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The lead singer of Savages and member of the Gorillaz family introduces Russel to her dream dinner party guests from across time and space.
Each week join Russel as he meets current and future musical legends to delve into the obscure and wonderful corners of their minds. So, step inside, fire up the dream machine and hold on tight...
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00:00:24what up
00:00:39welcome welcome to things I like today I'm talking to another member of the Gorillaz family the one and only
00:00:52Hello Kitty tell us who you are what you are and where you're from Paris this year and the singer cried Wilco radio host son Ryder and you know that hello this year
00:01:20to see this way in this fine dining establishment I thought we could play the game dreams conversation or after like dinner parties where you choose people from past and present five people would you most like to see in the same room I have a dinner party with you in it yes first I'd like to say that if I'm hosting a dinner party I'm not going to Hershey on my own so I'm going to say the person that wrote me you trying to picture the room now is a big table and the chandelier or whatever is going on the kendalls so I have to be hostile with me so whatever we County Missouri gas so just might you know
00:02:03is hosting with me so that's the first thing so long time collaborator I don't see myself doing anything about him being on my side you know about that so that's the first thing then okay if I have to choose my friends guest and I imagine her sitting at the end of the table and I'd have a big chair like a wooden chair was like a friend you know cuz she's a queen and it would be Nina Simone and then she said that and basically the dinner party the dinner starts when she opens a knife and it didn't have to stop when she closes it she's you know the master of ceremony that she's in control
00:02:51I don't know if she would say much she was there a lot but I really love to have her there should be the guest of honor and it's a one song little girl blue I think this is an extreme softness into it that I really like and also it's all the ways the song that resonated that we talked about it with Jenny has style and you always said that like it would like to send to the place that is so you know
00:03:28sorry I kind of always have this song so we're locked in my heart it's just an amazing piece of music come in a piano that you can see she comes from classical training you know in this is sort of sexual behind truck is beautiful but of course as to fire you know behind it that intro on the piano........ I'd like her to play that for me on one side and Boots Jack bro French singer
00:04:09he was such a big influence to me when I grew up but I didn't notice I think he came
00:04:17Equus started creeping in when I move to England and cuz when you move from your country your culture from where you grew up, so it comes back as a feedback and still is. Did you listen to loud jackpot winner who moved in years ago. I don't think I've met one show about thinking about him and it's something about the way he uses his body and His Hands particularly ending in in comics characters in the songs but he would be extremely intense and that intensity is something that I've always strive to you to know finding myself
00:05:00yeah so yeah so stop by will be that I needed was a very funny man as well and he likes to party with him so he might play you
00:05:17well maybe is old-time classic it didn't really like this song but everybody likes this song it's not make it. Actually just don't leave me and you will love this song cuz it's about someone is begging not to be left
00:05:42but he said it was the song about an idiot
00:05:48because when someone wants to leave you because nothing you can do I mean that's why you know you can just put it on your knees and beg and that's not going to make them stay you know I mean you can just a lot you can do you can you know but begging is probably cuz in the song is it he says I'll be the become your Shadow I become the shadow of your Highlander shadow of your dog so he's completely the self-respect is gone but it just doesn't want to be left alone
00:06:21beautiful song
00:06:39wait again when the strip
00:06:42when when tired and what did he just you don't try to rescue me
00:06:52and second to last
00:06:57Venice other video but his other radio she's so an American actress from the 17th she had Puerto Rican Origins she was one of the first it take to become a famous blonde actress from you know if Puerto Rican Origins she's extremely fun she was one of the woman who when I heard her talk about sex I found that it was very liberating and very young free and no drama and just fun aspects of it and everything of that it really helped me I found that really inspiring
00:07:41and and she's just you know she be telling me all the way for you
00:07:48so yeah that's already really great Nina Simone Jack bill that is on the radio I like that
00:08:03yeah maybe with Jack bro
00:08:05cuz he was so um he has his own views about women he found that women of his generation should be less concerned with Monday and things should be less concerned with safety should be less concerned with protection then. They should be more adventurous and he felt that women who wear you know building a home and being mother's and beat you know I felt like I was
00:08:31you know for him
00:08:34no know that you should be you should be more than that so everybody sort of sometimes categorize women like that's why they are you know so but in some ways he was right as well I think you know the ad earphone
00:08:51trying to bring the man into this it so sorry I missed taking someone in Psych like Nina Simone Bobby she's coming from a different era and it's very liberated Puerto Rican porn star today
00:09:14I don't know I really honestly don't know it's really hard to predict what Nina Simone I think it's quite mysterious which I love about her I love the way she would go on stage Dominator audience and be extremely severe I think I think performance should be scary I think Odysseus should be impressed and scared like that of course they should be lifted inspired as well take care of them standing up not moving until this is complete silence you found that music is my next guest
00:10:04I would say to her
00:10:08next to Venezuela Rio something about these women sitting next to each other everyday like she's she was famous for a while or acting indifferent silent movies The Diary of a lost girl if it's Movies Fire Gem and director Google Maps.
00:10:36and though she was unique different she had a classic a car that's how you recognize her she symbolize do you know the free spirit of the women of the first he said the time but she was actually real face. And I life and and the way she would act was very modern so modern that she didn't really she had to stop acting cuz she couldn't find a place to Hollywood when she come back and stop for a while to became a sort of a cult you know and we appeared when she was much later in the life to be celebrated again too specially in Europe
00:11:12but she's a real example to me because she was very different and she had around style and she was very much and and the way she was doing things by just being herself and she was never right you know their stories about her sleeping around with a lot of film sets and having this kind of free life so and I could just add her for hours should an incredible beautiful but not as standard Beauty know it was kind of an androgynous Beauty and if you would not be acting even if the characters were falling in love or she would not be acting girly she wouldn't be you know she will be herself like she would be a real person
00:12:03would you fight against for dinner I was thinking of Josephine Baker between the two Wars she was an American dance that young American dancer black American in Paris to be a dancer and she became really famous in the Cabaret scenes and so she just happens to have a special dance with bananas around her waist bad chest and she would dance like a Savage and people would go to see her and she was an attraction but she was Raising big questions at the time because he was you know what the questions are the colonies and you know where people there to love her when people should use by her was she what was she was she is a man she was not she she was feminine but she was so so acting like a Savage so she was like is that feminine this is you know she was an enigma and I really like that that what that's really what I should do you know
00:13:02as a performer think she she was a catalyst for love questions of her time and she became a Target you know and if it's funny because when you do that you become you know the Target so I like her and then she was a real hero during the second world war she would really vote for freedom and she was instrumental in deliberation and she was really Brave story is really interesting about so yeah I like her that she doesn't have to come we were bananas I don't care but she can I mean that's fine she can come by your chick bad chest if she wants to as well but she doesn't have to she can come with a nice dress oh and nice try see if she wants to wear oh yeah you're welcome party
00:14:02hi this is fine but you think these people want to see each other again yeah I hope so in my head that there's so much good, thank you for having me and thank you for coming to my dinner party again thank you
00:14:29let's listen to girls podcast with diesel
00:14:35and I wasn't funny
00:14:46Rihanna power to do that
00:14:59where are the originals

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