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Russel and Malian musical mastermind Cheick Tidiane Seck come together to explore meeting Fela Kuti, the origins of the Rail Band and the power of African music.
Each week join Russel as he meets current and future musical legends to delve into the obscure and wonderful corners of their minds. So, step inside, fire up the dream machine and hold on tight...
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00:00:04Originals incredible weii shake somebody again known as shake today on sick or black buddha are getting excellent and you played on the last gloria's album yes i was way pleasure by being invited by damon on dh good eyes grew you know and it was a great moment for
00:01:06me you know say like placing nice that's beautiful but let's go back to your past i mean i know you got mad skills on the boards people but i was stopped for the cool how to give me fella what do you work with him on I was in
00:01:21the raben if some kid marie contain you know and this ban was famous in west africa that kind of time off alacrity i don't have a chance to go to play in seventies poor with them when the men go there i was a teacher in money so when
00:01:43they liberate fila on ninety eighty eight you find me such me and we played together you know we fall and you know and that that was the energy because i loved my blame So what do you think about him as a musician a good musician Very inspire and
00:02:07good messengers because he is like somebody who really put strong messages through what you think you know because off again and justice and all those things i used to be that type in mali in seventies is because of all what way Get together and we share this strong
00:02:35moments together so how far you'll go back I know him it's just i was in africa and when we made you say no he knows they hear about me is like the day just our newly introduced me to my davis every uncle tell him i hear about him
00:02:52that doesn't in music we are in big fun chris blackwell find me i want me to co produce i meant for salif keita and from that experience introduce rita bona paco sorry jin happy and laura venusian great mission from paris to zonal syndicate can explain though chris blackwell
00:03:19is this ah visionary he helped not dwellers but molly to you know and have island record you know mango you know a was something is kind of berry gordy white jamaican you know on and e i think you do well you know discovered many continents So you met
00:03:49fellow you met chris how your meat more canty and who is more can more content is a singer a from robin i know him because he come in mali was twelve years old and you know and they have all these carrier from mali in raben you know and
00:04:10became very a great singer you know who are implants Salif keita in raben when sally goes in ambassador in seventy three maury county andi i can two years later in raben december the former band you know i miss mori through that you know so who or what was
00:04:38rail band not with the national ban you know made by you know the system moneyball kate at the first president after any panels you know wants us to have a new orchestra in mali you know for modern the sound you know and through the tradition so our letter
00:05:01like giancana for me the loose i'm so much he play so good trumpet saxophone and the great conductor you know he find salif keita defiance mori any find myself it make us what we are then credit but music is you know sometimes you know funny you die no
00:05:28no but known i need to talk about him you know it is his great great great great sexual finishing greatest as well that when it died one great saxophonist shinier when here soon yet on the solo saxophone thanos yeah yeah he said i don't believe who played this
00:05:49try to find the saxophone i had the picture and to send him a lot of stories about rayburn number so that is our first school you know that i'm there usedto vision as we've the national traditional band the older you know they died off to money and mexico
00:06:11are ah but you see all those great kora player but way makes ribbon and them and play about this story of money so who're amending banding guys very large it's all molly great part ofthe sinegal gambia guinea but off i got you are working off our show even
00:06:39more eternity you give money demanding you know because monday is very large so let's go back to war it's a leaf after the real band was another band yes i'll even go to the ambassador and i stayed with more you can't and julie married way continued the ray
00:06:59but i'll go with carmichael accounted russian peace to do him back there where they do well there was big too big man in national bannon molly wei fit the stadium you know at that time you know and in nineteen seventy eight because i was approaching havana was give
00:07:21us you know or two time jail you know because all my opinion saying that military cannot which govern a country you know somebody i was not alone many ofthe intellectual that time fight again that so my mom say oh you can leave go so salif keita send me
00:07:47a telegram same that time killing ground you know i see the telegram and follow salif keita in ivory coast and create it pop band you know rock a cz one you know because my stink off playing cynthy keys you know i was the no minute african band off
00:08:15nineteen eighty two in every cause you know i create that we play or rock repetto are traditionally reflect our by our own arrangements you know So this sound effusion was this the first time you heard after western music to get no way was a teenager and in ribbon
00:08:34we do it because way play all the reports of motown that time on dh said look open you know friends of friends sound and all the students go to our show that time which was so far they don't see oh video a band you know from young kids
00:08:58you know and i used we used to play division at that time i was in conditional off jimmy smits the way you missed me play i want to be that so that our p r and b t you know and my you know it was not beating but
