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00:01:48you're listening to another episode of Fuji on the exciting new commercial
00:02:44will be around forever and always be able to creative hands
00:03:44episodes of the show as well currently I am using up the stuff for pain solution for a don't talk too much for people who aren't able to get some form of cartoon
00:04:44899 US dollars that you have ever seen the bottle
00:05:05makeup sets title ever wonder what the bottom of an Avatar's shoe look like Whip and there it is everyone who would make
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00:05:26on stage in front of it all you guys can request the next one is beyond good and evil home sweet home
00:12:46Nintendo review
00:15:51the radio I am here thank you very much how are you doing not doing too bad either I could like my voice feels like a garbage right now and I am trying to drink as much water as possible
00:16:14how you doing you have recently kind of sort of dip back into modern Nintendo amiibos are What drew me back in probably should be Marvel Disney
00:16:59do you have a favorite toy wooden Auto I don't think they made something quite so collectible or like yeah
00:17:59Fire Emblem and they're not going to stop and play what is the best Zelda games I've played in a very very long time
00:18:59crazy like I think it goes back further than that is fantastic I mean obviously the game is practically a clone of the Super Nintendo Zelda game in a lot of ways but it really good job of rejuvenating the World by giving you extra
00:19:59floor plan all along or your world is kind of what makes that so shocking and surprising is because then lay you're like oh my god I've never realized I could go but like that here in all this is what I could back hero of the same game I mean I love that game never actually many many years later but not really coming back for more I probably played that probably 5 or 6 times which is probably nothing
00:20:59it's probably not a hell of a lot better for me as not really a Nintendo Fanboy in the same way that I get finished houses definitely
00:21:26avoid for me because I am old I started with the NES because time the game and greatly recently which I think they realize that people want those old style. And they're not really getting anywhere else feeling more weird. Gap in between the old Mario games and then like it feels like
00:22:26mechanic from the 2D game but I think that actually had you known for which is really strange but but I think the way they act and old weirdos want the games we had when we were kids
00:23:19can always go to Indy. Org
00:24:51Zelda games
00:24:58ruin the game for me. I will break your back India the burning topic where we're going to talk to you a little bit more about Eskimo
00:26:04and more
00:26:07it doesn't matter the bit as long as it's the fact it's on
00:32:33hey everybody we're back I'm going to the radio you were just listening to the Cameron Jarvis. I believe you smoke before work
00:33:06very smartly written another another Metroid Ark I'd rather another of Santa's archetype within the suit you're trying to be sweet break they call the anthem human inside you will die so even though I am not no I am forbidden from you
00:34:06so you got really really interesting story and ocean to put Humble Bundle guys that service there was a restriction that only limited to North American Wii U user so that's two or more hopefully tonight
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00:36:09yes that's just let me know when the show 20th anniversary it's crazy it's crazy to think that we're going to be coming up pretty soon Mario 64 times
00:36:4520 years really fascinating you shop like a dream come true and is credited on that game next
00:39:55it's go time
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00:43:11interlude here before it gets in the next song I promised another code from The Humble Indie bundle
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00:47:51hey buddy we are back that was making a bunch of references to make sense I didn't get a chance to really a PAX Prime is going to be before E3 this year it's super crazy
00:48:49Bethesda before their own conferences
00:48:54the show and it is crazy how crazy is that correct or wonder bread or going to be in Smash Brothers that's my last minute production of a view from Street Fighter IV making it into the game as well as my money is on Wonder Bread or Bayonetta that is where I'm going with that Platinum is such that the show is well and I hope you guys have listened to the show before you know that I love Platinum game
00:49:54far too early for that potential for a Metal Gear Rising 2 I don't I don't I don't care I don't know I just want for XCOM on PC on only on PC third-party Partnerships and hopefully it's a little more interesting and exciting then just Skylanders exclusive Mario
00:50:43super underwhelming if that's what they were talking about Partnerships more about eastery later in the show with Alex Ashley music we are going to be having another request by TJ Chapman and that is going to be the world ends with you fighting for Freedom by talking to aru Sushi Moto
00:51:25do orchestral Nintendo radio plays the best videogame of all time
00:51:35Toledo Nintendo radio what are you waiting for
