next three days if if there's no discipline in your life specifically involving like how am I dealing with pride who can speak into my life about my pride who is who is aware of kind of the things that are going on inside of my heart if there's no discipline in your life that made you will respond really poorly when crisis hits there's no discipline in your life when things are smooth when crisis hits and whatever it is you will respond poorly because there's not the discipline for how I'm building up walls how I'm building up defenses to deal with this when it happens
00:26:47in high school I was I know you probably assumed I play football I can play golf
00:26:54That was supposed to be funny I played golf in high school basketball freshman year and then ding 5-2 at the time really kind of put me out of there but you can be as short as you want when you play golf in so I played golf all four years of high school and I was pretty good we had for really good people in the same grade I was the fourth-best of them and the way that you play Team golf is you play 5 at a time 5:35 and a you take the four best scores and so you always wanted to at least be in the top 5 and so I was on that edge like freshman sophomore junior year I'm going to let her and all 3 but I was always like the 5th or 6th or 7th guy and then Senior Year comes in that fourth senior and I'm a guy I'm number for and I accept there was a really good freshman in a really good sophomore into I was always actually right back to where I was beginning battling for that 4th Spot maybe that fits spot but definitely don't want to be in the 6 Spot because you don't get to play then and I'm so we are really good season we have really good team we going to sectionals so kind of that first round of snow
00:27:54and I should have 78 which if you if you don't know if that's a pretty good score is like the third best score on my team and and on a good on a team level I was like man okay we're going to move on cuz we moved on to Regionals we got well enough but on a personal level that's always buying for a spot always kind of dealing with you I want to do this I was like hey I'll get to play in regionals now too because I had a good score and you can change the lineup at coaches going to take me out because I shot a 78 and all four years of golf I was always working on the physical again as always working on my swing on my putting not really my cutting hair mostly just my swing always working on the physical that I always had this mental deal that if I had a bad whole I was like mentally not able to recover I mean it was straightening it was is based in Pride and Butt-head of anger and I mean it was all kinds of weird stuff when I play competitive golf that like don't usually come out in the rest of my life and I never worked on my mental game cuz that sounds stupid how do you work on your mental game for golf I always worked on my physical game and I
00:28:54never built discipline around how do you respond when you make a 7 on a hole and when I made sevens on holes I usually meet at 7 on the next hole to because I just struggled mentally so regionals come and I'm like alright I'm going to be in in and our coach was sort of a weak man I mean he was he just wasn't a bold guy and and so I showed the Regionals that's in my home course my senior year and I look at the the sheet the depth chart of who's playing and I was number 6 I was like not playing and of the other freshman and sophomore and it's like I went up to the coach is like 2 hours before the match and I was like coach we done I shot a 78 and I'm a senior like why am I not in and he's like I had to turn that in weeks ago and and so I'll put you in like I can make changes up until the last moment I need to figure out which one of those other two guys don't want to play and like everyone wants to play but I was like okay fine so he stalking the Freshman talking to the sophomore and I can either of them shockingly when a Bow Wow and give their spot up
00:29:54and so finally he just chooses I don't like what you got to choose now I got its 15 minutes I'm about to tee off and I'm not officially even in his I don't take care of it I'll take care of it so you goes 10 minutes before the round he goes and he goes to put me in for one of the two I don't remember and he comes back with his head just hung low and he's like Christmas so sorry I didn't know that you had to turn it in 15 minutes before the match and I got 10 minutes before the match to put you in I'm like wait what do you mean so I'm not playing he's like I tried I tried to put you in on I should have done it earlier I know and I was like that's my senior year and you're not letting me play rush out of 78 2 days ago and he's like I'm really really sorry and and this is where discipline would have come in handy how do you respond when crisis-hit well here's how I responded you wear a jersey and all kind of except it's a collared shirt it says Center Grove which is my high school I'm on the First Tee there's like 50 people there because people do come and watch golf and I took my shirt off I don't know
00:30:54my jersey what represents the team I wanted it up and I threw it at my coach on the First Tee I picked up my clubs shirtless and walked off