00:09:16i am i'm on in my you know that you know i play mini moog professor moge in mali in seventeen it's why in in early two thousand when i play my electric some people don't relate because for them oh no why with this african while come toe bakkies
00:09:40one oh no he's not it's my culture you hate so lady you running with this use of door can you know use a door great politicians it's national figure a musician how you hook up with him not that time you know this was synergy and gin economically they
00:09:58have they have ah baby a jazz and only a bond you know we have ambassador ray bond in senegal they have separate toe uses from hispanic and i know that into ambassador to in eighties eighty four i need you so on nineteen seventy seven but eighty four i
00:10:23stayed in his back in is about twenty five days you know playing keys because ambassador was split in nineteen eighty four five you know and and way we keep and it's me i even i tell to you so when i see a big playing in the cheaper it
00:10:43will be a we use when the others every we've young kids you know that there was managing and and i feel may this boy's your bass player is not everyone the over one is jimmy jimmy's great guitar player he was the best player at that time in nineteen
00:11:03eighty four and i suggest to have a deep and became the most important arranger and leader ofthe useless man So when did you realize that you saw was something maybe morning was reaching people beyond music itself Yeah energy energy that abizaid about you when i create an acela
00:11:28that them alpha blondy begged me to come and sing in my bed you have some of the men don't understand that you know but after you do two song break just a very being to whatever became hit in all ivory causes in the world west africa and pneumonia
00:11:47you know that what they did do way sometimes you know sometimes you have to be pushed by if you name some time no it is the nature of you know some some musician for music you know going with music is eating music you know thinking music is the
00:12:15best way to keep going is to be underground music never stand up in the front now live similarly is how forty five more than forty five years kaaya still good like so you've met worked with a lot of musicians in the past but if we look to the
00:13:08future what is the future of the picture I'm working on my piano solo my afro pop album and my album tio endure you know like organic you know t project i'm walking on you know on dh i am walking also i did last month experience acrobat place doing
00:13:43performance from orphan from guinea conakry but incredible acrobat you know controversial you know and just music again their language we stay in cover is about one month you know i do that and i i do so many experience you know featuring with old friends from jamaican culture you
00:14:06know like cedric redrum you know and the congo's you know wear starting collaboration like western marking off you know exeter you know every single day i want to do a new experience a new day in a musical because in music i'm every time hungry to do it to
00:14:26do some toe feel something else for emotional okay so what do you want to say to young musicians start now coming from say africa to europe would we need yeah that's very very great good and good question you know i am an example attack when they come i
00:14:46was i don't you know i think but i fight to have my paper to say here it is you didn't cut you know very difficult but at the same time simple most ofthe musician who suffer in all africa want to come in europe because ofthe more chance for
00:15:09them to have another eleven of life about through music that was yesterday Now to this end you see off music is then you can be famous and live decently in your art in your country but sometimes most of those young they come the system put them again each
00:15:38other create the people what we are do they know where are the guns that we are you know but attitude this is not music there's no sense on that and it's what they do berg each have a clash themselves to be known or be famous my rule is
00:16:00to say no you don't need to go on the ground in a club play playing really play play play let people come to your language and make that language have they have to follow not the language the big system have toe conduct some time i watch since seventies
00:16:28sixties even to now a lot of evolution ofthe things in music and i love sometimes i see some they became big hit boom boom boom boom and nothing else yeah so last question you got a t shirt on says africa is the future you mean by that i
00:16:49think many cautious you know dr ship from massey of dominant and they want from the the bad side of this story is why some greatly there in europe say africa don't have story way our first about humanity and we everything is relayed from our continent you know and
00:17:15i hope we can figure it to think and teach another rule of world who is figure it ing more human being white yellow and black we have to be in the same knowledge the same consideration the same justice when you hurt a white guy or black eye is
00:17:39red broad who go out not i've not dark or black or white or yellow for me we are the same never look at the other through your fear but through your how to say what you want to figure it human being most important doesn't matter off about the
00:18:05spirituality doesn't matter about this your color skin his doesn't matter about who you are is about who fit the rate to human being to make that this war we want to live for the young generation have more maturity more stability that's Why i say africa is a future
00:18:35against it world and the planet is the future But before that just say no we are not from slavery What was done he's done let's think about a new world together Way were sim conscience with the same love our check Thank you so much for your time Today
00:18:57you've been inspired let's leave it on that message Good Catch these originals

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