00:56:44hey everybody we are back and we're just about to get into the other burning top and put up for that would like to recognize someone who recently passed Cross Key who is the composer on some awesome work download soundtrack for free website so I highly recommend
00:57:44how much was playing Amazing contribution soundtrack it's only that we will get into the brain topic
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01:01:12I am here again with you and I had a going to school together studying animation designer on the children's Transformers cartoon for a couple years and now I've moved
01:01:54I don't want to say how the intricacies of this but I feel like there's a lot of parallels between OK Google put on developers by Publishers and if I feel like we might have some insight that people don't working at a different level to work and how they communicate and lucky with the witch trials that come out of that covers have their own challenges do you know that's why I haven't had this weather but I think it does help maybe
01:02:43I'm not going to say to Godsmack the graphics obviously on the Wii you are not what I want from next-gen console so I if I was underwhelmed but I was abandoning the oceans and the train tracks and all of that stuff that really kill bill for me almost immediately told me on picking up a Wii U I want Jairo back and I feel like I haven't gotten the chance to explore Hyrule in
01:03:31got several several years how many years is I don't want to think about it home in time like I still think of that game is when we went back to Hyrule in Twilight Princess Skyward Sword had was a couple you over there then another really early on accident but you know there was an open this there
01:04:26I'm an old person no introduction no construction know anything stored something go find something to do and there was an interview with Miyamoto a while back where I think he said his inspiration for Zelda was exploring caves and two kids for his backyard and the exploration like what happened but I would be thrilled if they didn't same thing where they just drop you into this world and you had to figure it out of a relationship some level of end in the modern era of the blood-borne and dark
01:05:26Ella confuses and scares people almost anywhere here and flooring this new Nutella progression
01:06:34unlike most developer I feel like I fully trust them in. They say hey pretty good game I need to take more time I don't really have a reason to distrust them
01:07:34how good they were running on the south and the entire time they were trying to sell it to people that grew up with and it still didn't know they were maybe about 60% done
01:08:34whatever if that's garbage any good at all anyway have the trustee or one of the two
01:09:34original like versus 13 trailer for maybe the reviews of a couple character model in that like you know I'm done not really into water pump anymore but
01:10:34whatever happened to Great track record the game in the world people who like Final Fantasy XIII original darker darker Final Fantasy 8 Guardian all on not a demographic for that is the demographic that they still have
01:11:34final fantasy kind of food is in the modern era like
01:12:48but there are a lot of people that really really raising eyebrows X 9:10 will be a little bit I think that people understand how much if The Cutting Room floor I am sometimes I'm thinking of saying that feels like the product never Tire of the game
01:13:43I'd like I still want to play that I'm not I understand that even though they had that entire level built for the reason for whatever where it working need to start from scratch
01:14:13I liked it a lot and it was not done and I think a lot of that is in the first place and at some point I just love when they actually go off the game Route 8
01:15:13video that's today actually what is actually I mean in early enough or 5 years or something
01:16:03I don't think it's a good thing I don't have a choice I mean with the sales tax required by these companies actually stay afloat they need to start building that height as soon as I can to have a game it doesn't sell fantastically and then people show up the next day and they're really really but it serves a function
01:16:49I promise is a very strong word that white stuff for an ounce of stuff that they did way back when because at the time that's why I understand all right and we haven't even met yet
01:17:49Nintendo they know the people haven't been necessarily satisfied with their main titles I think that Metroid series is amazing but other and put it on Shaky Ground for some people I mean
01:18:08I was when I knew I was actually shorter stoked that I didn't get it all the game or what Beanie is a
01:18:22Ocarina of Time I didn't get that until very late in the life of the GameCube and I think they're trying to
01:18:32people invested emotionally anything to do with Star Fox because you really excited but that didn't go so well as opposed to being a fake Zelda game
01:19:20Starbucks game
01:19:43and example of something
01:20:22I feel like for the product early and trailer endless game
01:21:01code what look like for the GameCube trailer made me by the end of the mechanic expected even come out made me go out and buy a piece of hardware
01:21:43unless they had a farm warm air but it's also why I bought my Xbox one working.