00:31:06I don't know what discipline looks like for you and how do you deal with stuff how do you deal with your pride but if I don't have discipline I apparently end up short list of golf courses so maybe it can be different for you but I had I had never worked on the mental aspect of what do I do when I deal with disappointment maybe I'll work on my physical game or if I just get really good then I never have a bad hole so I never have to deal with the fact that disappointment and disappointment it wasn't my fault is the coaches fault but I should have been ready instead I took the symbol of my team at regionals as we have a chance for state and I threw it in front of everybody at my coach walked off the course shirtless it's a gentleman's game and there I am just ripped this could be
00:31:55Plymouth me fun either
00:31:57if you don't work on your pride and Times of thriving you will crumble and Times of Crisis it's just the way they work the way they don't work in my life your pride will not go away unless you make it that's what it kind of the second point of it's not going away unless you actually deal with it where am I struggling in this how how am I prideful in this way if you don't make it go away did you know the devil doesn't get tired of making you send like he doesn't get bored with that so if you let him stay he doesn't just one day so you know what I'll let you be humble I'll go away I'll leave the pride thing no he's going to stay there until you absolutely say you can't be here anymore there's he has no incentive to leave until you actually start to take discipline
00:32:37and say I'm going to work on this I care about I care about what's going on in my life I mean let's work backwards for a second we live in sin city right we live in Sin City why is that the case well because they're send everywhere specifically here and and why is there sand everywhere well really the beginning of the story is Adam and Eve brought sending to the world why did they do that was because they were hungry now is because Pride had enter their life they had an option let me think about this cuz we're in the situation that we're in where sin is rampant all over the world because to humans said I want to be like. I mean we do it all the time too so we can't judge them but they said I want to be like God they have an option if I can submit to God I don't believe you serpent I can submit to God the way that he said or I can eat that fruit and then I can become like God I mean what was the first sin I think it was pride and I believe most send flowers out of the sin of pride pride is such a huge deal and I feel like I mean I really feel good
00:33:37about saying all of us to deal with it all of us have pride and some area of life and it was the very beginning that where this whole thing started one of my favorite books is Mere Christianity is read that
00:33:51Kenmore cheering for Bible project guy on YouTube the way cooler than all ducks Mere Christianity is I have like three favorite books and then I'll tide times by Loren Cunningham founder of y when dozens by Francis Chan and then my third one is by CS Lewis which is Mere Christianity and it is unbelievable you really do need to read it or even better I think listen to it I love listening to it they always have a British guy feels like rich is like reading your book it's amazing and so you're listening
00:34:25that's not in my script I didn't I didn't know we're going to go there
00:34:31by far the best part of that book is the chapter on Pride I mean the inside the CS Lewis has into pride in your own heart are just unbelievable. Chapter alone is worth its weight in gold and so I'm going to read I had a ton of quotes but I want to make sure that we're timely and so I want to read probably my favorite quote from that chapter
00:34:52he says and I can do the accent I'm sorry there is one Vice of which no man in the world is free which every man in the world loads when he sees it and someone else and which hardly any people accept Christians ever imagine that they are guilty of themselves the vice I'm talking of is pride or self-conceit and The Virtue opposite of it is Chris and Christian morals is called humility
00:35:16so he said and it's true right I mean all of us to deal with it but also you hate it when you see it and someone else he says everyone hates to see pride and someone else it just does something to you and he said everyone deals with any said that virtue that the opposite of that is humility and so probably will insist on its own way Pride's not going to go away if you let it stay both of those things are true I want to end today but just talking about the solution which five Cs tells me is humility and that's absolutely true and so I want to read probably the most famous passage on humility because throughout the Bible pride is Justice theme of humans continually rebelling against God and also throughout the Bible humility is that constant that constant solution I think the humans we would have been much better off if I donate Adam and Eve had kept humility
00:36:06dinosaurs would have been much better off in Jurassic world if humans would have had a bit more humility it is the solution to every problem that we have and so I'm going to read Philippians 2 and I'm not for everyone just to close your eyes and just listen to this and if you're a Christian I want you to picture the thing that your savior God has done for you and if you're not a Christian totally fine I want you to actually say and ask this question if this is true then what is this mean if what this passage of saying is true then what is this mean so Philippians 2 511