01:22:30and again releasing that little early on your behind the whole thing together and put it as like maybe a few months later when you hear about what they were going to be like
01:23:30what is really dark for a while
01:24:05I mean when the first trailer and and trailer in the final game
01:24:43they completely cut the cutscene it's not their God knows maybe it'll be in the car pulling to you later
01:25:26story was very different people didn't get
01:25:33because they need to get people excited for the game things are going to change a lot of things and I feel more sympathy when that happens then frustration I don't know maybe I'm weird but also princess castle
01:26:33images of
01:26:44and it's cool to see how different like I I feel like a lot of people would be
01:27:01but I also think that aren't promises being made to them and even understanding on the part of the consumer some people have misplaced a little bit
01:27:52now though so a lot of stuff that you know we haven't seen for a while and we're anticipating or stuff we haven't heard anything about killing me a dead end of the reaction from people when they had the behind-closed-doors reveal for it
01:28:50I feel like part of that with just stupid Fanboy over excitement but if it got people that riled up I'm really excited to see what they're doing with it
01:29:02they took so long and now we are not necessarily trusting modern is software company because it wasn't really
01:30:02I think like a good progression for that.
01:30:47genuinely not going to be the same as what I promise it won't power on on
01:31:47after that I think Xbox Fanboys are I don't know I have
01:32:42what you know people were hoping it would be here you know explication like I said I don't know I just happened maybe it happens once I can't think of one now old and more code for the entire generation what I mean yeah here we have this piece of technology better pray it happens if the results I think that would be very very surprising turn of the vent if they were Last Guardian and it was just locked I don't think that's going to happen
01:33:42in lakes of the modern era of what you know what other people that wasn't very true I don't really care honestly that's too bad because I don't think it's going to happen
01:34:422015 Right Fork Shoals really really well
01:35:04I don't know why like I understand that it slightly better from a technological Xbox One and PS4 at 90% of the time I'll be using my friends want to play online with stuff like that there is a willingness to be kind of weird and I don't know how to do it feels like the default console this generation
01:36:04let's just win and I hate saying win because I I genuinely hate all consoles I don't especially like the Wii U Xbox One Hardware hasn't been on
01:37:01interesting to see how he pulls out of the socket definitely focusing hard on getting more
01:37:22I mean I don't want to get my hopes up but this is why I give a little bit and here's that almost done game that was going to sink and what if we save that what it what if we made out of console exclusive wouldn't that make people come to our future technology
01:38:09but as for right now for them I mean what was the cellar and it came out and nobody cared
01:38:44I want a reason to use that box on the PS4 and the passing for a game like blood-borne it is I'm looking at my
01:39:32no I really don't care never really so ultimately like isn't one that I'm in medieval even like if I do not like every nice thing to one anyway. Okay sure
01:40:32a lot of history is it they don't need their history a whole lot of the Call of Duty fans honestly
01:40:59in a weird way traditionally more than Microsoft has been way more daring there is a lot more wiggle room and there is here a better game that you definitely get more experimental
01:41:33or Canada or
01:41:35where was wicker made against I mean but it's not really doing anything new vegetable weird stuff
01:42:17you get a lot more like the kind of like to think outside of the traditional wall of I'm going to make a twin stick shooter what if you were like a choice game based around a hostage situation and like every little tell like it's completely left-field stuff Tony does even if it's like I don't care so much for Charlie puth
01:43:17grabs but needs it there modern perforated Allman I'm not super into game I think they understand our wasn't a huge huge success I don't think but it was unique different and break is one of the games I'm really looking forward to really love the direction that
01:44:09it's a game that stands out at the babe they want more of that and 70
01:44:16hasn't been focusing on different like you just look at it. When they throw another party game it's not going to be there with a different art style
01:45:18there were there were a number of like you know fairly quick surprises last year and stuff and what they managed to do with the whole tree house dream into the God when he was in there games with long-form demos
01:45:37multiple times and I can't wait till I can broadcast information about their games and making cool revealed as well so the fact that like you know both of those are out or going to be out soon we seen shin Megami tensei Cross Fire Emblem Wii Xenoblade Chronicles X is going to be out soon in the west it's already on Japan in a couple other small things though like I feel like if this is like most of these are out and I feel like what's left is Devil's third Star Fox I mean 2016 drop
01:46:37now that there's going to be this like you know giant Gap like what's going to be left, like you'll still at boys looking at you and I don't think I don't think that's going to happen for a while we have heard anyone else or a game they've barely hinted at it supposed to be a dark hair braid thing that model are they
01:47:35free to play games not very stuff pretty lame
01:47:55you fight like they put out like I was at the football game but games like what you're saying I felt like steel diver sub Wars. 3 F 3 fly game was free when
01:48:39what strike Minecraft more than any of the consul what's going to happen with their mobile problem because they said they're working with a local company of men
01:49:11I hope they know they haven't they said they think there's going to be like three games at by like March next year and they also said that they may not be really like I'm probably saying like way down the line maybe like you know that they're already working on stuff
01:50:12or will you or whatever that stuff is all very indicative of what that stuff could be in the future? Or that you want them doing now they never do or deal with something that you just never acted like they were last year or was it like Kirby's Rainbow Curse
01:50:54I would expect them to do in the vein of like when Waker something I wouldn't be surprised if we saw like Mario Sunshine? And I wonder if they're going to actually see them look like are there going to be more 3D at the exclusive or late morning early or takes advantage of something that they didn't tell anybody but I don't think I think it was out of their hands on his place but yeah it's I think you're going to see more games
01:51:50I feel like they're not going to make excuses all the time but it's going to be a lot of features that you feel like you're not getting the full experience of the game Gameboy Color and Gameboy Pocket things fairly close together
01:52:14I'm a little unsure of how long this is going to last for them
01:52:20moving into Mobile how long
01:52:25can they keep people buying the new DS every time it comes out is that even though we're not going to know or at least what is going to be held and would be an amazing friend so she said no I mean I realize that Gina or DNA is going to be the ones actually developing game for mobile
01:53:25the Wii U and the 3s and mobile and the child and act one console and one hand held any given time if it's the scary concept what time does doing here I don't make the money and I'll make some money they're very smart about price point for about like not being super into stuff like that you know and so they are putting effort into making sure that the PS4
01:54:25free largely metin2 know what we don't know game
01:55:17you mean like I don't
01:55:23smartest way to do it is the way they did it with more I think that's one of my great with the right way to go everybody has a milla's now so it's not like it's going to stop anyway for buying it like you like it was just like you already have and you don't have to buy new ones you think it's possible maybe but I mean they believe it or not there's people out there who don't buy amiibos there out there somewhere
01:56:12I don't have or want them so I hope that Nintendo is the model of stuff is kind of cool doesn't want to be seen as being fairly exploited if you are someone who needs to let you know that have everything in it that's why I don't want to see if you have an amiibo it'll unlock this other little thing
01:57:12I mean if the game is unplayable without them at where it would really bother me that will cross over multiple game somewhere else. The game Skylanders Disney Infinity Thor playing like they might you never know
01:57:59void left by Zelda is going to be interesting how they trying to fill it that's going to be a big?
01:58:13Mario maker make your Mario level very very very long to get to having you here on the show Alex thank you very much maybe next time bring topic for next time then maybe we'll have another voice on as well so if you want to decorate you
01:59:04it's not really a whole lot by all means but don't feel like I would argue the same reason for me if you want to hear me rap for the show as usual guys here and we're also on iTunes so I can come there if you have any questions or ideas to bring topic feel free to message me at a n i m u s on twitter.com for all your Nintendo related news and or coverage you guys next time
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