00:36:42in your relationships with one another have the same mindset as Christ Jesus who being in very nature God did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own Advantage rather he humbled himself to nothing by taking the very nature of a servant being made in human likeness and being found an appearance as a man he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death even death on a cross therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow in heaven and on Earth and under the Earth and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father
00:37:26open your eyes
00:37:30I think this passages it's so good and then we in church and Christian culture I think we throw around the word gospel a lot you know this is the gospel the gospel and I think it's a good cuz the gospel means the good news of Jesus but sometimes we use it and we forget to give context to like what is the gospel what were they what what is the gospel this this right here that's the gospel that Humanity has rebelled against God all if you made it his Rebellion as we've stiff-armed got an action not just Humanity but you
00:38:02you have rebelled against God you've stiff aren't having it in maybe so I don't know if I did know you have you have gone your own way you have rebelled against God and so therefore God has the right now to catch you I mean it's it's only fair in the same way that if you commit a murder a judge gets to judge you what you have you have stiff arm do of rebelled against the only one who is love like that the only one who is good God gets to judge you and the judge that the punishment should be death and eternal destruction
00:38:33but that's it I don't want it to be that way I still love them and I want to make another way and that's where Jesus comes in Jesus the son of God in his humility he leaves the glories of Heaven I mean that's insane like Kiki gets to be king of heaven and he comes down any kind of wears this stuff called flash like that is crazy that he would submit himself to that and he lives a property I live in poverty lives a perfect life without sin and then he dies on the cross for the punishment that you were supposed to pay and then he was resurrected 3 Days Later proven that he can actually pay the sin that that was there that Resurrection totally proved it
00:39:16that's the gospel but the gospel doesn't start it doesn't end with empty grave it actually I mean the gospel now ends with you of what do you do with it and in some of us have made this decision some of us haven't but you have you have the opportunity to make the decision what do you do do you continue in fried or do you humble yourself
00:39:37we have destroyed every day as Christians but also you have this Choice as someone that's never done this before do you humble yourself
00:39:45or do you just continue on in Pride do you accept Jesus payment for your sin and let him become king of your heart or do you just say no I take the sin but I'm still going to do my own thing that's not how it works it's it's both or it's neither
00:40:01is that a decision that you've made and if so where do we need to come back and say but I've got to still correct some of this stuff all the band come up and we're going to worship
00:40:12I want to ask this question this is for all of us but specifically if you don't know God if they if you've never made this decision like you still stand condemned but the great news is you have to pay for it you don't want Jesus came to pay for it for you so where is God this is for all the swears God convicting you of your pride or is he convicting you of your pride
00:40:36where are there areas that you have kind of ignored the conviction of God
00:40:41maybe areas that you've ignored the conviction of God so long that actually he's just stop convicting you
00:40:47that's the real trouble we're in your life of you ignored the conviction of God
00:40:53cuz the Bible has this team it's that I thought about what's this theme of Pride but God answered a pride is still at the whole Bible to send the Old Testament and the New Testament Jesus is absolutely and only Jesus only Jesus only Jesus can save only Jesus can heal
00:41:09only Jesus can set free
00:41:11only Jesus can give you Joy I only Jesus can give you the life that you've ever wanted only Jesus can bring you the one thing that you've always dreamed of that you can have that you've never had it the only Jesus they can deal with your pride it's only Jesus that can bring you the life you've wanted it so I'm going to pray they were going to worship but we're going to cry out to this Jesus maybe for the first time maybe for another time but we're always dealing with the same thing and a friend is always open and we always have the ability to respond to God but if you want to respond to God for the first time I know it might be intimidating to come up front I'm going to be in the back and I'll talk to you because there is no greater gift than accepting salvation for today
00:41:54Jesus we thank you for your love
00:41:57Debbie thank you that you're the only one that is worthy Jesus you're the only one that can deal with this problem that every single one of us have
00:42:06just going to pray right now that you would work in every one of our hearts God work in my heart I'm so prideful and there really an even what I did Wednesday of like saying I I might just skip this find a new passage it's so prideful God for me to think that I can defend you
00:42:20God would you work in my heart would you work in every Christians heart in this room and got a specific I say Lord if there's people here that don't know you we just said, let them come to you and would you draw them to yourself
00:42:34Jesus name amen

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